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ESPN's Elizabeth Merrill digs deeper into Aaron Hernandez' past with Salk and Holley

Jul 2, 2013|

We check in with Elizabeth Merrill of ESPN.com and discuss her piece which further details Aaron Hernandez' past, specifically his relationship with Odin Lloyd.

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Just this is that this is a place that not only did it. Changed my future from them paying me but it just changed me as a person because you can't come here and act reckless into euros stuffy nose when the person that I came here. Let acted the way I -- that -- you get change -- build those six way. You get changed by the patriot way and now they're on the patriots don't live my -- there. They make the right decisions. Or not. -- just completely lie about it. Stand in front of the media tell them you've changed album you came in one way and now you're different way when in fact that's the exact opposite of the truth. Aaron Hernandez there when he signed his deal last August alcohol in WEEI. The story today on espn.com. I -- cannot yesterday yesterday afternoon the ties that bind at Hernandez amyloid by Elizabeth Merrill espn.com. Which takes a few minutes. To join us today via the AT&T hotline first though we both really enjoyed the piece thank you Elizabeth but. As you as you went through this and talk to people and researched Hernandez and Floyd at. What was the general vibe you've got what what what -- you think you learn most what was your biggest take away about Aaron Hernandez. It'll in the air and I -- And that -- and -- huge shock Cuba that anyone -- -- do. Whether it was somebody in money your -- and their neighbor it. They're they had. Are completely dumbfounded that he would be capable of doing something like. You know getting into -- Maybe failing a drug test. You can't say oh you know at 23 year old guy a lot of money yeah. But anything like -- not and I know day. You know who would think somebody capable. -- -- alleged. Allegedly capable. Of murder. It seems like an interesting because. One bit when he was director I believe and the format people work. Day. I think you know I don't think he even bother you people who knew him well. And then after that now I'm expecting change then and later. Expressing. More threatened discipline and a great thing that like. -- obviously it you know trial and -- it until proven guilty but I think. You know nobody got excellent. And that's double -- anger or even a few days ago. Oprah lecturing about -- move for what you are able to learn Elizabeth. What do you think. -- Hernandez got out of his relationship with -- -- obviously for Lloyd. He got a car he got to see. Access to carving now and then he got to see a professional athlete and he was a fan of the patriots in. All the wealth and all the perks and Aaron Hernandez in the lifestyle that he had but what do you think Aaron Hernandez got out of that relationship. And that you know the -- they are now. It's speculation -- without. About whether or whatever it ordered these guys got it whenever I can't do their rightful. That may have been the first time that Oden actually. Received a rental car from -- that guy road bike everywhere. The bond right from everybody acting. Can some people like yet they were -- You're the guy dropped and -- dollars at a nightclub. Over the course you know a few hours but it -- it out right. We're airing. With somebody. That they they would they actually have a fine. Because they gathering or whatever that's how they do that. They don't you Mary. He married a woman and that that mr. Well it seemed was not on at all because for awhile. -- didn't even know equally electoral football and old friend that he never mention it because he figured. It. In that it was -- PO. I -- -- a lot of things you know they were both. And strangled that the favorable loners. -- that does that neither one and I was you know like to be around a bunch of people. Any entered -- an old friend said that a tiny area. On one side and currently yet a lot of good friends -- Democrats into the growing up. Bet they didn't necessarily hang out there. I want you and are there any candidate that separately a lot of aren't sure and you know their their -- -- that important but it -- -- -- And so. I'm sure I'll a lot of and you know I think there's a lot is gonna come out. Well it does that story is ever changing but from what I gathered from -- people who are close and it was their personality and some place. As far as like not wanting to be like a few said that he wouldn't want it not unlike. How do you know entourage or whatever and you know now. But he was more simple guy that. Yeah I had the bad -- what you together when when you're eating when you were sisters. And -- -- -- the most prevalent. Do you think Aaron Hernandez got to a point that he was involved apparently in a murder -- -- How how did he get that he wrote about his father and his relation actor's father passed away he was sort of emotionally stunted. But what do you think led him. Ultimately to the points that that he was. Involved in a murder. And I. You definitely get -- It's it's unfathomable -- I know a lot of people talk about another day a lot of people. Blacks in the patriot. Her for. Three years ago. You know he would. Find it hard to believe that you could say that in seventh round not an. You know -- do not appear to help