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John Lackey with Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien after another masterful performance

Jul 3, 2013|

John Lackey had another stellar outing, and spoke with Joe & Dave after tonight's game live from the dugout

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Package now welcome back to Fenway Park John Lackey joining us after a brilliant outing at today. Lackey seemed to be complete command at that lively -- or -- -- -- of the other pitches the game one and this. Thank you really did exactly what you wanted to do the baseball I feel pretty good right now are. -- -- -- -- Does that is at the single biggest difference in how is your life changed as far as in between starts. Coming back as healthy as you have been from Tommy John how is that different from. Before. Well but it broke open the way it worked off of mountains. You know work on that is so I don't know what they've been last the last Djokovic. And just -- I would say being -- is definitely the main contributor. -- the velocity. He is today increased. And it's just something that. You feel happy -- could you tell it was. Going. I mean I've been work pretty hard hospital you know a year and a half of rehab and just give back and then he continues to work. You don't -- him between starts but. Yet his you know that a lot of work that's panel front just trying to keep moving forward. Johnny get ticked off when you walk the guy in the eighth inning. And and you only -- two men in your previous. Up to that point four starts that rubbed you the wrong way there you could tell you -- you're not real happy with yourself there. Yeah I don't like to walk people especially you know when when you have movie I don't want to make artists you know what really excited about. Well it's so important this ballpark has certainly in. Different contributor every night tonight -- in this tiger hits and three run double to just. Pick -- a different hero every night it seems that the offense problem and it's been great we got a great group of guys -- have a lot of fun together it's not good news just joking -- minutes of the was. Contributed nicely for us. -- do you feel an extra urge to lose to do what you're you have been doing with Clay Buchholz down in particular. Not to fill that spot put him in -- way you stepped up here it is given his club a tremendous lift. And I understood -- -- to pitch missed four year -- good job Robertson did map you look like do you like given agreed to amateur you know. And and we Leavitt so it also the face of your team's. Have been so quick it's no way he finished in Hampshire that that helps keep the field this year the Yankees. Yeah I definitely and I played first base because of replica took forever and it. What we've fan and not try to try to do it moon but it. I just swing the -- in college. Picture up the numbers they're pretty good out of power I saw a lot of home runs and and I. Tuesday is stay on the money and you know keep on work in his court was great for everybody that sounds good but -- gets him interleague games that the battle could make the play yet I don't know fighters don't do it -- so I got to congratulations. Thanks guys and they go again. Red Sox when it here for a while John Lackey six of five with a 281 ERA.

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