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Bruins lay out ultimatum for Tyler Seguin: Be more professional, more committed

Jul 1, 2013|

Peter Chiarelli didn't pull any punches this weekend... first entertaining trade offers for Seguin, then making some public comments about how Tyler needs to improve his consistency and professionalism on and off the ice. We discuss Seguin, his legacy in Boston, and his future.

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Everybody. -- -- here on WEEI WEEI. Dot com as well yes it is actually salt and all. We are both here in the flash. On July 4 week but I think we reached a -- -- cookies for. The Nazis that to you one out of -- -- cookies. You know in Ottawa. Pop. Talk. And. How much more for how -- the puck more. For being here. On July 1 I'm excited -- -- it you're excited to be here I'm excited to be here excited for you. Myself today. I'm excited for one. Because that's July 1 now if your team with cap space. In the Boston felt not one of those teams. Excited because you may be in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. Interview with -- eighteen roundly connect but if your -- on July 1 meetings. Here very close all the. I get carried away or a day away they're not actually here one day two days of days playing days are they in the middle of the country. Now no they're flying in a drought here there are driving here than did you imagine. My wife and my daughter horse and buggy would you drive across the country with an eighteen month old we're not doing and unless UNC. Is how far how much you can. Run -- got let out after it. Although my way I did it do it she would probably have to do it would not just -- the daughter but also her own mark it probably take him. You know stopped once all the time could you drive across the country with your mom. My mom yeah. -- But now I know mrs. -- is a saint but would you drive across the country with your mom. And our record -- really. Bring -- -- real odd yeah I love my mind regret -- -- I've been living with my -- and I could drive across country and that she would you know. Now when you -- a ticket that she couldn't have -- -- I don't want to know about your vote can. Conversations with you do you want those conversations are why you want your mom -- these are real the real details the real leader both. I was really going on when you which was shielding stuff from you when you were Keyon. Let me tell you about uncle -- -- Oh they are made some barriers -- real story though is when we said. This is what was actually capital man no way -- I -- no interests and that while. We will be here at least for a Monday Tuesday Wednesday this we we won't take any awards for it I know plenty of people have to work and we're excited. And and by the way out and their somebody's making a lot of sense it was a thing of popcorn. With Palau -- seasoning -- -- on some interest and I told I like the trough. You gotta go truffle. I tried at a faster rate it is advised or whatever it makes are often aren't so good Heather I would literally there's a restaurant down the street from -- that we used to go to. And do take we would take out popcorn with a goal order the popcorn and the bring him back to the house to watch -- move. -- -- the funniest looks like really you can take out take out our cornea the judges could you go to the movies into the you can't bring your stuff and dog the opposite could you go to the movies and say get popcorn and then -- go go home and punched a -- -- popcorn is really the apex -- popcorn it's the platonic form perfect popcorn is good movie theater popcorn. So could you go -- movie due out because -- -- because now because you can make better popcorn and you'll find him most movie theaters most of now. It's a bad now a lot of it is just a bag but women don't like any good movies okay movie theater popcorn is right when there actually -- and it right it can't be beaten writer -- you cannot -- actual great movie or operative. So I don't I still win if you knew the theater and I'd be curious to know what theaters around steel have flight actual popping popcorn hard got a couple of where who has capital theater in Arlington okay. Kendall Square hasn't. -- These are both places that are -- normally -- like yeah yeah this is going I think the the one. We're really right in your area -- wanna give -- secret locations some of the it's not Catholic my parking spot Somerville -- has its OK I've got places most of the Oscar and it like all year school here and won all political theater yet nice. That's worth Peter's got a big on going after columnist who do okay well there is. What do you think what do you think Tyler's ignored today as he threw her dog eating his properly -- that was the -- and watching more after over the weekend or hasn't been motivated. Has -- been motivated by this -- Call out. I'm putting the spotlight on you. Mr. saying by the way from Peterson tons of people saying they take popcorn out of the movies tongues of people. Do it all the time of course you can dumps no but no -- -- -- different would you go to a movie theater right we