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The Boston Globe's Joan Vennochi and Kirk Minihane have a difference of opinion

Jul 3, 2013|

Kirk Minihane and Rob Bradford read Joan Vennochi's column in the Boston Globe about how the Patriots have lost their moral compass since Myra Kraft's role in the organization was reduced prior to her death.

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Are back Dennis and Callahan Kirk -- hand rob Bradford WEEI dot com filling in for John Jerry a column in the Boston Globe June 30. John and hockey without -- patriots lost their way. Gets into the patriots philosophy has changed without -- craft. To me and the problem sure we agree with maybe she can talk -- into joining us on the eighteenth the -- as the Pulitzer Prize winning columns from the Boston Globe. I'm well excited to be here and you know what they say I don't write the headlines. Right so -- -- -- misleading argues that would before us. Right well you can't account he's Mary. The last time that we know that the patriots actually. Made the call it say that somebody you know from a character perspective. Didn't deserve to be on the team was in 1996. That was the case involving a guy named Christian Peter bright guys probably remember that he from the University of Nebraska. He was headed to patriots training -- actually my colleague at the time Eileen McNamara. Wrote a column that sort of revealed locally. On the baggage that he has sexual assault charges and I think a couple of conviction. I don't know what the column itself triggered it or not Myra Kraft knew from other channels. But as the story goes. He. Heard about it went to Robert Kraft. Raised -- concerns. He looked into it. And the patriots pulled up on the guy. And it was the first time that a drafted player was -- it was started treating that's why we -- it and it was -- real message. At the time Bill Parcells with the -- The relationship between the coach in the Kraft family back then I think you you guys who knows better than I was different than it did with Bill Belichick. Correct -- think at that point. Someone like mrs. craft raising concerns. Was announced Laura mister Kraft they had -- we don't need this. Here's my problem -- with with your column is that you say that's finding your right valuing character or performance is a rare in professional sports but mark Kraft believed in that quaint notion. But then you missed a bunch of things that happened while Meyer craft was still weird Dylan and mosques in and they drafted Aaron and his when she was here Willie Andrews all these things happened while Washington is still around. Give me a chance to advance a theory I'm. At one moment in time Atlanta lingo and -- window I think he had the influence and ability to. Exert her opinion in this situation and I think it has to do with Parcells heard Bill Belichick. Coach Belichick -- then and mr. Bob Kraft put all of -- from the guy and you will I'm sure agree with you know with good reason. Very typical. Coaching. Philosophy that has been. That people have admired and you know extolled the -- that are. But it's also true that they did start kinda pushing the envelope on people in dealing with other teams do it. And I guess and I don't know I mean I'm not claiming to be an intimate. Of the Kraft family or what went on behind the scenes with the patriot. But I think you could say that over time. She lost insulin and it became ill and the defendant became. Even riskier. After. He became -- then. Now that's that's that's that's that's that's not accurate that's that's but now John that's not accurate she was not what. Don't debate on the Cory Dylan Joan -- yeah I did a couple minutes in the second they brought Corey Dylan who she was not -- that's that's been using her and I think I don't think that's a fair representation -- confronted her. How is using her eyes saying that she was the person who did value he she was different. Results is a woman and women tend not to I don't -- Has broad generalities here that even female football and and I kept put myself in that category. Tend to look at this and say come on guys. -- for the game this is not the be all and end all. It's really -- -- really broad generalization that's really broad. Right well Joan -- had -- in -- broad generalizations all the showed that when they can anyone I've ever made before. Name one that I've heard they meet personally. -- name came one lot broad generalizations I've made Digisette I make a name. I can't -- don't listen to every. It showed that that's fair -- -- Joan I'm just gonna inject here the I understand what you say about my aircraft in using that example. Early on in it was right it was with Parcells. But I think you're onto something and saying when Belichick took -- took over and start winning then the decision making process change right. But Myra Kraft really has nothing to do that you're using that one. Instance which was all -- what -- what it's like -- wants a contempt. You're using that one instance in -- forming the column around it so in your right to me you don't write the headlines but. The take away from the column what people will take away is say. You know what once my aircraft lost her power in that organization the decision making process went the other way. But the fact was is that. You have that one instance I admire Kraft had that had that power -- -- the had a power. And that was so long ago -- ever since it's been Bill Belichick so it really has nothing to do with -- -- Well I guess I disagree with you I think it has everything to do with my aircraft and when they first. Got the franchise. And they first made a commitment to a certain kind of player. And -- certain kind of decision making and then it shifted when Belichick came -- absolutely. And yes then the -- was with the -- Not the life. And -- as a business person as the owner of a football team it makes. And on one level and I don't even say I'm not you know standing here and saying that nobody should ever be given -- second chance -- that people lit. Checkered background it would never should never played football some people take those second chances. -- with them and Angela leave the past behind the power to them. But when you do it you'll are taking risks. And you are risking that something terrible is gonna blow up and they did begin pushing the envelope more and more and if you think I don't know why you think it's considered a. Know what you figure after that I mean I've I think it attributes from her too well it's listen up. She cared about it in public just. Hollywood liberals are the -- in his tribute to -- week we admire what Myra Kraft stood