WEEI>On Demand>>Was the Aaron Hernandez case / murder in the NFL inevitable given the way our society glorifies violence?

Was the Aaron Hernandez case / murder in the NFL inevitable given the way our society glorifies violence?

Jul 2, 2013|

We discuss the societal issues brought up by writers like Jason Whitlock and others around the Hernandez case. Is violence in our society and the way we glorify it to blame for the path Hernandez took?

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Good to be revered assault get all mikes all Michael -- on WEEI WEEI dot com as well. Teachers thing waking up today in. -- now like a weaker so removed from. For what six days -- move from Aaron Hernandez being arrested and arraigned. And now's the time where everyone starts to diverged. Like a half start to -- right at the beginning and before he was arrested and you had two different groups of people people said man this could get really really ugly and the other group who said. This -- go away is gonna go way he's that I don't believe he's an NFL Lafley and he's going to murder mommy there's no way he would do right maybe it's obstruction of justice to the ground like -- radio Lewis in this whole thing will go. Benny gets arrested and everybody kind of comes together and feels the same way for a few days at home -- got this is unbelievable can you imagine what crazy story were all just almost in shock. Over what happened in the the page it was a little bit of controversy. Should the patriots have handled it this way or that way but I don't think anybody serious believe that the patriots did anything wrong the -- the process right -- like actual wrongdoing. Maybe things change to what the -- weight means make fine but it terms of you know waiting to see what would happen with -- and as soon as he's arrested trying OK that's enough right simulator nobody serious who really believed that they screwed up by saying. By saying this was the right thing to do I think most serious people believe that the patriots were acting in good faith. Moderate on some people's of people had a problem with that I didn't have a problem with that phrase. By but the big picture is or the big story is. They do the right thing by releasing him and I've I've felt like that's what they had to do so the disagree don't like where little has and it hasn't officially said. Instead of saying it was simply the right thing to do it. This is what we had to -- we had to -- and -- just ran pretty good got a pretty good feeling or good -- or inside information whatever it is that. We we had an inkling that he was going to be charged with murder. And we did not want this we were not gonna do the stand by your man. Let let the process run its course and innocent approved when not playing that game. He's going to be charged with murder so we've got to remember district but now here you are six days later. And now you start seeing people in the media taking completely different paths because they have different jobs in at least to me or both of us here to two articles. Which goal. And he could not be more different right on one hand. I present Elizabeth Merrill espn.com. Who was a feature creature -- they can't see every. I gotta tell you you know maybe you guys can think -- an example. Of an article that she has written and hasn't did an exhaustive but most of the articles that she writes. They're extremely detailed and well over searched this is on -- this is definitely that she talked to a lot of people really. Really gets into well this is a long article seven pages they always are but it is there -- -- and it. Really walks you through the life not only of Aaron Hernandez -- Lloyd and how they came together and and and come back to exactly what you said but -- present her on one side. On the other side I present the article that more people are probably talking about today and that's Jason whitlock. Writing for fox sports and making it more make column. In fact different -- columnist yeah that's is that his game. Writing that athletic culture has trumped Hollywood culture. No longer. And that now because athletes look up so much to rappers and two actors and to. Gangster flicks that that is become the predominant culture and so we should not at all be surprised. That the Aaron Hernandez situation eventually occurred it was just a matter of time according to Jason. -- it's it's. You're campaigning campaigning with a broad brush not -- campaigning anymore. It's like. I mean there -- gig and it gets Sherman Williams economic Nicole's door on -- -- dump all this stuff out there. In the and you can kind of manage your way through it many it it is so. It is such a generalization. It is such a blanket statement it's not even. Is is not in funnyman is terrible I think it's just a terrible. Blanket statement for all athletes -- -- really talking about the situation and can feel whatever you -- you feel about Aaron Hernandez but it. Make it this larger statement about. Athletic culture and how athletes are he said athletes want to beat Tony Soprano -- the gap between B Tony Soprano therefore. Aaron Hernandez. Murder. Accused of murder is not surprising. What are you talking about. So. I guess it does LeBron James wanna be