don't like -- we -- designs and whether the people saying they've done. Until people get their votes to count attempted to see what's on screen three. Now -- got a nice cheap movie at home and everything and spent twelve dollars and moving how much is moving while the driver five. Content but our on demand. Well what I would rather pay five bucks for me and everyone else is supposed to twelve dollars to make a drive to a movie theater about a pop RB. That hassle parking -- that go to a park you go to your wife one of you runs in to get to move power in the I don't comes back out it's overpriced. But you're saving the money in the back and who -- watching movies -- pluses I was you know and I will say this as the as a new pair. Eighteen months still somewhat of a new pair of course the one thing that I cannot justify. As a parent is going out to the movies anymore. But I get -- -- -- get a baby sitter it's not going to be to go to the movies so I don't think I've been to remove I think I've been -- one movie. Since we -- -- well as a new parent via the goats and movies turn -- -- turn lights on April enormously bright that they are -- right. -- -- sleep at home so funny to get a babies I want dinner I want like a night out I don't wanna go to the movies I can't justify that. -- czar to -- starlets are so here's the quote and my guess is people are going to feel strongly about this one today. The quotas you heard from Peter surely talking to solutions now over the weekend set. He's got to commit his mind and focus to the one task at hand he's got to become more of a professional you know what you know what. I can say that about a lot of 21 year old I you know he got criticized for playing on the periphery and all that stuff he'd get. He's got to commit to being a professional and focusing on the game simple as that he does that. We don't expect him to be crashing and banging just play your game now. The million are liberal -- thrown in there right. I mean you could take workflow car you can start with the fact that very clearly they made this public not only with the trade talks made public. But then he called them out afterwards and an admitted to the trade talks and said this guy needs to be motivated which I think Michael brings you an -- to the exact same place which is. This is not the first conversation that's been -- Add that with Tyler -- about being more professional exactly this is come up before privately and now it's being made couple. Mike if you if you make it public you've been trying to get Tyler's exit tension you've been trying and number of ways not dispute naturally but. The coaching staff the players. They have been trying to. Get him to do something specific doubt he didn't go that far Peter your relatives say it it. It got it did say you know pilots are expected to -- Crashing and banging but -- a total war into an MB -- National -- now what does that mean what he's trying to say. I don't think he's saying. When you say they beat up being a professional simple as that. You're talking about preparation for the game he has studies about his readiness to play hockey right. Most I would say 90% there is some of -- that is related to the ice because he's saying -- that we want him to do he's been criticized for playing on the periphery. And I think he makes it clear doesn't want to just play in the periphery. But he says very clearly we don't expect him to be crashing and banging they are expected to be meanwhile Lucic. They don't expect him if he doesn't that moving up to the first line to replace Nate and importantly the same type of player to not -- we uses. What's fit a square peg into a round hole right. You're not looking for Tyler say gonna go to the corners my all of defensemen come away with the pocket not the guy and his ass make a big check. And then put a puck and then that's not -- he is he's not a power forward. He doesn't hit that -- what you are looking for him to have some stones. Right you're looking for him -- not always take the easy way and go to the outside instead go to the inside you're looking for him to know how to pay the price it even if he's not the most physical. I'm a rank -- -- question and a question okay. Is this criticism. About age. Or is it about his game this age have anything to do this because I know Peter surely mention what are you weren't but it doesn't sound like. Peter surely is talking about his age. I think he's talking about more than anything else that he's talking about. Being prepared to play may -- that goes back to you being 21 and you don't realize. That your you think you're preparing which are not preparing well enough maybe you don't realize what's at stake that could be it. Or just maybe it's just the style of hockey player that he -- because I know he I've heard it over and over herded. On TV heard on radio. Read about it he's just 21 and he's just 21 he's a kid. Leave them alone you guys are picking on Tyler's -- This is not immediate not immediate member picking on piracy in with a guy who gave them. A pretty healthy contractors that got drafted him number two overall. And that barely