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The first-place Red Sox: Chemistry or skill?

Jul 1, 2013|

Kirk Minihane and Rob Bradford got into some Sox talk while taking over the Dennis & Callahan show. Skeptic that he is, Kirk can't quite be swayed on the idea of good team chemistry. For him it's all about the pitching this season.

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We've been consistent we've got a very deep team because there -- it's been well documented those guys need days often and guys that have been missed for. Those periods of time there's been some inconsistencies performance wise. I think it just speaks at the overall depth this team it's certainly not a milestone by any means we've got a long way to go yet but. Mean that's sort of -- definitely. That's John Farrell. After yesterday's win over Toronto another walk off winning their seventh in the year found ways that right. I'm sorry. 5050 wins now the in the June 15 34. Couple things strike me as crazy about that what's crazy about that is a 1534 and nobody's making big deal. News of the stuff I album based on what happened last year and secondly -- 1534. And it feels like. You know there's more problems in this team. In -- -- there are a lot of problems how are 1534. I think you have to number one you have to start with -- consistent starting pitching even when buckles went down. The that you look at -- starting pitching numbers as -- a very good and they've had enough from the ball plan. To get by. I think -- still problems that don't -- yesterday have -- you know eyes immediately ours is a great and yet I'm not too worried about them. Well you you're just fitting out you keep him out and thinning out down there it is gonna catch up -- -- eventually. By you ask why they're so good I think you start -- that and then you also go to the top four guys and -- -- -- been really good Victor -- when he's played very good and when he hasn't been there and now has been pretty good Pedroia or Ortiz Ortiz yeah. -- the big differences in I think we've learned this since September 2011 and we've always known now reeling. It's about starting pitching pitching pitching pitching was great 2011 until September -- they collapsed. Stock call last year the team we are if it was four point seven yes this year three point -- the starters while it is September yes September together of that that was if you want anti example. -- starting -- was awful all year Lester -- -- terrible when there were healthy -- it was never there this year. Obviously -- to help he's been great Lester has been badly beaten -- you know overall okay. Lackey has been basically if you -- Lackey and -- numbers you take it you'd say okay it will last January's 299 and -- for six or -- -- depth has been OK -- -- been -- spots and you know they have any bad really bad turned to the written and you guys who filled in have been pretty decent asset as -- good right now the guys who you know Webster's went up for the -- -- been OK so that's the difference this idea. It's been get argues that these Dubose was all the time this idea that some to do with this chemistry its broad these guys coming T shirts changing. Guys are hugging each other crap they're pitching better and they did last year it that's all no chemistry nothing. Yeah our pitching better but you know that's true go off at the extra have a I into that -- I -- they're not there in first place because the pitching is no doubt about it. That you get into games like yesterday and I do you think did there's a feeling that hey you know what you can win at the end of the game whereas last year -- -- -- Now wasn't good team. Yet to start really stunk but you also would you say seven walker arts I think that's right now to walk off the entire U last year. It is they weren't you know I understand that but there is also in baseball there is also you have to feel like you're gonna win a game and not things market collapse at the and a I'm not saying that's not why there are in first place they're in first place in the starting pitching so OK so yesterday right yes -- the demon. It was a the victory you know right with what's his face the year Josh. Multiple pull -- The did he know about that that ball was coming and you say oh my god that's right the club system for the Xbox visited. That's why -- made her maybe Toronto felt like they were gonna collapse they felt -- it had a bad year this year. And the fact at how it would have been instead doesn't help. It's dark it's it's not what this is in your guilty of it to the -- do you guys that -- -- to my seized. The whom I forget the spears beaver -- the kfar knows. You guys need to write about things so we doubled -- right about to -- original wizard and it ended good hitters but the reality is that good hitters have been good the. It is about about writing about if if you ever catch re writing about. Paid what agreed ready group and happy for all -- no I have I've seen never about chemistry and a baseball team that's why don't -- already 63040 or three -- don't lie I -- that little son went to cut yet a sort it. About and that is pretzels -- look