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Up next on the Bruins offseason plate: Wings

Jul 3, 2013|

Mut and Tom Caron look at the Bruins free agent options on the wing with the departure of Nathan Horton. After Vincent Lecavalier signed with Philadelphia, could the Bruins be looking towards former Senator Daniel Alfredsson?

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Help and get ready for the long weekend hopefully long weekend for your fourth of July holiday much load on a 37 WEEI -- been on. We -- for a couple days now we thank Tom Karen of NASA for hanging out until 2 o'clock. It's your phone calls here this last hour 61777979237. On. Well bunching of the things we talked about today we started heavy did 22 hours plus in the Red Sox which a good thing. -- 51 wins a lot of things to talk about with this team terms of what they do going forward we agreed not perfect but a good start. Spent some time on Aaron Hernandez the latest there will certainly -- your phone calls as well I. Got out of the weekend and Saudi Peter surely comments about power Sagan two times in three sentences. Say he's got to -- more professional and got to limit was fired up you would you -- to say because nobody falls this team. Closer than you do you've got great opinions on this team -- think -- did you feel like I felt that that was a pretty open. -- in the sand drawn for Tyler Sagan that I've now set a publicly. Time for due to. Clean up Iraq and focus on hockey. Yes that I think got me a Sagan moderate. In this time and other of these Sega needs students who believe that we're texting GRE like crazy on my branch aria and is a superstar now. And I know there are the extreme. Other side. Of all of this -- -- a noted local media member. Rights of the yesterday saying he's got nothing to play for anymore that he's made his moneys that happy and you're never gonna get more. Then what you're getting now -- -- Sega and I'll go back to what I say retirement year. Have the Boston College roster have a Boston University roster have the university roster right now is older than Tyler -- I love the long term contract to lock him up I think by the end but he is going to be dynamic player of the of the wait till the end of it and had a good shot across the bow was great. Wait a -- firearm -- make him realize. That. You know that he's hanging in there -- -- bottom six forward this season that he was number two pick in the draft and he's got to do a lot more than. I like what I've seen in flashes from Sagan. And that you thought. You had some really nice assists in a playoff run moving the puck very well. Well I wanna see him come back just you know ripped and ready to it that the Baird to me he Steve stand -- you're three type of season. And it's 11 turning point to in the coming season. He's still a year or two away from his prime so it's not outraged as did Phil Kessel has become the Phil Kessel. We hoped he could be called no doubt what really -- -- and watering longer. Than anyone expected to ice building that was the right trade it shouldn't take -- as long an exit and has better tools to begin with. Then Phil -- But he's got he's got he's got a very the move the full speed around the guy every time you ever -- at a great point got to stop you get a cup backing got a movie got to change it up. Then you'll be able to get back to blowing by the guy because now he's going to be looking for those on the -- scary looking for the stop. Is going to be looking for the cut. Instead -- just the move around. Yeah and lets one win when Charlie says professional outside the thing I wanna see he got better as the year want her to be physical I am still the Keaton as a waste to go but. He didn't shy away from contact as much as the season went on and I I give him credit for that. But at some point it's not about assists and his account it's about be able finish and whether it's the movie you talked about or that the confidence in and around the goaltender. That's got to be better for him and that's all part of professional that's why I love this relic comments it brought some accountability to the former number two pick. You're going to be accountable we gave you a contract before we had two were paying yet. Pretty decent money here and we thought about trading yeah we're gonna say probably -- -- but you've got to be more accountable. For your actions as a professional hockey player and I I loved that and now. If he isn't as professional. The world will signals comments by -- rally and no one's gonna at the excuse of him being young Tom and Andy -- make an excuse. But the BCB youth thing when that contract kicks it was a next year the year after. After surely somebody said doesn't matter anymore as a matter the age he's got to live up to what the Bruins expect him to do on the -- And -- a chance to do that now. What what line he plays on next year I thought was pretty much locked in he's back on that second line younger route Bergeron. Marchand Sagan. It till late Norton's agent said my clients going elsewhere he needs a new beginning. Pretty decent sized wrinkle in this Bruins offseason and adds. Hold it for layer which really got to go after between you know now and July 5 this Friday when free agency really gets under -- here. This'll be fun. Absolutely -- but it won't be. Line it won't be Vincent like Elliott. Which is really disappointing five and 22 and a half from the why they were gonna give them much but he would have been the -- they don't hit it in the guys that you again and that you apply -- lost Nathan Horton -- -- -- upgraded. Within -- -- LE -- in Angola. You had the way the -- here he's a senator. So much interest -- games out there are obvious it is Daniel Alfredsson thing is really -- and Bruins barely reaching out multiple reports that they have reached out talk. To. Dale Robertson is camp at least they're in this to date interview period as they get close and free agency I