Smart guy he's the only wanted to -- saint -- really Smart god knows what he's doing. In a press conference situation in May -- very conscious decision column out. After after making the conscious decision to allow trade talks formed to become public and he's not the only one you remember Shawn Thornton during the playoffs all with Dennis and Callahan asked whether or not effort was an issue for Tyler saying. But after I think he's trying to think he had. But he's got 35 shots on -- he's a little bit snake bit right now today he used pretty good on the power I get a lot of looks -- you have to do -- make -- -- -- -- -- Could get a lot of criticism but I thought last night special this Saturday and -- -- hospital producer. Keating getting -- all talks were battling I think. Would you know -- what you gotta you -- -- -- those little things. -- -- -- Does not quite effort it's more this idea of professionalism. I think the age thing as an interest in part of the equation will open up your 61777979837. I look at the age thing like this. Age is not relevant in terms of effort. There's an expectation level as a professional that you're gonna give a perfect that you're going to act the part ran especially when you're on to your second contract. When the team is set our right. Here you go -- are we on -- you're our guy here's a multimillion dollar deal were treating you like an adult. We expect you to act like one as well so in my view being 21 years old. When you're when you're 21 and playing professional sports is different from being 21 year old screw around college -- just different. Right I mean it -- there's more expected of him because he's repaying a much better reward with the big contract -- does that sort of wanted to -- right rich but you're right but. I do see 21 as a reason why not to give up on somebody. I don't think it I I think it's perfectly reasonable to hold him to the same high standard you would hold anybody else to one your team even if they are older. But I don't think it's reasonable to give up on a guy just because he's not living up to the billing at that age. Mean they're what we got cutting off your nose to spite your face that's saying well. I'm just done with him already and he's never gonna get it well when -- we've seen how many guys eat it whether -- whether the expectation level should be. That they get at it at 21 or not don't get it to 222426. In baseball. The guys don't get it until they're 27 years old now know to different sport different I know that -- different -- -- when he won it not time to give up on a player. He's younger than -- -- guard. Well while -- effort to recruit Chris figured out that figuring out you know and I tell me that -- well. I I think you're right when you talk about 21. In this industry. In professional hockey professional baseball entertainment whatever it is. If you are if you're in a position to be earning millions of dollars when you're 18192021. IQ our basketball and hockey and baseball. Yes expectations change in you are forced to grow up faster. Then then other. A bit then your counterparts we're not in that feel it is an unfair and unrealistic so what that's just the way it is and other people have done another people. Have have done pretty well with some some people don't know. In the case of Tyler -- Keep going back to time in the league. More than his age. That there's a certain I think it's the good time a column out. You're going to your fourth year the National Hockey League you'd be making nearly six million dollars a year we gave me the contract before the lockout. We have identified you as one of the core players. It's not just because your handsome Tyler he expects something from you and it's time to step up. Maybe that's part of the question though is what what -- the Bruins are reacting to why did they give him the amount of money they gave him was it because. They were confident in what he'd done so far where it was going. Or was it because they were still basing it on potential. And knowing that this was the the the right way to keep them around for longer and allow that potential to grow our -- what was the reasoning quite obvious -- At the time they gave the contract. He was coming off the season in which he led the team in scoring. There's going to be so it was a user leading -- in order leading goal score. And lockout is coming -- As get our business in order before this nasty lockout. And before we have to dig in -- and take care of few contracts. I mean a lot to a sort of you've got a -- -- I don't know if that was one album I don't know and we expect by the time Tyler -- stars making. You know five point seven million dollars or whatever it is but by the -- making them money. In the 2013. Fourteen seasons he's gonna is is going to be one of our maybe one of -- I think that's a possibility levels. Also think it's possible that yes they wanted to -- business in order before the lockout to make sure they weren't gonna lose guys when they came out of a locked out but more important is that and how long was gonna last maybe it lasted a year or so. But more importantly I wonder if they