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Minor Details Ep. 57: International signing preview with Eddie Romero, Ben Badler

Jul 1, 2013|

July 2 marks the start of the signing period for international amateur talent. The global quest for teenage talent is one of the most fascinating undertakings in the game, and Red Sox director of international scouting Eddie Romero lifts the curtain to explain some of the insanity of the travel schedule in his position as he crisscrosses the globe in search of the next big thing. Ben Badler of Baseball America also joins to discuss some of the Red Sox' targets in this year's international amateur market.

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This week we'll focus on the quest for the next big thing in the far reaches of the year. This -- international amateur signing period is about to kick off this coming Tuesday. Every year the arrival of July 2 signals a frenzy of spending on typically scrawny athletic sixteen year old mostly from Latin America. Who represent lottery tickets with varying degrees the jackpot potential all of them with a certain element of the long shot. If you thought the players in the draft were tough to predict whether 21 year old out of college or even more dramatically eighteen year old out of college out of high school. Try the international amateur market it's a really really difficult field of projection in speculation with elements of Indiana Jones thrown into the effort to find something great. In the far reaches of the -- Talked to Ben mettler baseball America about some of the players with the Red Sox might be interest to netting from the -- international amateur scouting pool. But first we'll talk with the Red Sox international scouting director Eddie Romero. Ramiro accumulates frequent flier miles like no one else in the Red Sox organization. Regularly bouncing from the Dominican Venezuela and even Brazil and up and coming up at a talent. To Taiwan Australia and Japan among other places it's a fascinating lifestyle. That has -- Romero constantly on the move yet or work or his efforts typically aren't felt for years. It's one of the most interesting job descriptions in baseball. So you know when you're getting together with people with -- you went to law school or something. From a -- prospective people who aren't in the based on a -- how do you mean your job description and you're -- time. Well I basically say everything that I did in law school that I learn in law school for for life's work I -- none of it. Now it's funny it's you know -- I'm glad I went to law school but I'm also glad that I you know have options but doing some that you really have a passion for and and you know it's finding you know at the end of the day we we get to watch baseball -- to go to a -- -- is in and interact with a lot of into the people who share. Passion for the game have and so it may have that much more fun when you get to do with people -- daylight. There's an interest in travel that early pre date someone getting into the field of international outing. No not at all but -- -- to try. How alert you don't like to travel. If you can't really except you know like being away from from home and from Family -- not that. At the right job for you know it does take. You know it's it's a great you know. -- now but it is tough you know being away from home living out of the UK. Spending you know over 200 -- hotel. You know there are the Kurds in the benefits of -- -- you know there are anti Israel -- managed you know which I was which was a homer -- -- -- my family more by time. You know giving you know aging in and intimate family situation and that there for now you know and -- -- not a comedian. As can be for him but it is a little bit more kind of advance in their life. So you know what are we talking about when you know what -- hit the the hard part travel is like Martin's team in Apocalypse Now are a thing that you're not quite content out there at any point and you know we we -- he just like every others you know international outing -- you have you know their stories that. Getting the play is no way you might use you know planes trains and -- today you know trying to get away there. Think the longest -- so far has been about 22 hours trying to get to a remote place in the country in Asia by army you know with the -- language barrier. Oh you know it usually tried to a to have some kind of contact their you know and and that -- already know where where where when you know you're going to a difficult place where you don't speak the language. You know there's going to be difficulties something that'll. Facilitated -- when it. Is there a threshold for the caliber -- like it needs to be there in there to just a five. What of those journey through you know through -- entity through the jungle or through. You know through the Saturday that know what what country we're talking about him in Asia through -- -- like that. -- we it's funny because there's a funny story about. Last I was guiding a player in Japan Wayne. One of our cross checkers -- you know called him about -- Venezuelan -- -- the and another team was going into to -- him in a few days. And and he can't -- you need to get it I change my plan. And all night tonight he'd better be pretty did it. And when you know I went in Turkey was very impressed me into signing enemies with the club that in the Dominican right now in an often get art. By -- know we have a lot of faith in our area if you got on the table for a player will finally get. Which player Victor -- in the -- -- Dominican from from -- Venezuela. Getting from. The meg going to Japan news -- agreement as well quite dangerous thing it was well worth it no direct -- it. I wish. You guys quantify it your injury. You worry and organs -- definitely the -- quantifying