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To tank or not to tank? That's the question for the Celtics

Jul 2, 2013|

Kirk Minihane and Rob Bradford kicked of The Dennis & Callahan Show by reacting to Danny Ainge's pledge to not tank the coming season. Kirk calls BS and says you absolutely have to to get value from all the recently-acquired draft picks.

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All right. John and Jerry out again rob Bradford joins me. Turkmen and here on Tuesday morning. Questions. Questions. OK I have question what do -- What -- are regularly Aaron Hernandez here the next couple weeks. -- I wanna know another story yesterday. Bob fight in a bar when he was in college. Seventeen touches your job of a guy could face five years in prison some -- that we never about that never knew about that. Following Dubose who smoked weed that's why the pages trapped in the fourth round to be more stuffed the company and is no question about I wanna know what else is they're going to be. -- of Tim Thomas is complaining NHL next year. I wanna know. From you at some point here why you think you guys played forty games to be an all star this year for the Red Sox as he told me Iglesias you think. Should be and the Ulster -- you did -- him I says he's. Should be considered for the all start team. Think you should be on the austerity -- Now. Bank that's terrific sports for what I don't. What are you talking about what you usually I'm listening -- thank you at all with really you know odds and and you go. We get to it later I'm doing them listing them all the dogs are ID I Rockefeller read you now. Governor -- I know why -- I don't want -- gonna -- I still alive not before the bomb was let go by NASA -- I wanna know why that happened exactly I don't -- -- I've not gotten an answer for that I'd like to know that maybe we can dig into that. Trying to get her on May be -- who knows. We're gonna start -- gets all the other stuff as well here in the blow the revenue that is not a story of a jumper right it's not one of these three walked out yesterday. At 1005 to today at 6 o'clock. Not a lot has changed in the Boston sports has to be degree days still young the story yet to be told you agree about yesterday. No nothing insane Buchanan used to here last week which is the -- crazies in the history of the city. Tim Thomas Tim Thomas now surfaced yesterday not a big deal -- not a lot going on. But it's still against stories yet to be told what so. Gary Washburn this morning. Headline this team shouldn't be banking on tank talked about the Boston Celtics that you listed after the headlines it -- for -- them to. It talks about to -- Danny Ainge talked yesterday. Was asked about the team whether you're trading Garnett. Trading Paul Pierce are they going to be tanking and he says taking I think -- as ridiculous. This is the Boston Celtics -- tradition we have a culture were trying to create a culture of winning in developing these young men as winners -- -- pros. And so it's too early to know what type of team we're going to have this conversation I can't even have. Damon realistically until October 1 -- the summer to figure out where we are I would never tank. It on the Celtics fan. Those last four words actually did you hope because in -- -- tank before. I mean agent run a team -- -- they tanked trying to the first part of -- goals defying the script. Are record. They have leaders like you it would the president -- the -- and express. Our fare well I would just say this if -- Celtics fan. You have. One thing you want to do this year and one thing -- that is not when the basketball game. You -- bad fan if you for the Celtics next year to win the game. My goal in the 82 point 280 is fine whatever it takes to get that first pick 25% chance in the ping pong balls get Wiggins. Surround these other first round picks tango anything else. Anything else is a disaster -- before even in the spot failed before anything else is a does that. Doesn't this hinge on Rondo a week. Talked about coming back to something this -- -- on -- whether you trade him. Which I don't think it's gonna happen and -- teachers isn't crap and so obviously that's a truthful of course. But more likely this -- tomorrow. Just don't play him. -- not the guy who's gonna win game -- maybe maybe not maybe in the Rondo the -- these guys our league is great well let me ask you this who's about it does this say that. We're gonna report card for the Boston Celtics next maybe Bradley I guess my place on the front there was a while there that'll that'll get to where you -- -- go and wash for rights. The art of tanking requires a great deal of bad luck -- misfortune it sends a discouraging message to your fan -- wrong that's that's absolutely wrong. If you're a fan of this team the Celtics is -- does that send the wrong message for the future if they're taking this year. Of course. What you can you can go out there to put this put this team that they have out there right now. You can say you can say all playing hard doesn't make a difference saw how you wanted to find tanking. You don't have a talented team well yet but it did trade -- you have to take some guys back in in Washburn writes about that as well I mean you're not -- just give -- -- the crap that is the MB is not allowed Etsy and get some level -- draft picks -- get a match salaries do we have to take some guys back the draft right is Ricky Davis that it -- the team that her -- even the -- But I mean you're right. And did -- and at Washburn rights it's playing games of the basketball gods and the Celtics have finished with snake eyes in the previous two attempts obviously talking about. Duncan and talking about -- But does anybody think that that was wrong at the time they