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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 07/01/13

Jul 1, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't touched upon today... why are Hernandez jerseys cleaning up on ebay, Jack Nicholson tries to woo Dwight Howard, fill in radio hosts and more.

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-- And now our needs -- tolley store already roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. Mean -- Well we solved it Ali and sports radio and W and up. I'm gonna start with some breaking news so. The Lowell spinners have been rained out tonight but the bigger -- news. That means to really build Bobble head night has been rescheduled for Wednesday August 6 -- -- planning on going to -- -- bobbled it. We took place that's so somebody jokes there are so they took their right. I'm not gonna jump in with India and prepared to do well and go ahead I'll leave it. -- Anyway I'll let you know -- differently I'm sure what it's like a guarantee that doesn't talents of your ex messengers of interest in general in three to warrant ago. And -- heard his Jersey was pulled from the patriots pro shop and NFL shop web sites last week. -- been offered a Jersey exchange program. For France's turn him and number 81 Jersey if they so desired but since then sales of in his Jersey on eBay have skyrocketing -- With -- worth fifty dollars selling for 250 dollars and -- people still buying overpaid for it for me and -- Well I don't think they they feel like they're overpaying -- is just very simple. Exercise here. The patriots are taking these jerseys off the market out of there they're not intending to do this for financial purposes that -- in the dirt off the market because they don't want people. Coming to their practices coming to their pre season games coming to their games being around the facility where Hernandez jerseys they want him to disappear. You know kind of connection to the patriots. Well I think people what their sale of these -- they're going off the market their work something that somebody. The guy who put it on eBay thought he was he wanted to get rid of it he's gonna take it to goodwill. He thought he opener on even get a for fifteen -- get fifteen bucks out of it -- -- for 289. I think it's just numbers. Another question is why why are people buying -- our economic I would say a couple things one I think this is the stories overblown little but I saw a tweet from Ruvell later Darren rebels saying that outside of me to use jurors these. There's been very limited activity and any other Aaron Hernandez stuff that is on the day my guess is this is a few people much like there were a few people who were chanting innocent outside the courthouse the other day what's a few. I don't army or in only a few and -- again it takes five or six who knows they literally it's a few people so you think. -- -- Do you think a hundred people 200 people be interest in buying navy but archaeologists are thousands and thousands of people and at 3000 thousands I think you know 35500. That's pretty significant I don't know -- my guess is that there's a lot fewer than map that it actually ended up beating on any Hernandez gear. And you know people -- weird yes some people probably see an opportunity monetarily to try to make money off other people that are a little bit weird but. There's also that morbid fascination of years later being able CA I kept us Aaron Hernandez Jersey as always wanted to have some reminder of I'm and I'm not -- kind of guy. But I think their people out there at all. It can be she'll she'll be two people pissed off managers sales day discussed it put it in right. Where she went to. Africa. -- -- -- -- -- You know hundred those you know an extra guy is what is -- the -- -- -- -- It's turkeys and Stanford while the first street college athletics history. -- the rates of the Twitter handle this UA athletics. So what other non athlete tree. Of personal this is a good trade. Nobody thinks of Stanford is being this year. Right Syracuse is much more -- then Stanford is here and just think of right there Stanford Cardinal I think it was. What's your Twitter and I think it's Al go cardinals were something like that angle cardinal Stanford ghost and older effort they don't need to be LSU -- took my relief dating of them the other news. Why are they like act keeps or something like that and pat -- -- I don't either one of them has -- -- the -- Well -- the orange and it they aren't. Hard to get with the times I can get one other deal done. In athletics did not involve trading one happily for another. Make sure that the Utah yet draw trade their name back to New Orleans were rightfully belongs -- you. You draw. Objects. The single jazz club I bet there's. They have no way there's no way they -- the -- ever been to Utah I have. You drive into Utah there's a huge sign first things first eggs into Utah's you come in from Arizona. And it says pornography is a CI. RS is huge snake. First things first thing you see when you get into Utah Everett if that's a huge statement -- not worth mentioning -- electric -- club personal. Fell out of the restrictive that not that some reference to Portland just telling you what it's all. Man but did not. Give victory that went into that. I don't know anything you can go think about. -- beautiful place yes you don't think -- And that's the only thing that's the only. Most of them Los Angeles Lakers and it's been so long now Malaysia that that they're such an important team and NBA yen and really sports landscape is holding out. I don't think that is having anything to do -- anymore. -- -- Americans. -- you know but the aftermath of Americans that government. Go dark corner. But for any -- reading very well did you as the battles you're gonna trade wears -- -- young Benjamin. Can you sense. This is another gates were not -- as they were -- -- yeah I think Ben is in New Hampshire he's traveling to New Hampshire. The -- -- at all all of them there are listening to us right now holly and I guys take off days and then they just sit around listening alone he's texting us. Then sit around listening to this is not a -- something else today I just. When did you take on this role as has been protector. Attribute your your are your brand bodyguard I think. -- -- Anyway to a powerful pop up. Reportedly contacted lakers super fan Jack Nicholson as Jack's advice on whether or not sustain that way. Which Boston celebrity would you. To be the ambassador