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Kicking off the holiday week with Mike Giardi

Jul 1, 2013|

Mut and Giardi look back at the Red Sox' impressive start to the season and how the local nine can continue their winning ways. Bruins, Celtics and Aaron Hernandez talk are on the table heading into the Fourth of July.

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All a couple of firsts out of the gate model united 37 WEEI my first time work when Mike jardin. Pleasure to work with the. Now you've always blown me off by the way you never. No I was I heard your you alone meal I've heard your -- you walked by -- countless times in buildings. Arenas. I tried to on many occasions over there at the -- get your attention say hello what you -- at the TV I. I feel like TV people -- they're better than us radio people and I'm not saying it's not just you it's your entire. Cast account is accurate though we are better and so you've got your you've got your producers there is Kenya just sort of doing year old thing UC radioed in -- meet -- that -- icy Atlanta TV -- -- -- with. Hagerty I see with Tom -- which I love the patriots back and forth coroner in the season I see him. Are hosting sports -- it was -- all the time. You said you TV blink is on and you walk right by -- because our radio. That's what it is. You're alone is that that's the way. It's completely unfair. Bible says that the person who worked together. First I've heard John Chandler. Before someone even gone on the air Selig this ought to be good did you pay Chandler to give you some pop I didn't even wanted to get here today but that was nice guy. It's a war yet John Cilic is this ought to be a weight of that went out on here. I know that for that so it's gotta say -- forget to sell that whatever that the check work the pay network. I'm Bob -- said anything today. JR I go way back real go back to the to the table notices. So you know I mean while he knows that -- gate TV guys staying together aunts that is exactly correct. My goal the next couple days here's find out more about like she RD and where it takes to see him in. Packaged TV spots and they're good you have to give opinions their dispute for our long form and do everything the next couple days. We're gonna get an -- Hernandez went to talk about the Bruins because this weekend. Was a pretty big weekend for the Bruins and you had a general manager I thought lobby pretty big shot at a star player -- -- Tyler -- let's start. Well and that's you know a lot that's part of the conversation is. Says something about the surprise that this team I don't know where you felt I know that you were. The part of the coverage you've been around esteem for a couple of years and you saw the different slasher difference this year but could you have imagined. Bobby Valentine out like John Ferrell in a couple of pitchers pitched well let's not. -- -- I believe. And various debts with friends for you know. Recreational purposes or. I had them at about 88 wins. So for them to be at fifty here at this point and to be atop the division it it does surprise -- thought there would be some bounce back. I think one of these -- really surprises me is that Lester. Hasn't been good at all what 78 starts now in a row it's been a couple what's our depth and yet -- still at this level which end and no buckles as well so I think. They've got a little loose with smoke and mirrors and I think that's got to be encouraging for because you would assume eventually Lester might find of at least a higher level here. And you assume buckles. After the all star break comes back and gives you something as well so. To do they are says a lot about the makeup of that team. And John Ferrell MVP. See and that's I'm glad you brought that up because we've had discussions along the way here who gets the credit. For them being at fifty wins and a lot wanna give Ben cherry in the credit because he built this team they have depth may have guys like Snyder. Come up and produced -- me go to on the list the bullpen. Which we thought was the strike has been kind of a weakness recently and yet they keep winning games. I think what you just said it has a lot of -- -- -- -- John Farrell has done. When a 384 games year when everyone with the minute he got here with one foot down Toronto. You know why -- -- given him so much credit what is he gonna be able to do well there -- couple things that. I mean neatly he had to do what was look at -- starting pitching in Leicester and and buckles last present a good. People forget the first nine starts for him this year and now we said Lester was back -- -- Lester. And so between that and buckled okay. He started out in the right direction of the starting pitching and then there's the clubhouse thing because I I think it goes. Understated -- unhappy that team was last year how much crap there was an economy in the first. Half of the year and 84 games. And of all these things pop up whether it's been. Yelp Hanrahan. Elite and now we are closing whether it has been different issues and amongst the team David Ortiz. Nothing is becoming story and I think that's a big part of why they're able to keep winning games even when things are going right to get the manager. Mike the focus is baseball the focus is the dated a baseball and not. Tryon to the front of the camera and give some sound -- that's gonna give. You attention -- that he -- for the next day two days three days. In many ways -- reminds me of of Francona and the first couple years here where. It's about baseball it's about being accountable to your teammates for what you do. And he created a good culture. In that clubhouse and obviously a culture comic got out of control the end of his tenure here in the beginning. He had -- down and even with some of those characters they still understood you can be who you walked Johnny Damon you can you can act like an ass when you want to. But content. 