things up Spotify and things. How many countries -- go to -- a year. That's a good one. Let me see probably had anywhere from about. When he it's when he. Country. I mean last year's bats when he dive in the ticket and every continent that of Antarctica and Africa. No Africa and I thought they were trying to cultivate you know cultivate based on of Africa there will be a -- in South Africa and the number -- -- so you know who knows it. Flying direct from Brazil South Africa and bird pilot of the NC. And what. You know. Did the laundry list of countries what which countries are down into -- And you know in in Central America and South America you know it in the Caribbean where we do the bulk of our work though. You know Mexico and Mexico which is you know part of North America Canada to go he at times keeping planes in and turned -- Nicaragua Guatemala. You know. You have the Virgin Islands. The Dominican Republic and Venezuela obviously Colombia Panama Brazil. Argentina. You go to your conference tournament in year out query goes to Italy where the Major League Baseball as an academy. Paula -- Germany which you know Jimmy's -- and developing market. In. European champ is here in the Czech Republic. Going over to Asia. Where you know I've Japan Taiwan South Korea are the big market there. Australia. You know Soledad. It gives you kind of have a sense of of of where whereabouts utterances -- OK so how many how many did you have your passport well you know it's funny is I was so proud of my past -- today actually got stolen. Earlier this year. -- -- break him right before I was leaving to go to Australia though. -- got gold in the day you got robbed and dates with -- international in the states it got stolen gas. Oh I've got another quickly was able to make my my trip the next day. But it was pretty impressive back -- now not so much and now probably only about like fifty game so far. You know how. How much you have to deal with the car in order to get in order to get all these. In order to go to there is the only plea that we really child to a lot that. That requires -- as Brazil. So I anywhere with I mean. Working with the red -- health alive in this city it's a wonderful thing we have a lot of friends and it help alleviate you know getting that the paperwork transmitted. Com Australia that requires of these have been very easy to -- deep -- at the airport actually so. Doesn't -- you play that that we go to and you will require these otherwise it is sound and the travel itself is that. Getting out getting back the course of quantifying things. Miles -- ever figured out how many miles -- Now I know until I kept I packet that travel log last year. How many days it was on the road nine point five amounts yet although it would be interesting I mean I know. One of the benefit is how many you know I'm a thousand you know that that we accumulate it. When we do have all the time we can obviously utilized for ourselves and our families both days. Yet but I but I haven't I haven't quantified and mounted maybe -- that had been adjusting numbers. You have the you have kind of the black card data they've done that George Clooney had enough to hear yeah we were a lot of I. I mean there you go throughout the thirty clubs in there. A lot you know there there are a lot of guys that travel a lot that you have you know like it's any champion to date there now you know win. You need you know it you can help you get -- you a more comfortable eater better room and a hotel. When you travel as much as we do those little hurt the long way. Have there been any month any moment would you like I'm traveling too much -- pilot and Eddie -- go. I I do I have developed a little bit of a network of you know airplane. Stewart -- Stewart in order is. But. You know it -- it you'll never be my travel because of what we do is too much lines they can't complain about that. You had an act of 209 -- that about right. Yes yes -- I mean if it means you wanna spend as much time as you can on the ground in the teams that. Come out this market -- international market most effectively. I spent significant of time of the year out on the grounds if you wanna be good at this job yet to be out and being players you know Nat -- got it from enough. -- the most immature out and you hear all the time stories of guys kind of a thing around. And parts of statement -- and things like that night live when it comes to international -- How many how many different you know how many -- you have been in -- country for to be efficient portico there if you're going to -- under a relatively underdeveloped. They -- market when you might not wanna go to a lot of times a year let let's say at a I don't know maybe for -- qualifies them because relatively underdeveloped. You wanna spend like -- -- know three days there forty's -- the bare minimum in order to make it worthwhile trip well I think in a lot of places were based on underneath. And underdeveloped. That -- the baseball play community is largely concentrated in one area and so usually. If you go over there thanks for example of Brazil and you know like the main camp. Is close out following that's where you know it's well known that that's where the teens go. Off that's the main academy that's the only real baseball academy right now is him in Brazil. So you go there for a couple days at a time in and you know there and then you get a pretty thorough look at the players that -- against -- Of any other smaller Latin American countries kind of a thing that the players are concentrated in the small area. Now we needed to you know larger country like Venezuela or something where the players of the more spread out of time do you need a week ten days to. Going in -- players you know try to add up the game and and I did you know two or three day Le -- and