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Pod Man Rush-DJ Bean is joined by Mike Giardi

Jul 3, 2013|

Things get wild when DJ Bean is joined by CSNNE’s Mike Giardi on the latest edition of Pod Man Rush. DJ and Mike wrap up the Bruins’ season and look ahead to the shortened offseason that lies ahead. Listener discretion is advised.

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I feel so lucky you lot of hug me. Well arrives with hug me welcome to pot man -- I have DJ been. And I am finally after years. In this podcasts like two and a half month history for years I've been trying to get this next guy's aghast so. Glad enjoyment like Jerry Comcast sports notes like yeah you know available at all times I don't even that you never asked me. I have the right what I did go to Julie -- Like I looked like -- Sox -- America like I booked him like four seconds before because Robert -- yet to do these so now. I -- I just call people on the have you ever seen a forehead as big is doing Max. Geez we don't wanna get into that though the hole looks and pictures discussion. Because they'll eventually this message has got a solid all the -- Twitter account and posting pictures and stuff yeah and so I -- -- for personal you just did two days of Mike Maloney house that was majority. Yeah I think that. Is dated to replace wanna tie in with another look at one. I would Griese. Black hair with -- another OK let you won't guided uses a lot of products. Yeah and is there another RA so I think I fill the role -- -- -- you how did you you do with mutt and eat that's difficult. Yeah -- must not these he's got to work with a permit on my little. That's thing it's not like when you say it's difficult torque that much it's not -- like mud -- greatest job which he is public people don't know. Off off the record -- there off the air and all that's up behind closed doors -- is one of the most. I guess bad intentions per. Yes like evil yeah you'll visit there's a whole thing like you tell us which you. Even on the -- -- the legion place is gonna get in trouble yes and I you know first that it really know that I stepped in some land mines in the big blew up army. I was a little more cautious today we don't like you wants me to speak about the entire human race puts me in that place right right which you know all the -- of. But there -- you guys were talking about. Aaron Hernandez then and -- -- And you said look in football it is and a bunch of choir boys in life it is the but -- choir boys and that made me think how to desolate could be. Imagine if it was just ball not necessarily all boys Bellic an adequate food outlets ha please that the two has and we have some women in the great war. All choir men and women yes -- -- that is. Toward good -- tables might not as -- -- -- an amazing -- -- my -- -- awesome awesome god. Got to be -- the and I just it's -- Dallas Tebow silence that the the -- this is I've been doing a lot of research like gets defined it. How old is Tyler -- because nobody has comments or anything on those. He's like Shabazz Mohammed the the UCLA guys that he's been ages fluctuated I don't know if they've told the truth I'm under the impression yeah. They used when he want colon that case. Then I guess -- -- then he does them a bad contract that. All because when they want right let's thing basically with this whole -- gate thing here -- paid -- -- and again. Went that's ultimately he with with whatever happens -- just throw in on it like -- -- and screwed up last week that's called for amity. And uncle whatever -- just out. And Iraq with that with the whole Sagan gate thing the Bruins. Talked about him in trade talks however you want to read into that my guess is in I've. Heard this from nobody my guess is they are making more holes then were being led to believe like I said total gas but it would make sense for them to shop him because. He's about to start a six year deal worth five point 75 million dollars a year and when you have. The cap going down and when you have a team as loaded as the Bruins have you have a lot of guys who are. Playing. Below what there are playing above what they're worth guys like 'cause like per drunk guys like to cut was about to get paid bloggers are on. And -- get paid you gotta get rid of your bad contracts in. At this point at least. -- contract is bad it's not that he's. 41 in the Bruins are assuming that she'll suck forever it's that right now in the salary cap league he's about to get paid a lot more than he's worth. I don't think there's any question that that's the case. -- talk about the post season performance and I've heard snake pin bad luck. One goal in 22 games. For a guy -- the physical skills that we were told he has that we've seen flashes but never consistently. For a guy who. It appears. Loses. Foot races to -- that he should not lose. Because he has. If not the fastest guy on the ice one of the fastest guys and they certainly a lot faster than most of the defenseman that he would be in -- -- races whiz. The that he loses them because guys to a -- turnaround as he's -- yes the direction on how many times do we see him DJ when he gets to a -- first. Or is -- that even race in that little sidestep. Where he allows. Then Saturday go -- for out of him as if he's gonna reach around. In the act like her body has exploded and yet he says this this big thing I was saying you have let you gotta have. Inherently in your game if you're gonna be legit and HL player. You've got to have some sort of balls right you gotta have some sort of grip it's part of the hockey player it's part of being a good one if you look at all of the great. Scores wings -- whenever. All have an element of that I mean. Cut -- you you can beat Phil Kessel or. The -- so -- 36 goals and yet for the Bruins -- Claude -- number I mean this is one of those things. Going program now maybe some network and Julian system. This budget crap ever Phil Kessel who's allergic to -- who drove clos. Not yet know what little hairy out on his head -- war and pull a lot of it out because of Phil Kessel on his unwillingness to play defense. He scored 36 schools right. Won't let him. Beat him as much as could be sure that every time he -- taco hell yeah but he scored 36 goals. Right insects so when I look at Sagan. And you mentioned that the speed you mentioned the scale it's not a question of skills with him it's not. A question of strength either that's I think we hear a lot a lot of fancy guys -- it's maybe you'll just bowl cut this off season he'll make he'll fill out even said that by the I mean it. We cover these guys were in their -- remote times he's jacked -- it's not it's not a physical thing. It's mental thing it's a willingness thing so when Peter surely says that he'd be more professional. Yeah one out socialism is question do you think of partying in and things like that but. God I look at who just won the Hart trophy in its Alexander Ovechkin I don't know what Tennessee does and is personally I can guarantee you. Tyler Sagan could not even dream of party as hard as Alexander Ovechkin parties and a lot of guys in the NHL now go pretty hard. I'm I'm not judging Satan. In his -- -- ultimately. You're really aren't your and they and they bring -- on a nightly basis when era when they're out there. Another guy. Attained we -- We know all there is no way -- has to be as crazy as pat Kane I. And packing as it was up scores -- -- and we've seen him all over dad's been and everywhere else right drunk and we wandering from place to place. At least in this. Past life and use the quotation marks -- Supposedly a little bit reform now who showed up big in the Stanley Cup final. Bright and you can say that it's because. It's Quenneville playing him on top line but. Julien doesn't operate. It in that. You rewards hard work and your awards promise it's being shown. There isn't any -- -- mean our job is to be critical of these guys and we don't sure don't at all that Sagan is one of the most talented guys in the team absolute. Stretchy Sagan maybe that's that RC met my skills from yes your skill level Leo that's. That's probably -- right it's it's a tossup of one and two. It's the but Juli is the type of guy who's just going to. Candy they can the keys any kind of did when he played Sagan. In the top six as much as he had a has over the past two years -- it came time to try to win a Stanley Cup. Say it wasn't delivering he gets bumped out of third line -- And now he's getting called up by his GM and I go back to. Sickens junior days because you really do have to search far and wide for a time when Sagan is actually feast. He talks were a lot a lot of guys talk about let's say in he faces so much adversity. That's kind of BS because he's not even kind of -- rattled this first round pick in the only children draftees kind of because of how -- is yeah he's been handed a lot of stuff in his career. When you in his first seventeen games in VOA -- scored one goal. And wasn't Sagan busting is asked tort is way out of jury did -- passenger tried really hard to it towards way out of it but. Nobody saw anything of from how he's playing on the fourth line that said you know what he deserves he bumped up. Michael Lucci took over use -- -- GM he took over as the head coach after seventeen games but 'cause. That the head coach the time left to be scale with the hurricanes. -- Dellucci said. I know disguised pelted -- and -- put him on the top line. And Sagan from being given that opportunity then exploded he becomes -- second overall pick the next year. Julie needs to see something and when you get into these little battles between the player. In its coach or player in GM a lot of times you think unfortunately it can be the player who's gonna last longer than the coach. But I look at this team in the way it's constituted and how close they are competing first Stanley Cup every year. I don't think that I don't necessarily know that Tyler say get on a six year deal is going to be here longer they include Julian I think Julie and win this battle. If it is one yeah. So yeah I'm with you a because. Despite the critique of code and system the system has gotten to Stanley Cup finals in three years you won one and where are not for a bounce here -- there are Casper Dawkins missed open net on maybe you have. Two cups in three years to your credit it's tried and true and he's gotten guys. Mike Tracy who are you know he's as we said he's probably the most if they got a team has bought into the system plays in the system. The way it needs to be played to be successful and then compost season. You ramps up his game to a different level. I just think it's an eight hour notice that's the best way to describe this as Tyler is now on notice this is a huge year for him. And it starts right now for him with the offseason it starts with the professionalism. That's on and off the ice. And you gotta find that grip the balls to be the cocky player that they drafted you could be. Otherwise you're going to be wasted potential and they're not gonna sit around and wait for you to reach a potentially something. Because as you mentioned. Lot of guys probably did -- less than they deserve on this team. Who are gonna get raises Bergeron and -- -- two guys write and -- the analysts are gonna -- -- raises on and you got to find a way to save money and the