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Is Aaron Hernandez the ultimate example of the Patriots losing their way?

Jul 2, 2013|

Mut and Giardi examine the Patriots decision to invest in Aaron Hernandez, both in the draft and through his contract extension. Mike Giardi also talks about how he was fooled by Hernandez and his comments after he signed his contract extension.

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Butler not -- 37 WEEI Mike Hsu article is here for a little. Taking your phone calls until 2 o'clock at 61777979. B 377. Unfair comment I made before the break that things are getting. Worse before they get better for Aaron Hernandez because technically things didn't get a little bit better I would think. For Aaron Hernandez you see this -- that. He's been moved out of itself -- in three hours now. Out about he's got a new cell block at the Bristol county house a correction initially being held in a medical units sell. He's gone through his medical testing gone through I guess the psyche psychological profile. And now many meet the media Alex including The Herald and WP RI in Providence are saying he is in new new unit. This is a unit will still have a single solitary cell. You'll not be put into. Jan pop I believe it's called exhausted imprisoned not exactly sure not planning on going against -- -- thing and he's there must have been no imprisoned. Stopping and gen pop but he's going to a different seldom will not know what I want contact. But he does as you say. Get three hours outside the cell. Instead of just one hour so instead of 23 hours of of solitary confinement. He's got a 21. At least for the time billing being so I guess that's a positive -- Hernandez. -- And he I think -- use. Good day to be you. For today -- union -- where he was. Two weeks ago. Vs -- is now. It's not as good I know it's just that exists it baby step dad -- stack -- the whole story is staggering just. More and more details now pile up from matches. What went on. In north out of world but now. Back to his time Florida's well. Well and that's where I guess secondly there is some bad -- terms of the track record for Aaron Hernandez the finding out things about him that we just. We had no clue about quite frankly I was one of these morons who believed OK felt a trapeze wheat which now seems ridiculous that I believe that many people. Believe that but I chose to believe it pretty clear that's not just. About the occasional. Marijuana cigarette or bong rip are today in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) late last night to say. An incident was a reported about 2007. Hernandez -- brush with the law from Florida even before he played down a football. May fourth 2007 a couple months after bandits and -- the Florida he showed up at a restaurant called the swamp. Knew their campus in Gainesville a two story Barbara the features Jersey's former Florida stars according to police report here's what took place a waitress. Bought -- brought Hernandez to alcoholic drinks. After Hernandez finished -- drinks he restaurant employee named Michael. Tap porn delivered a bill. Hernandez said he hadn't ordered the drinks refused to pay at which point a verbal altercation began between the two men. Fernandez called a witness over to try to intervene the resolution could not be reached he was told to leave and escorted out by -- -- After stepping outside and according to report -- has told tapped Warren and gotten his face and began yelling at him. It's -- more turn to walk away Hernandez punch and decided to head. A fact that that time Hernandez did not dispute. The waiter cap -- complain of hearing loss in his ear. But refused medical treatment on the scene the report said the next day however doctors discovered as a white -- -- burst. An injury he was told it would take four to six weeks to heal according to the police report. It is not wasn't arrested because he was seventeen at the time the given the severity of the injury to the victim. The department -- so police department recommended a charge of felony battery. A crime -- for adults in Florida carries a maximum of the five years in prison. Hernandez attorney Michael -- not return emails and calls for comment the former Florida coach Urban Meyer. On now the head football coach at Ohio State has declined comment on Hernandez -- a story that I had not heard either on or off the record even talked about before this Wall Street Journal (WSJ) story last. And and there's and there's more and hope there is more. This comes from me it's. Titus on I think it's the Florida newspaper -- online site here. As for an -- was arrested question suspended. Trifecta in his first two years at the University of Florida you have the fight with a bouncer. Months later this I don't know identified Hernandez's one of four players questioned by police. Investigating the shooting of two Manning Gainesville. After Florida's loss Auburn. And then of course Hernandez's one of three players suspended for an universe of Florida's 2008 season opener and later acknowledged that as punishment was being tested for Merrill. So that B three