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Salk and Holley’s Answer the Question- 07/03/13

Jul 3, 2013|

Before the Fourth of July break, you ask, we answer.

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It's. Time or answer the question generic answer the question which sunk -- how. How this is the big question so which could be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question -- -- But did work Calipari. That didn't work. Can't really come up with a lot of college coaches recently that made the jump and had success into the question. Brought you by heiress restoration specialists. If your property your facilities manager or insurance -- -- they are asked to injury have a disaster restoration game plan please call 8774611111. Or a our -- serve dot com this -- interest. From. Doc Rivers. To Brad Stevens. How much or how much you think he's making. Even yet less than Doc Rivers. A lot less than Doc Rivers that you think you. He's making a million dollars yes. I -- with the doctors make a seven step. So inevitably about to. He's been going to have a million million and that he's not leaving Butler for a million. Heatley and Butler 217 a way to leave me here in the league that's in that the -- Billy Donovan I hope this guy hasn't pulled Billy Donovan tomorrow despite -- going back our -- today. Which is earlier article Michael hall. -- -- -- If if they gave me Billy Donovan money equipment could filter -- maybe don't leave Chicago. -- with the fourth upon us tomorrow condiments on the top or the bottom bottom of your burgers and which condiments do you we're talking about. Or really from my confidence or is this I think this is a legitimate question OK I think it's legit that's not a euphemism is actually on the top who would put your comments on the bottom of the burger obviously goes on top. Everything in the burger is the first piece you -- abundant. Burger. Whatever you put on top achieves whatever else you put on there. And then you put the economist ketchup mustard mayonnaise whenever. On the top bond and stick them on the burqa right you can put mayonnaise and burger king of course you can -- -- don't like -- different manners and -- yes you don't. Not every time but I like mayonnaise on number although you don't like -- I know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't like thousand island dressing Howard rather I would rather fall into the Porta -- that's not true -- -- that -- -- -- -- I was around -- -- they have things you know people who eat -- you know you're I am aiming -- people that don't like it. -- it very polarizing food that's what round -- -- or Dick curl over the weekend. Who tried. Like macaroni salad even though she hates me in his. -- she got like two -- in and the speech she made it was just it was very similar to the -- apologize. Just absolutely rotten -- plan. Guys you set any question. You know a lot about sports -- here's my question for. After a strike out when they throw the ball around the infield why is the first baseman always exclude it. They go around the horn when they go around the horn -- the first baseman not part. I don't know I don't really to be -- edited after I don't. I always assume it's because the first baseman in on all the other action there don't they don't like the first -- I don't know for the first baseman for gets do that they -- you know throws balls out to the first second and third base ground. Second baseman shortstop and third baseman between innings to navy doesn't need to participate in -- I don't know -- they've got a question for John -- politically correct. WS separate John -- decency to begin to to -- that remotely at the Mohegan Sun course I'm John -- upload edit you know what I'll have to next week. Who is your favorite founding father. Favorite found in your other favorite founding father Hancock Thomas Jefferson. George Washington. Sam Adams John Adams. Again I guess I've never thought about having your favorite. Sound really I know how you and Hamilton have a favorite. Yeah. They tell you interface Jefferson. Why why college like -- at the sort of personal. Is very appropriate age isn't a couple different things you do a lot of different -- versatility absolutely starts university argues that long he can play the stretch for. Do a lot of things Toms Thomas Jefferson although I read the book about Washington -- likened to that question. I think about this for the for the effect of fourth of July into the question -- tomorrow I -- what kind of food. We -- favorite founding father hot dog eating competition tomorrow right Joey chestnut are big favorite. Yet. Caballos she's no longer and it. -- -- Boston media because I've done this I've been to participate in hot dog eating competitions. Who the Boston media do you think could win. Well I don't need to hire Boston sports media participated. In a hot dog eating competition -- don't just say the fattest guy because that's -- and that's -- Who would win in a hot dog eating you can say just don't see the fattest guy but in the grass is gonna win it. And everybody else is playing for second realized he just dominate and yet he would -- it can within. I think Alex here would be in there because he's smarter than everybody else he's come back with a new anywhere instead of the snap -- dip in -- water he knows something beyond that Alex here with seemingly. The -- slower than everybody else but it still wind up. With that second place to. Secondly how would you do. I love hot dogs I'd be -- top five. Really -- I told you I hope all of that is so gross after eating like to them you just want to be out you don't wanna participate anymore thanks -- no matter how tasty hot dog off for about a what was idea or bad. They were bat hot dogs and kind of stale bonds so you didn't wanna be participating in equipment and you just you just introduce the hot dog eating contest you have to eat hot dog and a -- yes. It lecture yes that's the candidate that's what Kobayashi change it. Until he changed the whole game like keeping the ball in water you have to you have to have a bug in the absolutely -- god that's part of what makes it's so hard is all the starts that in the -- OK you know. Now on the tonight you are your router you are putting your -- about -- no progress who reservation Wednesday as -- Alex Alex and then breath for -- I think you -- Bradford -- crazy Bradford is so competitive and believes he can do anything. I would not bet against rob Bradford and WEEI hot dog eating competition we're out here for today. Have a great fourth of July or how you tomorrow everybody if you are shoot off -- stupid. And ladies would follow rockets or whatever the well gloves on your hand there wasted time and money but if -- don't get hurt while you're doing and we'll talk to guys on Monday say.

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