Tony Soprano he -- -- about today about Kevin Durant Tim Duncan. Tony Parker Manu Ginobili and that's just one sport let's go to the other sort of in the NBA front of the NBA finals that we just saw. We did in the does that apply to baseball to just football. Is -- white players we come up black and Latino players and what are we talking about. We're talking about players. Is it just players who were or. Were raised in and fatherless homes and only used that phrase is that it. You only give you couple a couple samplings of Jason whitlock points of view here's will go through his article or column excuse me. Athletic culture used to trump Hollywood culture and this is no longer the case. JE EZ rapper who glorifies his former life as a drug dealer has far more cultural influence than the brawn James -- easy is this generation's -- and beyoncé. Is Marilyn Monroe why can't Marilyn Monroe be met -- -- Positive Marilyn -- -- from the other part of the culture sort of a big deal during right I mean maybe even a bigger deal than -- And she eventually moved on from him. Sherwin-Williams thank you textures that take. Sherwood way and not Sherman how good Aaron Hernandez go for a patriots started a defendant in a murder case we track is career over the years. He wrapped in the 86 so he kept it real he stayed true to his boys from the hood he mimicked the mindset. Of the pop culture icons we celebrate today. In his case this may be true by way committed Aaron Hernandez's case may very well. I don't case I don't know I think that's why it. I think that's where we're all waiting that's where we're all. We're reading everything that's out there -- that's why we read. You know Jason whitlock -- -- take. An in on one website -- me go to another web site. And read a more nuanced more thorough more thoughtful better. -- From Elizabeth -- but she doesn't know. What what exactly happened I mean she's digging just like any journalist would do she's digging for information she's talking to people she's trying to. Makes sense of of this whole thing if there's even a way of doing that maybe what we'll all find out. In a month six months a year two years is that none of it makes cents. And that it was just he. Just it was just -- cold blooded murder really any offense not a Jason whitlock and you have to guy. A loan to die like an -- well according to Jason whitlock and all make sense now he says we should not be shocked. That he professional athlete possibly crossed the line into sociopath like killer. We repeat that. We should not be shocked. That he professional athlete possibly cross the line into so she'll topic killer okay -- that's okay why not have ever get to investigate a minute. Investigated and have a calendar. Because at this is if this is -- run of the mill stuff. -- write a column about the unhealthy side effects of drug prohibition and popular culture have made murderers drug dealers respected members of American society. Random murderous violence in the people who commit those crimes have been normalized in America thanks in large part to popular culture we loved and respected Tony Soprano. It's a characteristic out of character not as a neighbor by the -- not sure that we. Quarterback Tim anymore that we loved and respected Michael Corleone -- -- his father -- we loved and respected them 1230 years ago. But it was a problem then it's only problem now right now it's a problem forty years forty years ago it whatever -- forty years ago. I respected -- thirty years ago I wasn't around forty years ago to start respecting them but Tony's for Tony Soprano was totally different. Line come on let's just doesn't even make sense we knew Tony to some degree he writes we all wanted to be DT. More than people wanted to be Michael Corley only. On. Does that doesn't make sense. I'm not surprised to learn the 23 year old professional athlete covered in tattoos. Is linked to several. Violent acts including accidentally shooting a man in the face modern athletes carry guns they do drugs they mimic rappers and gangster pop culture. -- -- Yeah so Georgia as a modern athletes I think he probably if he wants to make this case. He's gonna have to just narrow it down a bit I mean modern athlete this is pretty broad. Now it's a Ryder. -- writer who I was a say in this in the office if it if it's a writer. You're using your words you're thinking about presumably thinking about what you're writing. So if you put it out there at the -- deserve criticism for what you actually wrote now I'm not gonna get into. -- he really means this he said modern athletes. So. Let's go to the Stanley Cup final. Blackhawks in -- Does it not an -- right. The second problem is that Peter surely was talking about yesterday I think this is Patrice Bergeron to Patrice Bergeron. Is why Patrice Bergeron today don't -- are they collapsed long it's because of his admiration for Tony Soprano that -- trees Bergeron went out there and played through Boston shoulder a collapse long and he's got no right a year if you got -- if you gonna ride it be more specific what are you talking about. Or you're talking about. Because you'll probably. Laugh at the notion of the National Hockey League athlete. Mimicking Tony Soprano. And wanted to be -- it right only a matter of time Michael he writes before some athlete was accused of imitating Tony Soprano. The gangster influence in our society. Is that strong. According to Jason -- it was only a matter of time -- have to there's there is nothing. From -- there is nothing about this case. That you could have seen coming there is nothing predictable about this case and if you look at it. And Elizabeth Merrill does a great job talking about talking to some -- -- friends his family members his teammates. His coaches. At both levels coaches and now high school and coaches in the semi pro Boston -- thing. And she describes the life. That he -- we're talking about a guy who didn't have a car. Allow. Had a got a job that he liked it in star was laid off from that job -- doing some landscaping. Rode his bike. To work when there was work. Lived on me one way street. That has been the focus of of a lot of -- Last five or ten years. Was a guy who was who one of his friend said. He wanted to he -- his he would he would want the glitz and glamour. Just wanted to have a good time in and make sure his family was taken care of so that's one. That's one yeah owed little even of that background not a lot of money you need not broken dreams yet I wanted to play in the NFL that that wasn't gonna happen. -- beyond that a guy who who is now has this new found friendship with Aaron Hernandez. Today he he just seems almost overwhelmed by right -- -- a relationship with -- she writes given -- a glimpse of the -- he'd dreamed of not only was Hernandez played football for money for millions he was on the team -- loved Hernandez used to use to get them tickets to patriots games and at least one occasion Hernandez according to one of -- -- to dropped ten grand on a night of clubbing with Lloyd and of course of course -- couldn't believe it. He had promised Lloyd that he flying to California for a vacation gotta you Cali he Cali he Earl Lloyd who is working middle landscaping company never been there. According to hot -- so you got that guy. That's -- 27 years old. He is he seeing the light that he that he could've had or the dreamed of having well I don't what does that kind of had -- very tough to make it an NFL. And to get a contract like Aaron Hernandez did so then there's Aaron Hernandez we all know his story coming three years old. Hangs out with Tom Brady at least at work and how would Bill Belichick at least at work. Got a beautiful mansion. All these things golfer he can -- 101000 dollars at a club not think anything of it not worry about what's in his bank account not sweat when he when you're going to the ATM. So if you look at that story if you look at those two characters. The predictable thing would be -- lower right. If the guy always going to murder Aaron Hernandez. Think best to predictable story you think are from the rough background. He's the guy would never know what it's all there are ordered into his father's father died suddenly suddenly it's sixteen years old. It turned into an angry guy. But -- Lloyd. Fatherless home rough background. Young black man without a job. That the cliche cliche is that guy. That guy is supposed to be murdering people but it didn't happen -- -- -- you can never just look at the snapshot and say. Oh I know the story we don't know the story that's where were all riveted that's what we're all paying attention and listening to everything we get absorbing every ounce of new. That we can get on this I think that's why I think that someone know what her what Jason whitlock is trying to say Michael. He says this is Aaron Hernandez is not break -- OJ Simpson and they were accused of committing crimes of passion and emotion and greed they had motives. Hernandez is being described by police -- simply violent volatile and dangerous he's Joseph Pesci is character and casino. This is not written to suggest that athletes of the previous generation were angels of -- choir boys they were not. It's written to argue that app -- of the previous generations. Belong to a athletic culture that -- a top American pop culture. There was no incentive for Hank Aaron to acquire street cred he was already the gold standard. -- and I think I understand what with walks trying to say. One thing is built completely upon a false premise. He's trying to say he's trying to say would you just say hey shouldn't this. Do you the other way around -- you expected to be Lloyd who would have murdered Hernandez BS because of all the things you just said plus throwing the motive of jealousy or whatever is that just at this guy off. But instead it whitlock is trying to argue that the culture has changed so much that -- the at the athletic culture is no longer the one revered. And and and and they are looking up to rappers etc. here's the problem. Who was it that. Old Lloyd was looking up to. Aaron Hernandez and -- -- athletic culture that brought these two guys into the -- realm to be ahead. And it just the whole the whole idea that athletics does not sit either at or near the top of the cultured chart the pyramid. Doesn't make sense. Athletes rock stars. Movie stars are all up there there is where they're they're brought up there they ball already they've always been up there. I mean we're