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Nathan Horton is leaving Boston and Tyler Seguin could be right behind him

Jul 1, 2013|

Mut and Giardi analyze Nathan Horton's departure and how it affects the Bruins heading into free agency. The guys also examine the growing pains of Bruins forward Tyler Seguin amid trade rumors that could bring his time in black and gold to an end.

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Off the early text messages without remembering and his name up. Or any real indication of people's feeling on Nathan Horton is an interesting couple of days here for the Bruins and their fans what -- 937 WEEI -- enjoying a well deserved. Always deserved week off. Playing golf and hang out my guess sub might she RD Comcast sports. TV fame and how's your calls all day 61777979378. TT tech like 37937. Most the time. Recently -- don't like from carrying Joseph Hagerty during the segment you guys do. On Comcast's series worked there. You just got to a pretty. Pretty strenuous Ron I mean it was a short season for 48 games but given what you do when your business I don't match in the playoffs felt like they were. As long as the regular season based on how much travel you guys did and short condensed the time. Yeah out it it can be yeah. -- can be punishing there at the end I was. I wanted to game seven like everybody else. Obvious and much of prefer -- cup winner of them to -- -- and the way to do it on guard nice. My body enough I was like really now my body down my body was done -- I was cooked. I'm still recovering at that you know -- but it's been a week. But the candidate why no I I got. All at that -- It is actually of hopeful -- today tonight right last month. See so much crap is out of last week yes it either think one of the Bruins lose game six Ceglia files yeah last week was cruisers resembles the sport's history and yes that was Monday. -- a week ago there out of it and over the weekend I thought. Yeah it's draft weekend out of a first round pick -- -- can become a I buddy quite weak for the Bruins bright weekend. It was anything but and will get to Nathan Horton but I I wanna start with the the shots that Peter -- lob that -- saying and -- let's elect a look at it okay. I he's a 21 year old who is about to begin -- this six year contract that he signed with the Bruins for just under 35 million bucks. -- all agree yet a pretty down year you know 32 total points. One goal in twenty plus playoff games and Albert -- here. I beg your bashing -- -- gonna say your body be better this year. Pretty clear that Peter surely felt the exact same thing you know he he comes out he says of the course the weekend this is after is an incumbent trick talks at the first part of it. A Calgary the Bruins talked 888 trade for first round pick in eagle while the Gannett and deal Sagan. -- -- -- -- He's got a committee's mind to focus on the one task at hand he's got to become more Rick professional you know what. I can sit out of a lot of 21 year old -- criticize -- playing on the periphery helmet stuff he did. He's got to commit to being a professional focusing on the game simple -- that he does that. We don't expect -- crashing and banging just play our game. Went on to write on Comcast sports net Joseph Hagerty says in the -- opens the trade talks. Forming a wake up call I hope a -- rally said if it does I'd be more concerned. We give Tyler -- big contract because he projects. And he had a good performance. I would expect that going forward. So in three different quotes two of the three. He says -- sicken asked to commit to being a professional. You their -- way more than I have what what did you take. Pierce throwing lob in the shots -- pallor signal of the weekend. I'd stated that com. Enough is enough. At least when he won and you know he tries to their their moments and there -- bodies trying to saw that'll just a little bit. Rarely does the airline you know -- I -- do that -- a lot of 21 year old here but. Basically what he's saying as we're investing nearly six million a year and you starting this coming season. And you need to not only bluster ass off the ice to get ready for the season. But you also need to take care of them when he says being a professional. That's as much off the ice as it is on the ice. He's 21 he likes to have a good time we don't begrudge. And we were all when he won all I'll -- when he won and we also didn't have the resources financially that Tyler Sagan. Pat and -- now of course that those resources are gonna jump three full. He needs to clean that stuff up and he needs. They'd better care of his body he needs to. Be more committed to redeem. I don't doubt for a second that he loves the game but he needs to commit to the game more calm. You know I know Peters had talked to -- I know teammates have talked -- -- -- You -- happened off the ice before it happened in the media yes feel like with Tyler says yeah he's since he's been spoken to before and I I actually believe. Even though these are some big bombs that I felt like. From the second round of the playoffs on. I saw a different Tyler says -- maybe not in terms of on ice production again just one goal in 22 playoff games but. When he spoke. To me and others -- thought the words actually weren't hollow they weren't cliches. There was a genuine. Upset that he was not producing. That he was not contributing as much is that he believed he sued as you knew that the team wanted him to. I thought that in the cup final with the exception of one of those six games. He was much more physically engaged but he does not have to be -- nearly. Right does not have to -- when asked Wright to be that I don't have to be mile Lucic power forward and that's not what his game is his game is about espy's got a great shot. Would you do have to be willing to put yourself. Into the dirty areas you do you have to be willing to take the cross checked the back to score a goal. And I believe physically he has those skills to do that. But he did not do it consistently. I thought again in the cup final that there was more of trending in the right direction. But now he's got to build off that. He's got to build -- the disappointment of one goal in 22 games and build off I got demoted to the third line. Off the line that I was during the course of the year because the yarder trade. And he's got to come back next year. Com and I think. But the way things shake out right now it's a first line right wing next year. With calorie and a salary cap with the Wharton all