got Chauncey Billups the third pick. Okay Mike we going hall fame in particular stock -- -- might be different conversation. And two -- the Celtics who wanted to the second pick and attracting a Kevin Durant. I mean that's a guy's going in the hall of fame as well they tried they put themselves in position. Now listen I'm not gonna sit here and tell you -- -- -- -- up and down as a basketball player I don't other people in the station the other station began trying to tell you that they've never seen them play. Everyone tells you disguise a franchise player. You need it franchise player to win the championship in our lifetime has been one team we know. That's what you -- -- franchise player -- the pistons team yes that's a nominated for five really good colors you can do that that's really hard to do. You need a franchise player right now that player doesn't exist. If you trying to -- him next year old city tank. Let's say they've. -- trade Rondo to should do and they -- next year and put themselves in position 25% chance to get weakens or the second worst team 15%. That's -- 15% chance. Having a guy who's good enough potentially to win the championship this post and out what's -- percentage chance to win and championship right now 00. So I'm missing. Make the case on the other side. We want do what you decide they're harmless Rondo Josh Smith. -- though. You know use -- to bring in other guys sign and trade. You don't Wear what else is gonna -- you potentially sixty ones here is the which by Hollywood's may not. Here's the use of fly in the ointment for all of those people those delusional people will actually think that might be another afternoon go to. What what was -- Dwight Howard's quo. Weigh in the Celtics expressed interest him nor does represent no now quote no soul. That's that shows you right there or argue it's a small example. You market in free agency that they basically. It was a straight ball right down the middle with the Rleal in the Garnett everything came together it just isn't happening right. Iran now -- into the game gave you that guide the coaching hires are gonna get that guy. Boston isn't gonna get that guy -- -- and you don't get that guy golf courses around here are you going to have a guy who's gonna stick to your music come near me. Kevin Durant when not one to go to Oklahoma City you know -- drafted him he liked it he stated Tuesday there forever Texas says I understand taking the wind when his team won a championship through the draft. The spurs just played about their ninetieth final bright. They tank like crazy dunk tank like crazy the -- ecstatic and look what part of it and it's the way the NBA system works I'm all right and by the way. Also drafted very well Tony Parker. Think globally Cuba late late. Lleyton 20011 for a -- engine nobody is set to open the second round -- yet the minute but but that's exactly right to -- that franchise guy the Celtics now have the other picks. I see it when I have to believe changes line right there's no way any just telling the truth obviously are traded away obviously by trading pierce and Garnett he's tanking. But if you gonna do. All the way. Go further McCain he's your friend said to terrific you go to sport golf go you start about -- -- start dot us. Prospect and into the boat at the end hunt if you. -- what what bite is Rhonda happy for next two years did you knock every sign -- WiMax deal they're not gonna give them to move on. -- thirty cents on the dollar it sucks but you have to suck this year to all this is justice. The end game here's for years down the road the end game is after that loss contract price. Well they're all that was that that that's the last I don't know how -- I got to be fair it was just say Wiggins is the guy we all of our eyes on right now I don't know how good Wiggins has the Wiggins is as good as people -- saying. In the MBA you know you can turn around pretty fast but in terms of a championship you're right it's at least at least three years. Well. I'm going to talk about championship -- talking about entering into the equation of the top tier teams in the Eastern Conference because okay. Now you have this say they get that traffic whether it's Jabari Parker markets Smart whoever won these three guys right right so. You get one of these guys. You get -- off the ports but you still now they have to pick the following year 21 round -- two picks in the following year after that. Then you get walls off the books. Then you can start talking because now you have talent Andy you've had three years of first round next. And you also have that expiring contract cup and maybe someone might actually wanna come here because. Amongst those picks you've got a really really good players that people wanna play -- -- Changes and get one of those guys to write a text or another texture brings up a good point Rondo Bradley green Humphries not that bad. You could be for in the east he saw Milwaukee team last year. Celtics are a lot worse than that team fraud comes back and plays a full season they can be an eight seed they add another freeagent decent free -- 870. That's awful. If you ever bring in Josh Smith like this carefully to try and always likes. But the hawks the last three years -- in the eighth seed the sixty the fifth seed in the east if you bring in Josh Smith impairment Rondo. And -- and green ball that he will be the sixth visit. -- along somewhat alliance and what he's talking about which is keeping Rondo which is they were not that that. Maybe he's thinking if -- -- you don't what we might -- -- Wiggins but the draft is so good next year I'm a good rafter will get someone give it. And then will be good enough and will get to more traffic and will be good enough energetic Smart in that