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Paul Flannery, SB Nation, joins Mut and Giardi to explain Danny Ainge’s plan

Jul 2, 2013|

Paul calls in to lay out what lies ahead for the Celtics with the roster in a state of uncertainty. The guys entertain the idea of adding former Hawk Josh Smith or possibly trading Rajon Rondo.

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When it comes to the MBA up Paul Flannery SB nation knows. A lot more then. Unfortunately a lot of -- do in terms of salary cap and how teams are built and we start talking about this off the year today said the governor wanna talk to Paul planner because got a pretty good inner workings of a -- you rebuild teams and Paul joins us here on the eighteenth the outline the actually tweeted out -- teased. Paul what you're gonna talk about you're gonna explain to lost the difference between a planning and tanking because Mike -- I've been sick here sandy got tank for next year you gotta be bad before he can be good you do agree or disagree with that state when it comes to the MBA. The ignorant of what they were thanking god let -- being indicate that you have one player. We're going to be bad and hope we get lucky in the locker and we made it we thought 97 hey guess what didn't work we -- in 2007. Guess what didn't work. And who -- to suggest that the Celtics should just trade everybody. And be the worst thing you could possibly be to try to get lucky very I'm not saying that's not part of the plant. What is it taking indicated that you're only -- that's what dump schemes do the -- cannot doll what they're doing it they're building assets though. It's next -- that they called great if the year after that they called great they've got nine pick. -- the next 91 round pick for the next five years but a lot of stuff to play well so it's a plan and not so much attack. Well when you talk about 88 planned is that do you believe that planned next year Paul involves. Trying to field a an ultra competitive playoff bound team or is that plan evolved well if we wore a playoff team we gave ourselves a better percentage chance. And how are lottery pick would be okay without as a franchise. Well yet let's see where they are on July 31. Because right now I'm not sure theaters I would but they have right now and I mean -- talked about it yesterday they've got a lot of duplication on the roster that you got to make some moves. No I look at the team they have now with Rondo Avery Bradley Jeff Green sellinger. You know that -- 2530. Win team may be if everything goes right. But right now they're not built to be a playoff team now. But you know let me get it maybe they can find a home for Chris comfort maybe they can find the whole got to pick it by the -- -- crashed -- I think that they would you feel about that. But you know let's see what they look like in -- right now -- look like a -- Q did you look at the -- -- there'd been a lot of playoff teams out there. Are now you and I have been gays are -- little what are conversational banter when when first Josh Smith's name was brought up as. Potentially being connected to beat the Celtics and I it was like a -- Please know and you dumped on and that I liked Josh Smith is a player. I like Josh miss basketball IQ convince me. All great professor Flannery lives. Josh Smith. Works in Boston. Well I this pilot Mike is that for personal reasons I kind of wanted to see Rondo and Josh Smith on the same team thrown Alley -- to -- There have yet to be entertaining -- lob city park zoo -- would. And I did -- today I got this shot selection is dreadful it's awful everybody knows that. He's a very good defense -- where this stuff got started a complete defense -- -- terrific defensive player. He picked optionally panel that in when he focused he is at all star player and had all star caliber -- -- the last year that made the team. My theory is that that coaches vote for the reserves and and -- -- at -- bit of payback if he -- a hand ball. -- that my thinking with that is if you have Rondo and Josh Smith both of whom are sort of come out there are needing to rehab you know there there -- -- so to speak at their best friend they have every motivation to make it work. And they're Smart guys they know how to make it work where they wanna make it work. Is a different story that different situation. I don't think they're gonna have a chance to get Josh Smith I think he is going to be in some ways attached to Dwight Howard thing whether he's the consolation prize or at. Third wheel in wherever to wait winds up going I think you're -- very difficult to get Josh Smith I don't think that's really where their focus is right now either. We're talking to Paul flattery SB nation all things MBA you talk about the roster for next year and certainly. Is influx Paul other things that would tell you based on what Danny goes after July 10 and after. The trade but injuries becomes officially becomes open season in the NBA there. Other moves that he would make that would lead you give us clues as to. What their plan is for next year he wants to wait a little bit what -- those clues speed that they're committed to. I'm trying to find themselves in the lottery next year specifically. If that -- it in your rotation at the better I think that's pretty good indication that. You