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Who had the Red Sox for 50 wins on June 30th? Anyone?

Jul 1, 2013|

We discuss the red hot Red Sox and how if you were to say before the season that they'd have 50 wins on July 1st, people might have laughed at you. We look at some of the team's strengths and weaknesses and how they'll fare moving forward in the 2nd half.

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The number everybody keeps thrown out there today when it comes to the Red Sox is fifty. Fifty wins by July 1 and coming off the two game sweep Colorado followed by taking three out of four from Toronto. There's a lot of good reasons to be talking Red Sox baseball they're good team on pace to win ninety plus games nearly 9596. Games. After more than half of the season they're clearly Li -- And yet. They're not really getting huge amount of because they're not generating buzz here in Boston. And they're not giving an excessive amount of respect around the country either -- show -- -- just a moment. -- taken Tyler -- call 6177797937. I think he's a big story in town today. Top acclaim and obviously Aaron Hernandez still kind of hanging over everything and I do wanna toxin patriots a bit later in the show -- -- the the Red Sox thing is interesting because -- flying below the radar often in Boston. Have you seen the latest voting in the all star voting. We -- in this that is the number of users don't keep up with all star voting but. What what he got I'm not a big also our guy either but I just thought it was an interesting way of looking at the Red Sox for a national lands. And you find out that as of now they want all star. Other -- of one author David Ortiz who was far -- away more than doubling up number two in the designated hitter voting. After that it's important in -- nasty owned Victor Martinez and mark trauma and and Ortiz deserves. Definitely the number one DH both on reputation and in terms of what he's -- of the baseball this year I was gonna say probably the -- even if even if -- he wasn't having a good year and -- Q1 hundred years he's the that the biggest personality the most popular guy he would probably get an. Probably to be expected given what -- who he is -- play where's our right after that Napoli fourth and first base and be impossible to make an argument he belongs and Chris Davis and then the next two -- fielder and pujols. Odd they're going to be up there on reputation. And then it captured Jerome hours number one but then we eaters Pierzynski Carlos Santana and Jarrod Saltalamacchia is fifth. I can't make an argument for him relate to be head of any of those guys presents keys maybe a little high and in the outfield they're top vote getters Jacoby Ellsbury who -- eight. And then Shane Victorino is fourteenth. My true by the way leading the way just Adam Adam Jones. And -- bats who we got to receive the full the full cult bent of his skills over the weekend so. They're not giving a tremendous amount of national respect and our -- and and it's all right and I love wreck I love it I problem that nobody else around the country stake in the. You don't want I think not the people around the current order or honoring them that they're taking him seriously but it's that he is not this this this team where. Everybody's -- 335. Everybody has ridiculous numbers not Clay Buchholz is off to a great start. You know we don't know what's going on him. So I guess he would if if clay buckles were having day Max Scherzer like season. I guess maybe be more buzz around the Red Sox but I like -- he was almost halving a match here -- -- season until it actually cut it short right. I think Nash -- just got cautionary pill wasn't but I think nationally is one thing. And and that's that's ironic because how many years that we had to listen to this. Oh god there's an East Coast bias ESP and all they care about at the Red Sox and yankees in their other teams -- -- a perform well. This year that's not really criticism. Anybody outside of New England. And can Levy it really ESPN because we haven't talked it hasn't been this focused on the Red Sox and then locally. To get the sense that maybe people. Are aren't sure what to make of the Red Sox and crucial to make of they are parties. There are some people still thinking that look. A -- article you can't be thinking it's a flu are some people want nothing more than halfway through the season. They. That there's no star powers that whole nest in England a simple. That -- talked about. Where they're looking for more sixty players like Dustin Pedroia is that it. Because if you're just interested in good base we'll never talk about that again about a life for every time you say a sexy player let Dustin Pedroia -- horrifying testimony -- we -- -- about Ellsbury navy but Pedroia has but he's wrong. So that you have an aggregate baseball team that. -- grind doubted