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In case you haven’t noticed the Red Sox have the best record in the American League

Jul 3, 2013|

The Red Sox are off to a stunning start after the disastrous Bobby Valentine campaign, Mut and Tom Caron believe some fans still aren't giving the team the necessary attention. A good character group is developing into a fun team, it’s time buy in.

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TV star week continues with month -- 9370. WEEI Tom -- of -- and -- -- before games after games in Fenway Park even during games now they -- -- shots of him. -- -- sit there hanging out sometime sometimes. What's going comment not just in the first place Red Sox they first. By you probably heard by now -- the best record in the American League 51 that wins out it last night. They go one game above 500 the rest of the way they get to ninety wins. Just like we all of its like we all predicted before the year we sat down we said Edison ninety win team this year we're gonna bounce back and be very very good. Well I you know obviously you. Have to -- kind of -- real value New York. You're valuation at this point you reevaluate the valuation of the -- A lot to -- the idea and they. As an ice -- there -- gonna fight for a wild card spot they are better than I expected and this -- having less than ninety win season is going to be disappointed because of where they are at this point in time the great figures were sitting here with one game the books in July. We're talking about the trade deadline we're talking about what they're gonna add to the roster here added to be the difference Orioles. Fire the first salvo with a great pickup by the idea today and Scott Feldman help out their rotation. You know you -- five teams in the Middle East that it within striking distance all going to be buyers here. The think they do is have people forgotten about last year now to embrace the state and I find. By that date by the week more and more people are. But surprisingly. Some people are still very gradual. The coming around well. I think that. It is a couple of things at play here you know one of them is that. Yeah I think there is a faction of people that would be happy at the Red Sox were relevant and it's a faction of people bought into this idea. But the team is a bad team full of bad guys and they just. They just for whatever reason some business some personally just -- can go away. And not be irrelevant team but the the fact remains. The guy who pitched last night. Represents the turnaround for the 2013. Boston Red Sox. The guy who is on the mound last night and has 8281. ER Rajon lacking. You can use him as the -- between 2011. What's going on here in 2013 because in 2011. That team fell -- team had an awful September and that chicken and beer gates started led to Francona Al led to Bobby Valentine in led to. I would say disastrous year last year but besides the trade they made to shed salary top and relevant year. It was irrelevant here for the Red Sox because they were relevant in much of the second half of the season. And Lackey was not part of that so the guy what -- 641 ER rates for years ago. His comeback and been on the believe -- To start this year and in fact looks -- -- different person. And person and that's -- and you can look at Lackey and say that John Lackey couple years ago Red Sox flame out. He has come back this year got himself in shape and get a part of one of the biggest surprises. And probably the biggest prize not in the Pittsburgh Pirates Major League -- John Ferrell -- before the game yesterday his reshaping of his body I'm probably as much to do with the rehabbing of the elbow. With his current success -- we're -- in 9495. Miles an -- -- -- the issue with this guy we didn't see that in the past at least not this time of the Red -- He's been in the last two starts. Able to get. Brutal lineup the first times I'm really growing almost all fastball. Last night first or team pitches thrown by John Lackey were fastballs. Topping out at 95 miles hit the stores all the time. About guys coming back from Tommy John surgery was more velocity than they had before. You sit here with like now. So that you lose a little control you -- little command with app that is not in the case -- dot he's painting right. And then he's bring got a secondary stuff -- goes deeper into games. Strike rate is high I think -- side now 27. Strikeouts to three walks over the last four starts. I'm this is ace like stuff he's -- in the American League or is he qualified with the innings last night. He's gonna make his next start Sunday night nationally televised game ESPN against his former team the Los Angeles Angels in the big stage. Acting is old happy zone where he was such good pitcher for some years. And I'll play what he comes away with a win another performance like last night you go seven innings eight innings one or two runs you talk about Lackey in the all star game. And it's -- incredible turnaround. For John Lackey who kind of classic. The first to admit he was the poster boy effort that went wrong in September of 2000 -- every single bit of it. On -- off the 41 admit it or not as a band he's the poster boy for everything that's going right in 2030 and Betty. Embodies the turnaround this team as I could not agree more like I'll why. -- at last -- seeing the