different incidents yes delete edit two years and let's. Let it be fair to say that he he failed more than one. Marijuana test along the way it's a work counting has won it. He claims no. Florida claims no but other people claim yes. That he did fail more than one test that I would imagine that. I'm -- I'm gonna go with the people that have -- otherwise. -- I have I have let them patriots completely off the hook for drafting Hernandez take in the fourth round good value. When you have three of these incidents and we can now make it a three pack involved and question and shooting. -- guy decided -- -- then and at least feel -- one marijuana test it before was suspended a game for. Is there -- more blame now the -- you read these stories Mike and you've been around this team a lot. Is there more blame for the patriots in drafting of Hernandez when you read a story like this year Mike Brown of the Cleveland mangled cannot yesterday and say. We took a -- or draft board completely based on some of the stories that we heard the research we did based in his time afford to -- more blame. For drafting him when addressed and there in the fourth round draft him at all. They. -- are one for me because I think no one obviously. Could have predicted. What's happened here nobody know nobody agree on a Prada and even when you say well how about giving him the contracts. And you know if this double murder happened that he's being investigated happens along with that July believe and -- in the contract in August. -- -- They're not following the guy 24/7. And obviously they were fooled by him. To a certain degree. But no one could have predicted I don't think they do -- from an assault or from marijuana to. Killing people doing somewhat hard to be doing more than one person. -- -- -- -- Vantage point I can't really. -- them. -- can blame on them for this the one thing I will say is I think one and one of the things that this. Should show them now is that they need to reform their system. And their checks and balances when it comes to their players. And may be you know another Red Sox got a lot of grief for hiring -- PI to follow Carl Crawford remember that was a big story a few years ago when it. When they sign Crawford. But maybe this up into that you're gonna make such a massive investment in a guy. You need all the information possible and I guess. In this day and age did you just you never know so the more information gleaned. In whatever manner you come up with -- -- and I think that that's now on them it's reform their system and to be more diligent when it comes this stuff. And saying that again. Like the murder thing I don't think anyone could have predicted I mean maybe maybe associates of -- could -- added to what path he was on. Like I don't think the team. Should be held responsible for that valuation. He did form this sheds more light to me on you know that the store this new store from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) today. Clearly there work -- there were stories there about Hernandez that or more than just. Smoking marijuana. But it's even though at the point were right see this in a five if Bill Belichick -- this is problem he trusted. He trusted Urban Meyer too much like if you look at the track record of players that came from Florida. -- the patriots. They pretty much sucked across the board. And how ladies guys where it was Urban Meyer telling Bill Belichick. The of the argument he's better than you know he's a good player but he's reformed you know whatever it is and an -- and -- whatever reason. He fits in that category now looking back a revisionist history hindsight being 20/20. There was more than just a marijuana failure if there was a track record here from before he even. In rolled up for this from the month before school started that year yeah he decided to go their deed great decided to go to UConn. Backed out late went to power and influence are now met tee ball on campus varied set -- -- to go to school and most actor and may. And punches a waiter on the side of the head -- looked -- people or texting and -- on the waiter deserved it you know we hear a story a waiter that went outside. I want to pay for bill yeah and didn't know what the hell went on your C got what you pay for drinks and -- from the side the head. I don't that would seem to me it may be got a -- anger issue -- that's the way you're gonna react to itself. Even talking about drafting -- Hernandez. I don't put a lot of bonus in the patriots. But that the resigning in the contract when you talk about the checks and balance this year. You know Hernandez The Herald had a story today about Hernandez telling jail officials he was not -- gang. The other these tattoos are not gang related may not confirm that he's saying he's not again. And then yet there are investigating the tattoos it's apparently a common practice they look to make sure. Yes no gang affiliations honest that that might cause problems should he did in the general population. She got and that will be the bats -- by any blame to the patriots in this case by many blame it's about. That system of checks and balances