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Salk and Holley’s Four at Four- 07/03/13

Jul 3, 2013|

Salk and Holley jump into some topics they haven’t covered yet during Four at Four. They take a look at Jonathan Papelbon running his mouth about Dodger rookie Yasiel Puig, Umpire suspensions for drug use, the best summer foods and adult entertainment habits.

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And now word excel and holly story. -- -- -- -- -- -- Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we sell it. On its radio and W. -- well -- promised big guest reader today. Although we sort of a regular reader but he's not working today. Our producer young man on the on the AT&T -- younger. Michael. Thank you for giving her -- -- that it brought it clubhouse after we really appreciate it. -- you would be yes and this is very I'm very disturbed that you would be hanging out with. Seventeen year old girls act like it maybe that's why drug reformer to sort out what the facility is what you're one -- -- black hawk -- -- -- A vacation. And we see you what are you doing. We think you more on vacation that we do when you're supposed to be work you work harder when you're on vacation than you do normally what what what what's this about. I don't know yesterday get a phone call a little different is an estimated decent work Monday it's coming Stewart today that you sort or were stationed at worst vacation ever worst vacation without -- for -- -- -- Part of the all star game -- part of an artery of the controversies Jonathan apple on the march on LC network radio vote these fields we candidacy for an -- art collection DH jokes. What are your thoughts on how about how to. Oh is palpable on the jokers we did you anything that comes at a Papelbon mouth as far as I'm concerned is a joke the idea of taking anything out of his -- seriously. But when he speaking about -- other player like that. Ridiculous. Jonathan Papelbon has diarrhea of the mouth now maybe I've been accused of the same thing but fortunately for me it happens to be my job to be radio host. His is not is to be a pitcher and it continues to open his mouth and usually what comes out is not good what's weird to me. And this is this one's on me but. The idea of Jonathan Papelbon as being one of the elder statesman of baseball in -- gets the opportunity to not talk about the younger guys. He actually has and he's been in the game now long enough he's got his big contract. He's been in the game like seven years or eight years since 2005. He actually is one of the adults of the game but I'm sorry I just cannot think of them that way. Plus it strikes a thoughtful pose Michael really is you're a strong opinions on the game let you know who always that you've got to river -- hockey coach. Was that. Was it shock when bear went over arsenic. At the -- the fines. It's all about the bonds in what they want. That's what Jonathan Papelbon Afghanistan this is a game for the fans show at times. There are weird things going on in the all star game like home field advantage being at stake. In the World Series that's misplaced but for the most part it's an exhibition. And of the fans. Or. -- the National League manager what to put them in their dispute is that. Going crazy fit in well over 400. And is a month in the big leagues if they want him there. That he deserves her -- 2005 they decided Papelbon needed to be in the all star game because he was so exciting and electric you would have turned it down because it would have been unfair to the guys who tumbled anything liberal -- anything that brings fans to the all star game the fans want to see it. All that is good for the -- -- Don't be umpire Brian Romney has been fired by him will be first failed drug test. But be struck her shorts is still unknown at this time but I have my suspicions. What league has the biggest drug problem amongst it's officials. -- a serious question -- could have serious question been an outlet for you guys at layup it's perfect bet you that there are layups in that sport there are blown calls in that sport. There's favorite stars fell unbelievable. In that sport until February. A 2014. Please king please step down -- If we've had enough uncle. It's got to be the NBA would explain some things though wouldn't it. We keep talking about the corruption in the gambling. That took place in the NBA with him -- Have we ever drug test. In BA officials. This is a good idea I think the players association. I don't lead me to get done. Well you go -- NBA for the obvious reason though let's remember baseball's now the -- we don't export to a actually had an umpire. Fail a drug test and be up rung up for a where where where pictures up there in the third -- -- -- -- it's gotta be full. Football because of the potential users you see it at the referee position. And it's not just actually -- obviously big -- and you know I went to college with his son. Played little football this on the -- the other guy he he's now a referee himself he's a pac twelve refereed and got got a few not quite -- father does he was -- -- was. Really really fast running quarterback type -- college. But -- there towards kind of the same way your receipt -- conspirator out there yet he gives you the Sammy he's not quite as -- that go about it. They think they're trying to -- the that the youngsters on rise. Amanda did -- take the extra small. -- the -- like in went the NFL went to the new wider strikes beginning to make him look a little bit tighter between stare at Tora. And hockey -- and is another young refereed whose name I'm blanking on. Who also kind built the same way I think it's got to be the NFL you know who's not partaking. Who what's his name. What the the referee always sounds like he's annoyed he's always annoyed about it over the -- come on. He underwent caught very much Mike about that he was confident. Probably here they would turn as Microsoft hope he does he shares the name with with -- old lineman. I'll think of it just completely like in Steve's -- I just. He always looks and on like dot com Monica got a call an offside just generally from Italy for the guy with the southern accent. Ordered to Rome -- -- blogger Jerome bar now first down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Recently in Nova Scotia fish -- received a shipment of 35 -- there's all the lobsters were orange. Orange lobsters are sure to be even rarer than blue lobster is blue lobsters are wanting -- orange box is supposedly won't end up. Is there any better summer -- -- Okay I'm gonna say. I don't care what you think of me saying this. And I don't care about the stereotypes. Now I don't care about your your closing market approach preparing. Don't do