rules compliance buyouts of -- -- I wouldn't touch -- for the record right. Seconds got the worst young team. Right by the way for production fumbled conspiracy theory thing I almost treated even with that don't read into this but people still would -- sentence. People because. Of my job or kind of forced to follow me in the -- no analysts and Noah a nobody or -- dollars -- say this year. Relieves nameplate in the -- -- -- nowhere to be seen. Yeah -- -- conspiracy theory and in their rocket -- I don't I think they were gonna do anything with a they would moved him. But it was extinct like you know Hortons was gone -- know -- knocked me back. -- is still there though so I'm just totally being. Conspiracy theorists and try to -- Like with Garcia that. There was as a natural shooter in the grass and yes. -- -- No but I -- if you want I believe there's a place in the world for people who believe in -- for us today to block to block. -- -- And podcasts. That's caught the athlete here at hypocrites like that I believe that you don't watch I don't want to -- movies let's -- not nerd. -- to watch Star Wars movies no I actually -- -- -- but the I don't outsource the book why wouldn't you. I just don't have time for it. Once I've got extra listens if of Burroughs of Borough sultans -- -- -- and nobody ever heard of you've got -- -- an Alpine. Out what is now I'm gonna do for me. Alpine is get it's probably in your direction it's. Australian not only to return items and -- come on now it's we're a little uncomfortable now it's it's awesome energy students. Never it's it's an Australian -- with. To network with that. It's not -- or. Although. They have to its two female lead singers both of whom are easy on the eyes but that that -- -- like very -- the voices I'm not saying it definitely gives you direction saying like it's like. It's like second on your unit you've got a direction because this music now I want to see -- recently I was standing -- standing room so that would then in the pocket. -- the fifth fleet. It's depleted and it's taken these facts and optical illusion pets or in store. But anyway. Four. That we take expected to -- say oh and to real quickly I contract I guess. So. -- is gone -- gone we're talking about how. -- doesn't just reward you with your playing like crap he doesn't say. I don't -- -- -- -- -- on the first sign yeah but these two guys are gone important kind of mind boggling actually. My guess if I had to guess early on in in the post season was that they were gonna trade Sagan. -- find a way to bring -- back on a friendly is steal because. From what she was sick from the indications he given you that you want to get paid but from the indications that he did he'd given. Given his agent I I thought would try to kind of bridge that gap but the Bruins right which leads me to believe that the Bruins kinda made their decision on or and that. They were gonna give him big money so. That's tough loss. If you want to -- to the Bruins you can replicate. That Toews line in Chicago if you do Lucic Bergeron Sagan line -- the question is is say can get a became a and it's mean let's say it was supposed to be. It was supposed to be Stephens Dan -- who then not so much now now Bruins fans are keeping their fingers crossed that he can even be Phil Kessel. And. Right. Not too much too soon for that guy and it's one of the things you and I are talking. On before we start this podcast. That. One of the reasons Cassel was not like to hear nevermind the fact if you want it out you always want you wanna play here people didn't like -- -- game was soft right right. Play between the circles. Was afraid of contact didn't wanna was allergic playing defense thought he was basically the anti liberal right big bad Bruins he's not that bad on. It's piracy of big bad Bruins. I was sickened scored a level that Phil Kessel it's no but if you can do it Phil Kessel does. Did you take it right yet exactly and I think that Bruins fans will handle it from that which goes to tell you though that how we've changed our. Scheme and what could be because we thought he was going to be. Well we were sold -- we believe Iowa. My column from I added a feature on Sagan. After like two days after the at the Bruins reloaded the flyers. Crystal college but but it's their revenue but the but I did I knew that that this was gonna be that the job that I was gonna. Have so I did features on hall aidid died in the future. On Sagan I talked to Sagan and hundreds of Reading about sitting -- I was in the -- camp yes ended that was that was rare though most people were in the hall campus which. If I mean. Done in my head right now -- go back I'd probably go Paul yes. Just just can't really wanted to go all. You how would you not -- yes. But anyway. I mean I went back and I read the story that I wrote on Sagan. And I didn't I wasn't saying anything that everybody else wasn't saying so wasn't like I was just being an idiot I usually just them but. I mean the stuff let's say he was complete player. Yeah maybe he'll play a little wing -- wait until this guy gets -- senator wait until he sticks at center. Sagan right now be disaster senator and I think ended that the good thing at least is -- is kind of aware of everything that's that's going on heat you concede that. -- surely can say is not professional enough he actually is like a Smart kid he's he's aware of his surroundings. After he played center for that game and a half yes his quote to vote all I have a lot more respect for Bergeron else. On the -- did you -- completely and -- -- there and trees play on the trees that line -- allowed him to do. The benefits that he got from playing with the trees because trees and so responsible result of the good and all three zones. Took a huge burden off say it right out into the -- and offensive. Slash floater type guy you're allowed to get away without have a sentiment like Bert brought you put him in the middle defensively that's. Three and disaster right and still no sign that it will be any better. Right I mean it all just depends on what your expectations from Sega gonna be if you're gonna keep him. On a lying if you play them online with either Bergeron who's gonna do all the work for him. Or -- -- create a lot of offense for him. He should be in a position to succeed you as long as he's with one of those two guys. In yellow always -- back and say oh yeah but. Imagine if if they put -- at that senator. Without these guys -- that doesn't matter what matters is that you actually get production out of the sky. Cassel was able to produce here yeah -- -- it said neither he nor -- -- your prototypical. Big bad Bruins at the end of the day here's -- we do know what Sagan. He scored triangles one year you know was also that your were just on his first round and make it yeah. So he's scored 29 goals one year. She's 21 years old three years into his career. And he's about to begin a six year deal that pays him five point 75 million dollars the first two things. Show you some promise the third thing it demands. Production yes so this isn't a case of in the dating back to thing earlier of our poll to see we have no idea because -- to letting us every three seconds. It doesn't matter the least 41 and she's young. And I mean he should be feeling the heat of -- to get paid this contract Lucic admitted it when he was at the lowest of low during the regular season. He admitted that was on his mind a lot which I mean if you're sucking in -- not scoring goals in -- about to become the team's highest -- forward. You should be thinking I've got to get might -- together right the bruins' only hope is that Sagan sing in the same thing I don't think surely would have settled that if he wasn't concerned. That Sagan was kind of taking it too easy. Yeah I would agree completely the one thing that -- -- 51 bright light out of what happened to him in the post season. Was he got talked to him in the Toronto series this for a fact but I don't. By Peter. About his game about his professionalism. From -- point on. No you didn't again leading to goals obviously just the one goal yeah. But I thought his words changed and I thought his demeanor changed. I've always found him to be. Yes cliches mood the problem and it looked. From a standpoint whatever you know you put a microphone -- a guy's face. He's a hockey player that's what he does that's what this religions so. I don't know I don't judge people because that's the microphone as facing an answer questions or he won't answer question right. But I do look at how -- you treat people and at times I thought he didn't treat our. -- very early on his career I mean we deal with very few. -- holes well and that's the benefit governor hockey right yeah pretty much every -- in and in there is it is a good guy. Players. I know of at least one who'd during sickens rookie year had to say hey try to be nice of these guys like what he -- and that could. There's -- he came in with the the tank right because of all it managers and we are Lofton -- yeah I look. Has the potential for him still exists as a player to be just really really good hockey player for the Bruins. Or for somebody else yeah. But I found him to be -- office at times didn't like the way he treated me and others at times wasn't like F bomb and people are something that batter threatening them it wasn't like. Was it like -- gain with Hagerty. Chip that would also they NN now and and again it didn't need to -- on this -- -- that have to I'm. So to me I look at that and I didn't. I didn't like that I. When you're dealing with guys in the room. And you understand the quality people that you have that room and the way you know like I look at Alex -- granted -- to ten years old or eleven years. Then Tyler. No parents this year started -- thought he was actually the better part of regular season it was terrible to bomb. Why nobody listens to listen and find out all that stuff I'm sure that your to a certain degree I don't know what level. But he when I went to his face and said you know you're not playing well. You know what's happening yeah -- You may not have liked to question. But it gave me a genuine answer right and honest stance. And maybe there's more to it that we know with some guys and you know like with with him I think one of the things I've always with parents when things I was I was he did -- in one league bosses and waited on him there was no extension. He became a Bostonians very much embrace being a Bruin and I think that that kept. Doing kind of long after he got that he had to come to that realization yes yet to realize. Once he sought to recruit get off to a good start -- age old job my does that not looking good right. But the fact is he was able to sit there and answer questions honestly and other questions that were uncomfortable whereas I thought Tyler when pushed. At times during the his career about performance and behavior etc. the answers were. Not good answers and again could be an -- different maturity I understand all those things. On the -- I found after that to Ottawa series was on a guy. Who was more open and more honest and -- cliched. And the fact that he went to code -- said quote Ottawa help this team to win even on not scoring to -- spoke of maybe just maybe digital light went on and now yes there's more pressure as Peters put -- out there