don't you I mean what you see from Maine she's got to be smarter than that. He's got to know look let's just let's play that game okay so. Smith let's say they wind up with. Smith in the fifteenth sixteenth pick seventeenth pick again next year. Smith Rondo. Sellinger green Bradley. On a couple of draft has another okay freeagent. Used it is the heat. Now the pacers now the nets right now with these guys the bulls with Derrick Rose. So -- the fifth best team in the east to start -- With two guys who Smith and Robert 22 biggest again and the biggest problem. They're gonna face -- in getting the -- panics. It's getting someone to come in play here if somewhere along the lines you're gonna have to get that yeah right and they've never done that before. I mean bring any guy in his prime to come in here they just haven't I mean Garnett was older. It was a sweet spot then the couple years of Iran and you want the cell which brought in their prime as a free -- well this this look at when that happened when you have -- Garnett Ray Allen. The reason why they were all right with coming here it's computers sincere. Today Emmanuel that you think you're right yes so people are going to be document -- Jeff green is no they're not now they're not in the you know. And if herself expand I know it's gonna stink next year. But you sit there every night for the Iran that was gone that your first -- and I -- like Rhonda some of the -- Dawn and it was entertaining or know about playing wipes them out in alarm on the court he sit down. On the Wednesday night in your for the raptors against the Celtics now Friday -- for the box. Saturday road trip to Washington they've they've played real hard go -- one doe John Wall two nights later back home -- forever their plan. And on the SP -- football over. There's -- okay this is on. But we watched -- injury. My dad used to do in the old Indiana State did you know I would sit there watching him like we didn't direct it. But we didn't it sure Wiggins is gonna be that guy Wiggins is the guy a look at. We're gonna do when -- who we gears well what yes we're gonna do well he's excited about that that's what you do if your Celtics fan and you have one. Little kernel for brain in your head you're Smart about it you want the Celtics to be awful next year via. On selling great you know aren't used to give it another well that's the irony of it now or is this is very -- so one of the five finalists for Greg Oden. There are five teams who want -- well I -- say that there but you wanna -- you know -- there's like five due to -- great -- you what. You want Greg Oden now. So he can be bad enough to get the first. He was a guy six years ago you were tanking the trying get. Well. I think that roster and you look at the depth chart for the Celtics right now not a Republican senator senator position now gone fab Melo right. Fab Melo well I mean they drafted a couple of big guys. Obviously Iverson and now own a I don't think you know it's it's settling Zhuhai a -- -- -- to use to pick some big guys out now. But I mean -- to bring you know and that's fine and a promise though and if you trade Rondo he can bring in -- on -- any great back. Let's play this game Rondo is gone yet backed Nixon to match salaries not great. But teams this Ankara where there has taken off. This thing though is that you're talking about tanking. And right and in detector comes in and says oh you know you are going to be that bad you David Bradley you Jeff Green -- Chris Humphries. That's pretty bad it's pretty bad but I don't know if it's bad enough. What's bad enough. We want there's -- coverage last year and okay this all the 1241 games at these guys. -- the -- amiss though Cleveland went 2458. They're gonna be better Detroit -- 29 games will be about the same Orlando won twenty Charlotte went 21. That's a neighbor yet to get into I think. New Orleans on 27 Phoenix won 25. Yet to be that bad it is self SP fifteen games source of last year no pierce know Garnett no Rondo. I'm sure. A little via the media yourself a chance -- -- -- the worst markedly but you know 2445. Wins in but the other thing is you have to have a coach is willing to. What was known for a team yelling Jay Larranaga is gonna be in and the teams are lining up for him as a coach so people say -- just the way it's going to be -- The way it's gonna -- but he you can say that but if you get a young coach the first time he's coaching. We if you re read the Jackie McMullen article about about car. And what ML Carr added to execute this perfectly. You get a young coach in there saying tell these guys -- you got to play hard every single time we get -- try to win every single time. You don't win a couple more games than you really want it. Yeah cultural. And Washburn right tiers of banking on the fortunes of the lottery which is what we're saying we both think they should do right yes I always bank in the fortunes this failed miserably twice before why would -- try again there's much debate among the Celtics -- provision tank this year meaning fans to get long looks at Melo and Iverson Moore and handful of games we over for the fourth quarter. And in and yes strange about it. And again you know the idea it's failed twice he should do it again it's still the only path for the steam for the lakers. Or the clippers or Phoenix or destination for free agents in the past. You can look at a different world -- you look at Rhonda let's say this is a guy who may potentially. Bring in another guy who then brings another guy here it's not it's just what what is the alternative that's the only thing I would ask. I know that's in you now you're saying keep Rondo. -- he's healthy and trade. Or cinemanow what we don't you I know you could sit on all year which around the