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Are the Celtics trying to hit the lottery?

Jul 2, 2013|

With the 2014 NBA Draft appearing to be the deepest in years, Mut and Mike Giardi explore the possibility that the Celtics are going to tank the 2013-2014 season to increase their odds for a high lottery pick.

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There's a huge carry over audience from the morning showed our show of these guys hand us a tremendous. Opportunity 10 o'clock every morning so. I want you to confirm what I said during the cross over the week came in here today you came it would meter and across or might she -- here from Comcast sports TV star. I'd spent a day with me and at the RV yesterday out of the worst days in the history human not -- Ambiguous crick in my family it was a little Dicey but they have an RV it was -- to -- so if -- AAA and everything was walk right into the -- -- in Framingham big bamboo. I was second -- line did not know that I am a triple triple -- premier -- but he never there for year old did really didn't know -- either. Pro tips from security and that shows that. Ten minute stop -- -- four more hours -- -- now so we came in together during the cross you -- on Mike Iowa is yes can you just confirmed the audience I was not making it up that something did smell and I walked iMac as they get to. I use a phrase the term. Go for acts. It's smell like ass you can say whatever you want you could say it smelled like it's on my gas. I thought I see this rotten milk was what economists public to me. And no no I think. I don't know I think men and may be he went off the rail. Why he's the runner and I know we don't you eats one vegetables he's one of the yen guys in this medium and actually does the public is a fat overweight slob which is nice. He -- a protein shakes the sometimes that's not just it it refresh period heated chocolate -- chocolate milk and a muffin chalky milk as he calls and a muffin and what is. I six years old to tell what you call he's got a you got a very different -- -- published. Any minute we got. Angry men and yeah yeah eighties -- milk he will slam the desk yellow color of the credit when a -- called -- Pedro but do when it comes time to eating drinking something it is chalky milk in a little carton every day in the week. And probably twice and though. And the little card do you can't sit -- -- again and again Griffith show it -- civil chocolate milk. What he does off so maybe it was him but I -- it a little I was not make up its melt as Mike Girardi called it. Like -- easier light out ten minutes or definitely had to be a good Bradford ludicrous linens. I couldn't possibly come out Bradford. I've I grab some four on our address breakdown during the -- -- try to clean this place up you'll be here till 2 o'clock here today up Paul Flannery. -- formally WEEI dot com now one of the league guys from the NBA columnist SB nation who is really good on basketball he's been. A great part of the program he's a guy that I need to talked Saturday because. You just reading and hearing so many things about. What the Celtics are going to do and how we're gonna do insult to the only thing we do today wanna get your thoughts and Aaron Hernandez -- around the team so much with current everything else. To your great coverage on Comcast will get into that maybe some Bruins later between Tim Thomas maybe some Tyler Sagan. A rehash from yesterday but. We get off the -- 2 o'clock press conference happens over the wall for him I think about 245. -- this big long quote today from Gary Washburn storage apparently he got this off the press conference you know that the press conference was mostly. The rookies talking and you read wash -- story today. And he says tanking Danny Ainge has to Gary Washburn tanking I think is ridiculous. This is the Boston Celtics -- -- we have a culture that we're trying to create a culture of winning and a culture work and developing. These young men as winners and has pros and so it's too early to know what type of team we're going to have. That's a conversation I can't even have a anybody realistically until October 1 we have a summer and figure out what what and where we are. I would never -- I guess my big my first question for you Mike is when you read this what yesterday you heard this yesterday. Do you believe -- any change. Nobody says that always lies through his teeth on. I never tanked what what happened in the in the Greg Oden Kevin Durant draft. Well what they terminated there. Well he would tell you that Paul Pierce was hurt. And they help them out the 24 games he missed during eighteen game losing streak for Doc Rivers and as a bunch of guys that got hurt that's what did he says yesterday about what happened during that draft. Sure and if that -- was remotely competitive and angling for any sort of playoff spot. I'm playing -- any sort of pride. Those guys would have played long before they return from their injuries they were extra safe because there was no. Urgency to bring them back because there was no desire to win because there was. There was the pot of gold at the end of that crappy rainbow and it was Greg Oden and Kevin Durant which by the way. As we well know they got neither. And they were able to turn Jeff