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Buster Olney, ESPN: John Lackey has fallen in love with baseball again

Jul 3, 2013|

Buster joins Mut and Tom to look at the Red Sox hot start and the performance of John Lackey. Much like the Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright, Buster believes Lackey rediscovered his love of the game when he was recovering from Tommy John surgery. Buster also analyzes the trade market and what players could be available at the deadline.

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51 and 34 Red Sox and Padres again tonight at the Fenway Park joining us on the eighteenth the hot line. Our good buddy from ESPN buster only hey buster itself -- and Tom -- today how are you. What. We started today talking about a lot about John Lackey and I'm just curious you talk to town and I waiter you talk to GM -- baseball people. On a day to day basis buster how surprised are they with just how good -- Lackey has been in this first half of 2013. A lot very surprised. Because he looks so bad at bats and I think he'd sort of fallen under the category of okay well his best years -- behind him and now he's gonna have regrets in -- number four number five starter type guy he's not someone that can be relied on. Our and you know the last decade there had been a lot of indication that he was going to. You see you know going to the -- reality fitness program and and though I think that's a big part of the surprise. -- you know he's been able to bounce back as well as he has. You know the timing is remarkable buster because they're at a point now where buckles is still weeks away. Lester has to figure some things out. Guiding Dempster has been what they thought he would be -- brought like a young pitcher is showing some good signs but for electing a jump in that -- right now. Is a large part why they've been able to stay atop the division. So -- There's no question about it in you know I was around the oil over the weekend and talking with those guys. Today a couple mortality -- a lack even said that you know days it. -- he had surprised them -- do -- how much he'd given the -- that this year. I mean let's face it when we went to spring training I think Lackey was sort of an after thought it was. OK can Jon Lester bounced back you know Clay Buchholz. Come back in and see what he was in 2011. And Lackey was sort of one of those guys to date we are probably reached that point. Where we we were thinking that EPA struggled in the first half which you might heed a red dot. But at the white flag OK let's move on the token of the bodies that rotation but he's been such big -- and we talked about last week. The meat from the first day camp once armed. And you heard him and he just he just sounded so different in Egypt squander its case -- the guy. And we've heard a lot of players talk about -- you go through major injuries where. -- they -- baseball taken away from them and they have a completely different outlook I'd get a piece recently with Adam Wainwright cardinals where he was talking about in the year. Away from baseball when he -- concert in 2011. He got himself falling in love with baseball again and I don't know. John Lackey will ever put it into those terms Irsay but into and what happened. Buster I brought up Jon Lester in -- and we've watched him closely here start by start trying to. Figure out and get back to where he was at the beginning of the year what are you hearing from other organizations other teams what are they seeing what's -- knowledge on monster. That they think he met that mechanically that you know what he showed early in the year. Demonstrated. That. You know they feel like it there's still something there. But as we talked about you know a couple weeks ago that is. -- -- mechanic they think it's the biggest thing is to you know get back. Where is going downhill. To worry more consistent and I and I think it you know from talking to scouts -- again hearing more stuff about. And the question. You know John getting frustrated in the middle of -- in and out early in games and whether or not it. Now that that's something to -- cut back in -- he struggled. -- from top to bottom this line up his been a pretty good we talked early in the year buster but Jacoby Ellsbury and you Hewitt talked about his value going down the powers not there. But everything else is backed it surgical be Ellsbury when he does thirty plus stolen bases average on base percentage. How much is he helped EO his open market guy the last six weeks here with getting back to doing what he does really well which is get on base and steal bases. Big time I turned in my list or espn.com. Last night of you know what I would have is my 34 man American League all star team -- beat one of the guys in and he. -- see your point. That he's been able to bounce back from what he was doing early in the year and have gained -- point where he's even in the discussion as an all star at the huge glut and mean we saw last winner that you know BJ up there and get paid 75 you know eighty million dollars. Is -- free agent a lot of it based on his speed and defense Michael board want getting 48 million dollars so Jacoby gonna get. AD. You know he's gonna