WEEI>On Demand>>With Nathan Horton testing the free agent waters, who fills the void at right wing if he moves on from the Bruins?

With Nathan Horton testing the free agent waters, who fills the void at right wing if he moves on from the Bruins?

Jul 1, 2013|

We discuss the comments and actions of Nathan Horton and his agent, discuss how its playing out, and think out loud about who the top right winger on the B's would be if Horton is gone.

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Out moving back to where we start our show today and and I was -- in the comments made it by Peter sure rally over the weekend and it really was. A strange weekend for the Bruins where they're going into the draft. You know interestingly the NHL doesn't like the second to the season ends you're writing in the NBA's kind of in the same way. The NFL's not like that at all neither is baseball where you get some downtime after the season ends before things start to ramp back up. The NBA the moment the season ended even as the season was ending if he were seeing the drama and now with -- hockey this year. The same deal with sort of a late the late into their season the Peter sure -- First letting it leak out there that the Bruins were taken offers on -- Sagan and considering trading him alternately moving on from Nathan Horton and that gets lost by the way. Not even talking about the fact that the Bruins made the decision. Or Horton made the decision they couldn't reach a a mutual decision for him to stay here he's gone. Nathan Horton who's been a prime playoff performer for you who's been. The guy who's perfect opposite meanwhile -- each as a put the puck in the net. Sort of half sniper half -- can go into the corner perfect fit for what they've been doing on that number one line you're number one right wingers gone devil. Do you do what I mean that I can understand that when it's not like the Bruins look at Nathan -- and say you're not a good player we're not gonna resign. It is I think is more. A matter of how to slot Nathan Horton I mean do you do you give my long term contract. And in just ignored the injury history. Do you look at him and say. In -- and based on what he found in the playoffs. That's one number -- higher number right. I am based on what he's done in the regular season well but it didn't say that they made it pretty clear that -- that they just flip a switch once they get in the playoffs right -- says he's gonna flip a switch saw a poll well but you're not paying -- you know paying got big money. For him to flip the switch might not be paying big money. You're expected that switched to be on all the time. I'm not sure. That we've we've heard the last of Nathan Horton. With the Boston you don't date that you think they're still mutual interest in the heat they've said -- it was a pattern amid the caps that the cap is going down so everybody has tough decisions to make. If -- Nathan Horton. You go out and get a ton of money from a team like the islanders. Who have cap space but not really sure what they're gonna do the islanders going to be any good. Or. You go to a team that you know is going to be geared. And you to leave a million dollars here two -- two million dollars and about saying he should do that and I won't. Begrudge him -- -- -- -- but those are the options that you like I have a guy who has been to two Stanley Cup finals and last last three years and it seemed to get. Well in the room and on the outline -- regardless as they were sort of looking for ways to to make the numbers were important. The idea came out of trading Tyler -- and then ultimately led to this commerce comment need to -- though. She's out of Boston Globe afterward Torre says he's got Peter surely says he's got to commit. His mind he's got to commit his mind and focus to the one task at hand. He's got to become more of a professional. You know what I consider out of a lot of 21 year old I know we got criticized for playing on the periphery and all that he did. He's got to commit to being a professional and focusing on the game simple -- that he does that we don't expect him to be crashing and banging. Just play your game I hear Peter Shirley saying now it's not as much about what he does on the ice. No we're not looking for him to be rough and tumble meanwhile Lucic or Nathan Horton angle crashing into corners and trying to kill people. What we're looking for him to do was be a professional to commit to being a professional and focusing on the game. The professional word is the one that's gotten all the buzz that nothing about him being only 21 years old but the phrase focusing on the game. Does that become the most the most important freezing here we talked about this earlier and and I feel like we gave that part of it short shrift. There's -- many many ways you can look at the statement. He's got to focus on the game what does that mean. To me it means that there are times when he's not focused on the game right. The laser focused I don't know I mean he's not saying that we can use our imagination. What is -- 21 year old kid focused on when he's not focused on play in the game hockey we can focus on any we we we can turn our attention any number of pieces of speculation. But not to me really is the biggest part of this. All we're asking for you to do was focus on the game man. We're not asking for you to go in there and and slog it out with -- big defenseman in the corners I'm not asking you to win every battle in the corner -- -- -- for -- to be a tough