a particular group of players though in a country like that. In the Dominican you know where you can have games even add your own he's a good 23 -- hey look this is very effective in in helping you get. A feel for an average. Talking to Red -- director of international outing at your Merrill. What the most difficult country to -- and -- backward -- -- the -- went out and because -- -- there are not when you're dealing with fifteen year old year old but. What would you likely the most difficult country to doubt it. It's good question I don't I don't I don't. I wouldn't put anyone like lower and you know the Dominican Republic is convenient -- -- because we have that the only country where we have -- the Dylan. -- I would say that any other country is difficult that you know the further away you know a country is. You know that makes it a little bit more convenient because of the time -- yet to get there. But wherever we go days you know and and we always you know most of the play. That we that we got it was that it got we had. A representative there be any doubt BA could all be in a connection. We really don't have any issues you know like getting around here we have you know he'll end up. I think -- infrastructure over the past eight to ten years in the market has changed. -- to where you know it's the baseball playing in finding fields again it's been a stated. And we really don't have you know many issues where we go in finding if you add up to -- about it players. Given the amount of travel that you have to endure in the experience do you ever worry that you're the jetlag is going to get in the way of Europe. Of your ability to help these guys accurately I don't know I mean you know I'm only 33 -- -- on I don't know spring chicken but. I think I can still handle it I I don't really. My body recovers quickly I think the more you do this your body -- Do you know you making time changes on its own and dumb and the Red Sox are great about being you know like. Getting making sure you and I hotel life and being comfortable with -- and -- I don't play so that -- -- as well by but yet I'm here if I'm suffering from jet -- you know that they're not going to be -- game of words though. You know it we're we're fortunate we are guys -- -- -- that they recovered pretty quickly. And maybe today we'll give it to -- but we're and we we you know we're pretty resilient on the road. I've ever play where you got that are so remote -- like you don't have you know know wireless Internet court no lights no power and hotel. Yet that happens I mean evidently that we mean I don't wanna make it sound like you know we can not. Not awful but -- there are places where you know you don't have any inactivity. And being there your Smartphone owner computer whenever right. At -- it's two or three days and you know anybody can live through that. There are places where we do you have you know rolling blackouts we spent several nights where we don't have power by. You know most of the play are nicely in nice hotels in. And you know I think you imagery of of of being an international scouting Steve the idea it's actually changed a lot of the past 1015 years. -- -- -- -- -- Yet never exactly. You know where where prep for the most part you know. 90% of the time where we you know where where as well connected you know in these other countries as we are here in the next. What is the -- you know what is the toughest to like whether circumstance or natural. Natural thing that you -- you know. Not natural. There I don't know you've ever encountered in your travels. Well I'm pretty proactive in that type of thing coming. I try to avoid it. So I -- in the Dominican -- is I actually got out -- time. Just as there was when hurricane approaching I was actually in the last flight out of the -- before hurricane -- it was a terrible flight you know. From -- turbulence perspective getting out of there that's otherwise it you know I mean. We -- You know eastern Venezuela -- days it's -- -- -- that's all part of that you know are -- -- -- that you know in central -- sometimes though. That -- you know it's nothing to complain about -- we've been fortunate that you know we we. Avoiding things. Sometimes when you're in you know somewhere there whether political drive -- -- them. Some -- -- in them strike that had. Made things interesting by you know fortunately avoided any any kind of danger in those situations as well so it's. Again we we we just try to plan as best we can if we see a potential situation we try to avoid. The engines and parts of me is that you worked so hard you travel so much in order today in order -- on the global concerts and yet. You know you're you're engaged in the most difficult to my mind of all of the -- and surprisingly. You're trying to project fifteen in your world that we. How how mindful argue as soon as you. Make these efforts to it -- five talents of the difficulty of what you're doing. I'm happy that I can't. I agree you know indicating it is that is the toughest part of our job it's trying to you know. Figure out evaluate projected to know the team you know it is they are so far from from what they will be. However much like the amateur department you know we've development of our our processes and he and and you know be it. From you know our own philosophy and athleticism in tools and make up and all those things. And we try to impress upon -- -- and oh you know he kind of you know inherently know that that -- very difficult -- You just try to gain any advantage you can in terms of information gathering you try to see the guys playing games much as possible. And in that image today we we we really value are our area out you know position on the player is he's I've seen a morgue and no better than we have been. And we always it together in and you know make make