at it it's the Dalai. I do not right I do you know I can put down that road now for the exact reason you're talking about. For the exact reason you're talking about to understand that the most important thing is starting pitching. It's great -- -- you know it's a great group the only thing I've come close to riding along those lines is that that this group. Is talking baseball and in that respect a lot more than they ever the job fair -- managed this team last year in the in the same injuries they had. With a record -- and different two games I mean really manage a team atrocious bad. Yeah it would have been different. You think -- with a one -- while being pleasure I think you have to also look at is John Ferrell the coaching staff and everything in because it comes down to preparation. Everything along those lines would you had the manager in the bench coach not talking to each other. And then you see the LA is that why. -- heard about your last you know. Not a big serious I mean I I -- I know and you ask the question I said not right. Is that why -- Did did you ask if they were gonna make the playoffs if John -- -- well there was -- at 69 games you made it seem like if if John Farrell as a manager of the last year they would've won one more game. I don't know what -- of one throughout India right I thought I six more games. -- one as many as ten did they order how. To team there million injuries though a million injuries. Sure our army -- Nablus about -- was disaster democracy and not make -- he's from Bobby Valentine but I mean you know this idea. That you get. -- was I -- -- very missed half the year last year came back was bad. This year minus a home run significant. He looks pretty close to the guys and get a hundred million dollars -- all of us. -- Buckled when he pitched this year has been the -- best pitcher baseball big factor Lester started the year great Lackey was not your masters this year has been. The second best start and big difference yeah. Ortiz even better than last year. -- about it as it would have been under 500 last news note that no matter who was managing no matter what kind of coaching staff yet there's no question about it. It was made it was made worse. By the Bobby Brown -- no question about that I just wonder you know I wonder what kind of how important factors that they've brought in any other manager this year. Need to be the difference Barbara that would be six might be vilified figure this group has done a good job yeah and they've been able to and another big thing is. They want to keep everything on the field and keep to distract the way in. For the most part they have that's. That's another thing and I understand starting pitching is gonna rule today starting pitching is the most important thing but it all factors in because at the as the season goes along this other stuff wears on you. It brings teams down right so the I think they've done -- Gujarat on let's get to the phone call syrup star with Ryan in Quincy trying to morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- Great listen if you like -- and on the I agree with you as well Bob -- as well thank you hum. So likable than the network that just seem -- Opera brought to Brad do you think anything on it on the brain injury in spring training to Lambert as you can do this playing. Now. No idea that if -- -- that one scare. Every day in -- what scares -- came back in and then I just think he's gotten some bad habits about not recognized in the strike zone. Confidence wasn't there trying to do too much. And then you know it went from there -- -- I don't think the -- -- anything do -- I think that he had some issues with the ribs. And then I -- believe it was. What was the other injury at the back via little bookstore that -- yes so. You're fighting through those things but still a year to get this -- Becky two home runs yesterday. It but that's where he's going to be for awhile in -- that we. Them to my next point what do you not feel like these are going to do it. Miley. Success does not -- into the Major League. Almost did last year. And and you go through will -- Brooks minor league career he had some downturns which he dug out from. And that's what that's what they're banking on right now of the hey you know what he's gone through this he's going to be able to do it again. The lot but this but listen -- indiscernible Mel Brooks even last year and -- good -- thirteen straight the you know you walks right it's true I was like it's absolutely zero there's nobody -- -- -- generation get away with that. I think that it was cart before the horse -- Brooks and said disguise the middle the order hitter right navigate to begin poison. A -- in a bad year to you know I mean last year he was a one -- to positive stores middle Brooke's -- okay you know and then I think he sort of elevated. Suppose where -- read stories before your start these and the leader this team a happy year. That's the point and they now came in said -- you -- he's a leader he's going to be a middle of the order guys unit thirty O'Brien's but the sample size and so small. Yeah it was it is going to be development