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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 07/02/13

Jul 2, 2013|

You ask, we answer.

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-- -- It's time for questions -- question what's. The big question. So it should be used -- It. It's the question. Brought you by heiress restoration specialists of your property your facilities manager or an insurance pro. In golf they are asked to injury have a disaster restoration game Clinton please call 877. 4611111. Or a concerning whose music Michael less than a dvd -- called qwest IQ tonight. It was a year before you even asked for a second -- -- a lot that I'm sorry if I am hello we'll take you decide who watched the tribe called Andy -- -- -- -- of life and on the bad for a I'm Bradford numbers are put on the watch tonight. You'll enjoy your -- -- tonight I went right off the -- analyst yes so. You can use -- -- I don't understand. -- been living in the east ring of salt -- my wife has been on -- has not yet moved she will be here tomorrow finally -- -- bachelor hood life. -- parent is coming to an end. With with that has for the last few months has been my ability to say I'm -- -- do this tonight whatever happens today. I'm gonna watch this movie I'm gonna watch this game I'm gonna go meet this person for dinner I've been able to do whatever I wanted whenever I want it for the last few months. How could you as eight and this I wanted to because I while on the trek and how do you as a father of three kids were all under the age of five. In a wife and I and a and a husband to -- wife and my wife is over the age of yes but as we now. Just say this is what I'm doing tonight without checking with her or them and finding out whether or not that -- okay insecurity chipped. Is that true or you just making -- declaration. And these men are reversible. If they're under five. They should be in bed by what eight and even when -- -- girls go to bed. Well you assume there's by the way when your supermarket it's 1138. Assembly with a three year old. Sort of our I don't wait supermarket not that bad always bad and go to a movie not a bad. Every and a movie I've never taken my -- -- -- -- aren't I -- I ticket or restaurant usually befuddled about like a real movie a grownup movie so. That at the target time is 730 sometimes it's seven birdies and started some 458 but -- bed by 850. OK but then you start your wife to deal with. The struggle of our own special watch a movie with no I William it's -- I thought it was going to be a selective. Five and I'll watch it at the we may want to tonight or -- -- -- put it over to watch tonight handy and now we'll talk can I can't pull off the line. I'm gonna go do some I'm gonna watch something by myself thing I've had difficulty pulling that off. -- communication -- communication guys just talk this through. Your kids. And it just a far forward though it's more guilt like I feel guilty. Like we could talk about how there could even tell you go in the other room watching no big deal but I think I would feel really guilty. Should -- spend time yeah no I didn't feel guilty at all while being your favourable it's six it's aloe. But I would feel guilty about -- she's about to make you pay for mine now next question is his life. Jerks. What is the best fast food after a long night of -- -- -- It's the only time now taco Bell's -- was intoxicated. To I think is mcdonalds and -- for believe that the hangover cure is a big Mac large Fries come. Always so -- food after. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was I was -- where I went I went to college in California so that fast food was everywhere -- in the box in an note. Every car you junior. In terms of quality yes but probably at the end of a night of drinking that night the answer was -- Jack in the Box. But they don't have here either they should have Jack in the Box which sometimes referred to as Jack in the crash again and ones that's people that don't like Jack in the Box possible those -- girls juniors the -- that was to her next question. Is it more likely -- -- first night with his wife that they have relations or that they get to a flight in the sleeping on the the first night neither flight. So are coming to us. Cross country he's moving cross country. He's had his ball and now -- herself for four months well known her mom was there for awhile on that she's been in her mom's place over for the last week that's not necessarily care -- the program there. -- was movers they do what's. Is that a good thing or bad thing does that increase my chances or decreased you know grab -- sort of heroes. Or discipline. That. And -- -- -- young admired though article that talks. Are not ready to be. Ready for that she's only seventeen -- but sometimes you just have to be patient out to be patient during. The tantrums and dollars -- not having tantrums. Mean in terms again what part of life 88 more months -- a few more months and then I'm sure gonna be right in the middle that'll -- next question. Speaking of which all what are