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What do the Patriots do now on the field?

Jul 3, 2013|

In the wake of the Aaron Hernandez allegations, the Patriots may need to change how they approach offense this upcoming season. Salk and Holley discuss the possibility that the offense could return to a more balanced attack.

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-- all in all your WEEI WEEI dot com as well. So there's more to this 911 call -- who -- you Soledad let's give you the rest of -- for we dig into some of the on field that. Question marks and potential benefits this could have for the patriots heading into this season and it's it's the story. Which you wanting to get two looks at every time we try to get to -- more important for -- -- -- outcome comes out on Aaron Hernandez you know the only didn't even talk about because it's just weird. How all the fact that -- police wanted to talk to this guy in Connecticut yeah in connection to Hernandez is as -- we don't know even -- but he was a person of interest in some way. And his car spins out of control and dies in his car. I mean again. That may be very into account I was at or near a country club went to a country Colombia may be perfectly normal -- -- that it could just be weird coincidence but might opt. Just how many how many strange things or just awful things is Aaron Hernandez close to with how many have how many criminals how. Can't say every time every time you see a story in this person is an acquaintance of Aaron Hernandez. There's some type records involved there it. And end at some of the records are. As they Harold described Ortiz. If either career criminal. Or in the case in the case of old Lloyd applause in the Boston Globe playing. There were a couple of instances. Where he's gotten to a fight one one instance there's another. Breaking and entering that was that was dismissed. -- whether it is petty theft or very serious crime. Every name. That you've heard associated with Aaron Hernandez is in some criminal activity attached to it except for. His brother his late father non. And and and then you have the incident with a woman who is his fiancee girlfriend at the time we played -- the beginning of the 911 call from California couple years ago. Where she says that he he punched his hand through window that no one operator makes it sound like she thinks it's suicide attempt and she's worthy guys hurt. And then all of a sudden she's double wide and happened what we got into an argument and that's sort of changes. Almost the tone and tenor of the conversation with the 911 operator to play the rest of -- -- now. That's something over the -- the first time you get hit it -- He's having trouble reading -- -- at a fairly light headed. Out. It felt that. It doesn't. Want to -- But it's been a little. Thought pattern and our defense. -- That they -- need. -- What if anything -- you look at the -- can you tell. You know what he cannot forget the whole world what would he. He's got hit got. Hit for the -- Agree that we don't get. So he didn't it looked like that he accidentally deleted his Christians are constantly. And Rendell is okay what you didn't before you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- believe I'm thinking yeah. He's quite simply can't panic -- -- -- yeah okay I am glad you eat if you can't hit it right now I'm and I did. At 81 person -- -- quite solid and didn't really -- am I decided if your question we the people like Canada. -- actually calling up the possibility that he just told him a couple of and I went up. I -- -- to -- you know before they get there. She's on. -- Chicago. So what are we still talk I'm not entirely sure -- -- by the way for hanging up on nine and the big and hard. You're the talk show host a rude I understand that the woman's got a hold literally just to get to bigger battle -- the other -- she's given a lot Boston 2911. She's trying to get to what she's trying to get them. But the issue that sort of go. She's trying to get to -- is fine Republican rep permit like this woman is called -- analysts think what you can only got the first time that. She's calling 911. Obviously she is dressed some way there may -- you -- I don't cutter break. Try to get the -- out on her -- Saturday at no. You would hear that we have the typing. Pereira beat the parents were the airport is tried to deflect -- -- -- a blessing or can do. -- -- -- away right away going to be 12100 dollars plan I don't play and I thought I guess everybody can't be composed and call home. When they called 911. This will -- -- an argument. And you know what he did he just punched the way and now he's bleeding and we would need we really need your help thank you very much -- Obama does not qualify -- You think terrible personality to be and like I could not play good 911 opera yeah. Would be terrible and it solid this woman and he's not even as bad as the guy that guy. The dead giveaway. Okay that not number yeah also noxious it right if I remember I was pitching. Is -- We we can't both -- we can't vote pocket I think I am. And -- combat how short you man by the time off the phone they'll probably -- they'll probably be there. And that's -- -- was -- miscommunication there was but I got up I didn't realize 911 operators -- have such that it currently. Apparently now in the last two times we've got to run a 911 all both times what we've gotten out of it is that the 911 operator was obnoxious I would hope let's not that is not usually the case but in defense -- -- -- 11 operator. Its job where people are calling this to tell you get things -- usually not calling to say. Frantic state it's bad enough that you think you need to call 911. Right I mean isn't that why you're calling to begin with some of your mind when -- liberator. You think your your entire training is how -- -- hold people are freaking out around there are people too they have feelings they have bad days long decade while they've got a job -- sort of the main part them to. -- to calm down and -- the bigger person that I. I heard you say something earlier. Last hour that I've been curious about you said something about how this could be. Helpful to the patriots are this could be a blessing in disguise the subsidies some phrase you used on. How how the patriots can benefit from this situation got -- they've been -- I don't know that they can I mean I I I do little exercise over the weekend wrote about it WBI dot com on Monday morning. I just trying trying to figure out how this how this is going to affect