that and then and it is pretty well as well managed in the in his likable this is it. What is. What I mean well I'm having fun watching them I can't. I can't give me the answer because I'm not part of the group by the way for the person who thinks I just said Mike Napoli should be ahead of Chris Davis you clearly -- hurt me. I said nothing of the sort Chris Davis said it was hard to put -- above anybody on that list especially Chris Davis -- who's definitely been the best first baseman in baseball -- -- -- that Chris -- overrated you know -- -- -- and -- thirty plus home -- -- -- no idea about not -- I -- senate -- that it not truths that -- -- every -- -- start putting words in my account that are not -- what I've actually -- 6177797937. Red -- calls and -- taking -- the makes -- -- also stick around. If you're on the -- there -- will grab some singing calls as well let's start -- Louis and Springfield high lows. We're going on -- was -- there have been other parents and the rumors that the Red -- were injected with the Phillies. To try to get Michael Young that reflection really -- like really bad. And including -- quickly and makes a lot of sense because you know knowing that image abroad is not going keeping gains and some might -- quickly you'd just be perfect. And knowing that -- And gone to -- -- -- later at the -- short now where we drew on entry injury Michael Young is perfect honestly and -- -- you guys. I'm works hard rock Cliff Lee. And in the -- and and then my next point would be our next question would be what do I have to give up. To get I don't know but yeah I would I would be -- I'd be of Warburg complete and I wouldn't trade. Bogart swarmed -- wouldn't. What would wait that's all right it's got there. He's got there you know a guy and both are off to a slow start in double A and then he started to Hitler did he start to crush its I don't quite a bit better Bogart is what twenty years old. It's funny to anyone and any hitting 242 right now triple he's been there for her for a couple weeks not a big deal. I would say that I would say that. The text machine is out of control I don't talk about putting -- -- well put words in people's mouths and not really knowing the Merrill sorry Tom. Michael Young is one of those really bizarre cases where the stats community hates them like -- You ever bring up Michael Young to somebody who's like a stat -- They despise. This is Michael Young they think he's everything wrong with what managers and what general managers are are likely to do in baseball. You talk to baseball players. Were hurt. Exactly. It exactly right -- -- -- you put Keith law on the president of the IA Michael Young pipe down keep -- doubt you ever talk to a baseball player about Michael Young. My -- they gush over him. I'm -- I can't tell how many baseball players talked to who might need at least a handful. Who's that man if we can just get a player like Michael Young that's what would put -- over the top -- really need. A gamer like Michael Young guy goes out there keep your -- -- the bat they locked him. So he's he's one of those complete splits. We'd be helpful for the Red Sox short term if you don't have to give much up form but at the age of 36. Only Michael young's best years are better at the defense is gone. He's a guy that I -- and it. Is that almost answer for anybody chair and let me ask for anybody -- -- the rest actually with a Red Sox and Cinemark William shore baby had to sit and Jonathan Papelbon that we advocated. Interest and incredibly. Then you start to do go to the next level so what you want you have to give up what -- to give up front they have to grab something really important OK you back away from him because. The team is -- first place and and you that you feel pretty good about the team is all of you realize. They do need help now. That the the -- thing with me I mean I love Cliff -- But the bigger issue is the bullpen. It I think they need a couple more arms in the bullpen. We can get at it always I mean again I see craters. Name -- come up you can always look for some of my -- and easy to get I don't know that he specifically is easy but there's always guys out there you can get to help your bullpen by the way Napoli for MVPs -- you're crazy. Another tax to -- to say crash Davis is an all he may be here he going to be an all star this year Tom. A completely different way let's let's turn the tables are okay big picture for baseball. The for the the value of prospects has skyrocketed in the last few years right. Everybody's trying to to keep costs under control. Keep their prospects in their system it's very difficult. -- teams that are willing to give up prospects for a team that is trying to -- it way right. -- -- -- player and believe me I watch this for the last four years the -- every year it was there. Not a good team a -- old 92992. Loss team and every year the