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Rajon Rondo - Should He Stay or Should He Go

Jun 30, 2013|

Butch Stern discuss whether the Celtics are better off rebuilding the team around Rajon Rondo or without Rajon Rondo. Danny Ainge has to be mulling this over as he pieces the puzzles of next years team together. Can Rondo become the leader that Paul Pierce became? Butch discuss this and more on the Celtics during this hour.

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Playing a fly ball will be a lesson of that to the reality -- can't stand it short hop from left field wall that's gonna bring into. Heading to the second night of the -- not in time and two runs score. The Red Sox lead at three and -- thing. It's a recap of the Red Sox and blue jays. -- a high fly ball -- too deep to left racing back neighbor set the warmth turning around his time off the monster. The wonders and historic film study the second the clothes off why he overslept but he got back in time he saved with a double in the Red Sox lead it. 42. Red sex review. When ground won't -- -- birthday. It's. OK okay yeah. It's okay in the. Even if -- John King bed there you know they're birds space. Now read -- on the W ice sports. Network. Red Sox review continues for one more hour leading up to Sunday night baseball the Yankees. And your heels depending on what happens in this game tonight. You listen to it on WEEI in the WB ER Sports Radio network. Threats -- to wake up tomorrow morning facing an off day and having either a three and a half for two and a half game lead. In the American League east over the Orioles. In other ports. If you want to read sacked him the maximum. Lead in the division as of tomorrow morning. You find yourself in the unenviable position of rooting for the New York Yankees. So they go 6177797937. To take your phone calls to enjoy Al still. Channeling the screening process. It's not as painful the last hours it has been up to this point but it is not it's not without something. And speaking of pain. No pain no gain is the theme of Christopher -- article on the Boston Globe this morning. I found very interest. Is the front article on the Boston Globe Sunday sports section. Tugging at the heart strings and I thought Chris did a really nice job. In summing up. The situation of how the Celtics got blown up this week. And some of the things in questions it raises for the future. And what might happen and a few of the points I thought he brought up there or adjusting and the reason I mention this. It's for the last hour would talk like to talk a little bit about the Celtics. And I would love to hear your opinions about it. Com. While they've blown it up they still have a team of Raj on Rondo and Avery Bradley. Of com Jeff Green. Of Jerryd Sandra not granted Rondo and Sandra both coming back from injuries. You have this thirteenth pick in the draft from Gonzaga I don't know how to pronounce his name and center from Gonzaga do you -- is it all lick. -- Yeah so we got a young big bodied guy who's athletic who could add. To the mix on that usually doesn't translate to wins in the NBA without some veterans. Again if you blown it up. You probably make it Rondo sit and take his sweet time coming back from the injury right. You don't wanna win games next here's what you have achieved. In this are hitting we have facing him. The 2014. NBA draft. Is the best draft top to bottom and a lot of years according to many NBA experts and the Celtics now required. Two picks for that draft next year there's. And the pick from the Brooklyn nets. Where those -- going to be. Are bizarre. Or if this plan is to go forward that the Celtics pick is going to be higher than the -- they've got Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett now. Most Jason Kidd as a coach. Soul or not that it's gonna be did you get to in that draft. In 2015. You've now got two -- You've got your own end the LA clippers pick in 2016. You've now got 21 round pick yours and again the Brooklyn nets and who knows by then because they are the nets the clippers of the east that may be a lottery pick. It goes that way and -- 2017. You have the choice to swap your pick. With the Brooklyn nets so you've gained all of that. While gaining some flexibility I see some. Could you that it take on some contracts. Some that are expiring but others like Gerald Wallace's that are here for three more years. So I get when you look at this celtics' situation a couple of the points I thought it. Christopher. -- brought up that are interest in one. He mentions quote the Celtics got six years out of a three year plan yes they did. So for those that are like me that lament the loss of piercing Garnett. And Chris admits in his article. That bomb anytime you get a chance to watch Garnett and pierce playing a season was special think we all agree with that but this was a price