the patriots on the field starting that process in -- -- didn't give me permission specifically. But I started it even without our permission platform Dan gets off report. I don't know I mean that's a holiday weekend having not gone into the holiday weekend -- -- weekend. Nice weather as you're talking -- floor and on Sunday amid this the month of drinking well. Michael we have not -- I'll I'll not received word from on high that we are allowed to actually start talking football but I'm gonna. I'm gonna risk the wrath of spam and actually talked about some football and Aaron Hernandez -- there's an interest in questions to come out of it. And and obviously when you first look at that for the pitchers and is no other there's no other obvious first answer her and has gone gronkowski injured we'll see when he's out there Welker on wood and gone. -- as of right now gone although I guess in theory could still be picked up. Even a couple of -- -- 8587%. To forget the number of the catches from last year are no longer with the team or injured in the case of of gronkowski. So clearly that's a negative. So start wondering if I'm Bill Belichick had to -- turn that into office. Right I mean he can't sit around feeling sorry for himself he can't do what so many patriots fans might wanna do witches. Make excuses. Talked about how things are going to be. He's got to come up with a plan and him and Josh McDaniels and the rest of their offensive unit that got to come up with a way to turn lemons -- eliminate. If they don't have those guys Howard they re making their offense in order to have more success this year so -- went back. And it's a conversation that you and I've had before. I looked at the three years they won the Super Bowl 0103 you know four. Vs all of the years since I took a 2008 because it's the aberration when mount -- Amazon and of course are -- -- is removed. 2008 entirely to strike it from this conversation is not really our. In the three years they won the Super Bowl they ran the ball a lot more than they absence. They just it was a much bigger part of their offense that was significantly higher party in terms of run to pass ratio. And was almost went about their -- -- it was around 5050. Wendy when they won like 5149. Or something. Since then he's like 564455. Minutes it's significant and they've moved towards the past. In terms of yardage it went from about I think it was about a 6040. To about 7030s -- -- that there's been a significant. And for the matrix which we don't know towards the rolling the ball instead of more that power running game. But that's also all encompassing right it's not just that you run the ball more. A lot of that is philosophy. It's we've run the ball we maintain the ball when we throw the ball screens and slips screens and quick throws and it's all about keeping control of the ball for long drives and slow it down and we trust our guy Tom Brady to make the one big -- the end we trust our defense to make the one big play at the end or we trust your team is gonna screw up. At some of those conversations we. About the patriots day game changed -- the game changed -- I know what it. I mean you're having dramatically I don't it for the game changed and their personnel change pretty much the same time. So maybe the philosophy changed. Because you move with the game right I'm not complaining about the change in philosophy. You get Randy Moss -- Wes Welker Tom Brady is developing into this unbelievable quarterback who's in the upper Echelon. You can see why they made many of which and then at the -- colts complain about about. Hands on the receivers that's -- to Belichick try mystery I get it and I don't makes perfect sense -- got to where they got. But if you no longer have 85% of your receivers from last year. And you haven't won a Super Bowl since she tried the whole ball control thing and you saw the success that San Francisco and a few other teams have last year. Does it not make sense to consider me a return to more of the all encompassing style that they how -- ten years ago Albert to what they've at all. Four before it gets and you know some of the reasons why you mentioned here for Cisco and Jefferson school hasn't won championships of Sampras Cisco. Has been in the same place at the patriots didn't have been recently. Since 2004 -- the patriots now go and 07 and they lose in the patriots go in 2011 and they lose so. And San Francisco lost last yes well I mean I -- to use them as a model when you're really talking about a championship you'd say. Coming close to a championship you -- when he won all those temperatures okay close last year just like the patriots came out came close twice. That is agreed and don't get any. What is different -- but I'm not -- in the -- hot dog per hour on the court I'm not think the pitcher's grip yet you know to make this change because the league is change in the only way for them to win is to become a ball control team. I'm saying personnel changes now for the patriots. Are almost forcing them into a change and if the change that you were forced into I don't think one that you had success with before. Then it's at least worth a look at I don't know I don't think I don't. Think they're forced -- to a change based on what's happened with Aaron Hernandez and what's happening with ground of the air force to change. Because. They -- you know why they play this way they play this way because the quarterback. It is it's plain and simple. That they -- one that's number one reason they play like this. The second reason -- play like this is the league is going that direction or has gone that direction the third reason is. They haven't had that type of defense that carried them to a championship like they did in 01 in 03 you know four or four. I don't -- the running game. Well Tom Brady didn't throw the -- yet fewer than 500 attempts. In 2004 and I can do that we have a guy rushing for 16100. Archer. Like Cory -- did so you don't have a Corey Dylan tight back but not have to catch and I -- I didn't talk about in terms of yards. It gives -- -- one Dei guys even Steven Ridley might turn into backing gives gives you fifteen or sixteen -- Corey Dylan with that type of back to you saw the snack colts game. When they shut them down that divisional playoff. Where he had a 144 yards rushing game. -- -- I swear where he could have avoided. A coal. You didn't want to know. They'll run interview I would -- from college because -- as big -- your linebackers. Mean that he's in the building got -- Incredible in its