know it yet if god laid -- milling Kelly all lick and and and and all these guys are are thought of -- Lagarde they're gonna play. 1520 minutes -- here. Then you're probably looking at a lottery team if they can find if you guys. And you look at the -- classes very strange. And there will be some players with some talent who kind of slide down here but let's not forget that you guys they need to find a home. For god according to leave maybe even rated bat because they would be in their best interest to get themselves under the luxury tax sooner rather than later. So yeah let's see what they what direction he goes after this treated me to keep dumping guys -- recorded the somebody's capped it right now and get the trade exception and so -- -- keep doing that or -- told not to those guys get that team that could be mildly compact. I don't think it would be the -- it certainly -- -- -- the Brett Bobble there is not coming back to Boston. I'm a little -- out about dynamite collided like I kind of enjoy that Jeremy and when you're when -- bottom -- you might as well just dead as bad as you possibly dead and that was about as. Bad as it possibly can be. They want the -- badly but did you know you wind up -- -- Hey let's hope people speculative probably in the second best player out of that draft. But you know you have a coach who was completely impatient and and couldn't wait he -- patella he Billups and Ron Mercer. As opposed to -- and you didn't really get very -- And so you know it's like -- wallet wallet you know it's it's amusing to think about these 151617. It'll work call. I don't they don't work all the time because you can have the second best opportunity to get the number one pick and end up with the fifth pick in that and up. You -- it did lead to Jeff Green and everything else being put in place my problem here is the alternative because you. The team you said is that big a deal for next year you have a 25 or thirty wins you a lot more spectrum these and I knew I think that Rondo. Bradley Jeff Green sellinger crash Wallace team. That's thirty plus win team in seventh rate in the it in the Eastern Conference and to me that that's the one thing I I think they can't do Paul is is is. Keep themselves out of a lottery next year. Be just bad enough where there is that first round of the playoffs getting Miami or Chicago are one and done the first round were also looking at next -- single. What did you gain on this -- what what did you gain by not being a lottery team -- not least give yourself a chance for one of those blue chip players to build on down the road. I don't disagree end but but let's also remember here with a lot of recovered a lot of talk about in your way to develop make this point there's a half dozen big time talent in next year's draft at least. We can right now that the guy everybody knows -- name but Julius Randall and his name everybody's going to be talking about market smarty came back to school from Oklahoma State. Convening people are going to be talking about -- Parker's going to -- is how. -- doesn't really strong counsel I don't disagree with you but I think if you're looking at a team that went 35 games in -- near the Milwaukee Bucks and you get speed. Weren't so -- worst. But I don't think that you have to be sold sold so dreadful that you are that you try to -- keep the topic or at the -- I think that the that the bit of the difference there. -- we'd been talking about this -- is kind of how we started our conversation about Raj on Rondo and would you trade Rondo. -- for thirty cents on the dollar would you trade Rondo at all all. No and I wouldn't trade Rondo because -- I think he still is. I'm -- -- I will be probably his last defender box off that. Not everybody you -- on that I'm right there with you I -- I -- Beginning in terms of its competitiveness than what we've seen what he does when the lights go on. But here's the thing -- I -- -- I would trade for Chris Paul I would trade him for Russell Westbrook I would trade for Tony Parker. I would trade him for any of those you know that there's four -- five point guards out there I traded to step curry that are really really really -- But you're not getting any of those -- So what -- written for thirty says that -- sent -- because of the dollar absolutely not. I just wouldn't go right until his contract all right fine you need to have guys like that because. If you can't have it at eighteen million dollar roster that doesn't work a little out you need you need me if you -- -- -- perfectly fine and become an update the hell let's see what he is at the end of the year right now his value is not that it's not very high. Well let's go let's go for one more step is that you said the contract right now it's one the really good contracts in the NBA in a couple years to be in a restricted free agent again. Is he a guy that is gonna be Max player close to that is that something Danny age you think Paul thinks about -- and a couple of years about the make eight. Long term financial decision on what I wanna do with this guy. I think he -- think about it it's it's an interesting call me. We talk about this Mac player thing like there's like there's is that -- look at Tyreke Evans rumored -- -- eleven million dollars in the world yesterday and I like Tyreke I've -- -- -- a