talking about it you you think about. Let's just focus on the NFL. The league that Aaron Hernandez used to playing and you look at the NFL. It is more it is it's as popular as it's ever been. Can do no wrong had a lockout in gained viewers. And a 130 day lockout 132 day -- but it -- sort of the other two -- so did the NHL NBA great and makes the case even more right. That you know people are. They they look to sports to follow sports they talk about sports. It has the the NFL has the best -- TV deal in North America. You look at the Jersey sales that that the players have. The popularity of the commercial success but the players have away from football. Yeah I think I think athletics still matters a great deal. Now do a lot of guys. What they have music careers to make sure we've seen many examples of that over the last. Twenty you're 25 years yet you know Shaq made 45 albums are you got you've got some new -- easy -- getting into the sports game trying to be an eight -- we also see I. Try to do it the other way -- -- -- Garth Brooks thank you country stars are kind of the same in my mind I apologize. But put. I think it's a lot easier for an athlete to try to cross over into music then vice Versa. Anybody can try to wrap maybe you'll be good maybe you won't be right try to do it you can't just walk out there today you know in in ninety don't have an hour fastball that's what happens. And it just doesn't work that way I've always seen it as a mutual admiration society where athletes rock stars and actors are all with the pop. All the top they are all the the top the year of the American. Fascination the the top of that pyramid so to speak. And so I just I guess I look at at this whole point written by whitlock tonight I want to like get. I wanna think that it's thought provoking and I wanna think that it leads us down a whole bunch of different paths are we can talk about culture in America and was. But it's not. It's kind of made up. He's created a strong man and just thrown out this idea and the whole premise is kind of bunk Hernandez weather weather is affected by pop culture or not. Has something inside of and that is different from most of us. I mean it it's the only way I can look at this we've all watched the wire we all watch The Sopranos we all watch the godfathers forty years ago or. Less than that in my case. We didn't all react the way Aaron Hernandez did. And he clearly there's something different in the wiring clearly there's something different. Inside this guy that is not the same as most athletes who even if they do look up to get easy or or people or worse not worse than JC. Bonk nervous columns -- I guess I mean you can look at a lot of things in the culture. That that worked there. -- -- years ago whether it's reality TB. Whether it's The Sopranos the wire. Different kinds of music. Different opportunity whatever it is you can look at all these things. And depending on what -- personality is. You'll you'll receive -- god. And and I certainly am and who knows. If there are probably guys -- -- -- Jonathan Toews and listens to. What what he -- entertaining. Would you be surprised of Jonathan -- goes out and kill somebody I would be surprised by that I would do I'm surprised that Aaron Hernandez allegedly did it I'm still surprised by surprise any tire somebody that I've heard of goes until somebody and even though I don't have a tattoo on my body I don't look at guys with patios and think. Okay we've got tattoos. So he's prone to be about -- package. And that guy doesn't think that either you don't whatever that. -- fortunately. We could jump in -- six point 777979837. There's more of a cultural argument being made here by by Jason whitlock. I don't think it makes a lot of sense you guys may feel differently 6177797937. Some thoughts on that today we also want to talk. A little more about the the influence on the field for the patriots what we talked spent so much time. On the off field and and the fascination of the story of what happened and what's gonna happen and now even the cultural aspect of an. In another what four weeks they're gonna start training camp. They're going to be out there at training camp and the pitchers are gonna have Rob Gronkowski healthy they're not gonna have Aaron Hernandez is part of their team Wes Welker is going to be a bronco Danny wood heads not going to be year. The brain and Lloyd in all likelihood won't be your legacy is the possibility they could still bring him back. That's 85% herself Tom Brady's production from a year ago. What the heck is is gonna mean I'll tell you how could possibly. Benefit the patriots coming up salt and -- W -- Open as dog -- Bob at Bob. One now about Israel -- -- and that's below. Of the deal with the backhand but they've got to read up banks not. Don't like it they did those that we that -- time. Don't want to come back tomorrow. And the next big. The next -- Jason -- want censorship. Does he want us not to look up to Omar. From a wire there does he want people not to watch the soprano and he watched all these things -- Jason whitlock didn't become a murder. Or wanna -- gangster nor did you -- dollar dollar India or anybody else's watch the shows he wants more people to be like him. Where