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Jerry Remy talks about the first place Red Sox

Jul 3, 2013|

Kirk Minihane and Rob Bradford got into some Sox talk with Jerry Remy. Rem Dawg is impressed by a healthy John Lackey and has a few ideas on what the team may be looking for as the trade deadline approaches.

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Final hour Dennis and Callahan Turkmen and here along with rob Bradford WEEI dot com Jerry Remy from NASA in a second but first. Even ninth caller right now it's 6179310. And 937. When a pair of tickets to see the Red Sox July 24 at MI park -- giant glass in your home for Boston Red Sox baseball Sports Radio in 937. WE IFM once again -- 617931093. Cents. Lexus of watered down Jerry doing -- number one volume Lexus dealership brings you Jerry -- here. On line at -- border town dot com you can Wellesley hospital and Cumberland farms. Joining us right now is Jerry Remy Gerri it's -- and rob how are -- -- you guys they do and. Not too bad Lackey I mean he's -- story -- allies had the stat he's the first Red Sox pitcher since Pedro. Four straight starts in seven innings I think it's less than one run. In one walker less he's been an all star basically Jerry and it's it's it's been unbelievable it's one of the stories -- -- Just and I think what we're seeing his decision has done a lot to that good for the angels and and not a guy like you that was sort for a couple years with the Red Sox and you know you got a little long time. It's good to be himself. And finally here is that they would write about the -- that -- in the first that he was -- 95 miles an hour fastballs by people. And then as the game went on you know the east -- has switched to his off speed stuff the -- there with a fat wallet. I have been very very good -- you know he would be used to kind of -- -- pull -- because he's such -- -- he admitted that such a good guy around the club out. It's nice to see him get a career turns back around in the right direction and then surely happen and right now right now you'd have to consider him the eight the staff. Players that think -- -- -- right -- but here's the thing you know it's tight in the guide the Red Sox thought they were getting sick that there are getting a number three star in the side of his numbers right now it's only July. Are better than a year his career. Yeah -- they and you know -- -- sometimes guys about the time we done sooner or even better than what they Wear before you know because they have the curious so we find right now and they end and the rehab and so -- right now. That they come back even stronger than what they weren't. And -- it was a good example I mean I don't remember Lackey throwing 9596. When he's with the angels and you know it's not all about a lot to be good minutes telling you something. And then you can just he has confidence -- -- he did in the ball is back on the Robbie wants to throw that pitch. You know where were in years past -- when he was heard it was he was just trying to throw people. Throwing his breaking stuff -- changeup you know he would not aggressive and that's because he would try to. Ended you know it's it's very hard to go out there that way try to perform. And I did a good result that now and get a good result. It feels better about himself and -- obviously the Red Sox feel very good about what they've got. So -- the question Jerry now that we're in July were heading toward the we're barreling towards an on waiver trade deadline. -- to figure out what they have and for a while the conversation was he needed a starter for some certainty. Especially the top rotation because Lester wasn't going dead and -- assert what's your gut feeling in terms of what they have do they have enough and that starting rotation in other words do you think Dick clay buckles and -- Lester are going to be. Good enough the last couple months where they don't needed addition there. I think diving Bockwoldt concern me a little bit you know this injury has been going up for a long time now. And that that concerns me a little bit -- I know he's spotting a new program will have to see how this goes when he's the guy they absolutely needed to go to where they wanna be announced the playoffs. And without a -- -- Clay Buchholz that's going to be you know kind of a difficult job to do. So you know if if he doesn't throw it around they may be in the market responding -- -- If he does and he comes back when he pitches the way that he's capable of kitchen and maybe look at the depth of the bullpen. Because we all know how quickly a bullpen ballpark again one injury out there and it looked at the trickle down effect. Everybody else in the bullpen so you know pitching obviously you know we always hear that you can't have a government -- -- -- And whether whether it be in this body rotation are in the bullpen I think that would be the areas they may be looking in. First the ball and then you know if there's something they could do to improve the team on the field they may do that -- but. I think if I -- I I think you know one area is the bullpen I think because it's you know it was so good beginning of the season but. You have two guys struggling you know you're gonna have you know you're gonna have injuries to the clock for the second half of the season and you need to adapt out there. Well in. So along those lines do you think you are can be the close of the rest a year isn't just good what. Yes CI didn't say that concerns me a little bit as his agent you know beware of Sierra -- -- job. New edition three straight