those issues -- he's that guy he replied with a crazy near -- Lucic time to produce. Well and its agencies say that he in European need -- these covers it up not the because to me this of the second. Public airing out of state I believe the first one was when he missed a gain in Winnipeg and he missed that meeting in Winnipeg for. Whatever reason you know his excuse publicly was I didn't set my alarm clock for whatever whatever time. Don't laws I think it was pretty credible people thought was late the night before nested as they keep not a game that take public. Slap on the wrist professional athlete to say he missed a meeting day of a good -- OK I happen once for -- come back and do it again. I feel like this was directly to try to motivate him and at some level like. It's I don't believe there's actually real trade talks you know I don't I'm not saying and I don't trust sure rally and that they may be he at some level settle trade him. But I almost felt like -- don't make sure people know that was talking to Calgary and I'm gonna follow up of these comments and I'm going to try publicly. -- a player that you just said Mike and I agree on a percent. So freaking talented and so much skill you sought the minute they finally put one against Tampa Bay a couple of years ago they. He gave them something that they didn't have on that roster. And he exploded on the seated since then. -- -- to myself I've been waiting for him to get back to back guy who stepped on the ice was a difference maker. Almost every ship against the lightning helped you get through that series. And since then to me it's been up and down and -- this is what they feel like they have to do to motivate -- Sagan. East 21 years old and it and they need this guy -- good salt and I debated a couple weeks ago. Who is more important to the the future of the team we got them via the belt Roosevelt it's more important Doug Hamilton Tyler -- The both important but and he was taken you nobody else like that there's nobody does that skill set might give this is the motivating factor -- be changed it ways. He's only 21 it was learning experience and move on if he doesn't. He's the same guy next year the year after then you got trials because surely he's put his cards on the table for everybody's senior. Ought I don't think there's any question and I look. With the the idea floating his name in trade talks is motivated or it's been done before. I'm sure that. Peter was not bothered by the fact -- all that stuff came out in fact I'm sure some of that stuff came from Peter directly and I think it would have -- If they got an offer that. -- socks -- what does it what would have -- -- offer -- player likes agonies that skilled is that a first round pick plus I think you're not -- I dock in about and I believe the draft they felt like the top six players in the draft that was you know that the bid the demarcation in this draft was after six. What kind of impact and yet from those guys below but the feeling what these top six guys are legit. And it's held. -- fixtures for the next fifteen years so obviously. One of those -- had to be involved I think there are also talking about. Another -- player who can contribute to wait I'll roster right now and be not just a good player will be very good player on. Look it's it's almost in many ways it's almost. You read into what they did when they got say in the -- trade and how that deal went down figure -- -- looking for a similar package in return. If -- monetary policy on NB and it took -- in the locker room and if I'd look at that at that offer game would you blame him for taking. If you're gonna enemy you can get two picks that are gonna end up in the top 101 of -- the top two. And that's sort of flexibility because now with the town there's all kinds of different movement here with who -- with players and have to you have to create room which is maybe. One of the reasons why Nathan -- won't be around next year. You have to listen to be foolish not to I don't care feast -- anyone -- those kind of grandfather offers like that are hard to receive notes. You would agree this is now surely put draw. The line in the sand this is Tyler -- And -- you out publicly again now we have to the first tiger is the second time at least because they let the Winnipeg stuff get outs and now it's like. If you don't respond from here. I've got no choice but to do something -- try to motivate you you -- trade talks either legit or just sort of motivational and now. That's not paid dig -- the corners for park that's not a beating guy to a spot. And get position that is care about hockey more then. Whatever else is happening outside hockey that's -- to -- Women and hang out with -- friends and have a good time and again he's at least 21 years old like a -- I. 21 years -- we have different expectations for certain people because he was the number two pick in the draft he was eighteen. He's got a attorneys he has ISI thought I felt like starting in that Rangers series and beyond the the Tyler that I talked to was a different Tyler. And and that to me is a good sign. But now he's got to show what he's got to deliver it got to take better care of his body he's got to get stronger. I he's got to come back next year with a huge chip on his shoulder and play the kind of hockey that I think. We all believe he's capable of that he hasn't shown us and consistent with a it would any sort of consistency. And give me a little -- Not a lot but give me stop you can't be a -- he can't sidestepped every check in the corner. -- -- -- You strong enough to win those puck battles guys I've art he years and you don't and if he takes care of himself he want he's only gonna get stronger -- wanted to as much about the water as it is. All the other stuff -- got to have the want. So let's add this -- the conversation today and a Tyler -- trade talk would you would you move audited I guess the package would be. Ready to go player and a pick a second get a pick but would you could still explode out of -- he says they're not going to would have put. Team came along gave you a castle pipe player and get picked for next year. Would you move off -- 21 year old guy with that's sort of talent 617779. 7937. That is the number -- TT -- won their free all day at 37937. Might just mention it might be a top. 34 for next year because the way to -- important thing. Happen this weekend we'll get to that in your phone calls GRE in for -- Sports Radio WB ER.

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