out calculated risks. I actually act England down in the organizational that they think it's possible and they say no way they could not work that were. But they're like an example of guys who get in -- trouble in college and you know they grow up and and -- They're -- they're still gonna sit with a lot but it is not obviously an errant. You would think youngest player on an active roster at all and -- out and twelve years old you would barely seventeen. Floor lead by no means are you. -- you know talking to his college position coach -- that your. Now what does that equate to hanging around people -- rally at the end what happens from there. I don't know it but it's interesting that if you're to believe the timeline of what police are saying. That when there was trouble it is -- that people in Massachusetts. If you're to believe you know what's going on investigation turn people. From where it struck. I guess that's one of the one of the things we've wondered about it you know is this -- case and we've seen the script in a million movies and probably in real life as well. Of a guy who simply couldn't shake some bad people that were in his past or is this a guy that was out to commit. Evil. If you're if you're thinking -- -- -- -- that story line about shaking that people in the past the poor people. You know it's. You know the police are saying that you allegedly was I could pull the trigger. You know who are these people. And it and it. Principal is it pick and there hasn't been about what we are stationed on my way to the funeral on Saturday. It hasn't been. They're not sure that they're in connection that hasn't been completely that so who are these people you know they got better. There'll yeah well right now. So much that we still have to figure out that I do know. At Florida you -- that would account it was cute guy by all accounts there. -- go -- loving guy that our role model and you know that I can't think of anything on top of my and that. You know that they that they felt they don't say that troubled all of them at all so big. -- -- The more these people I -- people Florida. Didn't want you again. You know simple college. Yeah maybe he had a private life. But it. People. Afford. It yet they -- people to connect to come out. A lot but you know nobody exactly knew that those people wore what they did and it wasn't like. Important on the that was completely obvious -- -- -- the public and it. OK you know let it you know what he's lived and where is it. And it's not like. You know we're the total neighbor didn't he had to deal a lot of that the violence. You can't do it was I didn't know that until Saturday. Kabul and that and wants to go yet and yet. I didn't. Are they Lurie who was able drive why it along to a friend so -- 320 year old girl. We're told Dorchester last summer. And finally rounded -- And I want to keep -- -- -- and -- this course you want to look at it it -- -- Pretty area what happened who know I mean I'm not school want out in the eight years. A lot of it doesn't seem that makes sense -- -- there would be a lot that we're gonna learn in the next few weeks or months. And where you can what that maybe -- source and I don't think. -- believe it didn't make that you know maybe what -- Alex and the acting even -- and maybe it's -- -- -- because you're out there are alleged. How to move at all. It -- Is it that it is definitely excited and and though. It's just that it so I was telling -- -- -- I would want to cover crime. -- the -- support -- bullet. Point did you practice. On every level. But we certainly appreciate -- taking a few minutes with us today Elizabeth Merrill -- very very interesting excellent piece today on espn.com worth the -- thanks so much to talk again. There you go -- and their other route via the AT&T hotline. And again just turn -- trying to get a piece together how we how you get from point a to point B -- Aaron Hernandez. Adjusting to know -- well of course I don't think she knows and and in that the in that hole. In that the prosecution is that what they're trying to. Establish right now trying to figure out -- what happened right what happened that night they're probably going you know deep background. This trying to to paint a portrait -- -- For jurors just trying to show people can this is can this it's who you you you thinking years and this is who he was in this since we became. And ultimately. They'll try to prove this is what happened on that night I guess there's still a lot of things they confuse me about it and clearly they still confused her as well but. You know I still don't understand exactly where he grew up. I mean I've been to Bristol Connecticut that's for ESPN as part of it is the ESPN campus the other part is coming dumping. I've heard Aaron Hernandez described as growing up in a very comfortable home. And I've heard him described his growing up -- kind of a crappy area. I'm not entirely sure what to believe about where he grew up in Bristol Connecticut I'm not entirely sure who we hung out what I still don't nobody know what you're just. Let's just stop here for a second okay and just stick it to your point this is what she wrote. Aaron Hernandez who grew up in the hills of Bristol Connecticut on a -- tree lined street called grey stone avenue right. I was -- Dennis was a custodian he briefly worked ESPN in the early 1980s as a janitor and and in the film library his mom Terri. A school