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John Farrell: John Lackey deserves all the credit for his turnaround

Jul 3, 2013|

Salk and Holley check in from Fenway with Red Sox Manager John Farrell for their weekly chat. Farrell discusses the resurgence of starter John Lackey, the timetable for Clay Buchholz and the depth of the bullpen.

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All right we apologize to everybody has got to work until 8 o'clock tonight all the text messages pouring in. Everybody mad at -- I told you people be jealous of him from being done to work at 2 o'clock today and offer four day weekend. UPS the Postal Service all those guys check in in. And their -- work until five and baseball managers flat structure we're working after five and after eight. You'll have got a lot of holiday it seems to have your stamp a huge huge down and I talked to meet with. That's the idea of the work that -- -- down this job by the way we have 8911 call. From the Hernandez home domestic dispute India allegedly punched out a window we have the sound of outplayed for you coming up here in about fifteen minutes but first. We do have John Farrell who joins us every single Wednesday you're out of Fenway Park. Good to have you win again last night every time -- -- coming up another nice win. Well it's but it beats the alternative but good to see guys here today in or were ready to get it on here again tonight. Are you starter. Last night John Lackey. Another good start for him and -- you've been on the radio here it was a hot stove show. Bradford and men hand and Alex beer. He took a call one of the callers that well what what's the biggest surprise what are we going to be surprised about. And you didn't hesitate mr. John Lackey. What did you see even then that was in January February particular -- you -- the John Lackey was have this kind of -- You know Michael I think when you look at a guy who's been a successful pitcher for number years and is coming off an injury. And having recently visited John prior to that call -- talking about. To see what he had done the reshape his body of the commitment that he was showing. And felt like this is a first year in probably three years that he might not be competing against the health of his own body. And fortunately for us. The work that he's done in the off season is certainly paying off now and in my gosh. -- with each start over the last three or four you're seeing arm strength continue to build. Losses on everything but it's certainly a sign internally how well he feels and and just that he's out there competing. Against the opposition and not a farm I saw your quote this morning she said last I read it this morning about how he is he's using the lower part of the strike zone to set up everything he does and that's always generating -- swings and misses. Is that does he have to do that to succeed is that a general thing for him or such -- last night I think that's pitching in general that's not a specific to John John Lackey. You know typically Euro was looking the -- bottom of the strikes on so if you do happen to make mistake up in the zone. There's a little bit of a surprise element that's involved there were hitter might you know him and drive a fly ball revenue dropped the ball on the ball park and at the velocity in which is pitching with. By being able to do that an incline the latter you know high fastball you've got to have tremendous bat speed to get on top high fastball particulates. In 94 to ninety six's John was throwing last night the first four innings or so. But you know in all this you know Jon deserves all the credit in the world because he's the one that's put forth the work he's the one that's. Gunned down that lonely path of re having Tommy John surgery and and it's great for he and us to see what he's doing right now. Let's just company he was missing in 2010 resident mentality with -- getting his body and in the proper shape understanding won fourteen games this ERA it was it was well above his his career average. And he probably gave up more -- than he was comfortable with. It is or something he didn't do in that he's doing now. Well I think. Mean from the American only question the American League east and not to say that that the west is less competition but you're dealing completely different environments. They're smaller ballparks. You know he's he's. Typically been over the course was -- kind of an even split on whether it's an equal number of ground balls and fly balls. And by virtue some of the ballpark two pitches and there's going to be some more balls and -- -- ball -- and I think when you see that the higher ERA it's a result of that. And I think at that time you know the American League east was as it is now a very tough division. So I think there was some adjustment up in the lineup they didn't have the luxury of some of those ball parks out west particularly at night. Anaheim Oakland Seattle at -- those are very very good pitcher's ballparks. -- came into hitters environment and you know that that's gonna have some adjustment Ashley and John Ferrell this those brought you -- -- insurance town fair tire and celebrity cruises. I can ask you the question I want ask -- I wanna ask you what is Angel Hernandez is problem and I know you can't answer that question is not gonna ask that question I asked myself the same question last month just problem. I would be awesome -- yeah. Personally I don't think I've ever seen the third base umpire well for the ball like that while the explanation was he saw him and he might have done you know just gonna have -- where he'll he'll go to was mouth but