make make a decision on a guy out. It you know there there aren't many you know. Uneducated live at the -- -- one look evaluation where we -- a player anymore -- It's become more of like an amateur like rot where you try to develop a history with a player and and at the end -- -- -- you know you you -- that dollar that goes with it from there you you know you make the final decision. -- -- The greatest act in your job on date date they drive to it. When you sign a guy is it what you you guy. You know it's been to a certain level presumably in Major League being you know being kind of -- of -- You know nine year old make it there are now at 21 year old or 22 year old. Or is is -- out of action in the job. Kind of wrapped up in what the Major League team is doing. I think all of them to be on the I mean I think it down it great. It's great when you when you tell a -- that years you know that you're -- game that you agree with -- -- dinner with but this area. To see the there there initial reaction you know -- Especially when the parents and family that's a really neat moment. Another great moment is when you actually get to tell the player they traveling at -- for the first time it. You know 99% of the players we arrogant -- not -- are Dominican academy and immediate goal number one is due to the state though we try to get it to make it to a point where you know -- groups standing in front of all their peers. We try to you know single out those guys that are gonna go in there Ivy -- -- game. That that need to you as well and I get the last part of that those guys -- develop you know like. When we get these two kids at 1617 years old they're -- their their their their babies together so young. And when you are these guys developed as a player development people -- cheer. Com they are having serious conversation with you about you know things about starting -- -- today you know it. You develop a relationship that is more than just an acquaintance with a lot of the players in. You know you try not to be by and reform and like that night you end up you know learning curve for those guys cells. No obvious he went once you're able to. Help -- organization by finding a player and it eventually to provide value for this club back you know by the daily team or that player at you know him self. Can help the big league team that are extremely since -- But NASCAR in July -- can work. There is -- way the beginning of the Internet of the -- international signing period. And what does that state mean for you one on your calendar. It certainly used to be a day in which like all kinds of things would happen immediately and you know national market. That's the quick have been pumped on it a little bit by virtue of the background investigation process these big it's a response quite rightly I think implemented but. What's so I can mean for you as -- approaches. It's the culmination of a lot of hard work while our scouts you know our -- spend a year. Mining for talent poker you know when he twenty countries in. And they spend time -- time away for their families nothing so that that day that a lot of hard work is rewarded for them and we. Finally you know -- agree in -- and negotiated agreed to sign a player. And you know the area got just as excited as that as as a player and -- because. This is very guys the guys they've been out in the guys they've been. Promoting you know. For us to hide and so on they're extremely elated about it also by itself so you know kind of on now on the professional side of it. Another opportunity to supplement them with hopefully players that can provide value that can help potter Clark are big league club down the line. And -- you know given at the draft is you know. Just another avenue that we can that we can help the organization of prospects. Does that allow you to -- the cutting of July to meet you get a little bit travel. You know -- really good -- and by the time July rolls around here you're kind of already know. The following year mode. Because you know a lot of the work for it for at this present here has been done already though it. You know it -- That means they officially now Tony Awards season time you know. We talked with -- -- about the rigors of the job of an international scouting director. But who might he be targeting come Tuesday when the Nixon national signing period open to ensure that we're joined by Ben Adler of baseball America. Joined by Ben Adler baseball America who's the resident -- baseball America for all things international amateur band that's quite a title how are you. I'm doing great outdoors is. Good thanks so. July 2. Describe for me how significant -- day this -- senior year. Is this your Super Bowl or would you characterize it closer to being a combination of New Year's Halloween and your birthday. I was kind of like -- Christmas. It's having it. It's the first day open all new presence. And you you know -- has been an imagery in this the first day or -- open about the tendency which. Although it's so it's to me it's like it's a departure from that from the Christmas format right because it. That Christmas is immediate gratification with regards to get rightly. You know and let you know setting aside any kind of commentaries about. Modern commercialization or whatever -- you you know you have my three year old son ripped through presence and he's like freaking out with excitement. In the case of the July 2 period it's like okay here's your present that you've just spent one point five million dollars on or something. Check back in five years to see if he's any good. Yet that that what does it mean even in the best case scenario. You look at like start Castro. Or not jerks and pro or -- noble or adequately broken through yet these huge debate. Well these guys move so quickly -- -- -- and got