just hate the potentials there. We're making his deal based more on potential that I don't what we've already seen we can do that can -- here we Cameron at the time he's what nineteen and have to wonder you don't give Peter surely that's -- pepto. Pretty. Big commitment for potential. It is now because he had so he knew how much else he had around him he can afford to take any risk on potential because the potential for Sagan is still so great. The upside is still so unbelievable that if he actually reaches. We supposed to be who we could be. You'll take that three to five million dollar year gamble every time as it. Is it humbly bow is -- the -- the upside is there I'm not saying he's gonna reach and pull the upside. What are we say that I got to knock a guy if he got a call about. OJ is that the old your old English teacher thing OK get the red pick -- the red and gotten them this is terrible this is terrible this is terrible. But it. If you these changes can be unbelievable with nobody -- got some good ideas -- what -- sure he's saying that he's -- -- minutes behind our focus to the one passed okay and he's got to be more of a professional what goes on to say -- simple as that he does that we don't expect them to be crashing and -- just play your game -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't hear -- -- Well he can beat him he could be one of the top players in the league he can be an unbelievable so I think that that is that is a CNET implied. I think that's imply -- and the one thing that is holding them back is a lack of being a professional. I'm curious what was your reaction when you first heard over the weekend the Tyler Sagan name was in trade talks and and secondarily. When you heard Peter surely call the guy out because I love it. I was I was part of the group that said hey if you trade them I'm not gonna pass judgment on a trade to like here we you're getting back. Maybe what you're gonna get back is unbelievable maybe it's not until I got to know what you're gonna get back before Raikkonen before I can weigh in on what the trade would be. But I also believe that if you're not gonna trade -- that making this stuff public was a great idea well got to find a way. To reach a kid where Allen Davis sitting in his -- half. Do what is where we disagree a bid to salute this is where I get a little nervous. On the Tyler -- in the regular nervous here. Because. As as -- talk show host shore I love that the general managers that some things that are interesting about a player's not a Vanilla quote it's not a cliche quote. On the flip side he's saying there's this is a last resort tactic. I think. You don't -- the you don't do that -- -- surely -- -- say this unless you feel like you have to Q this is this is what I actually have to do. And the reason I'm nervous about a Mike is. I don't know if Tyler Sagan -- type of personality. He's gonna respond to what makes you think. In his career. That this is something that he response he has never had to respond to this. This type of call out his career -- things have to it's never been public quite like this is never he's never been in this type of situation. I heard a great story that he was on the fourth line in juniors right before -- first seventeen games. Seventeen game. One goal. And what happened and the coach was a new coach a game in and that's how we got to the first line it wasn't one of these hammered a four part right now but I'm gonna prove. These jokers not army Hawpe to line guy I wanna fight. I know what -- he got to be on the top of your money in the second line this entire year. He had that he hired at -- still being called why I think that's only point is saying that they you've already you've tried all of those things and trying to powering him you've tried banishing him a couple of our value -- -- you tried talking to this is the next -- America what my point is. He has never. He has never had to do. Fight out of this fight out of a situation. And I don't know how he's -- it's about fighting out of the situation I don't think he's going to have to fight out of anything I think he's just got to respond to not just being entitled. This is the first a first or another shot and maybe at saying no you don't get to make the rules you gotta play by hours you've got to be a professional and if you're not gonna be one we're gonna embarrass you for. And I think there is I'm not always a big. Revenge guy when it comes to how I think coaches and and GM should handle their players I think for the most part fans always want revenge. I'm -- disguised to you she'd yell at forming. This guy dropped a fly ball so I want my manager to go out there and scream -- for me and publicly embarrassed and we know that in this day and age that does not work. But eventually with a young player that is apparently entitled or lacking professionalism. Of they find a way to reach them. And that's why response so well this 617779. 