you looking forward to more sex with your wife or her home -- and even a question. The next question like what do you think it's obviously the former next question if it wasn't the former I would be very concerned. The next question that Republicans should be your only your wife's been gone for four months of what you're looking for most of their cooking that you marry the wrong woman well very simple. Andy and utterly non interest Paul and entrepreneurial. -- this summer is a year round to answer for my biggest issue was dealing with surfers can either view ever there. Throw announcer. It talks with us since last year talk about the true -- last year you just went to some -- I wanted to serve but dramatic experience is trying to. He boards -- for surfboard things you read yet. Wait to meet him face to she's totally ripped my trees I saw that episode of Baywatch I think Mitch came running out -- -- they've. It's awful missile water. Well. I charts are from ones and my idea I'm not a good -- my back and shoulders were not. Model for the challenge lot of people's republic for the food cold pizza or Chinese. Yeah hangover next question findings offer hangovers aren't just for drinking I've got to -- into the night yes for over China sounds terrible. Doesn't it and your -- over feeling is Chinese pizza makes a pizza is always answers. Guys would you rather Boston sports lose the patriots or the Red Sox. Are. It's like rather out here but neither. There's -- patriots you have to lose one -- have been around forever if you have to lose one of you have to be how to get one. I think it's the patriots because the NFL like that no way but it kind of getting to the NFL as a whole much more so the Major League Baseball but it. Can you be taking years if you're not an -- that people know but. You be taken seriously Austin didn't have a Red Sox. I mean either way you're gonna lose your your status for sports that. Next question. The man. You always need to change a flat turn your car or can you call triple. Have never not ultra AAA always cultural. Not -- -- that -- nothing to do these that is what man it was a situation where it doesn't matter where your heart goes and a are close to home. Is it. Is -- -- an automotive I don't care what the weather is. I don't get it -- it is I don't care one on -- -- I'm not near the moment I realized I got a flat tire is the moment I call triple AAA yes I have a big believer -- Yeah I hear this year everything today that you might have missed about this what what he went to the RV apparently in different speakers specific Tripoli line. It was the shortest of any really good to perform services there. Perform service and that your your arm these servers OK okay cook much quicker than the general public. Tripoli does have a weird benefits like that like there's cheap hotel rates instead of you know cheaper rate on Amtrak. Map book anywhere trip next memories we will get those trips -- if you're traveling somewhere I'm sure you both gone out of business and. -- -- -- it Google so it is -- -- you RD the reason this list this year of the 100 greatest films ever in the 100 greatest albums. Severed that would do they talk about that they are some of the diminished. I've just look at -- this less than. Anything good on their well there's no rush here wife's body feel about that would diminish and make an honest I. -- really I'm gonna get your attention on this one that's fine we don't we don't want we don't want to be on that you don't wanna rush -- we don't wanna be on the -- 100 greatest films don't want it no don't like it doesn't really bother you that at that number 54 public -- Arriaga pleased life's rich pageant. You know it doesn't bother me attitude toward a whole list has been invalidated 54 at best and yet. It yet rushed Kendrick left so I just I know the person who made this list has noticed -- how do you feel about. Nods and -- -- being at 55. Which is ahead of the chronic if you -- you which is ahead of three feet high and rising 61. Should be. Changed a drug called quest to lowered -- he's speaking of where was blown their -- -- you. So was above or below -- yeah. -- My favorite I'd want my least favorite. You're talking about performing your duties at the so I took this picture say tweeted this I guess an insult WEEI. I was at target picking something now. And I noticed this. Performance sheets. Those -- bed sheets. Those are -- again there called performance -- why would you call. Better traction -- little humble man you saw those yesterday. And I realize that for 35 years I've been operating without performance sheet and maybe that I have problems. I've been doing wrong this they should call them. High performance. She would improve your performance -- that sounds like -- like it actually use a -- a -- of small criticism for -- -- just gonna say they're actually -- -- it's. -- yesterday I was shocked all right. Are terrible tonight will be back with the guys from Fenway with John -- at 230 tomorrow afternoon -- See everybody.

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