on him. But maybe they felt like you respond a little bit to that but now a little bit more on you'd understand. The gravity of the situation here and money you're about to make. And what we need from you because right now that it reminded me is the first line right wing and it says quote doesn't like it just guys that think he supposed to earn it but right now. Who's the right way. Right today I'll never judge on the Oliver for my opinion. If a player based on how he is with us shore them up pull up the nicest guy in the world -- that was awesome what is. Rule so this this -- into the that -- member of NATO what does that when and it's been. Who. Plea deferred Carolina before of course -- -- -- -- just a joke or oh. Obviously -- had his demons that trouble there at a very troubled past. He was a guy who learned our names and woods and even though it was pretty clear he was in their furlong. He if you walked by IE whomever how you do it just little things super nice guy. Sox and hockey and not and that that each -- our opinion of of those guys. Say again. Like he says he's had a rougher around the edges coming in. I don't care how we use -- if he's about quote their plenty of other players who are very good quotes the concern with Sagan is. That he's getting whatever messenger messages are being sent to them. And if you if you wanted to Julian likely Julien said he did. That's that's pretty big city and because. I know that I mean. It's kind of a -- that Julian hates the younger guys -- apartments up but it's got to be intimidating going in to a -- Julian system. As the young player and look there -- a lot of guys sterilize young players we've seen over the last few years. Who I mean as is the case young players they don't really know where they stand don't know quote thinks of them. Those types of things though. -- -- -- To do that and Google code and ask him how we can be better. That's -- kind of swallowing some pride -- which signal that could stand to do at times so. I mean it. Maybe that gets -- going to teach students. Didn't get him going offensively but. He was better but would you agree me that in at least in the cup final. There was one -- -- -- -- -- war but I thought for the most part of oh yeah I know everything about his game was raised up the intensity to compete. There was one game in in Boston I forget. What it was. In this will be I think just the first time I reference my own Twitter during this conversation. But -- DJ is your physical object and gore dean I I tweeted. And yes I tweeted that the Bruins after this game the Bruins should be able to suit Tyler Sagan. For three plus years of some bulls should. -- -- like it's -- to play the -- he was playing in that game. She was darting into the corners like I wanna say it was game three -- I I think so it was a game in Boston and he was taking a lot of contact and he was she was making plays who's pulling out of -- putt for more than a second like. We all know don't -- positive or in that game that he didn't need to practice round. Which I think with nineteen seconds total right prior to that is where because when he came in that was kind of thing -- like he's young he's timid you get through the -- -- he has it. Last year I don't know what happened. Something got into him and he put together. For better or worse a very strong entire season and side note people keep saying to me whenever I write about a retreat about them. He's a thirty you'll score he's third -- score. He would have been a thirty goal scorer maybe if you hadn't been a healthy scratch for one game maybe you square that thirtieth gold medal in the army and right that you what is going I don't know -- -- -- show on time. Who has a -- that was it -- on. It was. It was yet the wrong ones to which by the way is not or made it is was his Gregory Campbell I forget why it was -- on that game. Apple were talking about her -- of Gregory Campbell. I mean. She does not represent hit -- slacker. Right. My ass off. May drop was trotted under content you know anymore I -- I want I want I wanna be on the top two lines do. I cannot complete I can play the rates like whenever -- treaty gave it to you pass house. Analysts on on that be awesome can be reached at just two separate conspiracy -- -- cuts rich are these nameplate to -- during that troop. To dock in Jordan career. All right will this won't wait longer than it -- and we only talk like we just started. We've gone our number two coming up efforts to even talk about music really other than that two girls -- an erection. Did you meet the conceivably they. The music gives might -- her actions. It's gross futures players categorically yet do -- futures and huge nose. -- -- -- -- don't you outlines why. Yes knows so much vote -- angular mine's mine's also this long. Why. The yeah. You know -- his -- It's it's it's like. Dallas. Used a condom. -- on -- It's there and now this second round did you ask if I think about it is more of boutique. Yeah. It counted did you get a lot of fights it's when you're doing these podcasts I've actually. I I didn't. One fight my life. I've got my ass kicked in Ireland which is hilarious that's good for the for the fight is that I was in and I would -- ass -- but I got up by some kid -- the camp in the last in the fourth grade school global plan possible yeah -- The pocket clean. Good hands because practically. As I'm going to a ball reaches out and grabs my hair mop. Really yes that's coming shouldn't have. In the -- like three times she's my Fred's -- beat the crap out nicely but what's. Yeah I was I was -- Yeah shows that. No one cares about enough media so. -- I mean that the patient throughout the though -- like I guess I don't do anything that. I do things that annoy people don't do anything like. It's so bad that people want to beat you. After this podcasts. It's a towel today and then that's possible could not. Pissed off the pay caps. -- this Odyssey says a -- what is that women love say yeah that would they'll fight for state. Is there a way that we can. I don't want -- silly exiled. That we can -- find a -- it is like. Some sort of like hockey island. Work expands NC in east as can go 'cause there's this race again -- listening to his fans. -- the worst people. The absolute and -- against nothing against Vancouver -- although the the sexy word and unlikable team like I wanted to connects. Who's the toilet and files I I was kind of root against them. With the exception. Long ago -- -- -- on Twitter right oh my god did you. Yeah allotted EU he tweaked it and -- the violence you don't want about the there was about the rules and not allow the veterans -- -- -- -- I mean showed a picture of himself development fivefold all right so I thought phenomenal our self -- -- Yeah round gathered there is one of two places you can go on Twitter you can be self deprecating. You can be X super super -- and in my mind you have to kind of strike the balance between the two I've got a split between those two you have to be like comically vague. -- Like. I didn't Joe's gonna get pissed at me but she didn't. Hagerty retreated somebody yesterday who said if I could have a nickel. No though they they said all I want in life is to be at. It's a live like Joseph Hagerty something so. She re treated it instead defied a nickel for everytime I've heard that so. It was not clear how I did not see -- being sarcastic or non so you know it's tough he did and he's a bit like home. Right he should be able to change at -- -- by the tightening it up that he saw a lot of media because that is. That wasn't feel. Like over the top plate if if you is like you that your assets because on the -- and trying to time that you feel like she's obviously kidding that's awesome and if you was like on now come acknowledged as a gray area right there. But when you say. So what kind of leave it open like that stuff so as I do. I I kind of did the third man and taken -- Particular -- third man in outlawed the right. And that always leads to the so much fonts that that it should be a reality show boat like. The Bruins. Beat looters out. You know what there's nobody characters Alec. And we the wheels for for the most part I mean every now and then we'll look at -- like other -- -- Mean everyone talks to each other on gets along. While. Food department. Yeah flip through those frozen meanest guy in the world that the super nice guy just doesn't talk not that I kid and it note now -- a sound like Harry's Twitter follower if I could be like and EU. Of the the guy -- not take anything away from the Mueller -- massacre. Komondor ought lie -- people. But like -- does the damn thing he gets in there does he -- us. He is not usually in the French don't seem a lot -- else because he's like yeah. These these guys Earl focusing on one thing -- don't even on the hill yet they don't even know what I'm about to do right in the about the do. It's going to be better -- what what they're going to be. Brightly keel like -- is it. One week. This year I think we -- -- chasing important try to because he used playing well -- something we're trying to do though it does you -- stated viewers that they wanna stay. Purdue at -- -- time he goes over to Ference is a better quote in the same story on him and it's like 4000 times better. Yeah he's the best leader of and media concise. Yeah. He's the best Tweeter. Stoops is the best three Tweeter I mean that the globes. That the globe's hockey people. In the -- has a lot of people award goes on Twitter Emily joined up a league with with -- -- was retreating yourself. She -- it -- the value -- this wealth which which I think is awesome. I think this happens more often I sort of do yeah I -- -- She did that I went back and I was like what some good ones so public retreating like ones from -- previous rounds and stuff with the go back to 2011. Right. There were. Yeah I wish that. Which we to a fever own tweets and discuss it though it was so right so like yeah. These are my top interest -- eloquence that ever tell you there was subsite that. You put your you take a Twitter handle and too and it shows you like that's like. But a pie charts and a bunch of statistics. All these things about you in the what you tweet in now Soledad I'm Bradford set a solid emails the team to the other comments that he guys. I just saw this it's prequel check it out Cutler some things about the what you tweet maybe figure out some things and -- do differently whatever so. I typed it and detected my name and the results. Was like. It was like just the big picture view the fashion that looks like with what this chart of like. What what you're normally we -- -- W references like all the stuff and it was just like. DJ sometimes treats music's and it's it's it's their -- sometimes there retreats but the Bruins that -- -- is always talking to bite you hard. It says most enjoyable part of -- from news it is either tweet back and forth you're poking at funny you. It's Julie -- field in the third man and it's it's it's it's ours is and you know a couple of times -- went over the line I'm not sure that this -- incorporates a Mickey was paying attention but. Because it's a little bit double the fact I will -- -- the Texan but he's. I'll probably right there was one yet and Toronto trio was. And care for those -- as the court case and upper orbit over the line I almost retreated hash -- fire -- I've got no right there there was why I asked why I text him -- after that we did that's hysterical. Wanna rethink that right you just killed -- Like that you can get a phone call from corporate never won rental call. -- corporate Walters on freezing themselves to get into. These and the Ted Williams that you. Some some pretty heavy shots that you are again for the I realized the -- go back to. Go back to at Pawtucket. AAA stuff and and obviously he's you know -- matches that cover that the -- talks for the obviously she's. He's -- is golf. Threatened Yasser series he'd love to use that no I he knows he knows that a minute we've talked about many times. He does whatever court hotels and so I would like to remind of that time -- law means. -- can -- there -- mean. That's that's -- -- Kelly's game back talks -- tougher on guys right scrap former occupant reckons he's been. I've actually. I haven't seen. In -- That pissed off before I know the as it is actually he got he was bull leaked water and idea I think -- party. I was born in India I I I my whole thing was -- -- never swear on Twitter. On there swear in the east podcast because Kirk decided -- and decided. Those regions where in the podcast now which perks like job is not the director of any better America is not allowed to make any decisions keys he is decreed. Right he just decree liquidity angry mountain for -- Linehan -- mountain right where he drinks talking talking milk. