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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 07/02/13

Jul 2, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't touched upon today. Today featuring our favorite Finnish announcers, Andrew Bynum, Porta Potties and more! Plus Jack Edwards!

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Of 04 port through me. And now -- Neitzel can Ali swollen painful written roller board or bought for. Me TE. Well we solved it -- On Sports Radio WB. Okay men bagels -- Mike Brown claims that the angles out there and is before the draft but asked him based on its alt field history. This is the owner of the angles the team with thirty emirates through that second -- -- the vikings for us brown telling the truth. His grandstanding and the angles with me. I think he's lying because they don't have jobs didn't have -- for the longest time. This is that I. This is one of the most pathetic organizations. In the NFL and I think Mike Brown. Should change either changes last name or don't make a connection to his brilliant father. Paul -- By that that big big godfather of everything we do when modern. Modern football right now. That the fact that Mike Brown as his son is almost criminal. So no I do not believe. That Mike Brown would take any player off the board. The Cincinnati Bengals probably just didn't recognize the player but if -- if they had an opportunity to draft Aaron Hernandez they would. Here's the thing what does he is still let's assume for a moment okay follow me down a bizarre path and assume that he is telling the truth okay. Assume take my hypothesis. That Mike Brown is telling the truth and actually. Kept Aaron Hernandez off his draft board. Does that mean he's just made 39 other mistakes like he's willing to take people off the board. But he just you're getting it wrong over and over an old political elite recruit and over again. Think you're worse of course a guy and he died tragically. Henry tall receiver -- and Chris Henry Chris -- never. He just kept getting in the problems -- like 30 delivered I don't time ran off. It is it has so many guys like that. That they've given chances to that they have -- He's the last person. Because because they knew that Aaron Hernandez maybe was connected some marijuana that was where they drew the line yet no way to live by. He ought to. Our favorite announcers from Finland -- back in the news with the heartbreaking yet -- -- the final two goals of the Stanley Cup finals. -- Is that I've got. It's. To a responds after a what are the other ones that -- I think you're perpetuating seventeen seconds for the next 15 pick up the but it happened in real time. So it's. Yeah. Okay. It's. -- -- While still some hours of -- that's kind of review. It was at our -- but it was -- -- to us it's pretty funny that you recognize only the last from the game response. I. -- -- -- -- So the question is a system Rossum who would you like to see bumped off the play by play of these guys please Joe Buck. Anyway I think he's an answer Joe Buck always -- -- -- Obama yes. Yes. -- -- what would Jackson interview this question. Art anybody from NBC. If it does give tax -- that Jack's not here to speak for himself. All just say everybody at NBC in honor of Jack who would like to just eliminate the entire network from existence jock wants to work for Comcast so that he can -- -- -- -- NBC and eliminate any connection and they have to NHL hockey -- At a federal. Federal what doctor Rick called. Was compared to this -- -- Lowered to about hockey right now with the game or what else we'll be watching something else. On a smaller monitor where that actually the game -- -- you heard him say Dave bullet right OK here -- they've all heard of delegates W. -- -- After the. It's. It's. What -- bowl OK I think it was great pockets to finish three. Okay Andrew Bynum is now an unrestricted free agent after sitting out the season in Philadelphia team -- explosive rejuvenate and help win. Take a chance on bond with the money right. No no no no no no no no absolutely not no way no how he feels. He would be on my do not draft do not -- list not because. He's got whatever off field issues that an Aaron Hernandez apparently had but because he's got a whole set of different ones both on and off the court. I told you before Andrew Bynum is my least favorite NBA basketball player maybe of all time. There's not one thing about in my life I would rather have broken down Greg code share. I'd rather have been posting -- who's the most hated. Basketball players in Boston. Well I mean of course you rather but it besides Oprah to anybody else. I'd rather pick -- -- hectic back ran out -- three years after you retire have a Travis -- give me Travis -- give me I you know how to get injured the clerk right now. Over and trying to clerk Brett Szabo. Marty Conlon. I pick of offers -- under -- -- Chris gable wanna goggles can't figure out. I'd take care of my problem and is that Nader Bynum just specifically does not like basketball -- wanna play basketball he is. It's -- he does have that same attitude that we are talking about yesterday with Tyler's -- Except apparently much much much worse the this is not the biggest thing in my life. On an -- surgery right before the season to have to play for the first 25 games and then ultimately what I thought was the single most obnoxious. Was when he job. When he told -- library wandering not just the it is one of the worst things I've ever seen and I was still -- was over game was over his season was soon and they were and I tried to injure guys out there who was who was who was busted -- -- -- having a great series -- and David -- screwed up. You don't David Stern did he suspended him for what the first couple games of the next season -- -- should've done. If David Stern was a great great commissioner in -- would it -- you would have suspended him for the first. Series of the next year's plants. You would have said okay. You already stated that playing basketball during the -- I think there's not a core audience -- you know how we are suspended for pictures plants that would make him -- I think -- make this the suspension longer. -- he made it. But I can't just given what we want to let him play the regular season and no criteria -- there's -- -- for the first few games last year's playoffs because you have such a dirty cheap under god give give that's I would get ten games -- -- games he kidnapper that's what he wants Jack to Jack. Jack Edwards a hijacked. The world -- make sure your fourth. -- where are you in the world. Actually in war on our temperatures in Europe you know like no matter what could be arsenal mall money c'mon no no. On issue area. -- Well we have retail marketing -- bringing up with now not at liberty to say. That this -- as it does this have anything to do with your wife tweeting last night that you your dog has more followers and she's done. However. Note though the white it's still out. It's still you can stay locked the door but I would I just wanted to know I -- doctor Everett better. I really. I really -- -- I can't stand that the guy had to be no. And and now in your pocket right now. All he had to act this economic was going to -- I don't know you know. If you if you watch Orioles yankees jewel. Like. -- One. Equipment -- -- -- Oh. Wait a lot network executives. You know. -- -- -- important. And so -- I don't watch -- and I got from -- and get the memo would -- who call you -- that product -- talk about that very well you know this -- I know don't shoot I look at. That. -- OK. Okay. Translate for your reasons job gave volt batteries don't agree. That it well what in that way. You know how urgent. Situation like. -- Mark. Thank you Jack. Enjoy the break. Our god -- know the break a party I disfigured of one of our Texas I'm not gonna say it. But it's just yet it really is -- shame which. What something can be done to reverse that decision. -- -- -- RG I got there you know the other -- I don't want him to put him in a position to comment on it but it's done. It's it's a knuckle forum. Not being and not have their country picked up progress so that's what. Kill. And. Okay making the rounds on the unit today in -- and launch. So only on sites like read it bar stools of -- or drunken girl concert is awful who fell face first into -- awful. Leaving no -- thoughtful now to a port of buddy now -- okay. -- -- -- something about it yes from a toilet in the house. Describe the photos to people it's just she's just don't offer an iso -- the -- the agony of that is worse is like -- those movies people watched as kids like the faces of death. Number there's like all the horrible ways people can die in my body I -- I rented faces of death for one likable or walk to these horrible ways people die like. -- I'm on that -- this is this is not quite at that level but when he showed it to me at first I didn't realize one laws. And they explain it to me as I was eating my wallet that girl is clover covered Denver in two days is Harvard with what would have been at the bottom of the portable. They the port apart is going in there awful is that enough to start this though you do is it an option that keeps things ordinance -- -- there's stuff that's on -- plane. Oprah that's on the air for. That's an airplane it what's the worst port -- either of them. All of them and historically. I don't know but I nice yeah you -- it's rented a -- -- For a party out of my house you know what people -- about -- I lived in LA on the beach and we need much to my neighbors did the -- fifty people. As we rented hold on to Puerto keep people out of our house and he's doing somebody still want to go until I absolutely in fact my roommate. Cast -- his pants around his ankles in about from on his face. But that's a different story of day well. I -- so we rented a port a potty in one of my friends' wives -- conference like made it on the eyes it was okay -- candles and there are a couple of yet it okay it was okay. Right I -- it was like you know about the Taj. What are you like when you first get on an expert before anybody goes in there and think about it and remember that -- plastics now. You'll Foxboro Stadium did so few. This we'll reduce. This is the one -- who asked to. Game would take care of that before you leader can help you you have does get help -- you still want you have to help. You know find a way to hold it yet you don't wanna double wanna -- -- a Porta -- Foxboro Stadium -- as a going. There's an alternative there's holes which you'll freaked out of Portland wants actually couple years ago and a and wedding that was that sort of like out or. Style wedding for Colmes well when into the -- money. And really dark in there and there was this gigantic ball I mean huge cockroach but larger. They attacked me while I was in the port applauding. And I could not get out like it was like stock. I was banging on the -- thing -- out and away from this gigantic bogon he was petrified to happen I mean eventually I got out but it was. People like kind of gathered around with -- shaking the port of body door squeal like a girl try to get away from the -- of couples who want to fix the NASCAR -- -- our bodies there and scores -- share. I went up for one of those I says why are you haven't seen disgusting that you support -- -- -- music festival I'm sure. They have really nice to improve wallpaper and radios and fresh -- hours nicer than most bathrooms most public bathroom. You guys know that I mean -- wallpaper Puerto -- I haven't seen mobile wallpaper. I must I must have missed those flowers that my sister used you're OK commit Porta -- she thought it was they pick it up -- Wish you need it just going after the Astros got all over face. She's drawn -- you just kind of she peaking in Philly and believe episodes are not only by the way it was there whatever else was already in the airport body but the results -- her own vomit Russia that was in the Arab world and again I got our it was -- --

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