it. Watermelon. That's right I stated. I fitted dramatic shaved it yes. I have been at parties in the summer where I have been photographed. Biting into a lot of -- it -- -- I did not go crazy and effort I've ever made it but if you don't like watermelon something's wrong with it is it. Is there anything better than -- so yes now -- our ability to me is okay that this summer Millen is behind yeah. Watermelons aren't -- fine what's better in the subject only doing better than average double walk and had not -- -- summer. Is -- -- -- plan the one thing that would be better than offs. Just because there will be easier to eat people don't get to the torture or something different plans you like frank or articulate guy with the bellies I like fried clams but. My question for you up. Are fried clams universal. McCain got that everybody -- fried -- but does everybody like water but not everybody like lobster either -- -- -- -- but. -- -- -- trying to reach them in Iraq this audience. -- what are you are trying to actually just come up what what the best summer food is a by the way the the official I was thinking of Jeff Triplett. Ultra left regardless you know I don't not Tony currently no -- I was thinking of -- Jeff Triplett -- always seems annoyed like. -- get away from the always excellent coaches optimal line he's super -- we look in the and then there's also Larry Tripplett Wright who was alignment of western art may. India AT&T question. -- impossibly good artists news story of the year so far this southern baptists are actively looking for one million men to join her personally against foreign. For one year. How long could you go without or. Then. I'm gonna tell you this we turn this question Bagram and are you not. -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm looking at spiraling out. Thursday. You feel a little more quiet usually get that explain. A bit -- we'll let you know. -- -- -- The southern Baptist. I'm going to join their campaign really. -- -- -- -- -- Who wants to look at large -- who wants to look at. You know. Just small waist and in nice backside and beautifully I don't. Idol and I'm sure there are a million men out there who were with me so bad. Today I can I -- the southern Baptist. You go and I will not you're alive I will match. -- real -- of the people. I'm with the southern back to you realize the people and Mike I think it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stop this is 00 crap then -- the rest later on on finally. There. What was that what that were written about Barack I'm not a very -- at least nine yen. What what was the wrestling guy who it was that his -- it's going to be like 9899000. Are. Know who was like on a crusade against porn and anything like that. Other group. Wrestler who were and are now being called they have like that whole -- the whole group of them was like on. On a quest to clean up wrestling but they are actually wrestlers that was once the whole train became like the Christian coalition. Vote early right and are right this ends there. So -- to be Michael. Then sort you answered. One minute. It is your answer questions silk. Going here a year though porn Phillies in town now -- -- down probably tomography coming in about a year a year. But how long a year is there are some people who have never looked at it. I don't watch again forced to hold. The cook I mean maybe if you've never looked at it you don't know what you're missing you could go a long time. Because you don't know what's really out there -- you can get your hands. Lack imagination at times -- I don't think so I've really been you know -- tired of and I'll OK here we go oh I don't gonna happen. All receipts dropped recorders is going to be what's gonna happen and porn is on like looks like or movies he can't can't recommend something to a foreigners like hey should we expect that I think you might like this because then. It's going to be a little too much of yours you know offending well -- just you're you're allowing people -- to a little too personal. How they're getting to know little to much about instead just talk about a variety of an epic you know. Dan thank you -- Event -- and what you would do something on your vacation. Something they are really something that doesn't involve work you had got a game tonight. -- was a couple hundred dollars. So you're gonna Mohegan Sun you're leaving now that means you'll be there tomorrow. Can go look -- -- thought that the worst traffic on the air at Christ yeah. Okay. You had -- you know two or three days to do this and you decided to Oregon July if -- -- that -- you're gonna go to -- right now you -- -- one of those -- -- things -- -- -- -- you can -- in the car. I'll -- party but oh yeah to you in the party are your numbers -- -- -- in front. That's in the -- -- Ed and then I expect I get back -- whatever website that you just mentioned just hang in there that's a bit of a bit and vendors at. -- come over to my house and -- -- my neighbors who were born sugar okay. -- The about it. Are printing of money there's been. Young men on his day off calling in before driving crimes 00. -- that's that if the traffic in the -- they recognize -- capsule form I do that's win. He could just commit to work the he kind of decided not to take the day often used at some other time instead it. But it what does that say about us he would rather be alone in drive in the horrible traffic didn't come in here and be with the news. So I think it is but at the end of at least I don't gamble I'd say -- -- feeling sorry for heaven now I start off of -- are about to start for us. Six point 777979837. As the number -- to get back to Samir calls here on a variety of subjects Aaron Hernandez because every few minutes we get something new ones something bad that he's done in and continued to take your thoughts on that what the patriots should have done shouldn't -- done -- done couldn't have done. And then also how it starts to affect them on the field whether Belichick will adjust the way. His offense plays in order to take the best advantage of the personnel he will now have. And let me ask you another question. Mostly because I want -- -- up all four sports as we get to Celtics question here in a moment in a moment but I got -- Bruins question for our free agent. Jerome again. You have an interest in Jerome again what to replace Nathan Horton. Everybody wanted to a couple of months ago when you could have been potentially at the trade deadline he does not exactly have a great playoff series against the Bruins this is penguins get swept down four games would you want him to replace Nathan Horton. 61777979837. To all the table salt at all at W via.

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