totality. And I don't think they have what I watch for the last couple years in Marshawn Lynch and -- -- were built this way absolutely a year and and that 49ers have been built this way -- last year and all encompassing thing -- that I -- that they're not built that way. And and if I guess. It's it's disappointing in some ways because you remember them winning championships. Where they were just -- And the other team they were just knock them out that team would be within a touchdown but they really didn't have a chance to. They were gonna score on the patriots okay that's the bad part but the party is. Tom Brady can do things now that he couldn't do that. Now 0304. I was pretty good note -- but he can do things now that is certainly can do in 2001. Or 2000 well and and since then he's had great receivers to throw the ball too though I mean he's been great but he's also had well Curry's dad Randy Moss and you happen and then you had to tight ends that difference makers. But isn't great without. Great receivers correct. What -- 066. Was the one year yet put a big numbers. My buddies but even before you could see how that was about it because they would put the -- make sure they got the Mac have about. Or -- before -- and before Welker. He did have you know Deion Branch good receiver. I know nobody called great outside of -- I'm glad -- good a receiver David Givens was a good receipt of religion good receiver Troy Brown is very good receiver but. He has Tom Brady has been greatly. Without her there's no doubt Tom Brady makes the guys around him better as one of the best quarterbacks in the league if not the best he's right there on the list and and he's one of the guys that changes the game and elevate people around them. But it does work both ways right I mean football's one of those weird games where every time you think you you can narrow the one either something you realize how everything is intermingle right. While how's how is this guy good quarterback will look at his receivers look at is offensive line is -- pressure from all the time does he help alleviate some of the pressure as he can move around. There's every clear answer -- anything on the football field which is one of the reasons it makes for such bonds Sports Radio dependence -- and everything is dependent on other. And the moment you think you've got it. Why is his defense of that maybe it's because the offense keeps put them back on the field after three outs every single time and they are exhausted by the end of the game or maybe it's the other way. It's fascinating how many ways you can look at a football team all all I was trying to come up with was. What Bill Belichick would deal. Faced with this seemingly difficult task of losing both ground and Hernandez. After making the decision to let Wes Welker he's got Danny Amendola -- like because equality player he's got two rookies animals see what happens. But it made me think back. On 2001. To remember reading into -- -- were ultimately they were inseparable the big question mark about the team was whoever -- is going to be -- wide receiver. You have like two guys they brought in from a bad Philadelphia -- and are quite quick. For somebody like apples on the I don't know if -- was or might aquittal it was somebody like I was that Torrance small and outsourcing small then. Charles Johnson from from Pittsburg. Nobody generic it was a much quicker you sure to have -- -- -- -- -- was like 44 if you don't I -- -- old. A -- -- I mean they've run out of London reference also ran wide receivers and then it turned out that David Patten. Was good in Troy Brown would have all new career that he was about the sent out on -- a couple of years later was David and nobody knew that those guys are gonna develop into what they developed into part of it was good Brady yeah while absolutely right part of it is that much was asked to. They weren't asked a rundown and -- and deep receivers and dictate coverage and do you Randy mosque they are asked to catch a quick slip screen and and try to get eight yards and run out of bounds there -- run a quick little. You know they are asked to block a lot for Antowain Smith and later for Corey Dylan or you're just completely they were used in the right manner I guess what I -- I think -- That you probably haven't met them and those of the good old days on the you have to go back that far to find out. What Bill Belichick would do. When he doesn't have -- Hernandez and Glock for the first game of the year. Don't go back to 0103 or four go back to 05. Go back to 06. All the way to without Brady. And but also without Crockett Hernandez did that time before rocket Hernandez I think -- -- until it was a little tricky. Because it you know -- if you go back to -- you still have Randy Moss or Welker there. I think I've always been a year that that they kind of went back into their -- -- -- -- more -- ball control I don't report I'm trying to remember in my mind. I don't remember Cassel throwing the ball all over the art 5060 times a game and then its first. Game but. As he got more comfortable in a couple of a 400 yard game and there had another game. Where is Grady to a great pass. At the end of regulation -- to Randy Moss great catch by Hamas against the jets got him an overtime and lost that game. But he was making some passes he was made of the place so. LE EP played well enough to give himself a contract. Home. I'm a pretty good a pretty big contract from the Kansas City Chiefs they didn't really take the ball out of his hands completely. I'm surety scaled down all they do. They really nailed it down but not. Up dramatically would you wanna see them scaled on this on else this year now six point 770979837. Open it up here what -- Bill Belichick. And and Josh McDaniels and you have what you haven't. You almost can't use the -- weapons anymore because that was been sort of that's now -- big part of this story but you've got Tom Brady and then the guys that he likes to throw to for the most part gone when you look at what he now has for weapons. What do you do for -- what do you do for your team what do you do to change things or do you try to run the exact same offense that you've been running for the last year's op tempo thrown the ball around everything runs through Brady. Or is it time to maybe think about making some changes based on the changes in personnel that have been made for -- 61777979837. Whether we're allowed two or not we're talking on field patriots here at W via.

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