think it's Friday. On July -- -- -- gets officially underway but obviously get these deals -- out of what they have a two day period now where it's not tampering you know you did to day reaching -- period they can talk to leading up our system won a football that not tampering did OK so that was it's an MR. I think it's an -- Social rally reportedly reaching out Albertson's can't obviously -- -- history together in Ottawa. Hard to imagine -- playing anywhere other than the senators and I think the senators will be of the pay him more than the -- -- him but. But that's the beauty of having a contender. Right you become a place where people want apply. And that's where the Bruins are now Alfredsson would certainly. Have to be adjusted net ten goals sixteen assists in 47 games this year. So you you think about a guy who could score twenty goals fifteen to twenty goals. Is seen as a real locker room guy right everything every about Al -- -- and I play wherever you're. The guy -- but when you lose -- and your -- my question becomes well who. Who the new leaders and has some built in leadership Bergeron absolutely is a guy can take that next step but if you're trying to put another guy and that -- I've heard equated to Andrew Ference Alpert who would be that type of guy the money the -- sediment. Is that one of the reasons why you know them and link to anybody as they they have to get the Rask Steele Don. They have to figure governor spend -- Nathan Horton money. Because if before they even get -- done and before they do anything to their roster by byte cap -- can -- others go hockey web sites. They've just over five million bucks they've just over five million right now let's without replacing Gordon that's without getting the rest heal -- without. Putting. Marc -- a long term injury. But it's not a lot to play with and you know and -- what is the noncompliance buyouts. On a -- earlier Chris Kelly. If they're gonna sign somebody replace Nathan Horton and give to grow Rask and give you the reports and his salary and second decent money. Really good money actually. Unaware of the public money sent Alfredsson Palmer anybody else was -- -- is apparently council where he'll again. What do what do you project the capital of the cap debate just over 5000005 point 15 is -- cap space they have before they have done. Anything that's not including I potential to free up four more million dollar -- I Marc Savard long term injury the wild slash Bryant was the go to the half the idea why they've all I want five right now with a Rask. Restricted. Parents obviously gone younger I thought Omniture rally not necessarily in my -- still and Nathan Horton gone. -- they -- about five million dollars is spent Elliot Friedman Hockey Night in Canada says the framers of the deal he's hearing for two grass today. Our. Double check this year I think I'm seeing five years. 56 million dollars now I'm sorry eight years. 56 million to seven. These are really -- which is -- -- as seven million I don't think matches. The top average annual salary of any -- right. Probably an eagle in the NHL is making. More than an average annual salary only one guy a seven -- is the only other goal in the NHL the -- his size seven million needs the only guy in the week ago we'd be on par. Based American Reno has -- champions aren't -- guys I play Italy with congress at its highest paid illegally. Which -- should. Time and where they should have him what do you make this year three and a half so you're so you're tying up three and a half. Out of your five. With grass right -- doubling his cap it. Yet you take in the five you have given sevenths and I you're you're two in the red you to figured QQ nine in the -- what you want congress but well but. Well I again I don't know I do I mean I don't know cap app so you are really -- I'm saying take on taking -- off the books. I've taken -- off the books -- digging yarder up the books or go on all of the books -- -- That more than that. I help pull up the exact number for you right now that it can trade they can trade the unrestricted free agent right -- some point for Nathan Horton right that something that teams do in the NHL. But I have -- just over five million dollars. Before they do anything that was what the number I was always looking at here. Cap space before they knew anything at five point 153 million. According to cap keep dot com and that's I think that's a web site that your rally in reference and -- is closer Brad others saying they're like yes look at that site so that's. With Yonder important dog -- Gandolfo parents read and Johnson Rask who build and none of those guys -- Nobody none of that money accounting and all. They have just over five million dollars to play that's my question is when you signed brass if you want to do anything melts. -- begging someone to take you know heavily or Chris Kelly. Now I adds that if those two names that jump up of the page to meet you got to free up money war. I guess maybe you'll say Satan goes up that first line. -- not my head and -- replacement second line. You know you -- reshuffled the deck here but it's -- -- money to play -- and I feel like -- important gone. Charlotte got some work to do my overstating -- what's what's the task at hand here for this team to a to rebuild those top two lines heading into the -- Well again and yelling you look at -- and losing Horton if you got to replace him. With anything close to that. First all you get -- to get the Savard and what was that four million I'm getting text from writers in the beat as we're talking about this. After you do with the Rask steel and -- do Savard. You've got a little less than two and a half million dollars now that. He's assuming that -- -- -- is about four million so when you do that. We just as the grass DeLeon and you'd take away Savard Savard that makes cents -- two and a half. But under now under 2.2 and a 2.2. So they need I mean obviously you're gonna