world war American matches heated stand that if he said about all year. You stink and you get a top three guy you bring Rondo back. With him. That's a different situation we will we don't know. I would do we have any idea when he's gonna play army itself like he's not that far away it sounds like you know December January but are arrows are still -- that's been a year for him via. Immediately said Rondo for a year be the best thing for the Celtics. Years and they want a championship. If if it does look like he's going to be able play fairly early in the season. Then. You don't trade him now you do you see what he has that you get to the trade deadline then you have that conversation. If he's playing really well. He's not playing well police say hey you know playing well you gonna sit back down a little bit right. Yeah 6177797937. Is the phone number if you wanna talk Celtics. We mentioned Tim Thomas he's going to be backing NHL looks like we'll definitely -- we're gonna talk some Red Sox here. -- and make the case for Iglesias Fred -- rookie of the year MVP all star game starter. Some what twenty years later. Hernandez's what was more stuff going on that Hernandez right now Celtics again the number 617. 7797937. Here on Tuesday John and -- out rob Bradford WEEI dot com. Joining me is well on Portman and I guess also that we had to come IQ while it's true or crop all -- -- graduate of Harvard and like our hand is used to. I'll really is all I thought you meant sometimes years in jail -- for -- zero knowledge does your agreement has been Oakland I don't things. Now dealing ain't gonna trade Rondo. I think yet now Alex and right now and definitely sensed it says it is well I mean that's a true makes sense if you wanna do. The full tank makes sense that. No it doesn't accept the terms of the value to -- -- back and -- -- about justice say OK fine it stinks for now but long term it's still good for us. Yeah but you won it if you're gonna trader vote -- of this hugely important part. Of what they gotta do in terms of rebuilding process. So whatever you get back pass to be the best thing you about you have to trade Rondo at the exact right time in this isn't the exact right time. Is incredible and 97 team I -- ML you know besides some guys some deals fox and Wesley probably shouldn't have but they won fifteen games that's hard to do. I'm of the big and pull this off fifteen out of love that I'm rooting for them I should solve expense fifteen and sixteen we George. Argued about that the other day who was your isolation who is a guy that you isolating at the end of the game for that team it would with Todd take did becoming go by then. One was on that team and -- Yes sure that he was on the team but the settle for a while the -- member OGA. -- yet not go back to the previous time now. What no that is the previous stuff that's the first time at home is in -- on that team right. Don't team yeah okay for a get out of jail today and they want up with right yes. Then next time was just a joke I mean appears as they set yourself forever which what they should do -- sure they will do with Rondo if they bring them back it rugby -- opening night. Here we go back also over talking about rebuilding when they tried doing that the Al Jefferson error. About how that worked out because we have to look at that and say hey you know what. For old longtime that was the only hope right they get Al Jefferson. And said hey Al Jefferson is going to be OK he's going to be our star and get to a point where you realized. No. It is going to be plus zero. And -- -- that's why did you have a guy who was never analog to be bad enough to get good again that but that's that's the -- the problem was -- -- was Chris Paul Pierce was mab is you know he parent with. That's a problem right when you parish Jefferson with the -- should never be bad enough now Jefferson just to be good pick if only because he got you. Garnett -- it's gonna work that it is time that that's situations once in the in the franchise history Rondo might not be -- pierce was back then but I think they have a better supporting cast that's true -- -- with green and the sellinger with all these guys maybe you know -- really -- -- lesson is that. You need that not the Al Jefferson's of the world but you need that guy. And we know in the NBA that's how it works you always need -- I mean again that of that distance team every team would have two teams in the finals this year hall of Famer won the ten best players ever. Against a hall of fame on the tennis players ever the year before he had the ball on the cell -- super we know magic Kareem doctor -- -- team in our lifetime of that hasn't seemed to never. All time great here's a here's the team you should look at in terms of how you can't look at San Antonio he can't look at LeBron -- to Miami which it Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City big got a guy then and then they got. Another guy that they got a couple other guys I got three guys they went three for three it was hard Westbrook -- and -- right now. That's how it has to be directing your position I don't think the three times do you. Is it because that's where you know I think that's where they're banking on to a certain degree that they need the one guy somewhere along the way that you have the two other years where you have two picks in the first round. 6177797937. As the number curtain and and rob Bradford and for John and -- here on a Tuesday you're Celtics calls in -- What's -- December it sucks here we get back as well rob blogger or call Red Sox Padres tonight. The Red Sox first of fifty right first you went fifty games -- very exciting very exciting those calls a more we get back.

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