to pay. Chris brings up another former. Says. To pay. Other team we're not going to paint. For sentimental value to the Celtics Ainge got pieces for a puzzle he can't fit together yet. That's an interesting way to put it and I agree wholeheartedly with. As he doesn't know what these six number one picks in the next three drafts are gonna turn out to be. He doesn't know whether this guy from Italy. Gigi dumb Monta or whatever his name is with the Celtics are rumored to be in the lead to get is going to turn out to be. We do know that -- looking forward trying to piece this thing together. I know for next year as Chris sums up his article when he says. Garnett as a routine before every game pounding his head against the basket against the baskets the tension. Doubts what keeping pierce and KG for a seventh season would have been for the Celtics according to Chris Gasper. Banging your head against a basketball war in Spain. Letting go hurts but no pain no gain and he started his entire article. That got me thinking by using the Paul Pierce being gone now the G of when you rip -- -- bandied you have two choices you can rip it off slow or even rip it off fast it would be any -- did this week is just rip it off. I'm Paul Pierce has gone so I would like to know how do you feel about this whole situation. To sum up my feelings. I'm a hypocrite because I want it both ways I'm excited about the future a wanna see would -- can do in building this team. I do know that it couldn't last forever. Mom yet I did want another year of pierce and Garnett the celtics' uniforms. And now you've got the Specter of -- on Rondo because there is the logistical argument if you wanna take emotion and all that out of it you really wanna blow this thing up. They -- trade Rondo now especially if you can get something of real value could -- not sure maybe what's gonna happen -- when he comes back. From the injury did we still haven't seen Derrick Rose come back the rumored deal out there. Is the Dallas Mavericks but supposedly they want you to take on a bunch. Of big money contracts. There might be expiring in a couple of years why when that. Would -- some sorry you gotta get a high high price if you wanna trade runs so let's go to Harry in a car once talk about the celtics' future hi Mary. I don't as a lock on the Celtics that was in there that your your. What in -- reps are EXP say they're trading Rondell. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know actually victory. You tell a guy. But -- players -- Your article last hour that you know certainly. A -- but it really contribute to our. The team feel and operate behind the walked in on the other root ball which yell at eight. Let me let me stop you from anyhow because I know we -- -- and I like it but as you're saying it it's the thing about basketball I think we all agree. Is different -- -- painting a picture that the Red Sox are winning would no stars are a lot of last stars. Unfortunately in basketball name me the last NBA champion that didn't have at least two stars the Detroit Pistons may be. Well prepared and -- -- compiling a draft choices. To get started and open up should need to move. A guy who by all report. It and so would walk the direct. The door employment and I understand that but -- analyze their -- -- -- on Rondo you know arguably is a star already in the NBA. Let's assume he's gonna come back healthy. The only way you usually -- star Z to sign them as a free agent or get lucky enough to draft him one of the top five. But whatever picks every once in -- the eighth pick in the draft or like in the year of pierce. And -- Dirk Nowitzki the number nine and ten picks turn out to be the guy. In the draft Rondo turned out to be one of the guys in that draft and he was the 21 pick in the draft. So you're trading a guy. Who I understand all that I don't necessarily disagree with you that it you know he'd be could be better chemistry without him. We -- treating a guy saying well maybe one of these pictures gonna be between eleven and 21 is gonna turn out to be the next Rondo or one of your future starts. What do. I trading Rondo for a round late this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Her out or do you resent somebody that was already drafted his draft or next next year what he told -- that decade. Anyone -- peculiar sure all your other. Not enough. If you might end up with three you might end up if you trade to Dallas he met now you have your pick next year. The next pick in Dallas pick the nets and Dallas might end up in the top -- That the top the last twelve picks in the draft. Don't make your point that you probably I'll see you wonder yeah. We are all sure all of them all be a lottery ticket you know is that that trip to another Rondell. But my feeling here. A guy who Doc -- cheer coach is not right and pull her out period it. A scene where what you -- somebody who is reportedly -- current. I thought Colorado now keep dot way I thought that rock that angle I'm Robert. Let's go yeah be a problem that -- you -- what. Then you look at each year -- did they weird which Beckett and Lester last year. And while they eat better at certain that street. No matter what the trial -- -- not all true in every ought to it. In every year that she went without -- -- like geologic I think you make a lot of sense Terry let me leave you because they're a bunch calls with. A final question for you. And that would be dead. If you are gonna trade Raj on Rondo what are you gonna get in return. What does it matter to -- seems to me did your saying it really doesn't matter because one of the big gains is he gonna be that bad next year and that's gonna help. That's correct so what you -- you get you're the lottery pick yourself -- nobody spur route -- -- that you are. -- -- -- -- -- And you hope and pray that if he can figure it out occurred. Or you're doing at assembling our go arts but I would know the next. Key issues that brought under Rondo not -- article route. Okay thanks for the call Larry it's a good let's stay on the cause let's go to keep in Bedford is next Nike. A lot less. You know am I it does boost I was I have learned -- -- -- -- -- -- Let down. There was talk of this Olympics trying to be bad to get a -- -- around. Pretty damn depressing. Yeah I mean -- -- don't -- what the how could you have a -- needs to in the. Well that was going to be my next question to him if -- if you're the Celtics right now and you trade Rondo right. Clearly each -- you know. We consider our talk on sports radio and we can say. Well you've blown it up and now you might be in the lottery but who's what are you selling. To meet to go to games next year why am I going against next year watch this team -- It is. Everywhere and it is particularly kids that we need to start to attach to the game. So so unfortunately I. -- -- potentially does that -- any affiliations. He's just. -- it's it's it's the quandary that they face. If you trade Rondo. Who you selling to the public. You're -- selling Jeff Green. Or a bunch of young guys who are gonna come and they were really make you wanna go to the garden. And show up on the Jumbotron. -- -- The it gives guarded kid somebody on the pronounce his name saint call up and you know. -- -- -- Then. Whoever your favorite Brooklyn net who's left over from the -- it's -- stuff calling. To fans if you trade Raj on -- let's go to Jim in Connecticut is next hi Jim. -- good. All right John Wanamaker quick got. Nobody really brought this up but whether it cheaper on or not. Why it completely out question cannot bring in somebody like Dwight Howard he's available. Instantly on the -- there aren't -- he's marketable. He's a primary career -- yankees toward fighting and it really -- that option and I think and built a pretty it's important -- -- well. -- two reasons -- TVQ reasons why I don't bring in Dwight Howard number one I'm not a cap Paula just. I don't claim to be but I don't believe they have the cap room to do it even with -- all these moves. I think they still have enough money on the books on their cap. That they couldn't I mean if he wanted to come near enough I'm sure they could find a way to do it but I don't think they can. I could be wrong about that that's number one number to meet personally. I don't believe in Dwight Howard. I don't think Dwight Howard is one of the top free agents in the NBA let somebody else. Commit a Max contract him I don't think you need a guy like Dwight Howard to win a championship. And I am I understand -- -- damages saying I'm he's not. I would commit my money to a lot of other guys before -- committed to Dwight Howard. And what's Dwight Howard done in his NBA career. I mean he's done a lot but he he he doesn't bin. That missing piece to a lot of guys I think he has the potential. To be one of those. Oh my goodness look at this contract 67 years from now. And a guy who hasn't got better hit his free throws and a guy who despite all his talents -- his Superman status and all that. Has doesn't make the players around him better doesn't become a number 12 or three option on your offense. To the point where any has been in his MBA career in fairness to him I don't know I just. There's something about him. That I don't think he's a building block for team I just don't. I think I think within -- focal point. And Rondo just green -- Bradley and nine are on -- and also against the wall. It's a big commitment to me for the money that he might again and I let somebody else signed them are just. I just do. Six -- 77797937. Phone lines are lit up we're -- -- Celtics now we talked Red Sox to three hours. Tom Dick or break we combatant or the Celtics calls more you talk I'm -- -- this is.

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