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Never spoken Buick just before what it was coming on. And I don't know that these contacts telling you it's the whole setup. The irony here with a microphone you can stand -- yeah headphones that. Because see like our voice recordings of the guys like us that -- I'm telling you some sevens or use prominently for -- if that if those things but we're restaurant right now. Probably actually I thought of got a blank and I would Boston out -- I items like I do like my hip -- yeah I was actually I got -- and right now I thought the government well. These days a lot of wrap this kind of like punch line oriented like what's the child's Gambino line. Made to be murdered at Casey Anthony -- things like that this is terrible. Anyway I. I thought of one today because. I who is. I was treating cars texting with some. Some of the others media folks. And somebody said like some views like game changer and somebody else was like we changed the game and then I was like hash tag GM meetings if so. Something like that needs to be used like I -- are almost treated like if there any rappers out there confusion reference changing the game like GM meetings. Right Boston look at your huge moment especially not in hockey community but in the local -- -- Near you though I know -- -- considered drums and -- John I can't imagine you know you gotta claim that -- you're right I'm certain if -- -- -- -- right now where -- Right now wearing jeans poaching is like a baggy pull -- -- if that's a trend setter -- got the genes flip flops and black teacher right if only capturing yeah that's up that and other wanna address that just -- black. I was never asked the red signal came lose -- kids. Six yards on what time in the and it cougar Rich Thompson the Boston Herald was. Wearing like a black shirt and black pants is like unbelievable that all lack. And I've seen him do that bright in which is -- to -- like a happy guy and everything. I feel good responses. To you awesome the guidance and so I was like. That rich. I like your clothes and use like thanks Vijay and those like you know when I was arrested -- dressed in black. And -- the -- I didn't write elected via an -- but it's funny when rich looks at you like that because what you year at least like. He's usually like how much of that Family Guy episode -- play -- he's probably talking about something that is it worth knowing. Rich Thompson. Nassau coliseum. Boston College basketball won their second or third see. Kenny Harley mrs. Troy bell was on the -- and act like oh really ran it ten years ago now was again a -- decided that it can noted that it. Yet -- -- initiative through their number three in the closing seconds but I go to work out the gym before the game. Rich Thompson in the gym. What teachers just your normal run of the -- weight under his -- -- -- knows the problems. These crazy striped shorts from. The strike tube socks at the top also 97 days so far so. White and red headband white on the outside red mill in the little thin blue stripe in the bills she's has. And Rich Thompson. As a body yes all creeping up over outlets like -- -- -- It's not -- That's on the treadmill that's -- courtesy by camera phone like this -- oh -- that essentially -- -- I would take a picture ice. It's -- Kosher. And it. The year at the gym in Chicago. And that guy you leapt to meet Jim wise like you read about it was like I got there and -- you. This is that and the secret of my success I don't I don't. Lift a lottery Delis like oh my -- to my roommate is into weights and stuff and then like I can only copy two million -- anfield and but normally nominee -- -- Five on the run five K in two planks kind of guy that's it. And that's I don't know that I get this insane yeah routing and actual cnet's daylight so I can audience and not ready I was I I guess you and tags around and enact. It's The Who else would would give us for a internment. So now will -- -- the repercussions it and probably which due to dispose the body. GE's. And even though not just say it but anyway so who I don't so I got there and -- include in their for a while he was like sweating a good amount. And I knew it sucks I was like I hope this got to stay here long but is it. Seven and to the best body of but he hockey media yeah generally to qualify as hockey which London's -- -- -- she's years this year yes. Channel seven. Bigger -- in my height wise tall really that's all it knows he has. Audio is a terrible time those -- one on one interviews outside the locker room yeah after. Games yeah and she would walk by and didn't stop briefly yeah yeah they do reverend there was would stop. First second and just yeah office and then. Yeah so yeah we played did tonight MB or we we have but we got more to offer -- -- -- -- dozens of tricks that's going to happen. Right that's that's with that Mike is like hole is that's like mighty tall tall Brunette that's like that's all Comcast sports net government. Yes Gleason. -- -- -- They -- well ya might -- like those guys you know they can talk via -- come in the -- silence right. The honorable and I know -- evidence -- yes and then the stuff that was going on dot god only knows. Or girl I was in -- -- to England and turn them were talking some -- like college student who's now being yeah. -- CL a man I'm an -- it's actually public what in turn I was doing my job. ST yeah as we have more time right when in reality is probably asking -- arguments questioned the vote parking and fifth. Few scoring and you know what the real kicker as we debated -- and complete and there. The -- never got to salute we never got a free solution is that devastating. I never even thought about that when he -- I'm like that's gonna be the best thing -- -- the playoffs are gonna happen. He's gonna score big goal -- -- game and he's gonna give us to salute at the -- guard and the roof is gonna come off the building. Oh. Jobless yarder to break up today. To a team back here but I don't know yeah you'll be now I don't doubt they'll. It they'll they'll hash that out but let's assume -- back at them like a public. Three minutes later it -- press conference -- like. I told the army or he will be a big effect. Where its stake. Still a treat for them you like a final -- First round pick late in the draft. Right wedge shot. I mean it's not the Bruins. The Bruins don't exactly crush on first round picks that aren't given to them -- -- -- -- Campbell Zach Campbell. Kuroda -- I think as a player at the I don't two straight and is right this guy's plutonium they -- -- and it couldn't a lot of when they desperately needed another forward right and he's like. I mean -- -- care and everything's the nicest kid out world he's a good guy I. I have no idea at the thing with him is being -- could just tell him going into one season. You're gonna play the first 35 games of the season no matter what. Do with it what you will -- having -- -- the bottom six -- lord knows. No offense to Chris Bork but. You've had worst guys in your bottom. Six then Crist for -- and as it is he silent Russian economy to a mania is. Once assuming that I am right -- is always a problem in Russia right guys probably get the money. There -- some horse stories dose of the case chill guys who were. Forced out of there he set up to make it look like they were criminals -- to void their contract slipped thrown in jail. -- chills and scares -- not not. Not a place for the UK chills like -- apart right to be seen you seem hostile. And scared and needs to do now. Yeah -- scary movie it's just like that's and its its torture porn. New guy. With the guys and did -- I broth yes. He's from -- and I think Sylvia deck is stacked IE I think he should be in jail through like having just stray thoughts of the rights yeah I think you should be -- grabbing itself. Spread that KHL I think that that's what it is having those guys over there for like two seasons -- -- they come back it's like oh was it in their mind they're like thinking like. Guys like. Now killing them and make yet poking them I was no one was tortured. Right yeah and it's like on this really happy to be back -- -- and relative especially in the world not the other one did not I'm not a very I don't know of the tea time I got them a better plan and now. -- great experience. Died and most I think the sign off that some of the items that. Yet but. Basically what I'm saying is I'm leaving to be adequate cover -- chill for a few seasons something I'm gonna go along. -- says -- -- CSN Russia CSN ruled that's all that the joke Furlan Sagan signed in. In Switzerland that -- haggard and I -- withdrew a request that -- that's the direction our worst places the normally go to and so it's Switzerland out here it's I hear it's wonderful and -- -- -- the stormy note that means I don't know. A friend -- a teacher like goes over to Switzerland like during. So I don't even know what it is that sounds like some sort scanned that if on this Christmas. Like the hot chocolate. -- -- -- -- -- this was lady no oldest person to -- it wasn't so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't geography so -- met during my internship I yet. I wrote some thing or whatever and Alex steer it was a nice person in the world came over -- -- mountains facing news there yes exactly he's very Smart and I'm not so you just like. TJ come with me for a second and she takes me over -- about the death and what he really wasn't being -- -- I was like. You said that this player is from there you misspelled because you missed -- we're -- like a name or whatever. You now have him in this country which is completely -- And I was like I don't know -- you those countries are. I you do -- come from like the Middle East stuff from Eastern Europe to the Middle -- right I put him -- like I put him in. Like the United Arab Emirates or something