get something my guess would be in that range -- -- You know 8085 million dollars in -- and not necessarily be to Carl Crawford -- 141 million dollars. But he's gonna want it getting paid a big way. The gut busters we -- here in July now in and the Orioles fired the first salvo in the Daley's last night with Scott Feldman it's pretty clear. As presently constructed the Red Sox need some depth in that bullpen. What we read in the first two hours calls talked about you know. Right now would you go to Brian Wilson who's coming up the Tommy John K rod in Milwaukee a lot of people are talking about Marmol has just been DF made by the Dodgers is there. Is there any surprising name out there that might be able to come and help this Red Sox bullpen. Thought you know run through some of the ones you mentioned first in the Brian Wilson from what I'm told is in Hawaii work -- on a regular basis and hoping it. Some point. In late July that he's gonna throw for scouts. But that you know whether it's the Red Sox or any other team that would did Barrett enormous risk if you talk about a guy coming back from a major operation. Wouldn't be a lot let indices in -- and get back on the mound and you'd be expected to rebuilding his arms strength and he's happy gamble. That he would be able to come back and be terrific right away with that type of operate she never know. I think. You know one guy a who he is really interest -- Marmol I I you know I don't see it in Boston mean we saw what happened with Chicago. The one guided every team is talking about and that teams -- called the twins and after being told no he's not available. But he really worth watching -- -- courses deadline and that Glen Perkins left hander for the twins. He's one of the best closers in baseball. He really has picked himself up -- a big way to career early in his career he would anger between and he had struggled -- kind of bounced around a little bit and he chipped the ball and now we -- 96. 9596 miles an hour and he has without a doubt one of the most teen friendly contracts based bought tickets. Two and a -- this year. And then three point 75 -- each of the next year's been a team option like it. Fourth quarter for 2016. He put that in context. In a -- -- on -- thirteen million dollars a year. So Perkins is he left -- -- pitcher at age thirty with overpowering stuff is someone he didn't talk a lot about it brought up is. And it sounds like you do wonder if you can point to say you know what let's go what have these conversations and see if some seems willing to step up and paid the price and you got to believe that along with a team like the cardinals that it between every security engaged seen. That the Red Sox -- appetite the players. That the -- to be would be interest it and -- trying to augment the pitching. The -- -- you add some depth in the mile which is he just is the cardinals do. But again actually make it clear to this point it's going to telling people look he's not available. Buster I -- I've not heard a lot about his Brandon -- and I know he's 33 now I pitched here for the Red Sox ten years ago. He's toil away and the Mets you know he's got almost the array of five -- salvageable but just a year ago we had a sub three ER array. With Toronto is is he gonna cost a lot in this -- Give anything left in the tank if you would be traded to the Red Sox. Well hey that is to me would be all -- I've heard you know rival evaluated to connect -- -- him with a red -- because it is extremely John Barrow you guys now that I'm a year. Is so much in estimated deals are made because that that history and that's part of the reason why you're looked at Scott Feldman because Buck Showalter knows him. From the date with the Rangers. So. People that it seems to think eventually you know at the Red Sox tried you get out. They think it read it would be good fit there but it would all and on what derelict seeing it John watches statements -- you know what I'd like stat ball I think there's something there he hasn't had great results and domestic guys. It almost he -- the impossible. To try to evaluate a player. Based on what he's doing a second to be -- where the Mets are second division in right up or any need okay. -- -- we always jobs does what the Yankees are doing here you have the Yankees aren't the team behind in the standings A-Rod a couple of that bats last night why do the Yankees think they'll get out of Iran and 2013. And they had no I have no idea whatsoever. I don't think Alex is any idea and he turns 38 it's mark. And watching him play last night you know he looked like -- mobile ache coming in on that. -- -- -- -- ball inside -- -- from third base he didn't make the play but he moved OK when -- running to first base he's kind of running knowing that he was the collapse he's been. Which is you know 38 year old guy who's had -- hip issues and I think the basic question that being a -- organization that. You know Alex Rodriguez admittedly used performance enhancing drugs in the past. So now that is basic band -- used to assume. That he's no longer -- and now what is beckoning you to him as a player. You know is a lot is great news in the pat predicated on usage of drugs. And it doesn't have the drug