guy I'm not looking for you to -- back checking the centerpiece of your game. I'm looking for you to be a professional. And focus. On the game. Get your head in the game both during at any but when you're not playing make hockey the most important. What -- -- say this is a pretty big gamble because you know he's he's done effectively here right now he has crushed his trademark. There there's there's really. No opportunity now. For Peter -- to go out and in trade Tyler sacred but he said that after he knew trademark -- well as he tried that for -- time but he has to -- there is no there's no coming back from -- So it has to work. Right you have to work now -- have to work this season. If it doesn't work this season -- What do you what what are you left me -- you're stuck right. I mean. He could've had. I mean in other really it was a risky comment to make computer -- but he could've done said. Kept at Tyler Sagan play. The 2013 fourteen season and that to be great year that you did decent year. And etiquette trail in other teams are thinking well hey we -- guys 22 years old. He's got a reasonable contract may be placed the potential of a number two overall pick and there are no other issues what he's done is alert the rest of the -- There are some issues with Tyler. I don't think that's news to the rest of the league loud out there everybody everybody knew I don't think this is reduced to the rest of everybody knew that slot and they did really was willing to say it out their public law clearly that this has now gotten to a point given all the credit are I'm short I'm maybe a handful of teams -- well -- Think every Cuban National Hockey League -- I think they knew that -- any nation out of -- weekend really was not impressed with what he got back in terms of offers and then send -- well if I'm not gonna get of that all of the market for him is already not exactly impressive. I got to do everything in my power to save this thing before goes in the other direction and the next thing to do we've talked to about a privately and that you and I both believe. Because he's saying it publicly they've already tried a lot of these conversations privately they have. That of the Bruins have now your -- trying to do publicly six point 777979. 37. The phrase man. That's the phrase we can talk about whether or not it's expected to 21 or not but the phrases it ever with focusing on professional. All all look at focusing on the game. Focusing on the game is that too much to ask for no matter who you are no matter what age you are if you're playing a professional sport focus on the game. I mean that that that's the essence of being a professional. Yeah I don't know what he's saying there go crawl out well I don't think that that's a loaded that's a loaded statement is talking about. When he's actually at the game when he's actually playing your game does he loses concentration. When he's on the ice as he loses concentration. Went when somebody else's shift he's not mentally prepared before he's 340 yards or. If you're not thinking about the game when he's a -- away from the arena is not training the -- supposed to train and is not improving. At a rate that they're comfortable with what does that mean may be both. May be either or what's the difference I mean if it's either one of those two things you got a problem. That's not what I wanna hear my general manager saying the about a kid who was supposed to be developing. Into that little apparent -- play pretty risky comment from. I see it that well I don't think it's risky it is -- makes. This is -- interest. What you think Tyler saying in response. I think. And I I think I think they hole. Already here is this and says. They know better than you and I do I mean they're developing that the working on developing -- now for four years. They know him. They know how to they know what they've tried in what they haven't tried. They know how they tried to coach Jim how they've tried to discipline them how -- -- he's been in the past or not entitled and what's left in their bag of tricks. To try to get this -- to turn into -- player everybody thinks he can -- well it tells me they know that. This is I keep saying -- the last resort type of move. Over the last resort -- -- maybe they don't know. Maybe they don't. Maybe that maybe they're trying everything they can't well the last thing they can do right I guess whose attention I veterans say they don't know what -- I know what you mean I guess -- thing is they know the person. They do know him they know what they've tried they know the entire history of everything that has been tried with Tyler say again. Not all of which has -- filtered out to us we've heard about Shawn Thornton playing in big brother and having a conversation with them we -- -- is scratched him before the incident -- -- -- -- the -- the meeting we know there have been some some little things that have cropped up. Tried to play center and was immediately sent away from that position because he couldn't handle the draws and couldn't handle it at all. We know there have been little incidences. What I guess for finding out by virtue of this conversation becoming public is that maybe it's been more than that. But they know the entire history of it and when it's time to try to make a move like this 61777979837. Is there a risk is Peter surely taking a risk. Simply by telling the world what he thinks of Tyler saying. Your calls an ex alcoholic W media.

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