like I wanted to -- -- next story it's gonna come out. How much they actually knew about Hernandez you know how much were they investigating MB of Matt Light was willing to say again -- the fact. I didn't believe what Hernandez stood for. Whether other players that saw things from Hernandez and you know these players and coaches do they talk was this talked about behind the scenes and how much it ownership and how much of Bill Belichick know about Hernandez his night life about it extra curriculars. When they give that extension to me if there's any blame to be had but the patriots. That's the blame it's not drafting him -- what this story today in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) . I'd like to know how much they knew Mike when they decided to an extension because there's enough red flags went back. Now to Florida. Where I. Well what if you're comfortable in giving him a forty million dollar here you know comes what happens now okay now that this whole thing has broken and Hernandez isn't in jail awaiting trial for for murder and maybe more than one murder. They've opened themselves up. Maybe through no not not not necessarily any fault of their own they now opened themselves up we bought hook line and sinker. Fell because of marijuana I did it completely did I I'm with you charged I'm where -- on the dummy. In fact I've found -- to be. Arm and my time around him. Funny. Can be agents could also be moody but -- it. That makes him no different than 90% of the professional athletes I cover probably not percent of everybody that. I can be noted we we all tournament. So I mean. I bought that that line of thinking. And now what happens here I think is there are a lot of people who feel burden on this story -- are gonna go -- What did the patriots know that's what that's what I would like to know and and I think what we'll get there. Eventually that the people are working on that right now. Now how much did they know only gave new extension the direct the drafting part of it. I still on hold and a lot of contempt but when they gave new extension. How much was known outside of football you know and they say. We'll debate -- like they were taking a gamble there or did they think that. The things that he was saying to the media about being a chain that they believe that the they bought it hook line sinker. That it is contract it changed him that he believed the words she was saying when he said those words at the Bob Kraft charity event. Let me just say -- that that moment. Now we've we were -- I was mocking Mike Lansing and saying he's one of the worst human near the worst -- lap and never recovered. That moment with Hernandez was so heartfelt so genuine. I went home and I raved about it to anybody I ran into. Then I was like this guy. -- I'm talking about I can't be the old Aaron Hernandez all the old Aaron Hernandez to -- he was. Guy every once in awhile didn't like authority a guy who smoked -- A guy who maybe had to be pushed a little bit more than a guy with -- talent and his skill set and the potential to be a hall of Famer one day she need to be pushed. And he's saying that. And sang how mister Kraft the commitment that he made him. Changed his life no one shown me this much faith before I wanna be good for him I wanna live a good life from my. Might as of I don't believe his child was born then and my fiance and I was won a couple months later idea on all the stuff that went into that I remember seeing them after. His child was born in the I was. As any of us are we I mean when I had my children I'm sure when you read yours. That moment is indescribable it is it's one of those moments always remember and he was like us. In that regard. I remember coming awake -- in this guy. He's really trying debts it he understands the investment that they put -- And then a year the may have killed somebody two people a month and a half prior. The saying what he said. He's a hell of a con man. And we all want it and most importantly the guy who wrote the -- Audit so and that man right now we hear from them mr. Kraft I can't decide whether he's got to be broken up. And and in my routier's or he's just going to be. Yes angry. Now we got fooled by this guy and what he did and the tarnish that he's put on our franchise that is gonna stick around for awhile. I can't decide what he's going to be but I know he's gonna be one of those too may people may -- -- may -- -- Or possibly bolt -- that's what will be and that's another thing you sort of waiting for and how much of the patriots know what is Bob Kraft sit down and address that someone may all be until. Training camp starts but you guys are are awaiting a hole we'll get your calls next 617. 77979837. AT&T -- line. 37937. I should be about one other story its pop up today we come back we'll talk about this with your phone calls and that's that. TMZ is reporting that he was involved in a domestic issue. At a home in California in addition all of this other stuff and multiple calls to come to that house in California will say about that and get your phone calls next.

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