Green in two Ray Allen and Ray Allen was able to the Paul Pierce convince Kevin Garnett that this was a place to be. But that's what the tanking got them and it was tank. And two year point Paul Pierce played 47 games that year. Allan ray the immortal Allan ray -- Al Al I am not a Allan ray. Played 47 games that year the only -- many minutes is pierced that obviously but he got -- a lot of games that your Gerald Green. -- 81 games that -- go one on Sebastian Telfair. Played in 78 games that year plan almost 16100 minutes so they can spin it. Probably want but -- 100% right there's no doubt in my mind Paul Pierce comes back earlier in that year they don't lose. Eighteen games general because he goes back before they lose those eight funeral they win at more than 24 games they won in an effort to -- -- next. -- franchise. They did it for Tim Duncan -- they tried two and 9697. Now an end to it to be fair means tech my guess wasn't here then but. The -- was pretty clear -- -- car. You bad basketball team you know that was a actually a pretty good offensive team that your back was just had pore over. These -- tank yours for the Celtics have to read winnings and it was a hundred points again their fifth in the NBA. They were the worst defensive team in basketball that your give up almost a 108 points per game. At public interest he tells the globe today ML Carr and getting to that a separate Washburn story in terms of the globe today but he says. Yeah I wasn't tanking I was experimenting well the problem for per ML that's cases that before we talk to. Watch -- talked to Jackie Mac yes Jack -- restored over the weekend that I thought was really good. And she talks to ML Carr about that team the objective. And Tim Duncan in the draft according to caucus with Jackie brought on Friday. All gassed and made the objective for the 9697. Season clear land Tim Duncan in the draft. -- cars charged with a roster that included Antoine Walker David Wesley Dana barrels. ML. It was so difficult. Danny is actually doing the right thing for the Celtics franchise but is gonna have a real tough broad why they rebuilt its like I want to protect himself yes in ML Carr. I was bringing guys like me drinkers and Brett Szabo love it was a joke love Brett Sabo but the idea was not to make a move that would help us too much. That's what I mean. We are just talk about this off there free agency what's the one name thus far you've heard I'm willing to in free agency. Through Danny was Dwight Howard yesterday how you ask what was the answer. No no woke up I looked -- as a second -- -- -- you looking forward to apologize Greg Oden. Write his name as pop of the Celtics have been on a list of five teams that might be interest in the services of the oft injured Greg Oden great. It gives people it -- ME -- And run that number I want and I kinda wanna say it's like eighty yeah -- -- for -- -- played a full season and he's -- and sat out the last 62 years. And yeah outlets bargain basement shopping right there I think that's trying to get nervous -- lip service Alison well I mean are you know that is healthy. And a blow themselves it was never healthy per results with part of that great 9697 -- were talking about -- -- all Stacey King got some run honesty was basically it was a -- -- about what -- well -- -- Todd day at a monster game of one point. There and -- -- -- put somebody in the face locker room I believe that to get your short he was it again so. I'm with you I think Danny Ainge is -- -- -- to take a step further. I hope he's line like -- at eight. I don't understand. How he thinks he is going to get this topic team back to league championship contender. Without the opportunity to draft -- Wiggins. Or sharp. Or the other whether three players in this draft that are considered. Like beat top three guys in terms of rebuilding. -- -- the third name to go along what markets Smart. When manager Wiggins whose gonna go do Kansas. -- don't get one of those three guys. How do you possibly. Get to a point where you are contending again with the likes of Miami. San Antonio. Oklahoma City use those three is count the top teams that jump off but might went skewed Dwight Howard goes to Houston but he's never harm. Cult like if you don't -- get one of those three. You get back to a championship level of the Boston Celtics and the -- There's almost no way and that is their -- one of the major issues that I think a lot of people have with the MBA you have to be. Horrible. In that league for several years. It. Hopefully be able to build yourself back up there is no matter if you win forty games you're screwed. Now that's about it -- the playoff team right Easter cup which you win forty games your seventh seed going up against Chicago and you're up five. Bingo and a what are yet out of can't get a lot -- -- 181920. Pick in the draft what does that do for you again you have -- At that point I mean Michael -- Danny did -- -- the draft wasn't. A good draft mile accounts right he'd drop the -- from Gonzaga. And at thirteen not thirteen. You moved up to get the -- -- zag and and what does he say about how he's not going to be a star he's a complementary piece you know knows how to play basketball and well let's great that's thirteenth pick in the draft. Understand. Best is