I don't think many -- the -- a thing yeah I think it is. I actually like to be honest I could not -- load -- the United States nor nor can. Yeah IE. I know or some things are. Like I said it baffled some times where things -- map. All I know is flying over Kansas yet as the worst experience that works Kansas seems to stretch on forever really I remember take a flight to Denver. You get that map you know a jetBlue or whatever -- the map there and we -- over cans for like five hours. She's I don't see I don't watch that on jetBlue flights you do know what I do watch -- which is how do you not watch those if any guys. I -- that listening. Classic please if you wireless companies treat to either of us saying that. Saying like where I'm checking in at this point. And it's I know -- -- -- just lose and everything such that the video was crap that's on this crap and I had to watch it like 57 times I left I looked everything like that so I didn't like it at first -- that that the led by the way in the cafeteria here W yeah yeah macondo. There's an open couple open Johnson -- appear to be a program for anybody really -- Five for Fighting which I don't know if you're into. -- and why you wouldn't know. That I don't know auction though I mean I like the dissenters -- there appears receipts really and I know Elton John has been huge hills so I should probably will. Made so me you know I've added as a -- there's like -- giveaway of artists who switch between their chest boy's voice and false that a lot because. Elton was the king of that and five fighting. Was the that was like his only thing that was like his only move you really need to expand our blog. It's split expendable I think you need to take this on to the streets. -- -- the clubs yeah I think we need to hear from I think we need to hear from local bands yeah and then I want yeah I want your review. Yeah you know DJB in the the scale out on your five yards and I finally are you I didn't something. At a Grammy preview on one of my podcast but. That issue was his producer -- really just pastor was up for a couple grammys it just turned into talk -- Jeff pastor and like describing right why you like. 'cause of the -- that he uses like why they're there cooler and everything. And I didn't have anyone check in at that point during the podcast listened long and be like hey I'm still listening this is really enjoyable interest thing. Stuff. How you measure. Alike comment like it and I'm -- know how far removed now like fifty minutes. Yeah it will in the 12100. Offered in my head to a battalion for -- our our number eight Kevin -- -- -- The issue is in the Twitter age. Your -- get feedback to anything that you choose to put out there so if say like you like an album or something. That isn't by Pearl Jam our Chris Cornell. So nowadays program note on right so say you say okay. Bump in this -- who Queens of the Stone Age out in its business. Like I can never say it's business. All this president doesn't work for me. Then you're gonna have people who are like. Yeah I love Queens of the Stone Age offs are Wednesday awesome and it -- people or like yeah that's why you'll see some really stupid mean. So the army and on -- right yeah. People are connects fans especially. I that we referenced that in the second that connects fans like -- in the -- go back to connect at a complex and usually. Like. Like threaten my life and say that they like wish I were dead in them like I wish she were nights. If I've ever never threatened my life on Twitter. You know. Most people say as much in our business the block out don't you know you just gotta take what comes. No you don't embrace a block but over the last six months I find that is agrees that route because yes you let these people say what they say eventually. You can kind of tell people that angry people and what they're trying to edit it just like something they're gonna do it. I let them don't let them use words that day. I don't allow don't. You know -- yeah I don't encourage people swear on my Twitter time I don't like it -- Who knows injury not just I don't I don't wanna mockery to renew itself. Eventually they'll use -- at the BC news via the colonias learn something. And that's when you know on the blocked. Yeah -- -- making a public spectacle as you you're making a public spectacle might timeline of the past right in trying to make me feel. You know whatever twist my words or. -- me to some sort of corner whatever. When he got an agenda gone. So I like if you're going to be public about it let's talk about it okay time's up for you blocked yeah I've really enjoyed it Graham Buffalo News yeah that covers. The bills formerly of -- I learned from him yeah -- publicly. I guess -- -- people they gonna block -- IP to a video and -- -- I had someone who announces who has. Harassing me and so -- you like retreated a few choice ones and then I publicly. Asked him if you had brunch plans. And -- Just wasn't answering so that became a thing of like now like it's out there this dude is like obsessed with me. And I give me the opportunity to have brought to his idol. And then he would do and I -- -- -- freighter I don't know what that person does appear they're from the person and then they started harassing general oil. Which I mean being a female on on Twitter is being that team on Twitter. With these animals out there I think is a completely different animal I would agree completely I say and my. Like I can't compliment certain appeal like one time IE I. Re treated the a female member of the media treats -- the funny. And I commented on or whatever and retreated it and someone down like they responded and someone else responded like get a room. Is that -- speak to people in real life that -- I'm. I actually find that in this person's trachsel was clearly obvious that it actually -- now and they obviously there was -- now. Suits. I actually find that interacting with the women on Twitter in terms of sports that much more reasonable and Matt -- and not angry. In life keep troops yet so I actually thought it. Easier to talk to them because. There's so much of the garbage we condemn did you ever play hockey. Did you are right or bought what do you know about and brought that kind of stuff you don't get that from the what about this problem this clarity play well and and and amongst some a lot of them actually. Don't talk about yeah -- against which I appreciate but how nice. When you say when you see some know what they're trying on some don't. You say that because that also applies to guys in spades yeah there -- a lot of people in the media or American name names inaudible the media who when they talk what things are like. Who takes so you don't you don't know why not that we witness -- -- -- it's -- cup final for instance. Com where the questions were being -- Long. Time media members are fair area and in Chicago. And mostly her and largely people from Toronto. That was a lot of room guys -- believable. -- -- he cut he ever watched hockey game. Like let's go to trial that's bad right like that's their support here. That's in the movie you know obviously Garcia fell. Right that definitely. Retail outlets. That's like. That's the only thing that's like living in my apartment and like no. Knowing anything macaroni cheese like -- got an automatic -- she goes on in my apartment yeah Toronto. Lot of -- going on their people are sexually it's all they do you grow up on that's part. Right curriculum solar rate so windy -- so when some of those guys there -- blues that's that's a tough week. And look like you know like there's different like religious like writers. You know what you're looking for -- what TV people were you know people we always accused its you can wrote in a soundbites I like to think -- -- particular I wanna talk hockey so I don't want the general. Quote I want. -- and let you quit compliment you are the best TV guy in the game I know I met a big fan of of of your boy Wall Street -- big fan of the a brooch she of of -- -- lot of really good TV guys. But you. Maybe it's 'cause you're their more than the rest of them that you actually are there every day during the season. You like Comcast maybe it's because they spent a lot of money in the have a bunch of employees whatever they can afford to have they have like essentially a beat writer. Joseph Hagerty who is there all the time most the time. Only attracts as this is the truth hurts nobody I mean he's at every game is at the -- covers more than that the -- on traveling media but. But so they that they can afford to have a writer who's there at all times and they can afford to have a TV guy who's there at all times so as a result with the don't get out of view is the on this coming year what's what's -- -- checked my phone to see you it's happening with the Bruins and I'll ask how happy they are be playing at home -- like by you being there. And I don't playing right ultimate success of playing on its all of damage or at. Exactly we -- 181000 people cheering for us not against us yeah I sleep in my own bed. So you don't commit a lot of the like that. TV reporters. Via its yet sometimes -- -- third year. So I feel particularly different because you have to get the put on TV we leave this. Ask that question you know like tow lot after after. After we killed a lot. Not lead -- kills after the United States goodness that was every TV station remember wanted. Asked the players vote in line and stuff but that was in Philadelphia so. GDR who's just the anyway it was a it was a good got to talk to for that yes but it's like. What on earth are we get asked Zdeno Chara a -- -- the money that's why his stuff that's there there hockey players but not. Political -- like this right. Hockey -- -- cocky you know unless they are somebody who like -- politically involved I should horrible Tim Thomas wouldn't get that today show Ference is very yeah there're there are. Certain guys you know you can go to and get those kind of answers but for the most part. That's the honest -- -- this is what they do this is what we do you're asking me to sort of step out of my comfort zone right and asking them to step out of their comfort zone which usually used to. Aren't they don't want to not answer because they're thinking wait if I say out of -- credible answering this -- you're gonna go oh what do you know on the marinara. Right. So yeah it's. I need to -- Yes JV garments -- across the river he he was in school that day in knows he's got asked that stuff. Go to player. You love these. We should be -- news he should be better than he has that's maybe it's because of misdeeds it's because I cover Tyler Sagan. That like that other players that I watch -- are our guys the but I. To JV are went to two UNH news huge under achievers so. Normally a lot of UNH kids are frustrated with with GDR as a result and they don't want seemed -- the next level. -- -- to be against the sick cocky player and like to speed better their well since you do that you didn't have the skills of these abuse and to be awesome. Right when tally doesn't score for Eagles -- year right but he's another guy that it's like kind of safe -- Just as long -- team he's gonna get the playoffs then in -- -- and then you'll be about us which. Mean Nolan was as big bad -- is still counsel in the playoffs and struggle solid coming. That's for this ought to. Isn't until yeah Toews is just I'm tickled the collections needed to nickel was. Right when marital like these garbage and understand what we're talking about -- I expect that that's kind of the last couple words. Like go out this this guy's making himself a lot of money runs on past register -- season. Fourteenth Portland player now to build. Chart gets her. Starts. And Nathan sale -- -- -- excuse excuse for Zdeno Chara tell you that it be on the -- yeah he could barely keep it down to time and that leads to people going to make a lot of decisions to schedule -- what they -- in the playoffs -- years ago there -- Well Patrice Bergeron the best players in the world it's like. The best player in the world but he's one of them and it's about time people recognize that people -- HR slowdown over the course last 'cause he's -- in -- like. While short term has gotten terrible. Easily. Yeah he's still. He's the best offense in the league in in the -- thing. The arithmetic problem. That is talked vote or stacked team that can't afford to pay -- you don't treat. Somebody's gone. -- -- That's the thing -- now between three contracts. For the rest of their roster. Guys out to one point three million dollars on to fill out the rest of the past roster. At one point three million tablets the penguins -- that kid in the football draft auction that it's like -- 127 dollars rewrites and has sixty. 