you can use this player this guy and the amount John Lackey as the example. Right you look what he was able to do in terms of committing himself and -- something Josh Beckett quite frankly. It never wanted to do which -- get himself back in baseball shape at some level -- Josh Beckett decided. Under Scott pitched with this extra weight. He wasn't as good John Lackey wasn't willing to accept that and for whatever reason whether or personal pride whether it was motivation. I don't know what. Made him do it Tom but I know we came back this year and is in. He's in real shape this an enemy like around doughnut shape and -- stomach he isn't legit shape he looks in different person. And that guy right now is put in the work and the results are paying off Andy's. If you look at him you look at him a couple years ago. And the same people that. Aren't willing I guess at some point to say admit yet Dallek he's been better. The same people probably what only jump on the Red Sox bandwagon yet you -- -- it did did that dislike for the player. This like the team that if -- be honest. He put the work can he came back has been very good he seems captain what what else you want as a Red Sox fan but what what else could possibly have to do. To start to win back some of these fans they so scarred by chicken and -- at 641 ERA a couple years ago that. They won't acknowledge he's pitching well. I got I don't get. That part but it's a bigger but the people who wouldn't admit he's pitching well it goes to the bigger problem those of people it was him already on the decade of playing bad competition week lineups that people who are still refusing. To embrace what this team is doing. Media people in this town radio hosts and is not necessarily on the show not necessarily on this patient. Are still nobody cares the Red Sox I'm not gonna pay any attention to that some on predator that's great someone's what are some on. Twitter when they're coming after me say nobody cares blah blah blah what ever. That's fine. You know what. I I didn't Bruins games and a huge job hockey fan and I listen of people and a lot of them were on this station for ten years tell me nobody cared about the for ten years tell -- don't pay attention and who cares their fourth class citizen has to. And now I find it funny that you've got radio people telling us nobody cares about. The Red Sox so it's not stopped telling me one I shouldn't shouldn't care about. And pay a little more attention to what's going on. With the team right now you know thousand cards -- that expression a million times from fans over the last two weeks also card it's gonna fall I would in the present. I can't tell you what they're going to do in October I can't tell you if they're going to make plans I can tell you they are the best team in the American League right now. Doesn't mean -- what somebody tweeted that the 1996. Team is that -- -- 2000 to 6053. And 33 better record than this didn't make the playoffs. It doesn't 3-D -- won the World Series so in the number of ways. -- -- -- I mean did you think they're gonna collapse. The but again let's go back to the it -- go back to the fall of 2010. Everything everyone's saying about the Red Sox right now at least anybody who's not on board who thinks. You know you're you're an idiot if you're buying into this team because they give everything that happened last year they -- saying that in October November December of 2000. When the Boston Bruins were coming back. Back on the ice. After blowing a three nothing series lead the Philadelphia Flyers and and a three nothing lead in game seven of the Philadelphia Flyers and I -- again a prominent radio host who -- on a station at that time. Boasting on the -- that. Eddie was like November or October maybe two months of the season. November and December I haven't seen a minute ever Bruins this year not pay attention that well. Eight months later whatever -- six months later. He's one of the two million people -- for not saying because this team is gonna win at NASA is gonna win a World Series win a championship. The -- What you wanna you wanna sit on the sidelines you want to avoid it because you still upset of last year that of course your pride. By everything you wanted to team and this is that this isn't just talking about Wynn las wreck. In my favorites that I I looked this up yesterday and -- game by game had thirteen blown saves issue at bats. That's tied for second most in the American they've got the bullpen issues that come up. Those balls they were in the same game so twelve games in which they have had a blown save this seat they're seven and five. That's it -- -- -- a good number big ones is coming out of the twelve games in which they have blown a save the cease. That's -- Jonny Gomes on the show over the weekend on yawkey way talk about wanting to get a walk off for the big seventh inning pinch hit. On Thursday night the first game against Toronto after -- -- given up the home on -- -- a doubleheader. -- -- but last week Thursday night. The game in what job. Alan Webster started. Gave up they got -- not yet -- -- Andrew Miller in the seventh inning top of the seventh gave up the home run not into Miller and -- Bailey gave up the home run. The tie the game and never the bases to rise in the run. He says gobbled it later on the show you know that it's great to get a bigot