conversation be okay what can they get. For this one guy that they can give up in the answer more more was becoming. How much. Teams are are more and more unwilling to give up even the teams like the Red Sox and yankees and Phillies more more unwilling to give up their young players so if you are. The Red Sox and you really believe -- your team this year and you believe you've got to shape a shot to win in the in the in the wide open American League. You be able to get a comeback for prospect. Right because the value of prospects has arisen if you're willing to give one of your prospects up you may very well be able to get. -- something pretty incredible. Does that make any sense I make sense but I guess which which brought. Which I don't know do we talk and I don't know it is I'm just saying that the I say yeah that's giving up -- assess their best so let's say it's -- older okay. If you get a with a lot back Cliff Lee and Michael Young I don't know how to conduct and I'm sure Philadelphia would say oh okay we'll take that. You wanna give us Zander Bogart's in we give you Cliff Lee in his contract. And Michael Young was a hundred. -- -- Would you -- do that probably not I actually know. I sat probably not no I don't want to do that I'm not sure I am sure currently what it would do great things forming a post season that I've seen him do it. Not not sure Michael Young will do here but -- but I feel like. If if it's wide open right now. And I feel like it's pretty much going to be is going to be wide open we get to the post season but if you put yourself in the national I mean you you bring. I will say this if you were to add let's say it's not maybe Cliff Lee Jonathan -- policy -- study on this okay -- -- study on. -- -- How often it is who worked out. Teams are teams today at the deadline we're gonna add that extra guy that extra arm that extra bat the -- over the top and how how often does it. Actually -- let's sandwich -- right right David Justice I think is the best example of a guy put the Yankees over the top I believe I mean there are some cases of of players team that's really gone Ford at the deadline and it's worked out left for as many for as much as it -- right -- many teams that do it. Of the pay -- has got to be. Pretty men and the Red Sox history is the most bizarre many are right the two years they win the championship in our lifetime they give up on one of their best players at least in theory in Nomar. And then the second time they trade away a couple pieces for Eric Gagne. Who they win in spite of instead of because of -- probably would have been a better team without them and they still had David Murphy around who maybe could have brought them something else in the deal down the -- 6177797937. Bob in Woonsocket. -- Yeah and I got. Something I I'd like to run by yeah how old -- won't -- rocks. We evenly AAA. Film they'll learn how to wait for his face as it -- you know who's Napoli. But it late for a football -- -- -- -- -- there next year. Well I think everyone sort of brought up that idea Bob but there's just no need to teach him how to play first base not that -- literally just -- and respect. He didn't even need to learn and he just played new member of the quotes from Youkilis when they stuck him at first base. He was like yes please stop asking me about this this is like walking. This is like telling finding a sprinter and saying are you okay walking he's like yeah I. -- can walk yes I've been sprinting for the last few years I think -- can walk from here to there they just they don't need to teach you how to play first base. -- there to capture for -- -- too complex for your first -- and that is that it's not something you need to you don't need him to do that. Texts are a couple -- or one texas'. -- you said that that. Mike Napoli is better than based grouping and a lot of thought he he swings a bigger back what do you -- about it through another Texas has a great example. All of a -- putting a team over the top with CC sabathia to the brewers but. What they went in the not even winning game. They get swept. I think I think they did. I think they got swept and he until the Reggio -- are over in -- they got it up and get to the playoffs and hey maybe they won again had a ton of complete game when he was great yeah. But. OK. I got into the playoffs and then eventually. Signed with the Yankees 61777979837. -- is in the car -- Yeah -- I I think we do who I thought briefly on the red -- that I want thought -- -- that. I think -- -- Red Sox are great and being. And I think they're allowed to copy and I mean by that and back. Like this here you can be made a lot of lunch pail guy that guy that -- the average fan. Enjoy it -- -- -- then you know like its other. And that there was not one point is that if they -- -- Beijing and bottom. Or anywhere. -- because they are even -- Worst day in the best of their