7937. Your thoughts on Sagan -- and -- W yeah. -- missed -- -- I'm sticking with it and you know they come and be creative -- -- -- -- them -- my team and in the amount mentality right now is tunic and create chances and be strong and enough. Government. -- does say getting yet his general manager after fielding calls on him all weekend said it's got to commit. Got to commit his mind and focus to the one task at hand you've got to become more of a professional. Is agent excuse. Not really not for not being a professional when you get paid like one but he did a reason to give up on the guy and I think that's the question lyzard. -- like -- what textures are wearing it now we're in here on the eighteenth I don't like life. And I like the -- to drive -- question. Texas says slapping the puppy on the -- as is witnesses. Other -- -- let me guess the brewers are gonna trade -- in the gym is gonna say quote heated when a player Boston Phil Kessel. And -- or 886 shows is honestly the number one things that you need to work -- -- his mid range shot it sucks. You miss that the next 75% of the time you want Michael Ryder money. It starts -- like Michael right. Reading I tiger the last text for sure I mean if you want Michael Ryder money you gotta start -- I totally agree with -- right well guess but what he's given me. He didn't it starts barking like -- credited to Michael -- -- -- -- potential and that that's what I'll keep coming back -- he got paid on potential not necessarily. A -- he had accomplished at the time he'd accomplish something fine but if another player with less pedigree than say again how to accomplish the same thing that -- they got as much money. Taking gets paid based on not only what he'd accomplished more so on what the potential is for him and you've got to find as a coach as a general manager as a organization. You've got to find the best way to get him to live up to that expectation. And and if if part of it is that you believe he's entitled. Or he's not professional enough and you tried behind the scenes to get him to understand that you are now trying the next option available to you which is to criticize them publicly. That's something that hockey intelligentsia will have to answer -- -- and I'm not qualified to answer this question but that the Smart hockey people. Maybe are are all over which guy in these ones smartest hockey right now collage art art this is that this is -- and for. And -- groups in -- for everybody else involved Jack Edwards brick. What's in there. In the air. Kind of -- apart or hockey. This Tyler's -- hand because. You mentioned the numbers and the taxer who bring to this great Tex okay we get paid like Michael Ryder you've got to do this would but he didn't. You didn't have to do that to get paid -- you look at it. Like some 41 year old wouldn't say the -- guarantee. This check and Jeremy Jacobs is not gonna bounce. So Peter surely can yep yep yep -- wants it paid what he does. And I may be here longer than he each year. So what do you got to do is he of that continent. For which he got a respondents say I need to prove myself to my teammates I need to show them. That I am capable taking my game to a little -- and I think what I hear is -- wonder what's in this as a wake up and can't get too. The second part of it right there as of now we've seen more the former and this is a new way and you -- Hampton's era. If playing for your coach wasn't enough of playing for your teammates wasn't enough of playing your organization. And the and the Jersey that you Wear isn't enough. Have a plan for the public because of the public now knows that you're not playing as professionally are planning as professionally as possible at some. Point there's got to be somebody out there that will get the rodeo and so this is the next attempt to see who that is six point 77797937. And they better get ready the better get ready Mike during the year. When Tyler say in -- say they hope they have he backup plan. -- in another PR plan. So this is one this is one not approach this is that it through that it -- the fast pitch here who are Tyler -- and we called him out. Now they better be ready to have a plan to protect him because during the year there will be criticism. Director Tyler state and maybe it may be unfair based on what Peter surely set up the other that he now has showed it got to be ready to come out. The protector guy let's hear from you that they come. Let's hear refill on Plymouth to get is going to say Phil what's going on. So let's roll back the time machine is a Jumbo Joseph sort. I feel like I'm hearing everything I heard back panel I think so it was maybe 2324. All we dumped them Michael -- lost his job. I -- -- important I see we keep shaken and just -- Smart up and don't don't what you want. -- well -- there's couple parts and the first is -- the comparison is director Joseph Thornton was being asked to carry the Boston Bruins. He was supposed to be the best player on the team he was handed the captaincy probably too morally he was viewed as the savior. -- Sagan wall being the number two overall pick. Has never been asked to be the savior of the Boston Bruins they've won a cup and been doing another cup in his tenure and he's been. A secondary complementary. Player for what they're doing they have -- they have