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“Rabbit” in Fitchburg calls in to share his experience with gangs and prison life

Jul 2, 2013|

“Rabbit” explains what Aaron Hernandez is going to deal with in prison, including the gang life on the inside and what Hernandez’s routine could resemble.

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Last week reduced to one of the great characters and Dennis Kelly Angel thing quite frankly in my opinion. That's rabbit from the calling from says Pittsburgh received huge effort by the exit you use the part of the Dennis and Callahan -- dad misses I wanna make this -- -- put in the record first I consider rabbit a part of the -- -- and -- I appreciate you calling our show right now. That he is a Dennis and Callahan Show. Go to guy and -- because it's -- hand this week. I don't feel bad taken Ravitz call my question -- more part of the -- talent show the minute hand himself -- -- civilians as war and he gets a lot to talk more. On the DNC -- Kirk many Democrats you would they welcome him into the studio. Put him in his own route he would be in studio kept on ice from you rat can do what he wants becomes an. Rabbit -- and Mike -- -- your call today meant. -- but -- -- -- I think it'll hurt the market has everybody's got a preview -- all the cops say he's not getting memorable club are you right. If you read the article. What we -- -- booking in the jail there -- your -- in my you know overall public opinion you're waiting to get -- In the every TV in every card it's gonna say if you sit here again remember -- -- -- -- -- -- -- have been a part of your you know the whole month and was he thinking and phone order of it into -- the record church and whoever you get those sanctions like ten times our city to elect. The normal seven million in the hole they're all related league in three months from all Iranians. More penalized -- you say you're getting now not now. What are you just say I'm not a camera not a game to try to lie in the in what they're it's called ftp. Security rec group office says. And what did he do it they're gonna prove that you are like -- sit there watching letters and keep people out what you're getting now. Gang related material in the letters and phone call he admitted it and everything like that and he can improve your -- even if you signal. If he's ever wants texting us saying that you know -- the police -- talent on that a police are telling us they already said he's not a gang member -- turn and as saying that my question is rabbit based on. The tattoos you've seen are they going to be able to help that -- -- got to do some more some more digging on the stick this figured out. -- -- -- And point out as some people might have been like some people you'll get points like Tom the -- you can always say he'll either I think Alex and get the blood gable and then they'll keep an eye on that a lot of the cameras and -- singletary. He's into the -- it -- likely to -- the debt due in America member and people like became not affiliated anymore hurt you don't -- two hours that they say they call it. And then you'd be you -- it would mark Lester the game or you work they'll do it like twenty system in the usually -- the -- letters and people put money down. Almighty just sort of people important letter Tuesday don't know that they're talking on and talk in the gang investigator on the that. And what they'll do with the market all down and then they'll they'll tell when they like you've been or you hereby notified by the ID group that your. Com notify gang member blood -- whatever you know it's not going to be. You know I'll let him know and then the rest at a time in county -- to get the president to do Israel arm. Bills you know aren't quite a different blocks and stuff like that accordingly like in -- report -- the rival gang members put. Should take you to some -- he -- now inspect the property of all these same reality that basically it. It's creepy that it that it to the hours it's really -- one Howard go side correct -- -- little balky spec. And -- the other powers like. Meet it and Albert. That's on the -- that really about fifteen minute that they are comic owned properties all -- -- -- -- people usually you -- immediately you know there are. Sure well that it. Patchy in -- to get back in the and so. You know we urgently horse I was an earlier he's getting three hours not an upgrade be warriors send its -- it's three hours and he's got a visit maybe weigh less than that. You know. We -- it -- -- at the end this is his goal to try to not be known as a gang member Egypt because it's more penalty for him. He's saying that's. The latter category you know I also -- -- leading up around it up like that. Well -- united behind the -- an extra week -- -- you know couple weeks sort of created it doesn't matter I mean you don't get any text open and Ali you don't then you -- an exit properly unified they're -- to prosecute them again remember it's not if you -- -- in recent. You know well I mean the -- parts are usually. While no one quite so -- to the -- -- -- I mean. Idealistic and the gang member or not you got a little spurt that there aren't that -- like too much in the -- on -- longer Bible and you know. Like that happen in the jail. Well I we're MP moral question and that is the you know he's the report -- he's not a gang member but you've once again help us out in our time and he give us the info rattle we appreciate it and have a good fourth -- -- holiday. -- -- for DNC show for so there we skis filling UN insane at the three hours but they say he's getting right now. Is it relieve enough area. That's a rabbit -- that they when he calls the station is a his life sucks. But he did to himself this is not yet to -- he absolutely did self inflicted.

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