there. And even then it's still take them for years -- rubber restarting sixteen year old player. Get the big -- at age forty you've got to be tough so it usually takes these guys anywhere. Certain. Sometimes more years and -- to be able to even after the greatly if they ever get there on mat status it's you know players. Even the guys do. At all even if they produce moderately and get a lot of I would like -- while -- doctors come Mon. They -- -- to you know there's a -- -- your return. On investment now obviously you know on the east side. You know Felix Hernandez for the 700000 dollars though. Is that the Jack. The international part of the thing -- so messed up to me about it about the international amateur market is the challenge of doubting fifteen girls and figuring out what on earth they're going to be. Is -- you have to put big big money in them. That to -- I you know I find it difficult to wrap my head around why it is. -- Indian national amateur market you can sign guys so young. Whereas in the you know in the in the world of the draft you know we have to wait until guys are at least high school graduates typically eighteen year old in a couple of things in his seventeen year -- -- -- I'm from your vantage point you know does the international amateur market makes sense. In terms of this -- -- The actors these -- decisions would be increased if he is not aged eighteen. Went. -- -- the issue. All in Latin American players and Latin Americans are fraught with there's players were citing. Saying sixteen years old but you know really there at 1819 years old. I think if you re deciding age ones that do. Also -- -- fraud that you you know on sixteen year old is from not Dominican Republic. Nat necessarily be you know 68225. Out. Makers of it's years got our our corporate. You're not physically develop certain point it's -- to have. That that kind of raw power or arms stretch of course be well. To retool that are really based on just -- and physical maturity. So that -- readers are any age. I think that would improve a lot of things -- are not in terms. The accuracy you. Utilities teams choose to make sound decisions market also. Reduce some of the corruption now on the other teams. They are all we want them into our academy as it is possible captured teams that would like to sign players or. You know fourteen or fifteen -- -- And start developing. As soon as possible to put them that your cat is making Republicans at professional coaches work and. Rather have them working -- you know independent traders some of whom you know no baseball. Coach is in the undeveloped talent. But problem is you know some tiles street and be -- -- the player or tighten. A lot of money who. -- actually purchase. The rights that you a player's contract for 0% or whatever percentage yet players our -- you. Might not be so knowledgeable develop people out so I think the teens. A lot of teams do like I need -- -- where is that I think if you're right obviously he's the older players in the last projections that are involved. The better accuracy -- -- in those assessments. Let's you know I think we both agree that there are there are a lot of things that are messed up about the international there -- certainly challenging as crazy challenging. In terms of the international amateur market. You talk about what the Red Sox have been doing or in recent years those athletic middle of the middle of the -- guys who have shown in game skills. Now this year you have them attached to one of the top when -- when a guy who's viewed as the top image international amateurs on the market. Using -- they're one of the teams they could be and in the derby for I believe Raphael Deaver. That -- he's used on the top on the market. I think -- and it it's really nicely. You know we've got some video and online check it is it really short really compact ball. They applaud it's really good bat speed. The power within -- the other guys was the bigger power on the market you know it is average hour right now. -- -- -- See you can see the potential for maybe having the Bob -- -- our. On the road. With it see it seems a lot. From from what some scouts. Saw what happened at another Arctic targeting who who does that advance offensive approach. The question witnesses you know he's the third baseman it just like a lot of players who are. Third baseman in the Dominican Republic on the sixteenth -- questions all right well. -- -- stay at third base soared and them move into. Another position disease you know kind of -- more body -- so you'd want -- RA. The body looks like it is to see what it's little like it. Point three. But it you know some. You know sometimes that their -- in and can change it and number tender Bogart's. You know middle east side. And just even for the last couple years ago people you know easily so bit. He's not playing shortstop and moved -- -- Well you know any part of it just doesn't happen also quickly. That he hasn't gotten bit you know similar happened -- -- shortstop so that's one of the challenges. Scouting. Players what is. You know players' bodies change so much that might you know he was part of -- -- -- nepalese side he was 641. Now it's four bright that's just I mean to be able project it. Bodies change so much on these guys so. Endeavors if that person stated third days. Yeah relief I think are feeling proper action and a lot of games -- -- -- and the first thing is that. At a higher demand on the powerless and the decisions they -- their date that he really exciting prospect there yet but but the problem is that it. Eight Christians -- aside and wants like that sounds. Is Ando more body type a scouting term PR. I think that -- will not about sixteen Euro players. You know there as well -- usually a lot of these guys -- You know wiry body types in the way he usually