Bergeron they have -- now Rask. They're not asking him to be the leader I disagree the only training Orton I think it was the right thing to do even though they didn't get as much as they should -- I still think they did the right what is -- never gonna develop into it here. -- -- an -- and they'll let me just that this before going to get right back to. Joseph Thornton was 26 when they traded him as. As Sox it may -- got -- captaincy before his time but the fact is. His teammates thought enough of him. He had enough respect in that room at the time. That. He was a captain Andy in and no one undermined him it was inappropriate. You have there was an appropriate there was so. I'm from everything you heard I was around that team there was a couple of different factions on that team there was a click. With Thornton and Nick Boynton short Maria what are you doing great crop and they had to break that fractures to point. You think -- say it could be captain right now of course now court not even clueless Joseph Thornton was the captain of that team they had some success. And also. The comparison they're completely different games to filming took about a guy -- 6465. There was a big guy the big thing with him was because of his size maybe fans wanting more a lot of out of Joseph Thornton in at one of behind the net. Like making as he was want to do they want him to mix it up a little more about the room to comparison between. Between Sagan and Thornton. -- so the comparison. They are trying to bring. Both players up to the best level they can be. At whatever age era. And in both cases they'll actually. They played well first couple years they almost killed Wisconsin's. So the kinda learn from that I think the second and angry debate they -- have different rules but they both had high expectations and you know maybe into. I get home but what day I mean there's nobody who's really in the organization of power now. That was there when Joseph Thornton was here. -- -- -- Expected to do so certain thing. No I know what I'm saying you said they learned their lesson with Thornton there is no they O'Connell has gone the coaching staffs are gone Harrison until I mean they're they're all new people. Yeah that's cool it sit fan base. He and Kim -- it was around. Now I know we lost and he was not part of the organization to a couple of years ago he knows what happened in hypocrite you know what happened right. We do it right where I guess my question if you go back all the articles in -- six or seven years that the what was it. We will continually hoping that he would promote expectation I think he was in the West Coast -- The West -- Yeah I I also just think he needed the wake up call Phil I think he needed that wake up call being traded I don't think it was going to happen. For Joseph Thornton and here we talked about it before Michael and I disagree. But I think what you opened up by trading Thornton was the space. To then signed Chara and signed Savard and turn over your team that note EU even though you didn't get that much forum you got that cap space you've got that that those contracts bases which you could then fill in with Charen and and ultimately Savard at. Which I think was a better fit for what they were trying to do here but. -- -- He's got so much more protected he's not being asked. To lead them he's not being asked to do everything he's being asked to grow up and be a professional -- but doesn't seem like too much to ask is gonna happen -- you're gonna happen for Tyler's very I don't know where I don't know. I don't know partly due -- I don't know do you believe in Tyler do you believe in the player. I believe in the skill set yeah. I believe that he can be a very effective Winger I don't believe that he's a strong enough player to be a senator at least at this stage in his career maybe at some point down the road -- -- fills that is sounds like Joseph Torre doesn't talk like Joseph Thornton to me in terms of maturity and that those those types of comments sounds like Phil casts. That's exactly what was that about Phil -- And I defendant to the tune -- to grieve because. Well when when I heard people saying about he'd nineteen year old twenty year old he's not mature. -- -- -- How many how many in nineteen or twenty are what is the same thing as early. You're you're you're you're held to a different standard higher standard even if you're not ready to be there. When -- playing for. A team like the Boston girl went in this market and you're the number two overall yeah you got -- and Cassel was number five overall. Yeah you you may you have to do not ready for got to catch up to. A fair but that's the way to -- is in a car hi Donna. Hi Donna how are you -- The -- IE I am making a connection it seems really obvious to me and I so far haven't heard it made. But once a week or two after they -- Hernandez -- And you know. Everybody talking about it to new era and we also heard a lot of critics of the patriots for not having that it. -- You know airing in hand as. This morning you know. Talking about I would say in being a party -- which we couldn't Aaron Hernandez a