I guess. He's capable. Of looking at these things as entertainment. And that taking it beyond that -- and other people art why I would like that -- I would like Aaron Hernandez if he indeed did take. You know this gangster culture to to the extreme and actually try to limit I would like for him not to do that too but. I guess I think that if Aaron Hernandez was capable of Reading what's on television as something that he actually needed to live out in his regular life. But he was predisposed to that in some way it was gonna happen one way or or something else here's something else. A guy at work crew or a guy. Making a six figure salaries and working for a mainstream. Media giant and it. Like Jason whitlock is -- sit back and look at these. Vehicles and citizens -- it's just entertainment a big deal and -- wire these kids following and you can look at it that way or can we get a monopoly and that. These shows exist. Because there are some there's some truth to it maybe they are copying. The actual reality for some people the question. It's not his reality guys aren't yours that's not mine. But it's somebody's reality right right. And while I guess then you get asked two questions one what it is is it a vicious cycle it goes around and around in circles may life imitating art and art imitating last -- and secondly was it really Aaron Hernandez's reality and that. That's the one question I don't know that I truly get an answer to a reason reading Elizabeth Merrill I don't know whether Aaron Hernandez. Has been followed by these kids his whole life that he just couldn't get away from and ultimately led to bigger and bigger problems or whether or not he turned into a life. Willingly. That was going to bring him. Into the spot that he eventually got to I don't know an -- she does either 677797983761777979. 37 -- it is going today. In Cambridge I'm mark. I'm telling you that. I the I -- -- got a -- and that's what they got a great -- and jobs. What Aaron Hernandez on the practice all the while you know -- the father. I actually greatly Diop blocked my father. And I'm not very good golfer on this golf and tennis at all for many years. Planes are a little a lot of people who know me -- I was remember how accurately called -- and the only country club and Barack and and that will watching. The island -- so -- that aren't. -- hospital everyday we watched might have -- and but -- I can understand making -- I. Don't do it but you know at some point you got -- -- It's important you wake up and realize that. -- it with real -- here you know just. What this way. And the way he even care -- it. Out or is he on his kid. Somebody who. Approved it it might take -- while the bigger approving it. It hit at that happened but it everybody that -- -- Our mark rose started here about your loss and and thanks for the call and as far as Aaron Hernandez's concern. It can can you say it was -- mean that was clearly he a turning point in his life and his mother. Was quoted as saying it in -- in multiple interviews. That he changed. -- -- talked to her in ways that he never doctor before. After losses there. And you look at it this way. And his coaches that some -- -- and they never really grew up past sixteen or seventeen years old never dealt with it network riot ever more -- less emotional -- -- And and you look at it. I wanted to I don't want to dismiss it as insignificant. Overall. There are a lot of people like -- so if it is it's a significant happening at this that happening. In his life for anybody anybody who's had to go through that. -- feel forms sincerely. But they are people who have gone through that haven't gone to the steps that he allegedly went to me you look at it. And just hearing the details of the I always. Always knew that he lost his father and his father died when he was 49 lead I didn't realize. The circumstances. Betty Nguyen -- for a routine surgery. And he never made it out of surgery. I mean that it's. In -- imagine you're sixteen and you're dead I'm gonna get this -- And it's going to the hospital this happens all the time probably called it a procedure upright. So. I'm sure -- something that. That that really. It is really Florida men and think clearly is something that is not over does it explain what happened now. I don't know what we ever get a clear explanation of what happen will we ever understand what. Probably I understand more as we go on and another will ever know exactly how Aaron Hernandez descended from being who we started off to being guy that could call bullet that -- murder execute. Somebody he seemed to be friends with out a mile from this golf house. But I think solidarity starting to it's it is to the Freedom of Information Act on are our appeal to for the judge to overturn the item. Gag order on the arrest warrant to mean that there's going to be more information that will come out and more people like Elizabeth Merrill who'll be doing more more stories to try to go back and find out where things went wrong. And eventually they'll find some people talk about what what -- Aaron Hernandez down this road. For now what we're getting is all the little stories from around the way. Right we're getting the fact that there was a fight. In 2007 the Tim