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"The Patriot Way": Is it a myth?

Jul 2, 2013|

Minihane and Bradford debate just how much, if any, impact the supposed "Patriot Way" has had on the Aaron Hernandez saga. Kirk also gets a bit animated while taking some phone calls on the subject.

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My final hour Dennis and Callahan. No John no Jerry -- hand still long and I'm joined by rob Bradford. This is what if you drive me and the worker and I'm paying attention Red Sox -- not played last night. I'm not a lot going on with the Bruins. Tim Thomas is coming back to your job next he's impossibly -- it was agent yes. Aaron Hernandez now we have learned in college -- bar fight -- punctured the ear drum of somebody. And Danny says he is not trading Rondo all is not rebuilding. -- contacted representatives for Dwight Howard. And Dwight Howard is non interest during the -- exact no -- was taken out of context you know he was meant something else yet says no. Here is like a commitment to the question markets KN OW if yes. Here's Ashley fox of espn.com. You know our. I'm not familiar with -- no clean break from Aaron Hernandez she writes this morning. There to pick it seem to be doing the right thing now. Now they know Aaron and this has been accused of X accusing associate now at their star tight end is behind bars facing murder and weapons charges denied bail on the way to the trump like who won't start until next year. Hernandez is worthless the patriots now your organization going to Great Lakes -- disassociate itself from him she says I she goes on the say. Give border and is now is accused of any story to more grisly by the day doing would tarnish its brand by choosing Hernandez twice. It would take more than Jersey exchanged a white that part of surely will take time and better choices and fewer risks. The team -- to try contrite and collected burn every number 81 Jersey this sold. But it generates the fact that Hernandez were patriots Jersey for all three seasons Hernandez was part of the patriot way it seems to have gone -- It is as part of the patriots way because you catch passes and make you more successful. The franchise led by -- each re calibrate. Be more selective going forward starting now. -- -- the most respected owners in the NFL yet his organization. Is brand is now indelibly tarnished. Well I would just say this -- -- fox that's fine. But I don't know what the patriots were supposed to do once they found out a year people that that's why he can't win enough criticize the pictures play. People are now being critical of the patriots because they got rid of Hernandez. When he was arrested because they perceive it based on who's going to look. Can't -- they didn't release him to be killing. What are you supposed to do. The ruling things in no brainer to me right now -- I'm I'm baffled by how we received a conversation. -- the weather is the right thing the wrong thing like you said you know it's. It was there was a lot when decision to me and reports are and maybe they knew what the charges murder the reports -- that Belichick and -- rates you got him the main ER I wanna know where these columns war. -- -- -- When are you keep come back to dinner but I don't care who is it it was as -- it's so different. It's different but it's an example of the type of players that they were getting or they continue to get. In the -- they're willing to take so. Weigh in he is passed to go to jail or maybe -- jail where these columns where has the patriots lost their -- problem. Here's Fox's Matt Light mean that like quotes come back conclusion based on his interactions -- Fernandez. Certainly the pictures Brasco lived on the same Ashley fox writes if they would have allowed themselves -- not be blinded by Hernandez's talent. And the relentless pursuit of an -- party trophy. You know debate to be OK but the sang it's it's just it's again. Blame the patriots that's fine you know in in some aspect for saying this deal. But the same at the U presumably knew this was gonna happen it's ludicrous it is -- waist up she writes about -- lazy it's lacy doesn't exist it's. -- well average right you don't need. -- -- -- seasonal seasonal right out and dog on the third hole covered through it. It's an easy thing to do it if you're outside the market it was created by the media the media created in -- to some extent went along with the never heard a single coach. Ever wants. -- patriot way ever now they may privately be arrogant bothered throwing open if you ever. Any coach -- say here's the patriot way which is Bill Belichick. Goes out and gets the best football players. At the best. Reasonable bargain they -- right. If for guys available at a certain point in the draft. He's willing to accept the risks become -- player. If they can produce on the football player that is the patriot way and if you want to Curtis and in the media by the way and if you're gonna do this I mean where were you. And this is rest and college Hernandez ran around this group ran