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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 07/01/13

Jul 1, 2013|

You ask it, we answer it. Or at least try...

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It's. Time -- -- answer the question generic answer the question which -- -- Alex is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question look. I really felt that way. But neither does Texas says -- Greg Oden looks like an old Bill Russell he does just a little older. It's in the question today -- on. -- restoration specialist doctor Russell record I'm Greg property your facilities manager or insurance Brokaw heiress to injury of a disaster restoration game plan in place at 774611111. Or go to AAR and serve dot com. -- like him or I didn't immigrant was -- -- and -- well. That's all you. Would Benjamin button. He's going in reverse partially unit. Already how old part of laws ultimately -- -- -- outline how well -- Oh he says is what -- -- is -- that he's been in the birdie he's played one all of the games and I think he's been in the league eight years right into these ladies. He's more known sources. Judas. Photos right -- -- completely. 20/20 five -- he Bentley. The and only five years he's played one season which Johnson's -- -- or break. Since 2002007000. Are we answer your questions as we do every single day guys cuddyer and who'd you pick which Williams sisters Serena or Venus. Now if you could trade body -- -- you make a composite will use it for convenience. No agreements. Agreements it's just straight up Venus hi like. I'm now I'm known Serena. And now I think you're gonna Google+. This is -- gonna go there go all the way there it goes I mean. Visas -- -- -- the week's house version ankle last instrument -- adorable that's. Too much work that out that both would be too much work under their goal or. -- -- a part of our plan is actually. Too much like Sugar Ray Leonard. -- -- in drag their career. -- Assault which other WEEI host would you marry you had a great question it's a -- though -- -- kind of worked my way here. Of the people that poster in the game on the week during the week. -- men who iMac without anybody in the morning and I would be. A very stressful marriage I think what would be deceived cook clean -- I don't think much loop or you got Mikey. You're keeping in a team that's for sure it's likely I can't look. At month without laughing but makes me laugh whatever he -- That's a sign of -- good you know. We make Sutherland this ought to look at our super series or not but -- like some baseball money left over. I'm just gonna -- -- considered this question a lot now and about it. More early and I thought she won't -- at the -- of answer the question yes if you consider giving a good at least this question you'd have to think about never have to answer if it's totally moved. -- don't -- to maybe we don't have enough to marry one of the hotel and other you don't know. It anyways I like those people voters don't you know the future. Of my name in windy. It is an -- RC. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- want -- trees receiver here. I don't it was endorsed. Most. ARC I could be excerpts. Serena. And Venus. And -- with. Us this. Jerks pulse and body wash revealed yourself. There go partial collapse. Probably -- and bars it was all right -- bar so. Why would you if you have the course of party to softly upon further for for cost -- -- but -- you brought so round drilling so obscene but so was gonna get your hands are ready or not -- of the it is really. From the -- game with your offered your body wanted externally this -- clean it up to exfoliate. Mike we don't usually aren't -- -- of my skin for it -- not -- it's -- it's what's under all of the -- -- -- apple over my -- it's also doesn't have any X Foley giving properties like -- that leaves the washcloth exit in the and then in the and so what I could see that rose IST -- using like his his ivory soap for his audience there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What you witnessed. -- It's coming back anyway it if you hadn't I successfully hitting just about celebrity weaknesses -- being able to help you know ski and -- -- where all the money sent. What it's all in -- both opened eatery together what type of food accuser. Let's see what I'll do together Jewish so. I would outward Jewish soul of that works well you know it's different you gotta you gotta get something that stands mark again. So we have -- seafood here right here in Austin -- are responsible. Perhaps something that can't get anywhere else torture cornbread yet. Like ham watch would be chaotic you gotta agree with what pitch this to. We have some guys in your that we can orator and here and we could -- -- -- people -- and how we could've -- our executives different. Much like Synaptics Neitzel it is. -- reference -- changed in the restaurant -- Christopher Meyer's. People restaurant business who can -- a hostile fire that's on our -- so it was outlined so it was those are things that just those two places combined into -- rhetoric that's actually a good idea. Blind date would you teller she had food -- between yes I mean we can't. Well what we're like well okay -- some pocket or more that people should -- -- for the before you -- the food. What you think number. Is this a -- you want a second. You like this is a potential I guess you're assuming that you. OK assuming that it's a positive yet to really figure and Qatar is something that well it's a write -- she sets her mind she's not gonna notice it. Can't imagine it was a blind people. Like. So we'll connect question. Which team would you really to see Tim Thomas played for -- -- point five reporting Tim Thomas Israelis are thinking about has become active. Who would you least like to see him play for Pittsburgh Montreal or Toronto -- three eagle but it's definitely Montreal. That would -- in theory yeah. Next question. I would like to see him in Pittsburgh is a Toronto probably the best of those three answers but that a mystery driver has been. Roger do you go over state lines to get the good fireworks. Forty state and local all the sparklers. This -- ST this is stupid I do it. Yeah you want over the over the border should go to watch your card. It is from the -- I I've I just pegged you as a big fireworks -- big board I'd -- border cigarette. Olympics with a much -- apparently. They're two again your messages on the outcome of these people how much cheaper. They per month in Britain on. Its individual pack of cigarettes -- in masters now a lot. In in -- -- -- 750. -- -- -- about how much for cart and -- missing the real question the real answers that there's nothing stupid and setting -- your -- there's nothing more lame and nothing more disappointing if you gonna go to fireworks total real fireworks display and actually see cool wire or setting off a few all the rockets by yourself that have you seen which combined. The Sox. If you go fireworks to the fireworks display and let them to other players use alternate questions from -- -- would you call the cops neighbors they were sitting in there. What time. No idea what it's 3 o'clock in the morning and it's over in overdrive. That's just blown mailbox -- -- yes. It is making noise to -- you know after that refuses to sleep you know fireworks are told. Total and complete waste of time aren't we're down Mikey yes full showed tonight apparently is going to be wonderful program. All kinds guests that surprises. Surprises yeah -- get me out of -- -- don't. Be surprised. Are we will be back tomorrow. 2 o'clock sharp. These -- then fired up about it.

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