but even better when you give it to pick up a pitcher now as he put the center Andrew Bailey home with a smile because we -- That's what you want -- -- -- -- you want guys leverage those guys who have resilience. You said before you don't want people telling you you want right you know it's it's you sick people tell you what you want what I want is a team. The represented itself on the field the way you would feel. Good you'd take a kid to watch that game you feel good about doesn't that team you're mentioning Gomes. From top to bottom don't they represent that. The major talking -- -- I think the people have not gotten on board yet what would be the reason. If you're baseball -- appear Red Sox fan. What reasons would you have not to be completely invested in this team right now. Because they are a fun team to watch very likable team. Guy like John Lackey is completely changed Delhi's attitude but his body worked his ass up come backer pitched there resilient. As a team. Bobby Valentine's not a -- more accurately an afterthought to Bobby V got caught it after a year. And they rebuilt this TY. What would be your reason not to be involved what you have an agenda against its neighbors don't like the Red Sox and I guess that question be why what do you date. It was it last year and a half that much that you would ignore this team that is fun to watch and has 51 -- -- -- before we have fireworks and hot dogs in the fall to. Right here you're government the pass no more red sox' PR. This station has gone to hell in recent. I guess it's it's PR is Red Sox feel about that because you because you're admitting that there in first place. And you're not pointing out flaws in the T. Which we also by the way did have a lot to address in my opinion or at least 81 big issue to address. At the trading deadlines -- number one what's text number two up -- way and -- -- -- listeners including me because of his position bumper so that the two sides you're kind of doubt that Jack got. You know for for some years you have got better again. Was it 2000 in not -- -- The game seven loss to Carolina. Great playoff series 2010 and the stunning loss to the Philadelphia Flyers those were the building blocks. To the team that we're watching. -- everyone's on board now yeah a decade if you were still refusing to jump on board then okay. You know whenever that you brought those -- Prague to watch -- not watch the -- you relate to the party. If you didn't jump. In October of 2000 to November of 2000 to January lot of original -- yeah and that championship season. Tim Thomas getting -- wasted no honest get a shop for -- of the -- -- you said okay let's kind of watch of people. Lot of people relate to that he made it indicates that this team that well that little thing late to. About what I I it's at 79 wins I could not have been more wrong about what I thought about this team so raising my hand could not have been. More wrong about what I thought about them -- -- I was at some point. I was at 88 which I took a lot of crap for for being too optimistic and I bet after thrown up there was maybe maybe now. And that's I think the nice aggressive on my shooting. Where they're going to be in the nineties if they're not the -- -- you're talking about a collapse there -- have been major injuries or something on proceed if they're not in that ninety's vicinity which nearly eleven games better than I thought I could not been worse but but again you know and it's -- about this is a -- through all -- coming on -- -- Where in July that means we're in the trade deadline window. I've already started as we said the Orioles yesterday they need bullpen -- They need some help. Maybe a starter there's concerns that buckles is coming back but it sounds at this point that the pretty confident they'll get him back at the end of the month. But it's just incredible again you don't want to jump aboard don't jump aboard but you're missing. A lot of fun not just because they're winning. A -- 2011 as we look back. We don't happen in September 2011 about before that it was the greatest team ever whatever that lives by. How did you -- likable guys as fans not looked back and look at that team probably not. This is -- -- Group of character guys Jonny Gomes is everything you wanted a player he's he's yeah that was it Johnny Damon light -- that kind of player. The strap it on play every day doesn't get the chance to play every day and that's probably. The right move at this point though it's funny that he's getting better against writings that he is against lefties he still basically plays against lefties. Shane Victorino. Doesn't -- it gets pretty damn good catch sliding into right field in the ninth inning off Jose Reyes on Sunday. -- The Batista home run from being a two run homer and putting drawn huge huge play at a time game to come back -- -- with a walk seven walk off wins this season -- to wall last year three threes are and what shortchanged three Elias Sports Bureau says last thought they had seven walk off wins by July 1 was 1964. A fifty years. This team don't think they'll walk off wins are a little bit pixie a little bit of match. -- that that doesn't mean you're a great team it means you hang around and win tight game but that's what I want -- a thing I give besides his scrappy dude but don't you -- that here. Right where we're used to with the