a complementary -- is very good teammate Mike you when you can get a good team that thirteen you do whatever -- can't get -- -- I would be a good teammate for whatever he's gonna get OK okay and I over my Al. Ass off to practice if they want. I believe you would guess I will take charges two days early show up early here roller the most guest host Ottawa I believe to be a good team out. Extra iron I would I will carry everybody's bags I'll do whatever they ask. It's it just. I hope he is lying and here's the problem he -- the -- -- -- -- -- maturity yet they were -- it says -- taken it and David Stern. Who is still the -- until December right. He's gonna come now that iron cranky -- and smack you over the head with a. We'll see he'll help on a tunnel lottery happens hopefully Adam silver and hangs and is correlates the Celtics. Do what they want but I -- I guess won't know until the seasons starts but the only way that they convince me that they're definitely gonna do this. Is it decided Traber John -- between now and the beginning of the season now I think that's a tough thing to do you talking about a guy's coming up major knee surgery talking about a guy that. You know for better or for worse has been linked into a bunch of off the court issues right now by -- think it's it makes him on tradable but I do you think. But some people around the -- questioning is this guy going to. Affect our locker room now for team like Dallas they don't care because they're trying to get Dwight Howard and a Dwight Howard says I would like Rajon Rondo and at Dallas uniform. Rita picked Dallas in the -- trade anyway. What would you be willing to trade Rondo and ensure yourself be really bad year. For as many hand kept saying today thirty cents on the dollar that's why start to get a little bit as the Celtic fan. A little bit nervous like I get the tank job I get trying to get their vote. Would you give Rondo away the -- next two years or John Ron donated a contract extension resign if he ends up maturing as of a player and as a person. Would you go that far to -- the year next year for Wiggins sharp or -- Parker. Now. Look at and I'm OK so if you trade Rondo here in this in this equation and you're left with Avery Bradley. Jared Sullinger. Jeff Green Jeff Green. And YouTube and you trade Rondo so you can tank and draft wigand's. Or have the opportunity to draft -- does that instantly make you mean what do we put Rondo in the list of top point guards in the top five. To me somewhere in that top five -- you know eight it's eight and become rocky injury maybe it's like Derrick Rose where he is and how to give Billy rose -- for full year but. Rose like knocked down a peg to the to console wanna come back Gergen a plane but I -- somewhere in my top five because it's all round game -- number one but he's in that top spot. Mom my point there is okay so yoga Reagan's. Who's given -- the ball how how are they do I. You have to have certain pieces in place when that when the when the Celtics tanked. In 9697. Well there are still some pieces there you know when you know when you do the same thing with the Al Jefferson crew. Paul Pierce was on the roster so Paul Pierce is at least a drawing card for other players when you talk to Ray Allen the -- You get reality here now all of a sudden Garnett looks at the situations as -- -- all star Ray Allen all star on an inside guy. Three of us together. We got -- we got a chance now especially when you look at least at that time music and we might have the best team on paper right now if we make this all happened. Why wouldn't you do that -- now if you get -- -- Rondo. Avery Bradley. Me. He's our point guard these are proven that scene and many got explode by ray felt by the way which is on the net all the stuff that happened. The locked out shut down Avery Bradley got a got of people didn't wanna deal. Prior to the trade deadline got exposed by that race. -- -- -- -- I hope these shoulders are bothering and that's what affected him in the post season a little bit if not -- right took a step backwards defense who is not that same play every to minutes in the hole. A filling in for Rondo playing a bit extra time late. The year -- felt this a platinum I. We did the lawyer -- kind -- -- point guard ate up your defensive stopper one of the best on the ball. Defenders in the game we were told. Got up my back to be fair your York co worker comp cast Tom -- until this one on the best. People bought into that theory I've heard -- Celtics people think compared to Jordan I think you might have one point. Why -- Bradley made yeah I love -- probably. But that's what you're a trick is a step further that not a double and -- -- right now which is what the team even looked like that first. Would say after next year they get one of those three what the team will like Camille almost less worried about that and I am. You gonna give away were -- you willing to go this -- you say no because you're actually thinking of a year later -- the team is good again and their bad enough. And they do one of those guys you're thinking about how do you could -- -- player -- -- knows that guy. I don't wanna give away Rajon Rondo I I am not at that point. What I want them to say it does get rid Rondo for anything and look -- and at that