around back -- should -- what was needed again blame on I guess all of us coming -- a when we just accepted the you don't want to smoke some pot in college and that's why three I step up its guilt is if they stupidly went along with. -- apple at some Nicholas sense to me but yeah okay boy -- of the fourth because he does something. But everybody does now that nobody really cares about the legal base between legal. They went along with all over the -- first round -- to the forefront that makes sense doesn't. Now these guys you know the -- address these guys saying yeah we do well he was red flag well what do we know about that before. Narrow and what is suddenly come out teams -- all the sudden saying. Watery as it was it was it's a victim off their draft Mike Brown the Bengals okay well there you go and I'm hoping my proud of the Bengals before this happened after come out and say. We took Aaron Hernandez -- off to draft board and Karen Page its warrantless and they blew it they should they should not aside there is that's -- modified what the drafting -- -- a problem if you wanna say the media should the son of forty million dollar deal. Different argument I'm OK with this patriot way. Is such garbage it's such an easy hook and listen I write anybody writes -- it's easiest thing in the world would you define an angle and you bank but this is a hook. That doesn't exist well. You keep -- you on the extension and that's you're right I mean this is the next level you had your chance to figure out what this guy was my question wise. Did their view of Bernard and his team for medically. In the time that you with the -- -- a failure right there was a failure personal Hernandez and obviously forgot what the -- forget about what they didn't do a bit but my point is you're right it could have analysts are completely insane now. And and they knew they knew going into the draft. There were problems with this guy they knew in the time leading up to the extension -- promised. And then. They have no problem that is not how they do business right at it and that's how they always done business person Belichick who's been here. And it's always worked out the the biggest criticism you can half. Of this situation of how Bill Belichick Kayla how Bob Kraft handled it. Is did they let this way of doing things get too far did they except things. Through march. Yeah and it's tough for me again be honest. -- come from in the you know looking at it cold lethal tough commuted to -- to Mike Brown estate guys off the board. I'm already do that gathered Arabs of -- some -- listen this guy now appears the patriots this doesn't take a moral victory lap in the bank does have had well thousand dollars arrest of the last five years. You don't whether he did or did you -- good point beacons. Is fine that he did it showed up yet exactly you'll hear the other GMs about you can hear sources say this team tomorrow the border that we hurt other teams to them off the board but to go on the record -- now we took him off the board. That's probably not -- Bill Belichick say it's occurs Chris had left the board -- -- -- -- -- -- yet not I'm not on the record up so they adults. Scott -- you guys -- -- -- talk about the Scott Justin. Now we'll discuss it here first to get the just hey Scott. You're got -- got a -- state that has broad regime is history crap there's. First of all that -- particularly roster of course practice squad there's no possible way they -- -- everybody's personal life. Rupert -- they're not a big considerate they're not your mom and these people. And -- screwed up obviously and they can't try to -- immediately. But there's no reason to go back and say oh your crystal ball should -- -- more so sharper turn you should know in the. God that's -- Scott that's exactly right -- we'll let you continue to meet again nobody was talking about the -- away when Michael Vick was killing dogs nobody's talking about the -- way with Belcher when he. Killed as he killed his girlfriend -- it's it's not it's again part of it is the success of that part of his spell check people don't like nationally. It's a chance to -- the patriots face in the dirt I'd get that I mean that's that's part of it that's five. But it's not real as arrogant as a grown man you know and it's it's it begins and ends with him. -- other part of it is -- welcome dialogue go for people were saying that. Gave the patriots bluster and they've lost that -- as they -- they need to go get some guys. Like Bernard Pollard and as ago we've -- what else they're. And get away it was pretty cute -- hatred towards stock. Well you can't have -- both -- you've got some pop aren't you know like there. But I mean look she obviously has to it has done so bad in the past. -- -- -- -- are now there are any proved himself and right you know hopefully he's not gonna do anything stupid. What's yet thank you Scott could call predicted callers hero like the Sunday show with you. If listen if I went home if I violent home today wherever I went after this went and killed two people right