Red Sox big star started. New York Yankee type -- maybe that's it but didn't we go down that did it fail miserably in 2011 if Matt. -- Johnson was involved the Dodgers -- I stuck in that spot Tom's right you're stuck with players that you overpaid for that's the on this the former GM -- -- you paid. You've got -- -- eighteen won't it take them and it allowed you the freedom. To move on how to -- -- up and move on this quickly be you say the pixie dust of the comebacks you know it's not pixie dust. They've chased eight different pitchers this year -- first three innings in eight different guys in about eighty games 10% of the games Jason starting pitcher of the first three. That's an aggressive well prepared team but isn't that what. That's -- -- I like -- in the coming into a game head as it is sold locked in the starting pitcher that David there's so scout and so prepared. That 10% of the year they chased the guy in the first three innings and get it to a bullpen. I loved that about this team and you mentioned the walk off part of it and and that it Jonny Gomes. After that double -- couple weeks ago when he says. Yup hey Jenny Dell says what to think about your great Holbrooke I jury itself lucky if the credit he couple and a double -- deck -- -- eight innings first exit from the fans. There's a -- ability about that team and we'll get a lot of texture on the eighteenth tee decks on 37937. Talking about this group and talking about. The way they play insane got -- guys get -- You got it it's too worldly. It's half way just about what what are people waiting for. I guess that's my question today if you have not jumped aboard. What is that reason. You know what what's the breezy up and invest in the -- because of a bad year and a half and it was a bad bad bad bad year and half sure. What would be the other reasons outside a blind hate for the organization. You don't like committee and you want to not like the because that's -- thing. And that's a thing of its organizational. Disdain you have as both of the group of guys -- -- talking about ownership again. I'll go back to the Bruins know ownership was well it was given more crap. Over the years right rock. People people had opened Tuesday it's time for ownership and management of the Boston Bruins hasn't changed. Same ownership management change. A case of cameo he's in now not here rescinded but here it directed it's in an -- so Derrick if Varitek wasn't -- -- -- GM if you sit up there in the press box overnight that people would be better in two with the teams all look just like Cam -- they put Varitek got there and -- get the right guys my -- is what changed with the broad. They won a cup. That -- that has no ownership change. They didn't. They didn't sell they didn't get open and or read they didn't they got better players and won a championship. And now there -- none of the fun team to watch that every one. Hockey fan lukewarm fans and casual fans several of super. Plus they get -- as -- -- you gotta win. To get him back and maybe it's a year after effect committee to win this year to get fans back I think the pins coming in now like I said Thursday night. When Jonny -- of them deployed as a pinch hitter with a bases loaded wasn't quite a sell albums big crowd. It started as one on its own wasn't paying -- crowd it was baseball they understood the moment I'm a great couple moments even when was that. Who drew the walk later to bring an era. Napoli. On the Napoli -- Friday night said the third night. So. It would probably just -- -- for the bases loaded walk to Napoli. As it did the basic ago. Crowds getting back into the crowds understanding what's going on the other winning at all it's the right people in ten out of twelve at Fenway Park the best home record in the American leak. Did you think you know we talk in this plot I'm not sitting you're saying is perfect not part of the greatest team ever like some people did. In August of 2011. They were tied for ninth in home runs in June and finishing team leading. Originally but yes doubles like not hitting home runs doubles triples legally can double legally triples. So there's apart his power without leaving the -- but can he sustain that you need to hit some -- Well -- and her picture to get into a lot of the Red Sox if you'll talk a ton of baseball that a con cared NASA and is here. We see already lined up to jump aboard at 61777979237. AT&T text line. At 379837. You can follow Tom on Twitter tweeting during the show that Tom -- you get Miette -- and UT WEEI and alas quite elastic TC. Because just text that get rid of the GM -- -- -- -- -- just have the exact here Italy is ball. He maybe should be the executive the year in all sports combined. Because you got guys like -- victory knowing underwhelmed a lot of people this offs and the same -- tweeting you Friday that just accident earlier this year is a vacation I think McCourt is you know what you want GM to do. Beyond doubt put together this team which was the bridge here. The -- these guys for a year two years just to get no. It's the team beating. And he was take the way we can go to doubled their biggest pitch in the second half the bullpen they took a shot on some guys that have not hand out. We start there with you at 61777979837. TC in for Lou your calls Sports Radio WE yeah.

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