deterrent. It. Had a rough terms to describe these guys we tried it's try to be treated with mostly or -- -- the year body -- -- so. That some companies -- happy to -- -- you know she's sixteen salute. There's there's a piece about it -- were involved. You should find like hybrid English term that you can start incorporated into -- body type thing now be cool you could you know. You have a chance then of really expanding the language associated with the cutting of the international market. He had a -- -- You know people like you. Is. So it -- and the more -- -- -- Talking with Ben Adler of baseball America so who are some of the other prospects who you've heard the Red Sox attached to in the international amateur market. Yes it it's an attached to Koppel left handed pitchers -- her. Waters. Both -- -- one let individual Jonathan he has the you know stick the ball. He's a pretty good for exchange. And you know recent delivery. To stop right now. And again these kids are sixteen years old. He's already. Eight miles an hours. I hope. See you know what that delivery -- -- yet little that we even though not 636. Or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that I brought it. Well one day. And that is secondary stuff will continue to develop in the throws strikes. And you know you don't want to say you know what number guy is going to be a starter right now he's still succeed in and so much can change but. You know you -- check in to 01 C. -- what the -- comes along what their opening. Capital right now mostly sunny on his heels for a change the deliveries atlases and he actually. He's been able to you can -- actually right and it's all part of the world is it which he does not let them I don't think that there. Anything that's why then -- Can do that. A -- it's a nice fallback option if he blows out though. Yeah. I yes. I don't know what happened. If you fail it usually use the -- might look at you know as a pitcher -- network operators and it I don't know anyone ever try to the value network at. And it pictured -- right handed pitcher blitz. But I was interstate. Another guy is Emanuel uses. EE I don't think he. Quite immediate polished and and yes right now. You know he's six foot three C a similar actually -- You know you know problems on the court outside and it actually comes from the same program in. You brought. The -- you know he figured you know is the city's three public money you like five something like that you've got port side isn't yet but. -- was -- -- you know this stuff right now here is that the projections you know in the eighties. Action you know 878880. Right now. And secondary stuff hasn't consistently and and then the other -- part of Auburn's. And it out there -- you know art art or lose. Quote the -- red -- raw high risk. What you're looking at is audience. He's like 61150. Or something like that you really. You know skinny wire again we're talking about. But there's so much projection is body. That he did see. Note that the solution to the slayings there's raw power there. The game and and he's got a good arm. You know impact United States that are field or might it be -- huge in the neutral corner outfield spot. The question and it. Is hitting its corporate wrong right now possibly that they after the -- Marty Rodriguez. But it is your site and you're you're going peroxide. Well off and on in in the projection there but also even with his arm. It's hitting doesn't work out at sea in. You keep pitching being a fallback options you I don't know these guys aren't and that but it is. There -- some sort of a safety net. Out like he'd just look at the option for him at some point Cutler. The Red Sox this year have they have more slot but have more money available to them and their international bonus pool. Than they did last year in the the probably you know that they certainly hope still haven't sometime this year they tip in at what. A little bit -- three million and change I think that the figure you had was three point 1000003. Point 18 million roughly. Which is you know which is seventh overall based on the fact that they have the sevens -- -- worst record. Initially baseball here. If you're an international amateur scouting director and you have more money than you would typically have. Do you go for the kind of high end assets were you spread it out and try to get you know a number of a number of guys. It in the mid regions especially in this year's international pool. You know I think he can do vote and that's probably what the Red Sox will have we -- for a while others. As a number three prospect in the national market he's probably cost you -- -- One point 3000001. Point five million -- and in that neighborhood. So you can still side and the number three -- world. And -- still have a lot of money. Iran or. Other. Somebody like Freddy Rodriguez or some of these other guys but he's also -- you know. You'd still -- around a lot of these guys were cited for. You know anyway you know on the 500000 dollar range you'll work -- also -- there's so many action. Just develop later or are on these are for whatever reason he would be. There was some trader who is in high profiles trainer doesn't happen network you know. Similar. Doesn't really have. Resources. Or the connections Jews to land the big you'll first. Or it might be that you run into players who for whatever reason -- and the trainer who has it and doesn't realize what he had done and you can sign -- for 50000 dollars you can sign up for. Most of the 500000. Dollars. You know decent money put you know -- -- huge dollars for a minute -- you -- kind of guy who. War 50000 dollars 400000 dollars who might have the same tools that might be just -- has gotten his arms for. A million dollars now to our high profile guys who are. You know playing somebody he's