363. Dollars to spend the rest of -- cost -- 100 dollar and do it today it's 631. It's 27312360. No one tweets and posts 63. Isn't as 1276317. Let's raise 130. And plus 6190. 12763. Different ones for example sixty it is oh wait. 187. Is an at this current one are. So it's contagious. I agree it's -- -- idea so I. Yes I play one of these people every news assistants. Where Cameron and this is so legitimate questions like eight minutes -- hour -- and we we get on some some tough math. Ending up on the table and I don't usually get across. -- give me your five best grown songs of all time and on good note five -- grunge song so what do we call -- is Greg can we call. To do the -- he's qualified is -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's see this gonna be tough. I might have. I might have. An Alice in Chains on on top. I'd I would have no objections I don't think I in no excuses would be number all of these which isn't like your typical like it's it's. It's not it's like a slow jam for growth -- about it I mean it no excuses. Here. I tell you given any particular order but. I think. I have to pick couple Nirvana songs switches so which is roughly pick him because I'm not gonna include Trojan Beatles. And -- let me just think of what my favorite Trojan songs that. Are what you filibuster. Rip off five are. But -- for Alice in Chains ongoing and you know to go to some obvious ones but while ago like no excuses them bones. Jumped and is a great -- roosters better than men box -- men in the box yes Susan. What is a great song -- -- -- -- plan that's fantastic someone probably in the top fifteen all time. You're -- and got a ghosts and sound garden like. Dan Seattle news but it was doing all right slaves and bulldozers. Jesus Christ -- Outshine rest. Obviously should -- the I'll always feel obviously adding they shouldn't. Their first thought was Korea -- there's a lot there just nothing else. I'm a huge Cornell all right yeah as we all while now. I think he's very difficult the work that's been proven over the course time yes you know that's kind of the way it is with a lot of those guys like I would like -- pearl jams. The fact that they've lasted 21. Right. Is a credit to them and just to stay right yeah like guys and produce albums -- mean that it's only take three years off right. This countdown etc. Which I believe -- countdown for the -- that happens ball. Which is. Really yes who he's. Double agents double digits. And accurate representation. -- Really like to experience. Its laws like. Perfect -- Street Louis approach considered to be. That extra periods of all. But I -- the whole thing -- -- -- -- ago and he does that maybe what you said Davies was to go and tunes -- ago went. It was a perfect summer night July 3 -- and -- July 3 2013. I will spend seeing. There's a free concert in Portsmouth. Tennessee. -- Hampshire yes awesome panel Portsmouth yes Unix guys sort of was Austin -- underrated yeah. An amendment they're really only really underrated -- going to our don't go on this June 8 to July 8 July through what. Vacation and today the one on one of -- for. That's pretty awesome and now I'm too boring a person totally do fun exciting vacations. Young yeah whatever. But excited says it's not excuse might my age is not an excuse it's just that you guys are paying me a lot brush my contract ends are you -- you have to use podcast I can say I want to occasions in its in its identity trust. -- to do and I and our podcasts. Such an over the top spot all right so. I would say I'm gonna go would yeah by Alison. Fourth of July. And out shined. My sound garden. I'm gonna go who. -- -- -- Once April okay. Which on first down just that's on his dark and it's bad ass to host an Oregon to. And I wouldn't put it Nirvana song on either I do not like Nirvana -- heart -- boxes of. From an okay. He's a tremendous. Service piece of work expert on return on -- I'm trying to think of tear coming up on what we're not like c'mon honey here know like I I don't wanna do that because. That's me. What I can do from nerve I mean I. I I guess I RNC go like lithium or something something that's more. At least its melodic in -- because that was the big thing with. Which they're violent whatsoever it's that they were great was because they were at loud and they were Huard dirty sounding but they're also melodic. -- -- Sixties. Did it like four or five years earlier this. Hello so myself for not including the taxis because my top five would have been all -- songs so it would have been like all -- songs in I don't what does this is do you want prohibits. Well that was the toughest part I was thinking of which pro Jim -- summing up to ten I would assume. And so just under researched bright yes that that's okay. None. A life. It's great arm but like I don't wanna go with something that is I don't agree it's our job it's phenomenal accounts via. But I like to be that Jewish and it's like -- really -- trust your favorite -- really tilts on. Oh it that would have to see them -- Biden -- went in Rome off of storm front. Our action -- like she. Laura awful now curtains extreme -- guys haven't heard Clinton. And it's really individuals who angels thing was he. He would. Every song he did. It was clear he was like ripping somebody else soft enough by Rolling Stone hated him because -- like disguising creative now but there -- skill in writing a song it's so clearly sounds like somebody else and ripping people off -- But. Tell her about it was it was supposed to be like the supremes. Nights in uptown girl was Odyssey Frankie Dunn and four seasons. Island. And especially the innocent man to iron and I'm and by the way visit our dogs persons mentioned those awful song it jams. Each everyone each and every both of those songs is second streets -- that is his best album now make drama that's a ferret out -- first time I ever saw swear word in lyrics really yeah. Always bitch in the -- and one of those in. Let's see on 52 Syria. I don't songs but I think so. I'll work my way backwards -- Zanzibar until the day 52 street televised on its own until now it's awesome that -- until the night that was clearly tried to be the other Righteous Brothers. We'll salute -- who want your nose or what -- shot. I think it's a I think -- a -- and that two he says. Says the F word and Mara he says and understand I was like six or whatever went on around him out those hello I'm dating myself but. Trying to think. Running through the verses of fiction that seat he says bit earlier on a -- and -- if government has to survey -- thing. -- -- Who Bruins. As long as. Zanzibar is one of the best. So songs on that now I love via the local partner solo. Yes yeah I often -- -- jazzy pretend that but do you give them idealism doesn't happen. Right and he does that live now which of the first Amazon village alive he played. Zanzibar and I was like uh oh no -- Yet -- this -- like what I was in high school sports side. With play by friends who liked -- told because the flight. Like pop music industry and everything but. I. Am like the type that tries to convince you that -- -- is like actually like. Is more than that you know that he's -- he can do whatever he wants he. Classically trained everyone says they -- and -- think that. I mean. He's got some like awesome jazzy songs you know it's a good suffered second street is Russell and his -- that's very that's one that sounds like I don't know for a fact that he started -- them but that's the very Steely Dan asked. He's really you know it was an accident -- like Wheeler. As well the first thing my first year. In the when the media guide and yes he had Steely Dan listened as his favorite artist in that third minutes of the first year my first year. So that costs us -- still yeah. That's like up on Steely Dan. -- earth and fire -- old school Chicago. Austin. So we actually like to have some things at this and their cubic Cohen -- -- that those were diagnosed or. In fact I don't a lot of that stuff -- -- The child like those are good memories and end up memories of times and places -- Now I upon the old school Chicago Lake -- yet we still my dad still has the -- excellent. Good old days yeah. It is -- notes -- Yards. -- It's Congo like. Almost like now -- boxed sets but the idea that double album like all kinds of stuff and their pictures. Ericsson. This everything. When -- a awesome yeah I when I was in college. I used to -- Saint Louis blues Jersey. And the shows how cool I was in college. But I wouldn't Wear because I was a fan of the blues go to work so I was finishing cargo. And Terry Kath there guitarist -- -- the most bad ass guy ever -- it's going my favorite voices in rock history I key. Because he could have been a soul singer who want to that bush and yet look at. It's very like -- but it was smooth and I mean you had the -- the way -- mean your friend Brad we still see the Chicago high school -- to say that play. That. But he says he said that Robert -- voice was like. Route early fifties his voice was like. The cream soda. There's like some food and -- cool and soft and everything Peterson terror was like. Like Mike's Hard Lemonade like 55 exercise and it translates so like yes but it was awesome. But you can only take so much of it and it's hard habit to break Terry -- -- -- Terri Katz was just like. -- -- Yeah -- that's fair. So I -- -- the -- is that he used to Wear. A saint Louis blues Jersey. So I would nobody -- right in public that was like my attribute their path. And I also where surrogate -- doctors that was just because. I I had a great lake use for like three or four years -- -- -- yeah. You mean -- stocks it's when he's done absolutely knows the president and his career. Awesome so while the city. Channel seven interns yeah. -- research that this this all started by the way I texted. You on the -- in and I said hey not do you have you have a couple minutes. It's -- -- -- -- -- 330 you