point there are plenty of people Celtic bands that wrapped up point. And and had bad gas like it was a -- -- off my question is why are people at that point. Isn't there a better way to go about this in here -- be my argument against trading Rondo. He's coming off a knee injury and you have an opportunity year. To basically hide him from the Celtics for the first half of the year look at how much time Derrick Rose missed yes you can hold him out. And you can have this cloak of he's taking his time he has had a I -- you this were ten times -- setback. He has had a physical setback or he's been a setback in his rehab are you wanna play at -- at. You can do that because he's coming off an injury to just knocked out another point guard a similar stature for over a year. And you can hold him back until January -- February comes back. He's playing 182022. Minutes and you can tell Rondo. We are going to protect you for the future and get him on board that. In the meanwhile. Plain mean they -- of the world that. On your roster of -- Rondo was still here. And still be bad -- -- -- -- crazy to think they can still when Rondo playing half the year and not cranking it up. In my living a fantasy world that that team could still be bad enough with Bradley and Salinger and yet -- green I think that the Sox -- I think that team is -- at a time. A bad team it's -- Eastern Conference in all need to -- which is 26 to twenty I had always Jay Larranaga coaching him. His first MBA job margin and yeah that's -- I mean. I like hi nice project and to be -- Alec might not give them enough credit that a Bradley solid your green -- lawless let every -- -- for. Would win the 38 games of the playoff the I don't think they would and don't like to keep Rondo. While also offline for lottery haven't a couple of picks. And not having to deal off a guy let me guess that is good -- -- to run as a really good player. Given that guy away like that that's how I want Danny to approach it. I don't want to give away Rondo but my guess is ready for a lot of people this morning. There ready to move on from Rondo and say the only way to really be bad enough to win bad enough to win the lottery. That makes any sense is to deal the -- firm would every get four draft picks. Young player that cannot be formed for -- I think is a top five point cardinal equals. Some of this -- comes down to the guys that you're getting from New Jersey. You need to move some of those guys. Because L a guy like wal not a great flair but you get to fifteen night. And -- he's a duplicate really to a certain degree with with dream but like you're trying to they got to move couple these extra pieces here. To be at the level don't give up Rondo. Movement couple of these ancillary pieces you picked up from New Jersey for draft picks or what have you just get him in and out of here. -- is not gonna play for the Celtics. There's just no way for your Rhonda see those guys do not -- expiring contract yet or something you can you can move that death you know he's easier to move the waltzes I had the opera being adherence of the trade I -- And then it becomes an -- of tradable a lot Rondo away from him for fear more stories of altercations -- Let me I guess that's the question and and to your point -- -- what -- -- -- look like and how they -- big -- the New Jersey pieces. Here's a fact. They financially they've got to move some of these pieces here you know the minute these contracts become official on July 10 in the trade goes through. You've got these guys they've got to make some moves apple may player's standpoint in a financial standpoint there are moves being made as of July 10. I'd. Just goes against the grain -- understand that. I don't wanna trade round for thirty cents on the dollar I don't think that's a Smart move by the Celtics. But I also think got to find a way to keep demand tank which out hold them back for half the year get him to buy into it Mike that's -- -- -- An -- hard. Part because we know he is headstrong. We know he wants to be back as soon as you humanly can be we also know that he's don't want -- everybody that he is back and the same guy that he was before. If not better and that's his mentality. I think that's gonna he's just as difficult as all the other stuff is convincing -- on Rondo that it's okay that we're gonna went 22 games this year. So let's add that into the conversation to you would -- buy into it my dream plan which is him still here you being -- -- to be a lottery team. And being bad but keeping Rondo if you sell it to him -- I think we have a chance all we that we -- plenty club where I thought the ball -- you -- -- number called Rondell start convince him here -- -- -- on the show today and that's the question to start the other is the tanker not to tank with the Celtics because already. On the AT&T text -- 37937. You guys are -- the Celtics enough credit they can BA championship contender if healthy. Next year. Like that that would be -- a Celtic fans believe that 617. 7797937. The phone number 617. 77979378. TT tech -- their -- all day. At 379837. We start basketball -- yard he's in for a little we got Paul Flannery SB nation just after 11 o'clock. Your calls next here on Sports Radio WE ER.

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