typically he'll go to -- uniform -- and that's the protocol that's the rule. If a pitcher has the ball he's on the robbers on the dirt portion he's got a -- office and and I think in that. Prior to that particular pitch. He might have seen him go to his mouth until the ball in any actual -- will be checked and there was nothing there but. You know you start to put this together in the next ball ends up at the legend and the only run they scored last night -- Pate John put behind. And went on for a strong. When I saw you go out there. We're going out here because you want to -- What -- what the home run we went out there because of that. That little sequence there no -- -- I -- -- -- -- -- the the crew -- -- a safer and -- I mean if I had an issue with what took place -- would have -- -- but he has the right to make that call and then an -- -- so that that's what took place but. I think more than anything when they convene as a group and then they reverse the call I just Cecil why that we not use replay. That's what's your four. Initially there was no reason to -- just three of the four pars were a 100%. Accurate or aura of the mind that. That ball hit that -- in Africa shoot upward which obviously means to home I'm very surprised to -- that the one umpire who did not see the same way the other three in every camera side was once again they got a big -- and give credit also that -- ready to say it happened this latest debt but Democrat they got it they did they get out there right. -- it was it was it was clear they did it wasn't home -- but I just felt like you in support John in support of our team I just want to get their view. You know in a conversation day in and that's what was. You like to use Jacoby Ellsbury and he's an interest in weapon he's he's. He's got a ton SPD get some daisy how when you think about him when you want to run when you don't want to run. How do you think about Jacoby Ellsbury as successful of as a base stealer. The as he is he's got the green light whether that's when he's at first base second base. There are times when we don't we'll shut them down because of the game situation how little you know the hitter that might be at the plate with a given time the score all that. But because of Jim Jacoby success rate. And as you know based or is he is that we we turn him loose in and he's a very astute base runner when he took when he has the conversations like. The one pre series or in between innings. Or with a given pitcher that's recently come to the mound. He he knows every every -- checkpoint as far as where to look for in terms of getting a read on on the break in the jump what the -- times are so. He's a student of that part of the game that's why it's so successful. And in general on aggressiveness. You know what what's your philosophy there not just with Jacoby Ellsbury with a team because when team is aggressive and -- says this is great. Look at them taken extra base and lately. You know I had Pedroia on the plate last night he had Korea. Out at second on -- on -- on the plane there. Steal attempt. And Victor Reno if you are a few nights ago when he came back and redeem himself the winning run erode the winning hit error. -- how do you view -- We wanna set an aggressive tone there's no question about it we're looking at every possible way to advance ninety feet. The thing that will happen and and we we know this and this is what we have to support our players and because there's going to be focus and attention drawn. To those times when that does not work. But when it goes. When it happens with success. Sometimes that's just assumed in while you get a good read in the in the get the extra feet extra ninety feet. We wanna put pressure on the defense we wanna force them to execute in a situation honestly you know you talk about Pedroia that's a 32 count and a lot of times if not most times. Will put that runner in motion it's one stay out of the double play particularly if it's a ground ball. In the case last night were were Napoli strikes out and Pedroia gets thrown out okay so does turn into. -- double play. You talked about the play at the -- last night if you look at the replay. That's what tag wasn't midnight so. That read it and that call is the absolute right one typically and honestly that that should have been run in that first inning. In Snyder's case last night with one out he's trying to take the extra basic instruction into -- triple. Were completely fine with making that's -- at at third base you don't wanna make the first and the third out obviously -- the general -- The overall tone is one of aggressiveness calculated aggression in this high percentage of our success -- and stole bases north of 80%. And anything. North of 75% you're an acceptable arrangement. We're always looking to try to put the pressure on the defense and force them into hopefully either hurried throw. A misplayed a ground ball in the outfield in and more than anything it's it's an attitude and tone that we set. Sued to given oppression across a field do you talk to the young guys about that's Snyder comes in for the first time a week or so ago do you sit down with him have a conversation. And it's a wanna be aggressive we don't wanna do and you have those indoctrination. Conversations with the young guys well that. Would have taken place with -- it because what we do hear him at the major level is simulated and certainly it in Pawtucket and Portland trying to get that mindset and that style of play ingrained in young players in the event that they do come to a so. They're not like it's not like you're walking into a completely different organization it's there's