like the Dominican prospect is -- international that -- somebody like -- somebody like that or or. Something like you ointment is that significant outlook or police were already apparently old shortstop. You know the other top two guys out right at numbers right now. You have to be able to sneaking out of those guys for 50000 dollars. It might be able to find that I've gotten that last heated Wednesday at shortstop who play center field and as. I swing it might be able to offer. You know the -- 75000 dollars just because for whatever reason. Yet and -- -- is right legal workers had been. It will only -- so I think. I think I'll direct I think. The restaurant you went upside -- it will certainly let you know certainly looks like -- headed that way. You know that the site and it over some of these other. Connected to you know what that strategy in -- -- now. Want to really really I. And try to do you know guys who are. You know experience party about how -- that well there and looking for some of those under the radar guys that. Every team in the -- Yeah it's it's pressing to think about it -- for -- like ruby Doris and who's currently pitching for them what I think was a five figure bonus you know something maybe in the 20050000. Dollar range from the Dodgers back. You know back in the day and now you know he's a guy -- a starter his whole -- high ninety's velocity in the late innings. And I think he's real about something like twenty straight scoreless innings for the Red Sox now. In in AAA so yeah and that that whole strange projection thing -- of the international amateur. And it. He was he inside when he was eighteen years old or something like that so. You know especially for pitchers. What we thought that was with China India and. If you drove in 91 miles an hour when you're sixteen years old and you're you have to -- absolute now you know these guys -- Apple really. When there's sixteen years old are very very few of them you think you're sixteen you're golden and touching night and one. Here is that pretty exciting. So you know -- -- is somewhat more projections are you know -- at eighteen aren't teams. You know back off these guys that's -- side it might even be. Or developed. You know were from cheaper price and -- Talking event handler baseball America about the international amateur signing period that kicks off on July 2. There's there have been industry changes you hinted at some earlier talking about talk about the possibility of trading available bonus pool money. How do you anticipate that impacting. Impacting the international immature -- period. That actually happened lose the first few were ever seen at a two point nine dollars national bonus -- And -- -- -- you're allowed to go over -- but if you go over by. 15%. -- -- -- you know couple 100000 dollars -- That you're not a lot but players and hear what actually thousand dollars. Instead of really strong. It's not cool -- This -- -- let me set the rest what they most schools because it's the first time it's based on. Reverse order of winning percentage in the previous season. Also they had seven -- bonus pool. Water. Is changing. It's gonna raise some of the prices for. Players that -- -- market because some of these teams. Have more money is spent last year Astros almost five. -- -- million dollars. So they can if those two teams are you looking at the top of the market or. You know really. -- on on one players and try and pretty significantly world the top -- lectured. You know one point 75 million this year. Top guys -- as the united. And a million dollars or. At this -- so you can and then you have the opportunity you trade for more warm body you 50% of what. Do that in. Who also. The red dot directly with -- 3.2 million dollars. It betrayed for. Roughly one point. Six million dollars so I don't know that there. What he did at the you don't necessarily have to release -- Three million dollars of five really good players. On the international market what you and it seemed like the cops. -- -- really need to rebuild. Not ever look at our system. I think their really try to put as much and then you might see them try to. -- trade or more international pool money come July that you know or after July 2 she tried it. Or the international players of the try to spend money on. Our team. Is going to see who worked a treat like that. That's part he can use it never really is the first time that's been done. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know four Major League players and just throws them. International warmup and then there. And try to get an international -- back. As part of the deal but obviously. The right it. Or -- lineup. That worked out for the with them. You know in the trade somebody Matt Garza or something like that or marlin. You know have. 3.4 billion dollars and there will never really spent much months. What you -- out in the last -- sure teen. What the doctors to register and could be -- -- -- -- a -- for more international oil money needed to trade throat you know -- money wrote there. Put yet he might do it. You're just giving them -- state. He still have to stand. It can't just hit it straight cash for more money. Because patent rules and you have to do. Titled what -- quite full bodies left to spend that money so our players. So it makes it tricky to figure out. Well you know what is of value. Not -- not just treating for player but you're just trading for schools state. For the right to spend money basically. After the right and yeah exactly it's good way to put it well one witness in the case. Early underwriters was detailed day and that's the way we treat for me. -- For the right to spend more money so it. I don't think he can get more more than like very fringe prospects for that put them the saints are I don't know what. The motivation