7 o'clock. You better be ready to play and he always is rated a planet to Johns got the same thing don't here and I think. You also look at what -- to -- in the offseason by adding the character guys and I hear a lot of -- -- just accumulate talent and you'll let it all -- that they paid for comic talent a couple of years ago. And those guys didn't figure it didn't work and it spiral completely out of control. First under Terry and then under Bobby Valentine. Here it's. There is a pecking order. Players is -- your superstars and Ortiz and Pedroia and the -- -- next level guys and then there's those guys they brought in Gaza Gomes as like Napoli that have been. Tremendous bits and give you production when they wouldn't Gomes case when he plays her happily course integrated production for the first month and a half or so. And I think the pieces of fallen into place nicely for this team there's still work to be done here. Misused you do have to stabilize that starting pitching you do have to figure out what's going on an apple venture you need more production from Napoli who struggled lately but. To be at this point again to me is as a it's a massive surprise yeah. And I heard Kirk and -- for talked about today -- just does not want -- believe any part of this is chemistry related this is all about the starting pitching all about buckle -- lax ethics our -- he's an angry guy general number one and number two he's wrong you know. Like an example for a week ago you brought this up on the law when he was all of us and they had a double header. And gold says the big hit at the end that the walk off and and he comes out on the field in the air and -- interview on the field. And the talk and they wanna talk about the hit and you Jennifer -- was Jenny on what probably hit. The first thing Gomes says is the MVP today with Jarrod Saltalamacchia to Scott that bowl games of double. This is a role player in Gomes who would that there's no way he's playing enough to two. Justify what they're paying me they've been brought I'm here. I'm not happy with the -- time the -- I know for a fact he's not happy about the playing time he's gotten so far this year. So he has his big hit spotlights on him what does he do. Key points of the catcher on -- on field interview and I don't know that. That does mean something -- hope it's the reason they're fifty wins but to meet Mike it's part of the equation and even their role players -- -- playing enough for their -- liking right and are pissed that not in as much playing time as they bought the ring at lakeside here. Even those guys acknowledge this guy has caught eighteen innings when a seventh innings whatever -- I had a big hit but -- -- with salty just did their. There's something to that it's a 180 from what you had last year which was guys dodging balls in the manager. Look baseball is unlike any other sport they spend so much time around each other it starts in February and if you're good. It doesn't end until late October November the way he baseball calendar goes. You -- on road trips together. Guys from the ballpark at 2 o'clock and you don't leave until midnight. A lot of time to be hang out people that you don't like Andy did not like each other last year and it got the other thing to me -- is. -- you were mentioning guys like Gomes and maybe not happy with his role. John did some in the -- and if they want to. Get off track and get a little nasty -- John back and take it just not gonna take it and I think that is. Something that they established in spring training right away when -- and John this is how it's going to be. You're grown men we're gonna -- like romance but if you start acting like a baby they're gonna you're treated like a baby and they have kept those guys in line and I look it's it's night -- from what it was last year it's night and day from what was at the end of Francona is Ron. And my guess and I and describe acted astonishing that baseline of this is what we expect that you guys. If we identity -- there will be problems whereas I don't know if there was a baseline for that last year and -- I was in the baseline for that at the end of Francona stuff. Well I think you around assuming a flashy review. And the Cuban reported on some of the stuff either on Comcast are the guys on the team last year Mike had no problem. Airing out stories to people in and ground based weather was dented their agents or agents other teams last heard from. From you and plenty of others Basra only that it was it was an air of contention that we just. I don't care to see what would air on everything happens in this locker room I don't care would respect what's going on here so we're gonna air guys out. This year I feel like these guys have each other's backs and you mentioning with Ferrell. As your explained that the word in my head is respect like there is he respects the players. But he also he's gonna ask for that respect in return as the manager and he's not going to. Again do what happened last year embarrass his guys he's gonna respect his players and UPS that. Is somewhat soccer players -- things going on I feel like a player hears about a from Ferrell or somebody on staff. First rather than last year. Having guys run up Q what blocker and say did you hear what Bobby said only that happens this year. Don't -- definitely not -- reminiscent and and John was with Terry reminiscent of how -- stand. I'm