some alignment top to bottom and it's what we set from day one in spring training so. It's not like we walk in the ballpark and say well let's try this today that there's a lot of thought lot of effort a lot of repetition. Paid to some things were talking I guess I mean do you sit down it is not going to be any different here don't don't think that you got to do more do last would you Whitman Snyder shows up you have a conversation oh yes I did try to outline what his -- going to be how we envision. Him being used what we're looking for in terms of certain situations and base running is is clearly one of them. But he's also been and other organizations protect the Texas that has got a very similar style to which we did we use old when he when he talks are on the basis. John you're with the latest on court. He threw yesterday out to sixty feet is the first time that. You know he's over the weekend -- -- interest it is normally yesterday was for it was day one of really the first phase of the -- program no issues whatsoever to go. Similar distance sixty to 75 feet today. The benchmark that we look in this phase is getting out 220 feet long toss -- followed by some some flat ground work. Once he completes that that's when he gets on the mound so. What we've tried to do is stay away from on this date we expect him to be here. We were hinged on that a little bit prior to this most recent shut down and I think that caused a little bit of this. The ebb and flow with his mindset. And kind of hinging on -- -- they going to be the day so we've kind of take a step back from that saying here here's the prescribed distance is number of throws day in and day out so we can better measure how he's feeling coming out of each session so. What that means it's we don't have an exact date which are returned to us but given the number of -- -- in this since his last -- as the angels. He's going to have to make two rehab starts before it comes back and joins a rotation near Boston -- you feel about coach you -- -- -- closer long term. Well I guess in our -- long term us tonight. So that in the case that -- You know it. We fully expect him to be ready tonight. And that'll become more clear as we get through the day and in our early work his throwing program. But we we have to balance things out there's there's no question about it he was very clear that he was available three consecutive days when he when he. Save those three games at last week. But to me right now where we stand the biggest key for us is to get -- back contract. Not only does allow us a power right hander to attack right handed hitters. But it also gives us a -- to even -- the workload and give us a guy that when he's right he's a very very accomplished close. Long term tonight doesn't assault pick -- lines -- -- There and -- work out throughout four. But I'm yesterday as if you have if you wind up getting some help and -- Are you comfortable with you we are is is he is he the same pitcher in the closer role. Or in Europe if he had to druthers would you say OK the perfect role for him it is seventh inning or eighth -- at a preferred to use in the senate -- and -- the -- Well. Great question Michael always from the standpoint that if if we had a picture of equal caliber of coach you are today. Having that. One additional reliever that can be used in the meat of the order seventh or eighth inning. It's much like I used here to the -- all the time the ability to have Daniel Bard in that seventh eighth inning depending on whether he'd have. Lineup was. That's when your most viable guys lately game. The fact is we moved Koji. You know that closers role it's. Foursome guys and we -- guys to step up and responsibility in their role and and we're still working through that a little bit right now so. All things being equal love to have a guy and that's Andrew Bailey he's in house we -- we need to get him on track. But that type of reliever late in the game it just gives us more flexibility and more options to go to. Are strong enough for Mohegan -- dinner with John Ferrell contest. Today's question for the manager comes from Mark Gordon Marcus from Nashua, New Hampshire. He wants to know do you think Jose Iglesias deserve serious consideration. To -- AL rookie of the year. Well that ended today your policy absolutely he'd he'd need to be that went to the one thing that's -- we haven't from services. Button so many more games to play in an author and a lot of I games that are going to be highly contested day in and of meaning and of importance. But I think the one thing that he shows up every night. And seemingly gets to -- tonight. And now that he's pressed into playing shortstop which is back to his natural position there's been no drop off. He is doing one heck of a job and you about those. -- boarding knowledge of those what warts those are gonna take care of themselves. If he keeps saying with the same work ethic in the same routine I think he'll find himself a pretty good place. As long as every time we can be here on Wednesday you guys won the night before I feel like things that are all right with the world. With the Boston Red Sox 51 wins already they played place San Diego once again tonight. John Farrell joins us every Wednesday brought you -- -- insurance town fair tire in celebrity cruises. Thanks so much for talking next week the 42 guys are there are reports coming up next we get the 911 call. That you need to hear this is from Aaron Hernandez is now fiance. And the domestic dispute where he allegedly punches out a window play the sound coming up next alcohol here at W media.

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