have obligations to your family yes I'm actually supposed to go on vacation. Really are holding from vacation and what better way to start your vacation -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a different mind. This is hilarious to ignore these podcasts in I have. Like who that we do we set a record here ideally I don't on the awesome they're they're supposed to be like ten minutes and stuff out and that's -- Can we do that you can you break this up and -- seven parts. Alistair CNN news releases like you know like. Next hour right if you the second part where we talk about the channel seven in Tehran Iran the third part is where we talked about. But it wouldn't we talked a lot we've got we've got a lot of ground comforted that. That woman that Anderson climate in those shows she's like. She took sick friend pressures and does and that and that and that woman that does. What's that show on my USA where she's like the psychologist for the football team. I don't know how he thought the warrant is out and and the girl was in Dennis letters show with -- firefighters thing I didn't watch that show I watched. Every show but. But I like Ehrlich junior in the and I was in -- -- my sister was was big into it act and I. It's a tourist development over and over again. And I just want to -- -- there have been exposed to I've never seen and I hear -- program that and that's and that's they say not even close they say it it is I would resist this for like ten years yes yes. And when I embrace that I that this this'll be my last stores. And on it to a nine quick stories -- -- will be -- yes. Two days before Christmas -- to -- Jacksonville yes. So we flight down Sunday game we flat out Saturday morning at 7 o'clock in the morning every flight to go down -- was like three -- nine different places and Mike. Personal bad weather's just what you don't want to go to wants it to you opponents on one direct jetBlue had a direct early in the morning simply coming back. They get there wouldn't serve and are firm was apparently and I Christmas shopping. -- also didn't pay attention what hotel I said -- was that yes he's staying at a different hotel. Yes on the car disappears the entire day on my ten hours annually in the text me back which notorious for not ever looking at the small. -- -- -- -- Calls don't I think as we sit -- and -- my when people do that I think I'll -- -- to them to. It is good luck in the real world it doesn't work anymore racing in college like -- people wouldn't like look at their phone or we have checked their phone if they look their phone -- I would always say the good luck in the real world because when you get out here you're you're actually you're probably gonna die you're -- you can't take care yourself what's wrong with you got. So he can't set up voicemail and he's technologically he's an idiot right but he's there it's sad and the only thing honestly feel used his wife can call him like 3 in the morning after the game and -- Leading up everybody wants to go in the time you'll drop everything -- -- Even though she's probably just on film in his right credible whatever. He's married so they. Or they are going was also he takes the car I had nowhere to go -- Munich crappy hotel in crappy Jacksonville. You're nothing but downtown like by the airport this. Actually got breakfast from a crappy Dunkin' Donuts related you know like. Tickets for some -- completed -- it's yeah it's disgusting. Christmas but regardless. I had. Ten hours yet bill before you actually finally make contact with -- -- out to dinner at 9 o'clock at night right. When you do start downloading the wire and I got hooked and that's all I did for ten hours -- is a crappy football to his -- That's audited and I proceeded to -- five seasons and it probably close to them and six weeks. -- -- I did a lot of that I was staying in the I was staying here anybody in. Washington last year during the playoffs rewarded. You're -- hours and silver springs. Yeah every now and then. And nobody is listening. We can like. But to -- that if I'd like. What's called the nuclear football like that like read off codes right now and almost indefinitely but that's like say if you break this up and parts right. Below which was only about over the course of these days we should do it like oh obstacle -- -- should do it how like The Beatles edited. I want you she's so happy because at the end there's like. Loop of this like building ecstatic he noise and they were trying to figure -- went to cut it. And like and how did make it musical stuff as a figure out John -- just comes up its hazards and so that says. So it's and we -- so this that the song at the -- is building it's building and just like stops really abruptly that's that is so we should cut up that way. I should -- public multi track layout of it and I'll just like. -- says click there and. What is happening now what I'm going you're leading. Was in that wouldn't that be kind of the way to blow yes that'd be cool yes so it's advertisers walk out the door yes and you -- too. Yeah the only promise I raced up the record. We won't we and it will leave it for -- -- -- or text any producer added in the 6 o'clock right. Yeah by the way area the podcasts that are -- -- -- and often right that it did -- -- have preferred that it musical integrity of it. -- the end of the artistic integrity of it. I want you to post whatever you have so like. If there -- this most -- not a this computer science and like. It just falls down in like three hours. LB like a little -- -- people in Boston Red Sox 2007 worlds there's collector's edition dvds like off to the side -- -- from the workers in 2007. To go figure that yeah. And it was not because he didn't get paid to make those -- decisions. And he was. I've. If effort a lot of wonderful things about. And ours to us and Europe that was my sons' names Beckett and everyone thinks off you totally new game Garcon that what it thinks. And yet little do they know my first meeting with Josh Beckett yeah I hated the scouts really interests -- back at me -- -- through wanna loan me cop talk and attitude and congress. It is also much I don't normally. -- normally like. Confrontational an idea as extra -- you don't wanna do -- don't know which -- your PR -- set it up institute is gonna do so which she told me and that's why -- -- the whole time for you to do this. What you were doing all kinds other crap and I think it but if you don't do it that's fine do whatever you want really Andy's like off. Fine I'll do it might not don't do me any favors. You know should done because this was one this was like 2001. That's 1006. Should clearly showed. Chew. Our own people or that I was like what you or college on the back then I don't remember adage you know it showed it's not it's a -- you know I do know it is because people would like call to me and stuff -- -- her total reward I'm not a showed. Which competitor to total -- a -- is a a penis that is. Really this -- and it it's it's a short into like fat penis and like it's supposed to be like the theme like. The same length all around or so so with my little it and took a tiny little box appears there's something so like. Well I was in high school people -- that isn't present as I graduate 20060. People that I can talk get out here each showed. So you should have been like to me favors you stupid showed and then CO happened. I would have done. Problems can be fisticuffs. -- just like sisters showed super chose. All right odd man rush all right this is the -- this descends the epic the epic -- -- is again. I still feel like we have hours upon hours already covered material I feel talent and you wanna join Mac like. Thirty seconds went right between the two of us we just yeah we totalled maybe. For a total shots it Julie Mack is tiger you know -- Men the only. Only talked about how nice little was for like one minute what -- we talked about. And message and never let go oh my god IE is protest I was. And war is like in the room. By not only did this colleagues. In the media but actually by the players themselves right she. But go ahead Megyn that's good decision. I mean if you don't want you don't you don't -- your your the year reports good relationship with the players and be able to get stuff its. It's so hard I mean. Whoever -- goes in there. Good luck whoever goes in there but it's gonna take them awhile even if they're great evened their excellent sure it's gonna take them awhile -- it. Have a report players at all nip and to have the kind that I mean. -- had a better relationship with the players with. I mean just got along with everyone better than the I don't -- to speak for you right thing better than you better than me better than I mean that they were met and really make a lot of. Nice way like -- -- to secure flight he sometimes like right I don't like immediate issues like stumbling around with a microphone she almost felt like. And it took statins and often great like they were joking with a like any other person they might get what you don't get it back it up and if you -- careful if -- not go. If Mike Loftus does that -- like Loftus -- what's what is wrong with you stopped -- -- -- -- out now right. It was I was summer I was IE the gonna see a movie and first thing as soon as I get out there you know like you know when you why -- -- people like the company what you think would you think of which the movie their -- talking. I don't even -- -- friends anymore at that point I discourage traders are reviewing it yes and I go to Twitter and I see Jack god love him retreating all these Internet like this that. We disappeared -- did it. Interest thing yeah but Jack was retreating a lot of anti Nazi stuff and I was like. What happens and that I'm noticing that a lot of it's a vote now go there so I called. Our men bright guy. The right that -- very very down very very good dude and he he couldn't talk long but each basically said job they've. They're not bring in now go back in its gonna go with somebody else and I was like. This. But that was a gut punch to the Boston media because honestly. I mean. I I -- I tweeted that. I when I came in and I was like the mean a lot all you guys -- nicely because you're nice people on everything but. Like now local made me feel like I was actually included on things I I did the but I went on that Prague trip from what their body I didn't really know anybody so I was so I can now go talk to me -- like the boss and stuff like that and otherwise I'm disliked this little child who's sitting there with them for all these people that doesn't go. I don't know you know on Tuesday. Look at knock on -- back to grad school. Real estate investor and I want to be you we we were on the class of seventy people while grad school I was that. -- tired just when -- how good I think that she is and much accomplished. Very few people get in seventy people on graduating classes from -- degrees. And all seventeen I think of the 1760 wanted to be on TV and only one wanted to be -- producer yeah. And within six months of trying to be doing TV. Half those people decided they wanted to produces they realize how hard it was actually the attitude right to -- it potentially embarrass yourself and this day I know three of us that made it on TV. Mike Dixon who was the by far the most talented guy got a job for you