Tebow tried to break up which is priceless did you read this yes I mean they're really a minute it's just it almost reads -- comedy if it weren't for the tragedy that ended up -- -- You would read it is commonly right. Fernandez a seventeen year old freshman punched a bouncer in the head causing a broken -- and April 20 my -- 2007. When he police officer could not find Hernandez at the scene of the altercation the report states he interviewed. Well because why wouldn't you know the report stated. Hernandez bought two alcoholic drinks which he consumed but that refused to pay for memories about seventeen -- haven't. That's -- Hernandez got into a fight with a bouncer at the bark. He told police that the bouncer got the space began yelling out missed out -- the bouncer turned to walk away Hernandez punched him in the side of the head turned to walk away. That's that's the sucker -- as he turned to walk away -- sucker punch right but I think he learned that from Tony surprised. The bouncer declined medical treatment but the next day doctors discovered as a writer -- -- burst when an officer to not for not find Hernandez immediately following the incident. Again he interviewed Tebow and Shenyang. Stated that he witnessed the dispute the officer. People stated that he went over to try to help resolve the conflict can you imagine. By the way what does that the. Look why don't think Tim Tebow can. It's natural philosophy needs -- article Dan but I'm just wondering what he's saying between his -- -- who's been sucker punched. And Hernandez who as it turns out has some really really major problems are less and -- and -- at times. If Tim Tebow needs that like shake you around. I think Tim Tebow could do. People went onto say here eastern and at least leave peacefully so big god man tried to make arrangements to pay the bill. Two hours later another officer found Hernandez -- spoken about the incident Tebow was present during that interview as well. The officer wrote -- not appear to be intoxicated and was very polite and professional. But maybe was confusing to the table and maybe six or 77797. And 837 Chris and Albert Packers. It was sort of -- groups. There are starting -- the whole thing with. Well -- worry. Lol we lost. I understand where there. And ill. They'll one year. Old is walked -- Well I know. Always great great great -- -- tell the stories from some he's got some pretty generous things blind people houses in your -- every year right didn't have enough on the bought a house every single year great guy he had also lot and now look at him now he's a member of ownership. He's far the ownership group with the Atlanta Falcons -- have great story. So let me don't allow people -- we are all so. 67 vote sisters. This -- here. Where all of our state. There's barber. Was killed or do we saw. That yet moderates like -- -- that -- don't know who's who at a shot you -- younger what is solutions and I mean that's where we're at war. They got Chris you're right Chris there's so many examples of people. Who had. That less than stellar upbringing -- -- mom there didn't have the father there we didn't have either present. And still did incredible things I don't think it's as simple as that. And just as Texas a plan now before we were talking last week. About you know why this would happen -- one attacks who said parents parents parents. Austin, Texas who pointed out -- you know at two Paris president and look at me now not to -- so great the -- you can't just say. Well this is what it is not for the most part for the most part I think. Having two parents. That the odds increase of both your parents -- there and they love each other in the are committed to. Raising new continue to do the right thing your chances of your chances right are higher guarantee. Every time by the way and and Europe parody of three kids right all over the age of 6. And I am actually finally gonna have a baby once again tomorrow. How about that I want I will be a real father once again. In less than 24 are under the age of five only -- -- -- are on the Colorado once which makes it great I thought -- was -- for the half fort hope -- all under the age of -- York -- about it yes you're -- -- cable like -- another time retired we need to talk about the fact that you decided I have three kids in four years. Russert came down with -- -- nuts -- -- absolutely 100% certifiably nuts as far as I'm concerned did you did you just found that out now why didn't they know about her watchful. Just like when you set hadn't said it out loud like that in terms of three babies in four years. Freeze you a little bit. But what you -- raising your -- and you feel OK I'm trying to do the best I can and it and she seems happy right now and she doesn't seem like it -- It's hard to imagine that and maybe it's comforting for us to try to think that it's all about parent things that we have. Our role in what happens because the idea that hey I can do everything right. But two of my kids and the third one could end up. You know aren't being Aaron hunt and that -- -- -- I mean it really is is almost impossible to to allow yourself thinking now maybe maybe you haven't. You guys out there haven't seen. Examples this dramatic where you know