few months ago. No. Connection I'm wondering you know is money and and nothing about what they wouldn't and losing. Makes. -- Our goal -- to go I don't know what I I don't want to do I'm not accusing or anything because I'm. Saying that. No I mean there are going to be your own heart makes no cents. Financial. Okay. Think I heard this morning I'm the other clock so that morning that. You know they -- you hit -- by saying these things about what you're saying about him no different then. A huge number actually I didn't think -- -- 98 post Aaron Hernandez. Going on here where. May be concerned about other things. That. We don't know about. And they get and not be affiliated with him or those other -- I don't think. You know I think you know what I would be in -- and you tell me this is okay Eric how much were comfortable you said. They're worried about other things off the ice. And you didn't mention Aaron Hernandez at all with piracy because I think your your point your point right of something. Off the -- and just being prepared to play that game that's what -- -- and Aaron Hernandez. My my mind -- -- racing all -- I'm thinking about six charges of murder one in five weapons charges and a 27 year old man who lost his life and -- denied bail. I'm thinking of so many other things and stories in Florida of failed drug test and getting in trouble and yes. Yes. I'm. Gonna stay away from the old Donna. I think there's a reason why maybe -- hasn't heard that as much on the radio issue would have liked Donna got I don't think anybody wants to make better and how to -- at all ever -- -- -- It's all get Ollie -- -- little girls have been here 610 with 77979337. -- your calls on Sega and possibly into some Red Sox baseball talk coming up how this year's Red Sox team is being proven to be exactly the kind of team you want them to. And the rest of baseball's -- that's coming -- so alcoholic W -- Morning you know. Talking about I would say in being a party guy which we couldn't get it by -- -- Hernandez a few months ago. Friends. You know our as much as this is -- -- here is only 21 year old kid. And sometimes it. Patience doesn't mean just for one year patients -- a little more than a year and a long he's growing get better I'm gonna keep supporting him. Best quote Julianne. He's gonna support Tyler saying -- longer than -- -- Clarence Aaron Hernandez who knows that he could be until there. Like -- -- stretch. -- He couldn't see could be getting better because he's -- reporters. That's -- Do you think you saw. -- look you know edit in order probably -- to me. On this team. You see so many. Good. Rugged. Two way players in the Bruins he sees some of the guys who were willing that -- -- to pay the price that you really it doesn't really. They probably don't get as much credit as they -- occurred just a team like things the culture of working and it stands out and we see a guy who doesn't do it. -- -- It looks worse than it and it actually is if he gets soft player. No Wednesday's soft but he he'd gotten going like those guys that. No but that's not necessarily what his game is would you like to see more of the yes but as we said he's not gonna be -- -- -- it's -- to have a different kind of player ever bother registering but my clock -- you are -- -- -- he may -- he may turn into crate -- eventually terms of that level of compete and probably -- about this bury your chances and be that sniper you don't even have a conversation. -- Marc Savard and set up more opportunities for other people to score. And we're not having these conversations. Right I mean I think what you're looking for is to go one direction or the other find -- way to contribute and contribute a lot. And and some of the conversation about whether or not he's tough enough. Whether or not he's he's willing to go in the corner is that an -- if there was a way to have a particular race because I don't know I don't think I does not of course 121 year old doesn't always have a twenty year old body and then there's also a man's strength you said yourself you don't think he's strong enough. And maybe if he commits himself becomes more professional spends all this time thinking about the game instead of other things maybe he developed some of that strength. And ends up being a guy who can handle some of that Jordan's in New Hampshire -- Jordan. -- -- -- Eight cell -- what they thought about it in and out there. You know I have a hard time believing that would you role model yet around them. You know that departure on the Chara Seidenberg. You know and parents when you're around you know I don't think he's gonna be allowed you technicality of say. You're adult you know aren't you the money and get a matter what I think that you know especially -- a year or talk about him like you know it. You know you the other brother -- you know he got a -- -- about them. I think you better believe the impact of -- you know people are gonna -- up to it people will call now. And so I don't think he can deal with that mentality of I -- some superstar. I don't think that's happened -- Well right don't you think it has for years I I do I