now any help but I think they're kinda the point witness. Where Alex is really just another version of Vernon Wells and Lyle Overbay where they just picking guys up in the economy against the wall. And saying you know what will VP stakes the only difference between out everybody else's. You get that 25 million dollar a year contract. So big it's a little bit longer opportunity then the other guys. Its peak it hit despite all the tension between he and the -- They'll embrace them absolutely they they need somebody hit because drop have been so terrible. Well I mean look that that's if he comes back given the Biogen assisting buster now might follow up whether it's broader A-Rod these guys I feel like we're. Were holding pattern here where are we with a -- Genesis case and are we getting closer in your mind a major suspensions in baseball. Yeah we are you know they're hoping is that they can have something made by the end of the month -- now beginning August but keep in mind. That even -- and there's been a lot made about the idea that well Major League Baseball -- now tension. Before the appeals take place. It really doesn't matter whether they announce it or not and -- he'll have to take place before the players are taken off the deal. So even if they've let say for argument sake that into week they announced that out. And it for Pitt game he still have to lead through the appeals process and may take many weeks it may take months to may dragon in the -- he likes. And it really. My guess should be given calendar. That any games that were at -- gap in suspensions and let's say player except that it without the appeal. I don't think any of those games can be served until 2014. Buster wanna ask you finally I saw where are you jumped in and -- -- support the idea of having -- hopefully in the all star game I don't know if he's seen Jonathan Papelbon since that's clearly you don't agree on that. What did what are the odds that week is on that all star roster. Well I believe. First stop wanting to keep in mind and I -- pointed -- trot that the peaking. All thirteen when he goes through the -- believes that nationally outfielders. They're not like it's it's not like -- -- -- listed. You know twenty guys -- all three if he would twenty home run. You actually started in a little bit after about 45 guys. So there definitely should be Rome and I had like ten days ago told -- no way. Yet again and up on the reds and it would satellite like Jonathan Papelbon in terms that the volume. But he keeps doing. Anything you know for 47 or 443 with a -- 73 on base. And he hit single handedly almost. Propelled the Dodgers from basically being -- -- now being back in the middle races nationally let the actually -- that step that we -- -- wins above replacement. He actually as a higher wins above replacement which you know accumulated number in any other -- position player. He's actually higher than most of the players in baseball. So based on those -- -- and then -- -- throw in the fact that a lot of people are you should watch like. Yeah I'd put -- neck high in on Mort you can bet in witness. I -- static and a major minute short reliever is the one he's he's you know what you don't happen on the order. Because if you guys know short relievers part of the reason why you know -- diet they'd -- -- -- -- thirteen million dollars BC and speak like. You know what they don't have a huge impact over the course of the season. He did it in his biggest year career at seven innings pitched. We played 213 issue right now at apple nor did. And again it's only just started joking about you know -- at it for Papelbon today. Also I -- Bob buster it's located somebody should tell him. He was a on all star in his first full year in the major leagues and yet what seventy some odd innings at the Major League level and they named an all star and a second. You're at the Red Sox so he was they are he's a rookie. And an all star so we understand young guys can make the team. Well and on top of that if he'd never hit more than seven innings in his career and. If you wanna talk about impact the American players in the last six -- to make it eight -- about a bigger is packed in -- week it doesn't. Things not Don it's Joseph DiMaggio 1936. -- yeah I put them on the scene that I turned it. Buster great stuff is always enjoy the fourth of July holiday and Ellen port -- the next week. Now that's only BSP and joining us when buster joins us. He's occupier friends at toy go to of -- go see the entire cast the character of their brick club -- Bob Draper. And check out the all new Toyota Nashua megaplex and see the hot deals. During their summer sell upon going on and it's going on right now also brought to you by heiress restoration specialist. And Michael space we come back wanna just expand a little bit. On the kind of back and forth with Wiig is the all star should even be on an all star team an inaugural and a rise over there. But there is some news -- Aaron Hernandez today more news ESPN -- the lines did some digging and laughed at. Introduce that as well what -- -- Aaron Hernandez nor yeah sealed wage should be an all star. Find out why as tough a -- care.

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