for when she made that decision but here's what I would ask you. Is that other than the Christian Peter incident what other example do you have of her having an influence in the decision making process with the new in the patriots. I think you know you have one incident -- -- don't lately Joan you've won incident. That you identify it I'm sure that she rolled her eyes about all these other decisions but we have we have built in one incident. Well we don't know if -- -- and I and I don't pretend to know that immunity so it's on the whatever whatever the case and in the history is that at all I'm saying it. The point of the story besides saying that my aircraft made one right call is. That over the years. The that you got into in most of the media bought into this thing about the patriot way that they were really different from everybody else. I don't think there was some different yeah I agree with the Celtics and it's -- cultivated image that now it's like stripping -- the image and -- -- they were not. So -- your point is that it went from Parcells once he left the Belichick came in that -- -- sort of gave way to Belichick because he was went right is that right. -- I mean it's a very you know. It's a column with a -- So how about the interim the three years in between when Pete Carroll was coaching between. Parcells and Belichick that you just said this -- now as well. Let's say I'm not an expert on the Pete Carroll era. I thought it was a nice guy he got beat up for answers to I. I don't know that's why why don't they just so it just started one day Belichick showed up they won and she said she and you and she stepped aside that's tiger areas. I don't know the first kind of decision where they're kind of walking -- sort of rolling the dice a little bit. Again I don't pretend you're the expert -- with Corey Dylan he has some you know. Allegedly beat these things going. It's just doesn't you don't really know you're talking about an issue that's how they did you not have a bigger big patriots fan I'll -- big sports fan you Fella did to weigh in on the topic of the day. And kind of what made my aircraft distorted when she wasn't met that was my take from reading your new heart -- little -- -- -- sports -- Well I don't know if that's the criteria for writing -- I agree with Apatow seems likely -- did on the answering your. And I didn't come on -- -- ask. You what you have been if they want it got there but all I can say is that I've got a ton of email. And most of it thanked me for writing what I did I think a lot of it came from women. A lot of those people admired mrs. craft. She stood for a lot of the things. The question it was an advocate. Against domestic violence known as an advocate for the man. But whatever and I think that. That you have your theory -- different they're different from mine. I think that she made a really important call. At that time and the patriots did send a very powerful message. When they did what they -- it. After that they they changed. I guess it have to do is researchers write a book besides you know don't pretend to have done to write this column. But I think you can penetrate the trajectory. That shows they but the patriots again making decisions that did not make them any different from anybody else. Job I think we agree I think we all agree about that the patriots. Did lose their way in the sense of date they accepted a certain. Level transgression from the players I think we all agree on that. I admire idea I mean I think does I think does the you know I think I I think got a problem so here's the thing where it gets tricky though I think giant archer saying with the Christian because that you're right I think she stood up and she said we're gonna have this and she did a good job with that prevent. I think -- you do the implication is them and other stuff. Started happening when she was around us that she was okay you almost in the way because -- why did she stand up to Corey Dylan went -- she stand up to William. I don't know that issue did or didn't thought he used to help the -- and seated in the library are perceived powerful forces -- work and it was called. Winning a super ball and it was called -- Bill Belichick. And it's understandable. But I'd I'd. Maybe it was saying I don't like this I don't think it's the right decision and she didn't have -- influence. And I think I guess I'll come back to -- I think we agree on that yeah I think we well I think we agree on they just think that. The other and in I think we also agree on what do is. It's out mobile admire Kraft stood for in the Christian Peter example arm is just more the timeline of of say you know what also admiring crafts opinion was kicked to the curb in this where everything went bad. I think that we both agreed that no it was when they started winning and Bill Belichick a more voice in in this as a way they're gonna do things. And just coincidentally. Her opinion that kicked her. At any rate I rest my case and you rescuers. All right Joseph we appreciate your time expects a lot are -- -- thank -- John -- and lucky to Boston -- good sport I disagree that you have this you know I whether I'm in the cards again. I think. I just don't think that did did the buyer craft had his voice and and they won -- she just sort of -- running in his meeting while they're winning super balls and got attribute different character guys abroad I don't accept. That is a pre K I think what did I do think that this is what this is is that we don't we all when this stuff happens we all jumped to the -- craft Christian Peter example. -- -- -- But that's not that's not the conversation that was one isolated incident and if we had. Other incidents -- my aircraft having a voice. And and raising problems in it making a difference threw out that run of the last thirteen years. I think it makes it look bad. In and that's fine if if if she deserves a pat down which he does I think it makes it look like she sat around and was OK with that while it was going on in wasn't OK with the before I don't I don't really know that's true. Nor does she advocates and -- -- -- him tough to right that's all part. Like to do an army I think what causes it you're taking that one instance in -- forming a column and I think that -- was on to something. Exactly what we've been talking about which is winning the update once they start winning they did certain things a certain way -- -- -- continued -- -- -- Six was 7779793. Said we'll get your phone calls more more Aaron Hernandez who get back into the Red Sox Rondo. You trade rumored new destination for him all that we get back.

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