have to make some tough decisions we've been talking about. You know -- league Ira are strictly guy but at the end of the decade guys like that are replaceable. Make -- three against the recap -- quarter this year or three in order next year out on restricted after that Chris Kelly -- love. It's 33 and three you know. The next three years and again you like keep in according getting gifts relic credit that but. And all those who -- -- element -- guy -- the guy who always -- bakery. You know we need more physical games in the playoffs or is also more tradable commodity probably easier got to move. So when you when you said you're disappointed in -- a caveat I get it by also ago. -- again it -- make other moves to even get to report -- and it entertained. What -- a date it sounds like they're projecting Friday that did this thing opens they're gonna get the -- deal done. And that's at seven million that begins a domino effect as a Bruins fan. It -- from it to what from okay importance back the second pack your Geiger gon be forgot defense to what you wanna do but are these going to be pretty similar. Next year to. What are my GM do bishop battle that excitement if -- Bruins manually be itself for to maybe it's some sort of trade the net you some cap space. You know there are some opportunities here you know we assume Soderbergh it's plugged in. He's going to be a valuable part of us the next couple years one million bucks he feels a guy that's affordable. But after that diminish a relative a reason he circled back on Yonkers deal looks down Bisping dominoes. Money magazine and a money and happier younger wanna take. Less than somebody else there on the market so I thought a fascinating what they're going to do because there are -- remained the top six ports in New York team. And have a lot of space to do once they get to correct them and how to surely move those parts. To rebuild that top six a lessening Sagan as part of it. I guess filling in for college Sagan on that line a few places support or -- top three guy and you wanna keep -- and attack on Bergeron -- Well that's you know we talked about this I love that last week when it all started you know as soon as they lost their out the immediate aftermath of this. I -- -- they go from a year you know who's untouchable on this team. You know and a few people and he's got no trade protection here but you know Brad Marchand is a guy with a big salary it there and you've got him for one of the three years. You know that becomes the guy that you would have to at least entertain. Some straight talk. And the heavily in the Kelly those deals are obvious ones you're gonna talk about. But you didn't need to free up some space. If you're gonna bring in anybody. The try to replace Norton has do you think they have that guy from within it would talk about the Red Sox will try to fill these things from within. Ready for the Jordan Tehran area Sunday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know a lot of text -- -- -- brought on that first line and I think they haven't ticketed for. Are rebuilt third line that involves Chris Kelly not being here now may be high in some other piece is moving around you make a great point I don't. I don't know that -- going to be the easy ones did you think cover. This team has to make long term you know -- some young guys are gonna cost -- -- lot. -- unaudited factoring in in this is the war affect the nature I don't think I -- drop by state of five million but. They -- Smiths and Bergeron out become an eight year mega deal for Patrice Bergeron. That would kick in next year. So I just think for -- Bruins stayed at Barbara Hispanic get to this -- the Stanley Cup final. Take a deep breath and go to the anecdote disappointing we had a goal lead late Albert a little games that we don't get it. Any golf can be some more next year on -- anymore Nathan Horton wants to go to a boat -- your LeBron says today a nontraditional marketing wants a quieter. Market -- like Boston. As possible thought he did. So Heidi your place you -- I'm ready for Jordan -- Eric Tom matured across the third line or not skate -- Bergeron a great year you. Ready for -- as a top export on this team. I don't think I am. 61 sounds 7979237. -- berg is the closest thing and you know thousand glimpses. But I also musical you know I like we sought him but enough to say yeah I can replace Nathan -- yeah I put a second line and the way. It's in natural center. That is why it's. Be fun to watch what they did and it's it's not often we get the July 3. And we're sick here locked in what they're gonna do you ever Bruins offseason standpoint of the court and kept together so well much rally but with port and saying I'm going elsewhere. You know and and and up against the cap. Charlotte got to -- -- did you got the pressure on him between now and LC Friday -- starts but. Next couple weeks here figure out how like free money to get back or how -- make a trade. To get back in -- this guy wants her bare. The guy I want it all on if you couldn't elegantly he made five million each of his last five years. I'm with -- Washington. Scott little apparently has apparently a little pain in the as -- like power play. -- already -- goals he had last year it's a six -- of assists in front of me but he's pretty good power players this guy sets. Guys up on the -- moves guys -- -- moves the puck around pretty well. But you -- have a clear of space to get a guy like. This is what makes it fun you know detect a Twitter -- is the assumption that Soderbergh with a third wind what left wing. I am somewhere on that third line next couple years I was rated to have replace Nathan Horton. 61777979237. As the phone a -- Texas right now. It's the eighteenth -- -- -- 37. 9370. At the Bruins and the conversations he Mike and mark and all your phone calls or get -- we got until two assault in college Sports Radio WEEI.

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