good player. But you know that I'd bet that that's a -- contract. For a player who isn't that good of Rondo. So you know whether or not a guy today in quotes Max player and whether or not he can get Max money on the open market or two different conversation. I think -- will be in that conversation to give back money I don't know if you're the Max money player and that it directly companies. Think about but did have a couple of years to think about that and that's why I feel like you know trading him -- for a couple of pick. Doesn't seem to make a lot since the one that was fascinating was with the sixers -- your holiday got drilled the well and the 20141. Round of from the world. That's the kind of deal that I would have considered that I would have had to consider long and market like this that night I do think Rondo has more more upside of these shows. All that I think that's a good great point that deals shock me. And that's one of those things where. Idea on that conversation because that to me is if you're gonna move -- that's big that's the kind of thing that you're talking about if you're gonna. But he got a guy who potentially could have been the first pick in the draft and sell because of maybe character concerns may be concerns about the need. And you're getting a first round pick on top of that. I love holidays game I thought he really came on last year I'm -- dot I posed the question. A hub a few times on Twitter -- to take holiday over Rondo. I like I like holiday that much. I like how they don't like him that much I like him because he's younger and -- healthier. But you got I wouldn't put I think Holliday had a terrific first half of the season the kind of leveled off like the rest of that sixers team did what kind of -- I think he's got a lot of potential but. But he is. Yeah a and dribble he's the dribble dribble point guard he is -- -- need to policy and a lot is not good guy like Westbrook. You know I think he's good but I don't think you necessarily on Roger's level you might get there he's very young he might get there and let you know I like. I like -- -- you like and unlike a lot things about it. I think -- Celtic did try to get a little conversation. Built for whatever reason they want to -- that. Any team nick young's on it's going to be hot mess for the 76ers now our last one for me all this talk about the roster. Our Dennis and Callahan -- being -- doing the Jay Larranaga. Conversation next here in the celtics' season Paul. Yeah I did that you know ethnic is in question -- did Dave picked up from -- got the chops to -- a lot I think he would be an assistant -- He talked about whether it was our guns like hand look like he would regular class. And if it's gonna be all young guys I think -- young coach would be would be would be the right kind of mixed there. You know I look at some of the other names that are out there and there's some big -- certainly been van Gundy is huge name is still out there. There's a couple of -- assistant coaches David his -- in Miami has has is very well regarded. But you know if you take a shot on a coach Jay wouldn't be that wouldn't be the worst. I think he I think he can be -- coach in the league I'm not sure he's -- totally ready but I think you know not -- either. -- Lloyd Bentsen like a guy like Stan Van Gundy what. What would be the appeal for any of those guys coming into this situation knowing that. There's a major upheaval going on here and you don't really know. Nevermind what kind of -- you're gonna have. Come July 31 producers don't know what kind of -- gonna have near the trade deadline when maybe. All those tips get pushed to the table and shipped away for for more drastic -- or what have you what I just. I don't I don't understand what the attraction would be for someone that time of -- recommend. Yet the attraction would be would be obviously probably financial and attraction would be an iconic franchise. The attraction would be. You know stability in the ownership and in the front office which is not -- none of which is not it's pretty rare thing in this league. And you know any idea would be -- we got nine pick come this way and that is the team that is going to be very very interest being you know in the future. You're right I mean ultimately if that's the kind of team they have I don't think that would attract a big name. But it might attractive and a couple of years. I -- Paul -- SB nation to successfully explained to us at least made the difference between planning. And -- wanna be bad but have options once your bat. And not only that but he may be one adjustment. And then -- so -- can't have you you you you brought under the table all you told me. Why should want him and I senate and now I'm this is a bad day from. Paul thank you -- appreciated as always. I've got Paul flattery peaceful lands very easy follow on Twitter joining us here. On the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE speeds. Of the ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible talked to Nate in -- get to yourself that phone call you guys waiting patiently 617. 7797983. Summit in addition we come back some updates. On the Hernandez story. It is getting worse before it gets better for the former patriots tight end don't -- work.

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