somebody and you thought they were laid back in the -- turn into. A murderer or accused of murder. But we all have examples. From our lives right whether mr. cousin would rather use that story somebody from the neighborhood. Where you look at where they came for. You look at their their surroundings yeah. Anything having all everything's great. My brother's a doctor sister is doing this is a lawyer. And this guy has just a knucklehead who's who's given in trouble -- not make it there is no. There's no science to. There's really a lot of chants. And I mean that's. Yeah it is generally by the way I'm not actually having a baby it's -- -- congrats on the baby I'm not nonwhite guys when I first I -- the wrong way Paula first set I was like why you. While another and I apologize I didn't say -- I really did not -- at the right way are those who've been following the little soap opera my little life your last few months my wife and daughter wolf finally arrived back in Boston tomorrow morning. Move into my new house and Lola. I'll start to live a normal life I want you can no longer make from the parliament meet but I won't -- anymore. They they wanna party -- -- argue that they shouldn't you they know. I don't McDonnell is a bigger question is -- the -- -- feel about it out there. Today I was thinking about that I was gonna take that day when he should I don't know taken Friday show. Generally you should have not -- if you can get it now. It Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday authentic a forty weakened what's a minute ago. I wanna be here that you guys there's so much going on I think we -- for months would be viewed largely. But that's how much is going on here and it's hard and as Doc Rivers and self talked about what more we talked about before she got some of her working out perfectly. She really wanted to immediately. And then he's gonna work here's the other thing and part is while I'm at work tomorrow the stuff is being moved into the house that's the problem I really wanna be there for the channel should be should just point and put this year put that they're put this in the movers -- the rest. What I need to be there for -- in the works out better if I'm not there not one model take the baby. Sister. Six SX's. If one of them is a jerk and sexually harassed is my wife do I have your permission to leave the Jack and Arnold do you. Adult eagle or would you even as a privilege to talk about construction workers. Or whistling as it. -- -- They were excellent ride. Was all my life and that she would take that as a compliment if it goes beyond that actually turns into it and got an issue if they start making some lewd and lascivious comments that we know we've got a problem I'll probably -- on the show and I'll probably head home at that had a good I -- I guess if you -- -- that somewhere and I come from gluten lascivious. Is that. Tony Soprano properties that it sounds good to me. Now you talk to him. How whenever it's time in the great and yet I never turn into a gangster. Sure -- club -- and rip it right mr. natural major criticism. You didn't like -- one scene of special effects in a movie that is may be the greatest movie government. And it certainly is normal and it was made 1972 right note. Are they in the United Nations CG -- -- in 1972 year old Mike out of -- -- -- instructed him not too -- actor -- -- dude that shot at killing the heads of the five and was he settling all family business -- one unbelievably dramatic moment while they are all in church in -- renounce Satan and becoming a god father at -- into -- the -- Greens -- On happy birthday to my own -- and it turned -- to yesterday. -- -- -- and I became a god -- history you're -- -- got it became a god or two years ago. It was very exciting so what did you what your responsibilities. -- I -- I. I renounce statements that are in charge -- charts -- -- happens now that's the thing you're not allowed to -- publisher Catholic you're not allowed to be that of one of the the godmother has to be cap. Okay I'm really have no resources as there is you know good guy yes. Offering support him bottom -- yesterday mature audience gets older taken. I would machine -- him some money. But from the godfather dvd obit doesn't go awry Melvin and Providence unknown. -- what's going on. Not -- solemn. Parent and we've got a lot to do what it will depend. Over -- You know you have a lot of kids you. Well from you know which you can insure virtually no all that. But you know portrayal of the patterns my mom reached our lows you know we all grew. I'm pretty -- and -- been arrested the governor trouble here are results. Melvin you think we want to believe that it's parenting because he gives us some level of control on on what's gonna happen when their own kids. Well I'd try to make it couldn't. You know reasonably -- sure am. You know each. GB and you haven't thought about. What school and you know you have -- -- Oriental. You know and India. The courtroom at that but you know it's just as well. Can you might screw it worked on me because my -- a -- to -- you know yeah market. Our work. I have been over a decision you know you're -- that has some sort of don't look at it worked. Well she was able to -- if your