believe that market after it happened you listen. I'm glad he listened. They Jordan I think you're right. You're honest team that you have a lot of of recognized leaders like Chara and Bergeron and a lot of guys don't have the CRA. On the Jersey but. Are are just has invested and in our justice capable of leading like Shawn Thornton. Does he its its its great those are great. Role models to have but the other part of it is listening. If you listen to what they say it seemed that you have. And I agree but I also think that they say -- -- haven't really conform to Julian system I mean we got it you know. If you looked at point blank I don't believe it's taken -- states that. I don't think he got. And -- it different system how many goals would be with the patent. And -- -- wanna play a playoff games so the -- how did you react when you heard that he was maybe on the trading block this week and you must have been site. I know I I would actually because I believe it cannot believe that -- much stronger than player and how it played. But you know the -- the system. I but again you know. There's no reason he can't be at the art there's no reason he can't be a sniper on top bright yellow mama keep cookies every night there's no reason. You know I just think that given more time to develop you know again he's got what -- -- happier. Yeah you two and a half years. Yeah I can believe that you need to report on the -- 21 year old Cutler I'm 22 years old and I am -- credit quality that -- Brought you -- there's different there's different so what are you majoring in. Are well -- that would be like you. I'm getting the job. In your field and nineteen. And nobody can say there's Jordan he's so cute he's nineteen Gingrich at eight. I don't know that -- and got there. -- just like an imaginary conversation doesn't some imaginary -- like you would Jordan really go back but is it it -- if you're nineteen -- -- wanting. In your field. And it's this is big business they expect you to -- democracy it would Jordan understand. That you're not putting the time and that you're not preparing the way you should. Because -- when he bluntly when he won -- That the did the weird -- -- -- the correlation is when you hire somebody used 1122 right at a school you're hiring them eight to do a job that is not very important. And too because of their potential because you think they're gonna work hard enough to master whatever worked -- you've given them and you like their potential. That's the Bruins are doing with -- they like his potential of what is gonna grow into but they also need him to contribute right now to they need to start seeing that work ethic hey. A man I don't I was not always a great model employee when I was 22 years old -- -- what I was doing. Wouldn't you know we show up hung over and and yes I one time I had to leave my job. Because I was so hung over from the night before that I couldn't function network okay I'm happy about Panama proud about it wouldn't do that now but at age 22. A different set of priorities right I mean -- I'd I'd. I was 22 years old come. Canada and as you said it is so that OK maybe the deep in the analogy. Doesn't work and that's what I was talking about earlier is not something that. Oh we can't relate to because we haven't been in that situation unless where you are expected of us at each other unless you are 88 former professional athlete right happening you at nineteen or twenty years old. And you were. You were put in a position where years you're expected to perform in front of 1910181000. People every night can you imagine talk with the media. And it yourself. It and a professional way. At the arena away from the arena and get paid millions -- impossible. Imagine somebody judging me on the decisions I made when I was 2122 years old in the idea that got everything I did then would have been made public for people to judge that being said there. I wasn't given a huge amount of money and a huge amount of responsibility and and accepted at the moment he accepted it. There is an element of responsibility of the graduate and and ultimately he's got to find a way to be more professional you portray dang it. Some of the fun of being young and in your twenty's for some of the responsibility in the money in the fame and everything else and the ability to play NHL hockey. The comes with -- -- -- got to own up to that -- and you don't even even have to you would accept it don't even have to trade away all that much -- if you can you can find a way to score you can find a way to produce some of art -- conversation. Not like it if literature literature rally is bringing that up. Because he did not produce the way they wanted him to simply that producers. And then this this cycle analysis of of Tyler say mr. It just goes who are 60777979837. We continue on a with your Tyler Sagan calls after Peter surely city needs to be more professional plus as I so wanna start pocket some Red Sox is well. A way to the -- high thirty of baseball is telling us why we should like the Red Sox it's coming up talking hall WEEI.

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