now this CPU dig out promise because I do think there is concern when he talked about. Of course and walks in the strike but he's not my job at this -- -- but you can live with that if -- hit home runs to. -- to some extent you can that yeah but I mean what you did last year -- beginning this thing to get at thirty -- I -- Kennedy team and -- -- -- to -- but -- -- -- that's what he was -- to last year and that's -- could put -- was that is was -- power was suggested the -- -- before last year was going to be -- 3035 -- -- -- enemies look like I was it was going that way about it. Certainly I don't think it. Early on the Myers once was a series of 35 home runs that last caller referred to use Brad. Should do you should change in the Brad Bradford would be different you'd like news guys you'd be -- -- Louis assembly when -- -- right -- be one thing what's the I've become a -- we -- touch. He's a Connecticut what's up. Outlook quick point up first ordered it charts are a lot of Rondo. Perk if you enjoy. Going to work every day we never make more productive. I imagine probably would have no idea. That there are exactly. And yet I don't know you know I I know this city I keep to keep its -- do you think the 2011 Red Sox a -- the collapsed. Had good chemistry. Our our auto I don't I did the best record in baseball on September 1 day they wake -- September 2 -- chemistry. Again I was asked this question how does it work. Are you -- A lot of traditional top -- yeah -- sure it is just encouraging Russia body ballot. Also Lester up because a Valentine -- right user B Dave -- time is an idiot you know it was terrible terrible communications guys hated them. Guys were hurt -- I have no question last year compared to this year is different. Board Francona everybody tells you Francona was great easy get along with the 2011 they were rolling -- and they work ever wants is a bad chemistry. What -- what -- thirty games over. There are also it tremendously talented team usually talented team but I did everything about bad chemistry that year until the year is over. Write -- so again fired -- talent to make up for like last year. I Keith I think you're onto something because I don't think this team. Is is merely talent is that 2011 team is nearly you know don't vote. -- -- you what though -- but I think we underrated at least I did how talented they were I was site I totally underrated as. I would. It's which -- jumped out there with the campaign and fixed -- -- you're in her -- currently not starting pitching you don't wearing. Well apparently you know what to do like going to work are very eager to productive on my point -- are Iran under his. Trade and it would that it can't or. Start the bottom law and once again -- -- attractive place to play. Thanks -- great call. Great -- great sell -- dollars. The tax that goes up for three hours and forty maybe eight -- eight DT tax line advance in the conversation without calling yesterday and say you know. You know -- is note that while they signs from team for a week. Just he's just a leadership will be his experience. Great point if you should try a -- what you're saying collar. You ready to pertinent point. The great cough. But for -- Mean if that's if that's -- strategy if he says you know what -- -- blow this whole thing up in Norway can really do that to get -- Iran have to trade him screw it it's okay. -- that we do understand that the little when they built on draft picks. If you can get the right tactics for Rondo. -- expiring contract to go -- it great also this I mean you have to ask yourself with the changes to decide Rondo is not that he's not part of your future plane anyways so forget. Well we brought this on IV and actually was the one who brought it up said it -- Rondo is eight is ages guy. You buy into that means well because because stocks got. No because he drafted him and he is guy Taylor cliff and we found this guy twentieth -- that. But the way I look at is that hey yeah trying to trigger -- for the OPEC and you've made somewhat years and now you're gonna get some good firm you'll get about. I've heard it ain't about I'm a big intransigent and it was made bad moves L -- -- people say he has done this he has done that he'd like you Garnett again that he used Al Jefferson one of his picks to get on I think it is a pretty good record. Drafting late. In the first -- that's I think if you can get a top three top four pick here and then build rounds other picks. Against her soldier in the mix their green in the next I think this chance I think it's our only chance. -- -- -- to bring in the Dwight Howard types the Kevin Durant types for LeBron types and -- dot com Boston when there's nobody else around. That's and that's where he knows -- trial the -- of the fair and based knows. The fan base they still think a big part of it think they used to give players to Boston right. 6177797937. Asian number target your calls in the minute we get back ordered to Red Sox stock. Rob talked about this yesterday what are the Red -- going to do with the trade deadline went into that we get back.

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