I mean would anybody blame -- feels adamant Entercom. I mean but he blamed others so they were blame me. They're going it may -- -- Jason wolf where they blame you would be blamed -- you're John her stature whoever of course not. Now and you say you ten dollars to kill someone asks if she had some guy. You know the guys Stop & Shop kills three people email blame that the president of the dire. It's not I don't -- but it's not too distant it's perceived differently but it's not right actually not but that's -- it's not actually different. Now right but it. Here's -- here's maybe here's the difference is that. In that environment in the NFL environment this much more control over the employees than there are sure that much more control sure I get that but I think -- is a -- a way that I might be wrong but we have not done a security checks and now I know you have those mistakes you know you have but. Okay all right fine so assuming that. And I saw the white should be blamed for because he -- security the guy yet because because that's their job that's the port if -- -- You have to get some blame because if you do -- security checked. And and something happens. Then why do the security -- I help but my point is that's fine if you deal drugs -- he beat somebody up but isn't this kind of a liar and he can you blame anybody but Hernandez for this as I -- I visit -- that was the pictures we're -- -- I think we're all the same page is that. Nobody New Year's commemorative body nobody knew that he had murder anybody nobody knew -- he was involved in any Mars. Because it doesn't matter what level of acceptance you have your document except that. But still -- at the security people. Knew about a lot of things and they were willing to accept or someone was willing to accept whatever they found back to name Justin same topic hey Justin. Yeah yeah I don't exist -- good. And the board -- great human clock and nothing in the last week an app about the patriot way. But I mean -- a correlation between I know we also talked about the arrogance of bill -- check. And the patriot leg literally go back all the way collect 2007. When I became about. Yeah out of this definitely this definitely tied and yet apps aren't they tore down a player courses that -- -- -- not yet they don't I totally agree actually it's the first to -- referred to since this started if they didn't take that stuff. Certainly Hernandez would have used a bow and arrow. Instead an old Lloyd Wright Republican and Doug. But today. No no no no I don't it's an apple argued here he said it started there I mean how does one in any way possible -- to the other. While we can't say that as a leader bill -- Try and sell on. Taking risks on the team and yes heating up a lot and I'm not I'm not quarreling -- towards Merck lawyer -- got a different pop. I get a promise by do you -- to Belichick left -- right that that's fine he got busted he paid a price that's -- that happened no problem that. So but how does is walk a walk me from that to Hernandez. But wait a trickle down what is trickle down effects that just what is it that the trickle Arafat is. -- perceived OK in the patriot nation also telling is okay. Not at all so and so what's trickle down effects. The trickle out in your reader is perceived as it's okay to treat. So how does that work with bella checked it Aaron Hernandez telling people what does that trickle down effect what it's what is it. They're a direct correlation there isn't. What I mean how would you an editor at one you're used to one years old. And then we'll bring up the area of Bill Belichick. And really only taking. I'm. I -- any old real. And so are -- In spite of all back channel six years just just the what are we talking about what you -- that you crystallize the need to -- future. Way what is that area and -- -- What -- with Candace. Stealing your. Own global. So that's you -- your point is though so that's fine if your point is Hernandez did this because he thinks is above the rules because about -- that's appoint its. Absurd it's stupid but it's a point that's fine is that your point. Howell a lot of the NFL community looks at just an hour this kills people murdered all I am I'm not saying about the horrible -- -- the worst thing you can choose to do in in your life I. So he obviously. I'm not and correlate that -- to build ultra which you got to understand. You're the electorate are the only game in the last how many years that got in trouble for cheating on the game right. -- tiger added to Hernandez yes or no final time yes or no tied into him as right now this is the last chance. New. York that that was a failure call nice at all again just to try again. His life while Miami gets mad to get frustrated with alcohol repowering debt has died all -- -- like these you've got -- on the desperate you on TV. -- that -- have been much better TV my life right now approaching beat down oh yeah I don't forget a line of toll forget them on TV them do and obviously the do you remember you -- an estimated -- I'm all just to buy -- your