to recruit athletes complained for. Income. I. I did watch some of the Arturo I want some of the the other -- through pink color is like taking the microphone -- Peter Wolf it was all over to just like stealing it away from Steve Tyler at the end relaxed -- was really into of course he -- and actually -- -- set on the I didn't see this and I just saw I saw it on -- period I -- the Aaron Smith I thought they are dirty water and then everybody else came out typically with them at the end. What Boston aptly when I use as an ambassador Bolton has to liberty. Not a celebrity and it is too easy ones to obviously depends a little too long trying to reach like if somebody is trying to reach me. I know leaving it only can NBA player -- MBA players -- trying to -- definitely think. If it. Now there are two guys who stand up to me. One out of James Taylor if you think if you think of putting young athlete is into what they like our goal Mark Wahlberg yeah. Right because of the movies entourage that whole thing and then go Matt Damon. I got Matt and payments. To them aren't everything all the movies he's done. He's high profile. Guys that. Call. On. And well or a no brainer right is that better than Damon do in the list of oldest Brothers and good laundry. He's list and always brother's name is to do it twice issue -- -- there it is how about these pictures are right -- with -- Wal-Mart well -- Roberts I said -- are very funny. But I don't know what to do doesn't have a -- consider a lot of pro athletes always -- all Arabs who saw her. Athletic Clark I don't know the NBA players now I don't think so. Michael O'Malley. It's definitely Wal-Mart. Texas -- industry corporate purely noodles and Jessica -- that's a really good answer hours ago when as well Bill Simmons. Autograph. Not a remark won't work. Mark -- a winner no doubt. -- -- -- -- And RE TT question Tuesday the Boston Sports Radio landscape is littered. With -- and hosts this week for the but not -- and -- So along those lines who's the most famous person you ever fielded four radio or TV year. It was a right around this time. 2005. For 2006. I am -- -- Filling in on that Jim -- really did you did you TV or radio. A team. We're not I was -- great I was great I don't know I don't know I don't I was back now obliterate that I was no it was great. Blown out to LA -- suspected this is this is stealing money I gotta -- Like you out to LA. Pays for everything. It's your rental car what's in and out burgers. Hanging out at the beach. You go into the the studios. Like likely you -- fifteen years old video games everywhere basketball won't. It gave take this thing -- -- -- 10 o'clock in morning not a 10 o'clock in the morning paper for a half hour 45 minutes and out and out. General bracket rack of did you get this it did -- -- phrases because -- like dramatic pauses. That did you use any of -- for isn't. I don't think our our user's name refers to really what did you Fiat and an -- -- I would definitely senator like there's no way you could ask me to fill in for you -- -- -- -- here's the best thing. You know officer. Terms Rogers -- So we as are the other -- and -- you fill in when this piece you can. He and I really. Lot in -- only Michael hall. I'm the one and only one little. Right. So field. Fairness. -- fill in for Gordon Tony and I are definitely you're just joining Michelle suggests. I guess minus is van pelt. Filled in on is I mean he's probably the most famous person towards this. Yeah it's a Scott van pelt show beyond his in -- intricacies. That but -- all -- right. Did you change the name of the show now it was still -- Scotland couch and I can just say. It's the mics that showed yeah I -- would've gone over great today today is the -- so you know I did not do. I want to be invited back over to be honest and over again -- -- I told you give -- multiple weird relationship. Yeah we have a very strange relationship. What's that mean. Because I I know where you don't want to get into nobody told you it just a really I don't long story but we have a very odd relationship that's. Based on -- as -- than budget some misunderstanding at the beginning followed by a -- Whitfield in for -- -- That's you that's pretty he would not answer yes that's just a couple weeks ago with all respect that's bigger dollar starters got them don't yes OK isn't there you go developer Jerry -- you're just Jerry -- is rough I thought all right right after we left Jerry -- is I saw Jerry -- can remember -- ran over the -- and -- -- to. To the -- right after -- -- I saw around me. He introduced himself we direction -- he says. As well thank you for for let me fill in for a couple of innings and he basically gave me this look like I've no idea that you actually did that and says. Why don't really make any of those decision. Already probably were thinking is that you're not -- my level we're thinking about -- your name and sentence was mine though. I was like well thank you for not coming in and and negating it anyway like even if you didn't make that decision yourself. Thank you for not coming in and saying pay no never let Baghdad word again so there ego I -- Jeremy in my answer your job your -- a good. That's a good and I definitely you could and I would have set them. Andy's got a great set up on them he did apparently he had probably about. -- not that -- stalking -- dressing room like that may have like forty suits. All lined up there. Beautiful designer's suits and Hughes and handle the eyes and wearing -- to -- -- it's freezes me and for me and I think I think somebody used the -- -- what does he also has likes he busts for Columbus and feet bound for some place else. He's in that guys and just shortening. Never seen -- you know Joan Jett row was made for Twitter before Twitter exist. Oh absolutely he's perfect for he's you can give you heard the what's his name him impression of him that he goes what's again the Italian. Kelly and his impression of you heard it a -- it's legit I am not a big Kelly and a guy I usually will turn away from Poland will play for you coming up both wanna get back in the whole bunch of different subjects. Includes -- patriots talk which we have not really had him -- not talking about. We're not talking about just Aaron Hernandez but the actual on field the fact how the patriots. Could. -- would be better off. Without 85%. Of their past receiving from last year try to make the case coming up talking -- W media of Wal-Mart.

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