mom raised five kids. I can I can remember and he's gonna have a camera priest that he is she did it by herself towards his mom and dad but first of raising five kids by herself. And you'd try to provide some type of these tribes -- their consequences more this type of behavior. You do what you can felt like. She she did company got his attention. Don't remember but then there's another parent who did the exact against -- and -- -- -- world but I. I feel like we want to believe it's -- so that we have some level of power to believe that the way we're raising our kids -- is gonna matter and it's all going to work out the way we wanted to because who wants them power over our kids and yeah I think it's percentages though I think the percentages yet the percentages and -- your favorite scary that I don't have always not is not. Fool for not 100% this -- happen if you are good not only sign up for full proof yet I don't why can't -- get other parents on the Mickey -- mean I don't know I sign up for full proof I would like to do that. Let's go one more coal in April Michael. -- Well qualified -- Hernandez you know the whole lot but father what -- -- and back in there about 29 now Paramount business outlook for fortune 500 company when I was younger I really don't that. Wu tang clan hip -- just don't go to the day. Score based whole kind of genre. Com you know let me let Donald -- happen and I didn't really look up my father at that point in my life. And then back into another three. When he passed the bobcats they're not -- knocked out of and in my mind it had nothing to do what I don't think Aaron. Iran has no. -- -- at all you know from the I actually grew up and became more. So. No the only thing worse you know I can see the similarities. It's that all of pat unexpected. And and like you know make a man and look up to anymore and I'm. I'd eat you out and you might be a martyr you don't want to -- in high school my class. No and actually you know you end up killing one of the best friend his best friend girlfriend. For no apparent reason -- that you know welcome you know and Bachmann party at an apartment so you never know which way you know and then not. -- I think it today distinct point colon and I think that's one of the things we we've been trying to to discuss today you don't know how it's gonna go right. Maybe Hernandez kill this guy because he wanted to live out the -- of the gangster lifestyle that he was seeing on TV in the movies or music or wherever. Personally Michael I think that's what happened but I don't blame the group idea. I think I think Hernandez I -- what's the K why why do you think that that's my gut feeling that there are that he just he just looked at I think that brought warnings you want to be tough guy that's what I think happened I think he he got wrapped up in the idea I don't know this this is what I think can happen this is gut feeling. I think what happened is Aaron Hernandez got -- rolled all caught up in trying to be a tough guy. In trying to have this attitude and it spiraled and it got worse and worse and that he had something in him that allowed him to be able to do that. I don't blame the movies I don't blame the rappers and blame the music I don't blame any of that. I think that did did gang culture or whatever else is up they're very real you don't need the movies the music or anything else to point that out to look it's out there. -- -- watch the new -- every single day you I -- body count you can just watch the news everyday part of people who died and you don't need it. Just to see glorified by The Sopranos the wire anything else. But I I think that's what happened. I just don't blame those things forward occurring I think there's something inside Hernandez the allowed to. Yeah -- if it happened. Who knows who knows if it was. You know fascination with the character of fascinates fascination with the culture put. I think it is noteworthy that the that the share. Has said that his tattoos. Catches a lot of people public -- tattoos in Somalia and have recognized that attitude that's tattoo of me. The gang banker that's a certain gang. Other sheriff has said there's no interest in tattoos. That there they are more interested in. Other things but -- there's nothing on is there's nothing on his tattoos or if you got a lot of them. Then make them think that he's affiliated with some of that that sure she's too willing to dancing to the media. -- -- He has -- media savvy you need me for this I'm happy to come on little coalition may be happy to talk to your newspaper go to a moment I'm on the radio with him ask him everywhere. It's -- -- where -- and general for channel five. Always somebody running for something's always there what do eroded over run for further house. We're gonna run for senate and a couple years maybe try and challenge Warren what do we don't run for some than. That's all I know -- SR tweet this morning. From a very unlikely source. I thought tweak this morning from a very unlikely source. And I think the guy was making a joke. I don't think it's really a joke. I think is about to come true and I think it's very good for the Red Sox to -- next rockaholic Emilia.

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