secretary. So dad went to UConn brother went to UConn. At. But maybe it's just day it it -- superficial. Observation on though there are lots of a tree lined street maybe they're seeing it appears to be that when you go buy it. At 115 -- back there 115 in the afternoon go there at 9 o'clock at night self analysis going on but based on this description. Sounds like here. It sounds like life as a middle class typical guys who are avoidable for him -- he could've avoided some of what he may be failing to. But I'm so much or he fell into and I still don't know whether he was running with a really really bad people. And whether that followed him whether he met them in Florida whether he met them in Connecticut weather -- -- until later whether he got involved with things once -- with the pats whether he could or should I mean all of these things are still. Left up in the air and and you know -- you know it's up to put -- there are lots of questions for anybody -- everybody question is still up in the -- Michael of course it was a great one. Elvis Aaron Hernandez get out of old Lloyd. Why are they friends while you don't want was guilty that he won an entourage. I was guessing what it sounds like it sounds like. He just wanted to that he -- at the hero worship. I like look what I can do for you I'm I'm gonna select Q I mean it didn't sound like the most balanced friendship which leads me to my other question. We get a pitcher for a look at it that there's a balance French do. -- -- just give me an example. Your body. Cold you check it I don't care peace famous and let's say it's perfect it's probable that lets say if we got -- let's -- -- OK okay my body brought your buddy my -- my ex partner Brock Huard who is times -- Louis rams. And he calls you bad he text you at 930% in use in says you wanna hang out yeah joints and sure. But he actually shows up at 1:32 o'clock in the morning. When he didn't show up around midnight -- the -- man on a bit right simulator. But I'm wondering if because of this hero worship because of this adulation he had for Aaron Hernandez. 8:2 o'clock in the morning even though I have to work the next day -- was an air strike or whatever you need now on -- don't yet course. And it and it makes sense I'm wondering if if people around him know he had a reputation -- -- and talking about being this gregarious guy always had a smile on his face front and everybody. -- people in his neighborhood. People close to him think it was strange. To be going off with Aaron Hernandez at 2 o'clock when he had that happen before and if you think about it it's Boston right. There is no club that we know about you know legal club. That's open it didn't but we also -- -- -- a completely to I don't life so arrest of a candidate was it. If he didn't have a car so Hernandez was going to be staying over Hernandez's place. And it literally made a hole bunker and it -- don't try don't you think about those things of course but what you sound like the road you're kind of walking down there of the cure worse show up. And that almost sounds like. More of a mental disturbance type of type of case were it has nothing to do with gangs nothing to do -- Loyalty or drug deal gone bad or for the murder from a year earlier mean that the -- the the road you're walking down there sounds like it leads to -- I built this -- up out of nothing and I you know I need to have that hero adulation. And then at the end when it's not exactly the way I wanted to be I take a person's life with some -- ups you know it and yeah I mean that's a walking down a completely different site coach sees. Then then what I think most people and certainly what somebody like Jason whitlock. Walked down today which is one of tough guy one of sort of an attachment to gang type of a gang behavior that kind of thing. Or or where I admit that we -- -- what -- was -- drug deal gone bad that ultimately led to this or maybe the cover up for what people think might have occurred a year ago with the July murder. I mean there's so many different ways you can go to this. And it is so we're all who does all struggling -- fashion fail because some people and that's the only text and some people have called senate race just the punk. He's just a scumbag. It's as simple as that I'm not that complicated -- people take that approach I think most people think. This is. They're they're struggling to understand. How this happened right how does the very basic thing of the guy which had so much had so much given to him. At a young age -- all. Well the one that again what you just described as a home or even describe -- at half wonder I don't know walking down walked and wondering about. Doesn't sound like a scumbag it sounds like like a serial killer type of type a personality you don't mean. We went with -- almost paranoid thoughts on my and I have no idea again. It just walking down a couple of I'm not trying to insinuate that that's what -- factly we don't know -- trying to make I'm not trying to make a sensationalist. You know it just -- you're seeing -- you -- walk down a couple of different roads and they're not always. The first thing everybody thought of and and probably myself included which is he's a scumbag he's involved in some bad stuff and this is where it ended up 61777979837. You guys are all over the map here -- your calls -- grab -- alcoholic W via.

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