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Interpreting Chiarelli's comments on Seguin

Jul 1, 2013|

Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli says Tyler Seguin needs to focus on being a professional. Kirk Minihane and Rob Bradford ponder exactly what that means and what the future holds for the 21-year-old. DJ Bean chimes in with his two cents in this segment as well.

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It -- A lot better but I was earlier in the playoffs. He needed to compete and battle that -- chances especially this time here. Artistry really a game and maybe in thirteen OC don't. I was shocked or thus a couple of weeks ago talking about Tyler Sagan. Interesting I think surely -- let's say can which you never ever see you got Thornton calling out -- some extent which -- never every year. Interesting -- what's going I was -- behind the scenes owner how much more about stuff is going on not doing his job I guess not dollar -- -- potential not he's no Mike Komansky. Who came in here at 7252. And a half hours before a show coming here and talk to us. Very telling. Would never ever. Ever stich can confirm this ever coming here John -- were here terrified those guys try to be hugged me sick you've ever seen him in -- during the show he comes in our room in my right. Kenneth -- he's just powering the time hugging his Fridays I know it's you know debris being -- to -- it's actually true you'd never coming here ever. They get it begs the question would just walk in the somebody's office like that. It knock you see if -- -- these walks in the real power move he loves the fist pumps. He does he sees all fired up becomes in his two and half hours before we should do nothing. And what you look at the same used to be the -- house go on line he can do that this house he's very excited about my show yesterday. It was great round great this great out straight and now was it was a really great yeah once -- that was great people this was great time and time try to -- -- large enough it'll become true. Jim employment is up major. It guy call call call call law. Go to the ball outlet where you are caught well almost what they're. There. Listen I mean the I think the the idea toward Kessel was changed a lot in the last couple months -- other McCain probably. But it was the best player the Bruins played against the policies right would you agree that Jimmy. I. Put it out a lot of votes. Out of our. Contract. What are -- are required are all on the whole are awful but. I. -- all out a little black I know how to go about it. Yeah it's interesting -- have no -- -- just feel like there is within this organization obviously some real concern about this guy that came out of nowhere Emanuel he had a bad year. They dropped down a third line in the postseason that's fine not great on a class did you think it was this kind of situation they would ever think about trading the sky the second overall pick two years in the is is is career. It's just weird is the more I think about it the more the trade possibility doesn't add up -- says. Clearly they were leaking out that information about the heat there exploring praise for president because now you follow up -- these comments from the GM. But as they said before. You get those comments from the GM you're. Devaluing whatever trade you're gonna make it lowest -- -- -- scribes who did they weren't gonna treat all these floating out there yes and and people. And people talk about with Sagan -- well while you know what everybody goes out but the fact is he's not living up it -- his potential. -- -- He is gonna. I've -- AT&T hotline here real quick to -- -- and AJ being Nara pal from WB -- dot com and they confirmed professional Sagan hater. Reveling in the idea that Sega may be treated Calgary or to a were Austin about hockey team to bat were the worst was to be treated DJ if you're a hockey player right now. RG. Couldn't. I would rather like it is if -- I would say in the it is also very. Am IP that's true so is there -- you solve this stuff obviously you're there all the time is there any chance -- Tyler Sagan was gonna get traded. I didn't think was important that he was going back I didn't think so but I I don't we thought. Bird like. Bill backed maybe last week this season that he was the guy that would make most sense to be treated. If they -- very important in the room because he's just simply the worst contract and we need to expand very expensive you they're pretty sure. I DJ. As I said before you have the leaks about Sagan is on the block now you have the GM say. -- -- isn't doing his job. Which is it isn't going to be traded or isn't going to be -- is just just a motivate a motivational thing from. You know motivational thing -- it's all kind of -- line -- he really wanted to keep that quiet they want to move and they could've done without way but. I -- -- US several of reporting at all once. Verlander struck in Paris that you and and a day later they are I'm racking my brain trying to think too sure of ever being this critical of the player. The result is processor bat in -- Thomas after the White House. This is more critical. Of surely there should be player that he ever roll with Tim Thomas in Tim Thomas actually like. Detrimental to the team -- where. What was your reaction so I think it's as a motivational thing. Is is is say -- -- guy's gonna take this motivation you know and and learn from Jersey the kind of guys he pissed about it or is not a matter at all. Probably the kind of got to do with this about it a year. When you look at the adversity that he -- and it's not his fault that he I'll decide it's also a lot you'll brought along argues that the that you very durable. -- that goes through stuff like this normal. Are ya yeah I wrote about this morning says the biggest challenge you've faced Buick shell was that he started off before Oakland player but he wasn't scoring. He didn't really have to work his way out of it but what happened was their coach wouldn't -- -- for the -- And the GM over and put him on the -- fly in the third score. That's not gonna happen here obviously the closing -- where the -- target changed the way that they kind of demand people earn their spots. I think that this will be proper thing for him to respond to that -- big guy who has to really grind is played the NHL. They really concerned about this this this nights this stylist nighttime stuff the drinking all that is that real stoppers that stopped the people just -- buzz an actual concern with the Bruins -- -- a Sagan is it. Hurting his progress. Probably but you know what. They have a -- lot of guys who -- the -- -- You know that if that happens with every team you have some and I don't I don't. But for the same thing you have heard as far as I was sitting in the list goes. That you know we've heard I heard you guys before I came on. There for the same things both Brad Marchand and he's -- steel four point five million dollars a year or so. Think it's more votes as surely object about my effect on the ice but ultimately. I think it's just an attitude in the competitive. So do you think that says he said he -- do you think that. When he goes out and he's going out all the time do you think that this is what's keeping him from scoring goals. No I mean I think it just I think really well in this league look despite it going to. He didn't it achieved as anybody on that team. Marched on the same way you -- these guys -- rolling and there was like beer bellies and -- -- -- so seriously. Satan is the Apple's earlier and use every race in the quarter. There have nothing to do with going out as early drew a party that has something to do that not -- -- -- They can have a really developed any new move so to speak since you're. That he -- might well that looked really bad. In in game three of the 2011 Eastern Conference. Finals. He hasn't. Showed. Are Smart that you should have by now after being recently. So -- so what is surely talking about what exactly is can we keep focusing him -- says he's getting more as a professional why it what does that if you lifting -- enough Griese is the you said easy no it is not going in the quarters enough is the -- out what program was professional mean literally says that. Well I think you hit the lack of focus -- -- a clear that he could be and I mean from watching him we can go -- did just that -- Roy Hibbert said he's in great shape though so it's not that aspect he says professional with a -- -- Mean what are what are what you'll do great job but -- and also the NHL I got to use she says 34 million dollar deal a year ago so. -- I really -- -- it it's a boat and develop into the player that he's supposed to be and he hasn't done that yet I don't put a 1000% like I said on the ongoing though I'm sure that's part of it looked. And those -- Sega blew up that meeting got that morning to lift fake. That could have been witness sector work our public calling me to come under bear to bring the surgery privately admit. Maybe you're just doing that maybe it is solely because. I look at those that can get into the yet know exactly what this is doing in his personal life. But where a fair read or -- what we do know is that. You have to work really hard to become a lead player is HL even give posted it was his cause I was it hasn't done it yet and that's the -- -- and you can -- professional -- to your needs you more professional you think all the great stuff but. It's still on the its focus to be the best -- you can be it's still a willingness to god forbid. If it's still. The idea with more creative player and say you know that -- didn't. I TJ thanks we'll see around to that safety -- That's DJ being Bruins insider I hear from WEEI dot com you know that problems were three that's later.

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