would be fourteen. Like tomorrow or any other team -- Trade away their pool money when there's a lot of teams -- looking to -- money. What you're gonna get something significant return. Yet and it's a completely unpredictable. Aspect of supply and demand because there's no empirical data for it so you know as for people who have advocated the idea of trading draft -- like this is this is an interesting test case that. You know certainly will be watching to see what happens with it. When last guy I want to ask you about who doesn't fall into that category of the international amateurs were going to be relevant for the July 2 date. There is there's one guy who's generating. Held a lot of buzz really. Cuban right hander Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez. 26 years old. Obviously an advanced guy and because he's over 23 years old. He is not subject to the same draft pool bonus limitations. Did that exist for the other international amateurs. He's kind of a a separate category of player. What do you know about this guy obviously he's he's generating a lot of he's generating a lot of Basra the baseball industry. And sharing and recently I think went to see him in a workout in Mexico what can you tell it what can you tell me about them. It he argues there is used now what you guys subject to signing bonus rules single. Engine side. And restricted free agent obviously. And obviously being from Cuba there's. -- about. Well qualified operate in the draft. She's been seen so that detonated a little bit more into -- team it hold onto those trapped it. Any old wounds he -- on the national scene. Predict -- -- moment at one point. Cuban market -- really need. Really -- in recent guys from over. You know destination. That's been in the top guy in Cuba. Is an absolute star everybody's. He was -- top. She he was saying you know. What is in the best numbers really stand out there. On on their national teams are so many years upload some actual tournaments only got. Or easily there. Who wasn't at that level. -- workout -- pretty extensively in the public. I also think teens thought that he was. Certainly Freeney on prop. I'd be really you know street the big east. And it worked out for -- pretty extensively in the Republican it played on junior national teams. In dollars has -- you know I think he -- actions are are definitely looking at what it it's a -- market. Or four lotteries in the. And there's a lot of misinformation that goes out there sometimes on. A lot of players unfortunately because. A lot of different reasons from Pittsburgh. You know for different reasons so. You know I would be tried it. A lot of money. I think there's there's a lot of on the on the right. What kind of what do you hear about his stuff. It I mean he's he's got. He's got pretty solid. From some of the reports. Coming out of Mexico now it may even increase. A little bit which you know surprising for a different -- -- eighty -- It you know happy to be you know he could -- all of starter but I think in the that kind of investment that. Either working or I think something we certainly let you know or more -- in -- would be you know and then in Mexico right now. It is fascinating and all of a sudden it looks like the most valuable class of of immature. Is there are those who are coming out of Cuba had aged twenty you know what is -- is it when he three or later is it over 23. Yet you have to be yet it -- he's 23 years old which was actually. An issue for player in the end. Who came out of Cuba. In -- was saying. He's 23 years old right now suspect it is immediately. And then it turns out. He looked at it and go out. Now actually he's he's he's actually younger. According to several. -- in your report man rosters from international tournaments. He doesn't featured. -- victory -- he's rosters. Until August. And so but yet that the emphasis now for human players. -- premium. On being at least 23 years or older. Haven't played at least. You know for PC in the gently he -- from the rules. So a difference of date of birth took seven months. Means the difference between being subject to the draft -- bonus of restrictions rather the international -- signing bonus restrictions. Which means it could be the difference for for -- between a bonus of what a one million dollars -- is if she's an on or if he's if he's a free agent without having to be subject to that pool. He's 23 years old. And he's like a fifty million dollar player. He had been hit it. Mean they indicate that somebody's -- -- the problem is known about your twenties or Cuba. Probably as eighty year. -- the most likely case. Or something like that yet mark it's. It just like please -- that you guys are. Subjects do you know on restricted. Free agency I mean I think people would be forward. And how much money. You like Marco -- -- -- On the open market. What you put in you know these top control mechanism is trapped or. International free agency but with these -- wasn't really hampered. Money that he's got yet. Well then this has been. Extremely eliminating thank you so much to look forward to seeing all your coverage of of your Christmas Day coming up coming up put on Tuesday right. -- All right tent on the Tuesday thanks so much and other baseball America really appreciate your joining. Thank you -- you know. They both the highly literate have been bad -- baseball America and Red Sox and nationals getting director. Eddie Romero for joining down on the farm sponsored by B one advantaged tire and service dealers find a dealer near you -- They also as ever to producer pattern today. If you'd like to hear the complete interviews with both spend Adler and later marrow visit WEEI dot com slash putt -- big listening. Enjoy the coming week have a great fourth of July.

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