yes grad school and now I believe it -- medical stuff. At a Cleveland for like for everybody jobs. Now call muscle while. Now competitors went to New Hampshire and all the stuff that you need to do and never -- and broader aboard when Daisuke and Okajima were around in -- you know color teeth. At a higher level on that and then they -- -- not deeper -- -- yearned to be yeah she did a wonderful job -- a huge hockey -- see you and -- She knows it better than I mean I have been most of you know people that actually cover the sport yeah who that. Tag on their -- Right which then that's that's the thing that you come finally talked about a little earlier. There is definitely you know. Certification. That you need -- as far as knowledge so people actually trust. These reporters and it's. I mean it was sometimes you wonder if that even if they ever watched a game before they got what they got or -- watching the game as it's actually happening. To form their own opinions about it right I mean. Things like that didn't. Now go like. What she says. Is rights like she did she gets it you can you can tell from. That you do they don't show the questions that she asks when -- -- when you watch these players give answers on TV at their answering her questions. And you don't get good answers without good questions this suggesting you know what you're talking about sometimes I mean. Especially when I was my first year I would ask some questions. And the answer is like a -- kind of like didn't they make a face there in the they would they would try to be nice today like I don't know treatment getting what you talking stupid kid. And it. -- doesn't get that so no questions you know as I hope they fire you and and -- -- tires are probably would be a wise and then we can do these things full title you'll have all sorts of tell us what -- -- I'd guess around. Yeah thinking -- her questions she she would ask questions. Like are much in the scrum and asked a question ask a question. No I thought about this question it's a good question I'm presented in good manner it and without fail yeah. I before a game in Toronto. We were sitting around eating as people in the media do this and done. It was a couple is a few busses like no need only say Jack was there now go and weird talking in you know have a conversation. And eventually now goes like. Guys sorry I did just like whole lot of second and like -- could judge by the whole time like she's. Always putting together notes in intellect she's like the Curt Schilling of the media -- work our people go in there with. With. About pens and paper and everything in the jot down the quotes that they like and stuff I used to do that I've actually found that and better if I go in the knowing what I wanna talk about than just trying to have a conversation -- and it took the last I think about it actually the better like stuff phone conversation usually. The best stuff comes out of replied right exactly this podcast went right exactly I mean I use. If I had a pen and paper notes for the deficit. No -- don't help us in return in this epic right but I mean they'll talk about this for years. Regrets but he -- like in the -- some guys that a lot of guys did a lot of guys is going with a recorder and just go from there like I said the old school guys usually still write down quotes and mark stuff and take notes and all that sort of stuff now go just like. She before games before pregame interviews and everything she. She was putting in all the work -- and everything I mean I just it's. It's sad for us that this happened it's set for her that someone as good at their job lost their job right but at the end of the day it's just. The thing that I keep going back to his that is just nonsensical. It just makes absolutely no sense. For in essence that the business that dent that we have chosen. Off the television side of it especially but you received in the radio as well you you guys have been through great people here that he over the last. 68 months. There are no happy endings Ryan's. Right I guess somebody comes and missed this someone comes -- who didn't hire you in the first place and wants to bring in their own people and it doesn't really matter which reputation and your year. Your skill set is or what you've daughter. You know what you know sometimes it comes on the simply like you know what I want a certain look at your door I have that book that I want so. You might be an award winning journalist who's respected by all your peers and expect respect by the teams and people you cover. But. You don't fit the bill the oil well -- for my own person. If that's it then that's the -- mess I mean if if they if that's his business though if they bring in like a thirteen year old play little Blake pageant. Winners and whatever. I will lose. My. I can teach it should for a couple times in the you've put yourself -- -- really -- kind of run again in this. Eleven part series rival actress swings good luck period. Which I I don't swear a lot and reelect public health say things like I'll lose my (%expletive) idea and but that's different than right. Yeah. Yeah. Believe that the organization question that history of going that route. Right I switched I mean. I don't know who who it's gonna be if it if it's. If it's -- I I lovely day in and she's great in -- and Leo will do a great job if it's an outside it if she gets it because she knows hockey I've done the done a lot of stuff. With her over in -- and I mean. Did -- job. What's that depending -- right -- it's. I know -- jobs everywhere no I know but I've does not want you whether most. What NASA. So yeah pays me a little. Nelson pays me a little. And then my third thing is since college I've been doing production stuff like but behind the scenes. You guys over contests. And man Comcast's -- all eyes is just right up there really which is funny because. I Wear my ray has won him all right you exactly because all -- at the end of the day that's on just so -- that. It's that the use the writing that Texaco's on the screen and Comcast is like to -- that people -- Mike actually. You know sometimes there'll be like say they're talking about like. The Billick patriots signed Tebow and there -- be little thing about them it's usually something clever that's what I'm -- -- -- -- -- oh no big debt and I patriots. Right so and by the way as -- as reformers is not yeah. -- so -- looks ask Snooki slick looks terrible loss means that he's sneaky smitten. She's always like terrible yeah but she's on matters -- life. It the ratings for what they do on Anderson I don't know. But -- -- awful I think I think I would like beef I think that Anderson Cooper would be like would get along with me. I think that I would have -- numbers and -- like -- you'll say it's and I went up on what's his face is like. Africa and actor is talking Nazi knocked up you haven't seen knockdown rule it's that that's just not here. You know at a two weeks of play fast and loose like -- -- and an idol and I just watched the same movies over and over. That section movies is my issue to a lot of people because on the tactical errors and I -- theater as -- find yours ripple. Yeah acknowledged them. And don't spend money on shoes dress shoes. Theaters those appointments. I'd like I was -- a pretty much anything else. Except those two ice I'll spend money on anything. But don't spend money on women because they want to go out with the U. Local out our homes -- -- I'll spend like the smoke you know I'll spend money on pretty much anything that that's what's don't like -- It costs -- costs got a guy so that's why do which I just something about dresses. And with me. -- spent 300000 writes my thing is have some decent dress shoes. But in today's day -- -- can't you fool ya know that sneakers are often the good look like I have. You know I have a certain look that -- provide yeah in the hockey east yeah it's you like shirt tie jacket yeah -- like. You're like caller John -- While I don't John loser port -- is who is a color in order and a half dressed. Otherwise he is he has colors that. He had to have custom made and then Mike. Somehow -- -- that there's no way you can find Rel are all -- match that they hadn't been custom and as well yeah and like even like the little touches like. But just pocket square somehow like this is just a little anti -- analogous to write. This but eat as -- underway yeah. IE also like five to read our Jacqui super small in my -- I almost don't want to. Mike trials in 2011 on lake cup final might know and I'm not like they almost -- each -- and it was like one of the fattest pay. I'm gonna kill yet except yes hi yes I'm real peculiar yeah it was scary moment there. My you have much trying to jump Lou -- you can't step on the beat in the bruins' dressing room and witches. It's ridiculous I love hearing the national crow great -- -- -- podcast about it and it was so funny. Promotions he's -- Dudek has hilarious and -- he was. On the American market so I'm really a final if he was the first guest on -- men rushed and that one. That was one no one really long because which has got lots of parts the it started off with that's -- off with -- the intro. Of -- and rush which you'll here funerals and that's the problem him. Right -- it you have break this gather round kids litigation has changed course and the important pieces now I think we're up there. Right he was fascinated by the name of department -- because. This was. Odd man rush was like the only thing that podcast or like -- hockey blog hadn't used to make -- off of because I was gonna call this podcast -- that noise. It is now you know daddy via. The name that was going to be that's why it was excellent conversation is ample testimony -- I mean. -- I can't like puck daddy is a bookmark from yes I cannot imagine example. It's yours mark. Did you write did you note that not that the guy. I'm saying. I'm I'm -- if you made it this far podcast report. Okay why. Yes slightly towards us and that's you're saying that early point. Well this is this is this is audio or this is yes that's the reason is guys on this right. Yeah. And it's a pardon pardon shoot him is that you if that's all I -- -- in our key target for eighty minutes. Now we're -- that's edit this as this was like awesome. And our four let's. Government knows how to do it again yes. Stay tuned for a part two which we're gonna tape now. We have Jerry I -- not going on that is. You know it's yeah -- because public because EI is like this with money doing customize it with what they're gonna do. Is -- gonna play this like on Sunday morning. And they're gonna say it's like it -- go out there. There thank you calls they're -- like that at some words so you can't tell this being taped and they're take callers and then. There -- -- -- it's taken because that's the only actually talk them out and they're gonna copy and paste like. A top -- would. We talked for loan. -- I can't believe we talked this long without. Josh oh. Great coach Clovis. Because that's yeah that's like but I think we got that point -- you -- percent to close outlasting. Yeah I just title together -- -- blow that's true sentences ago. All right -- Roche Brothers and if you get on our Austin did that he ship our offbeat take Martin's baby sounds though.

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