not an -- my guys out in public I don't see any benefit in that. -- minute that if they do wrong. They're coming in my office where have a conversation -- -- I don't know I don't like it. And the respect that he got in his early time here this first 45 years earlier that's that's a long amount of time yet for for any coach manager to get that kind of respect. Is huge I think John is again he's. He's kind of along the same lines were not gonna have that. And it's a great point about all the stuff that we heard about last year all the airing of grievances guys. Some of that stuff I got I I'm sure that other guys got. I'm profit I didn't have to text or call easy guys east -- I would didn't attack us a call from them and you're like. This that's not the way it works that the inner -- and they they try to keep everything in that how she'd. They don't want to let that stuff now you know that's the family we keep it all in there and that -- -- each other so there -- more than willing to throw. Mud and dirt nags at each other Medicare they hate each other and they want that -- to be overweight out of we do. We get all this stuff out there we show there were dysfunctional and we force. Management to take notice and take drastic steps. And they did that and they they clear how you said he had an 88 wins I I was looking back now at our. Always said the number 79 wins written on your 79 wins they have fifty right now. Their fiftieth win on July 28. A year ago there were a last place. At this time they were down ten and a half games in the division. Pick up their fiftieth win this year on June 30 and there are a lot of things that the steam was wrong about you mentioned the pitching -- rub up the offense I was concerned that. Ortiz and his health coming into the year Napoli. That there would be -- a hard time scoring runs and you'll look up now. They have more runs and eight team Major League Baseball. And the bottom of their lineup -- good as a pop has been guys like Nava guys like a good Lacey is when Gomes has been in there. These guys have been run producers and I never would have thought that -- be on pace for. 800 almost -- Iran's that's what I I am most surprised about the gas and even more than Lackey. Is this offense clicks from top to bottom and scored -- runs the point where the first 84 games. They've chased the opposing starting pitcher in the first three innings eight different times. That's a sign of a pretty aggressive offense early I'd expect. And you're talking about will Miller Brooks I think we always do this. You can't afford to lose -- over I remember Sam and I and it's important guy got to protect Ortiz and apple I remember says returning like hey look at this is a good team but there's no depth here enough. Something happens sorties a -- and -- to Detroit if something happens the middle Brooks. They're -- well. Miller Brooks has been an an abject failure this year I started up -- -- now it's all -- the other day but. Never earn a million years what I imagine that they would have this kind of offense with him hitting out what is -- 192. On the year and now being -- -- just. We're -- thought that I just had Napoli to Napoli the month of April he was phenomenal and -- has been in a major tail off there with him and yet you're still finding ways. To put up. Big numbers. Different guys Japan and it seems you know Wednesday with whether it's car one day with a single -- with a brand it's nice guy yesterday actually running it it's. It's unbelievable really and it's. Seven walk off wins in the first half of the year and a couple handful law last year trying to go Bakalar it was too we have seven. Already this year and again I'm all you want to debate how much that is chemistry I just something about it he doesn't like they're out of -- I feel like Yelp. You go back to 8890 Morgan magic and that that that team that never felt like take a losing game that run they went on. It's a mentality of we can always come back and win -- be established that early in the year. There's a chance that confidence continues and I think that's part of what's gotten in the fifty wins through July 1. How we've been here done this before like -- we do it again whereas last year was are we down screw it I don't like you guys anyways let's get the hell out there. How much to advance the runner I don't really give a damn let's go let's get this over whether we're down by 1030 I can be out of the bar by 1130 let's go let's go. So a couple of Red Sox questions the start you guys are already tweeting texting in an already on hold -- 617779. 793718. -- -- 937937. What has been the biggest surprise for you. Me and beyond the record itself to. Nobody where you Wear Red Sox but jam as Red Sox classes a couple of Red Sox club membership cards they sell. They do sell those two yes you never what is it fifty wins on July 1 she just you just wouldn't have sold asking people come clean here -- real and honest -- -- July 4 week. On the lot a lot of stuff but. What surprised you the most about this team to start 6177797937. AT&T text line. 37937. And the second part will try to answer this to get your focal coming up. Do you believe -- -- the fifty wins they've done it's three other times in team history. Do you believe what you see so far state team neck can not only a playoff team to win a division and avoid that. One game playoff and make a deep run in the playoffs we got a TV guy you see him on Comcast bridge every day. -- she RD he's here the next couple days not with you little wiz will try to find out -- lose next couple days here on Sports Radio W media.

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