games last week and then you know had a day off his back gave up a home run. But the -- but eventually got the win but -- he's got the stuff to do it. Easy neat guy because -- emulate those 899 miles an -- public that fastball appears to be much quicker than what it actually is. And he's got that that these split fingered fastball and local you don't close at two pitches. So -- he's got the stuff to do what he's done in the past he has the mentality to do it. And end you know I'm pretty comfortable when he comes in to a ballgame. I -- when -- instrumental what does our I think that was you know new ground for him and but when he got a veteran guy like we are up out there who's got an Apache that it committed by -- -- you know I got to tell what time it takes a special guy to be out there in the ninth inning. It's an Iraqi nobody warming up in the bullpen I mean this is your game. And it is that the guy that has a lot of experience in doing that to be successful Latin. If you're there is such right now -- are you concerned with Napoli and B are you moving him down in the lineup. I'm not concerned with a no I think that you know he's one of those guys that is gonna give you a typical Mike Napoli year what it's all said and done. He'll have his home runs -- -- -- -- home runs you've got a strike out a lot we know that. I've been pretty impressed with the way he's played first base yeah I think you know that the transition from -- of -- but Billy seamless forum. Amanda I think you know -- -- Sleepy diabetes together to get actually -- you know it -- two home runs all at once in the in in them and you know be a big part of the middle of the lineup. What you know like -- yet a very good about the other day -- he tried to hit home run you know. At that big home run swing and -- -- -- -- -- -- drove the ball the other way go over to run. I was pretty impressed with that so I think he's gonna be fine I think when you look at what did the right that you got to see Mike Napoli numbers. It's a tricky situation that would terrorize you were going into the the end of the month they -- really have to figure out what they have an -- pleading carpet all the guys and particularly on the left side of the infield. Which is one of the vote the most bizarre stories of the year which is Jose Iglesias. -- every have you ever seen anything like this where a guy has never fit at all in the minors in the majors at all. And here we are forty games in any city over 400. I know it is it is amazing you know and I gotta say you know what when I saw him the first time. I I kinda wondered why he doesn't yet because you know I expect -- piece -- right handers flap that erupted there in that wasn't the case at all. You know he was a guy with a pretty healthy -- And then all of a sudden that seemed to change forum a little bit you know I was feeling the ball around and and and you know -- it's. It's its -- wouldn't you have a reputation of not being -- because then all of a sudden you've got fifty hitting coaches. You know they're all trying to tell you do this do that you get confused as a young player. And I think somebody got into it -- that might have been Pedroia and there's optimism. Let's go back to what you do best you know and and he's been very aggressive. He's he's moved the ball all over the field and use the opposite field. -- all the all of the party he's got a bunch of infield hit. -- that it has been interesting to watch -- because you know we expected zero. We expected nothing out of him offensively -- a lot of well -- it be saved some run defensively he's gonna help the club -- -- was he doing that I mean he's he's. And offensively ultimate club so. There's -- made in -- what's the what's also amazing is that. We can actually introduced. Him being considered for the all star team and obviously access to yet your view of it because Jonathan Papelbon this came out and he's very critical of anyone. Who would think of putting week. On the all star team because he -- he's played a lot lesson Iglesias do you think Derek -- should at least be considered for the all star team. Well I know that you're gonna be on the LA I really don't think so but you know is he played like one you know for the right to actually had especially. You know moving to third base where he -- he played very well but he's now back -- -- you know but. -- considerably at this stage at all about not ready to go there. You know it may be in the future. If if it remains consistent. Does that that's the whole thing with the -- -- at 400 unite humanity and it 300. You know but -- -- consistently at 280 to ninety with the way that he can play defense I mean you've got a pretty impressive play like they who may have made some malt I've -- in the future. Minus the power and listen that's significant immediate 31 homers two years ago. Since about June 1 this is the -- the people thought might get a hundred million bucks right. I think so yeah I think this is what you gotta get you know. I don't think you're gonna get that 32 home run guy you know that that we saw a couple years back. Well it bought that didn't get in the data plan right now you get a great player. He's doing every beat you can't believe updated to get on base I mean he's he's always on base steal bases -- will. I mean he's one of the best -- is maybe the best in the league to steal a base he gets great job great speed. Very explosive. And and you know has only been thrown out I think retard all these that's incredible with with but thirty plus stolen bases. And you know it anyplace -- great senate -- I -- is the only downside of them have a real strong going down. But you know a lot of -- was -- a long day at the cutoff men are going to be okay. So I mean you know this -- Jacoby Ellsbury to me that you've got to get you know -- -- at this if you sign him -- long term. What the Red Sox -- eleven does sign him long term I think this is the guy that you've got to be looking out for the next five associates. You know since we've brought up the all star game this looking up 97 EH area that's right. Yet but I didn't get in the game they have that would save me for occasional game -- 25 minutes. -- who was it was the -- today a year really want. But he was the -- dietary -- actually manage the manage a team and 77 Diddy -- I was cubic feet. Title one really good quiet animal athletes here. To do -- matters that are you mad about -- and -- -- -- -- -- that it was just Sonata for me to go there. -- you know I've got to the talk of the ability of the Philip suddenly decide on the -- for the -- side team. And then what happened is something that was done there was no room had to pick somebody else. And -- -- and got -- but -- so they called me immediately that was actually on the beach down -- hours cut. There is a doubt the city eight million video that -- and so my wife and I pull out there. And he came up Toby during the game is lucky that you know he -- we it was a tight game. But that happens -- -- but yeah I'd love to get into it is but I gotta say you and his recollection of that ability that -- I'm just happy to be yet. So that was -- also -- And that's exactly nationally -- in every year -- -- pretty much without national legal and every year they -- they they've gotten it into play week we have to show up a why out of their up of a -- run again and actually got beat in the right. Was gonna ask was it a good experience because you hear guys. Oh I don't often tell -- school but they were teases. -- this has become. A laborious thing for him going Austin. -- I think the more you go you know I mean the first -- First I'd Hugo it to. It's like a whirlwind tour I mean it's you know you that there's something going on all the time but I don't think you really get to enjoy it you know until you've been -- two -- three times and you know how to handle it because there's just. You know it is nonstop from the moment he gets into the side you leave. It and you know I I think guys that have been in the have a better understanding of what it's all about. I'm not a big fan of the game -- I think that -- ridiculous. I think it is. Stupid because you know you're you're not getting -- that you're not getting the best players in it the best drive of the game. Jerry Jerry I am I took the liberty of using the form one when you were nice enough to what -- -- for is to afford this. Blasting the all star game is absolutely. Ridiculous that counts because. These guys aren't planes private planes -- in the sixth inning the other way it was random the other way it was random -- though what's judge Eric -- or get. Nugget ID get out of the game and seal it -- it's yeah it's it's a joke it's ridiculous Terry that Davis -- like a regular game. It and it shouldn't shouldn't outlawed you know who has home field advantage just let it be what it is and it's an exhibition. 73 game -- in 197811. Pitchers in that game title of the game two hours 32 minutes. Yeah that what we need to play games into -- got a box I did TV break. Final question or civil just destroying Bradford right now he's now the back and he hates -- like rob a lot doesn't really. Yeah outpost also he's too much to us was that -- -- get I've really go rob obviously idle state talking about the spyware obviously all thrilled that you back and it's awesome. The annualized. And I really appreciate it it was -- rough a couple of weeks but. It's great to be back integrated their plan well and now have a lot of fun. I enjoy the fourth of July Gerri thanks all right thanks -- it's Jerry Remy joining us in the AT&T hotline. We're still does not like you. That's fair. Is it. But it is big bring pictures -- -- you guys like we felt around pools the Celtic still -- of those are itself in some desert you'd think Donnie Brasco and got water and -- pick -- a week's installment of my armpits. Two hours at 32 minutes eleven pitchers and you know it also gives a 1000002 million -- Should -- you know what I saw the other day George Sherrill got released from some independent league George Charles career. Basically you know it optic cliff. And that all star game at Yankee stays right where that's right strike gut it out for Terry Francona and and it's I think he was three innings J. D. Drew would at the pitch. But I'll go back to this as one of my play is out of -- -- -- care -- it is. It is so so you know what I tell you honestly answers to say this I would say -- -- for a that's a good sparkly New Zealand buck underwriters have enough he's thought I lost argued fraudulent use one drug Friday perfect Bradford -- argument Friday it would nothing's going. 6077797937. Back -- now for the first formalized my call and we're gonna get to the -- we get back though we've been a wanna just last couple days we're gonna do it must go to segment I don't care. Entertainment weekly's top 100 movies of all time I've been listening toppled under movies coupled TV shows top 100 albums. We're gonna get that little bit goofy your movie guy on the move again we never get to do this from has -- 510 minutes break it down agree and disagree that we get back.

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