outlook. At that particular statement it's almost like you know when the when the guys which -- what the mormons they married -- like forty kids you know address the same become like the did you guard. -- -- the doctored with and not yet Dudley and Doug Tucker. Tiger anyways I can't I can't he's equally I was I don't have done well here you here's what things -- think on the ballot -- callers the next heartache is gonna raise the bar. -- Good morning. Okay Steve you say it's important. That you said -- -- that mean. It is the media -- -- -- -- correct. The problem if you need -- we need patriot way we at least that those should all every single call. Get out into the community -- whatever help they take patriot way it does. It is evening effect if it. You wouldn't have signed -- and two eight re. Taking it. In the trap you can order side and all work out in Libya because they were working. With yeah. -- yet to see how -- did it upside. Yeah -- -- to be you know and once. And and then bit -- a -- had to also be able. Because you -- -- -- the wall and you only get at 348 deal. Under a million bucks and the way it was what we want them right to the end might pick it low key engine package. -- Think -- have a -- in the mail with plenty. They -- at the site but this body is -- bought -- at eight and radical. -- -- They look at the type that people to pick as a link it to get to -- early in the decade abject failure. -- -- -- Machida right now the what you -- -- -- -- And you can achieve things that just call it patriot way. Someone like me tell you this problem -- patriot way in other words. And -- it in the -- last in the league with the draft choices. You cheering like say all the good ones in the polls so it's plated. I've had bad it's bad draft -- deep even that bad drafts that -- not talking about it bad reps. I am I didn't -- not promise to god -- -- -- -- you liked it and some cult like a train rabbit you get that didn't shocking day. All of a little -- who all got mad at bat to -- keep my boy is all the reason I have not won anything and -- -- It brightly at eight interest is the champion. In forty years is because they'll hit or personnel decisions. Steve is O Steve Steve there's no question they've had some good moments and some bad moments from them to do this right now again. Let's (%expletive) poor decisions the reason Welker dropped that pass in the reason Manningham made that catch yes just. Yeah so now that -- yes sir no sir now that you get into that because I'll probably not that. The only place in the day correct current let me actually that's one of our hi we caught the ball -- at. How about the 47 that feel all that want to kick in the went out for that -- We watched. -- didn't execute that ball. Well I think Samuel dropping issue. It's actually in the real world but I am excited to feel the problem -- seventeen million units like I want you caught it. This goes Steve -- -- -- Steve wolf it's -- late Steve you're talking about -- doctor about me like I'm -- reflecting Steve I'm I'm happy to be critical of the patriots and they make mistakes. They may play my point is my point is only this. The people who say it is a pitcher wade because of character I just I'm sorry USA personnel -- -- -- -- office. Aren't. You won't let me tell you one other thing the way Belichick cheap place. We that we haven't got kicked out of buffalo it right in the beginning about Belichick they're it twice but why didn't he kicked out late. She doesn't -- Typically can't urged the ball did not sanction against. Other guys don't -- to that. The -- to the media did not sanctions against him Greg Randall will -- the starting job because even at the bank. That I play everybody definitely. You know they like Corey Dylan got a shot lobby that lavished on almost a lavished crazy deal and they want and having to eat. While they were jerking around. Good citizens like flat -- and would be embraced taking them. They did not attempting -- co -- the what they way they make decision on the fly I'm not an employee attitude that this season ticket. All we ever get close to that point I think what what happens is you get with the patriots -- seven rob I mean rightly or wrongly for Belichick it's always been. What team gives you the best chance to win on the field that's what I'm sorry that makes sense and less. It in -- knew about investing you by Aaron Hernandez and somebody said of the chance bill. We're hearing things that actually Aaron may be involved in this thing -- Belichick's escort -- -- with -- which I don't think happened. Short of that I don't know what's supposed to happen. That's the vessel comes out like -- my boy you're patting you on the -- -- my dad. Yes yeah luckily we have that was disappoint hot spot and I believe that -- 925 commercial real last name is from Fall River that's right 6177797937. You load up -- wanna talk patriots this actually fox to -- article patriots way. No patriots -- good guys Baghdad's. All that and more get back.

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