ability. Individually. And as the year and it's. And their hands where. We're not wearing any problem there is no no I'm not let the there are -- -- not play enough of that. It was not a lot of drama I got -- they had. Couldn't I couldn't agree with him seriously -- can agree with more that you I think you nailed. As an advocate of -- management Jammal that were important to watching this I hope not but -- approximately ten point. What I'd like notepad so almost argue it could let me and I enjoy watching them now I want them. -- -- -- Yeah absolutely right YouTube dot. And when the object promote good -- in the book and -- -- role in the -- to secure. Add it and then you know -- here's that I got to say then it's on us that it's on me it's some Michael on the other talk Joe's in the city. To have interesting conversations about this team because we're going to be talking about a lot for the next few months that don't involve soap opera. Why you have got to have a conversation about. What is the value of a prospect like Bogart's and if you could bring something back to put you over the top do you do it what. -- don't mean I think he's right I think it if you look at this team they are a team that YouTube like remove the way they won yesterday. Not very often -- team win on an error you don't see you later -- they gave up you know we argue that the home run to Batista. And I think that ball by the way it was just your average is crazy the way I wanted to look -- sure it's reportedly hit the ball don't look at this way -- -- that's a problem got a little problem. So -- that the game there. And you're just hope that was and walls and ask and by the way you're hoping that he gets out of and is still tied and you had a feeling that somehow they don't win the game and ninth inning and and they did so. You do like the team like the composition of the team you like with the guys kept saying they seem to be humble on and on and but he really buy that we need more than that we need the drama -- -- it -- so well. Say it again this is Boston this city was supposed to be different. We're not supposed to need that here maybe we -- maybe we've been fooling ourselves and maybe things changed in the last few years. But this is supposed to be the town where there should be enough conversation between the -- juggle you aren't as allies and Miller in the other guys in the bullpen. What do you do with -- Andrew Bailey how do you find value there -- get him back on track. Who Heidi juggle the glee season drew and middle Brooks and whomever else once once drew is ready to return by the way. The drew thing I know it's unfair. I know what's unfair like in my brain Michael I know it's unfair to compare him to what we just watched in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. How can you not when you watch him slide into second immediately kind of grabbed the -- -- make no effort to try to stay in the game walk right off and then missed a few days. I know it's not like I know what's unfair they should never question someone's injury there and baseball's a completely different sport that are called -- again it's a regular season vs Mike I know there's a million differences between them. How could you not be sitting at home was a Friday night and watching drew hit that double -- in the second base take himself out of the game and say. After everything we just watch -- Bergeron that I don't know I am not journalist a warehouse you know doctor Rose Law. That when he has facial hair looks more more -- -- talk about politics and somebody game a little more generally do. John's in Connecticut John -- had. They're good afternoon Gloria was John. So much it has to go back at it closely saying obviously. So in love to have them involved and obviously. I would say no Bogart is probably aren't such formats. -- you're getting like a pure and ended -- not given Welker suffered any. Apparently you're not gonna get something like that I mean that is just doesn't exist out there but. There are players who were really -- really helpful that are more of a -- things in -- Bogart but fall short of being Felix. -- -- -- He's going to be 35 and a couple of months make a lot of money. It's what and you know he can get an American needs. That's probably at its opening defector and you know you reliant person in the name. You can have now. In the current strength. And be efficient. Let rumba you know. The -- right. Why there are always the answer right benefit everybody out like every every team in the league would like to have quickly. And every single team in the league would like to have quickly on their roster. The question is are you willing to give up enough to do it six or 777979837. Lot more your calls plus. Why Michael Holley is unwilling to cheat on someone he knows it's coming up soccer -- at W media.

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