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Red Sox Review with Butch Sterns - What is the Biggest Surprise of the Red Sox this Year?

Jun 30, 2013|

Butch Sterns asks Red Sox nation who or what they think is the biggest surprise this year that has contributed to the teams success. The Sox are 50-34 which far exceeds many expectations. How has the team come this far so quickly?

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To review on Sunday June 30 -- Boston Red Sox with the best record in the American League. Fifty and 34. Are well deserved day off for Jon Farrell's team tomorrow. As they get set to welcome in the San Diego pod Sunnis. For three games at Fenway this week Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday they will then. Hit the road it as Christian are canceled and supports flash for a ten game. West Coast road trip that leads up to the all star -- 617779. 7937. As a number to join us here and Red Sox review. My name is -- turn Red Sox finished the month of June. With a record of seventeen and eleven pretty good. Pretty guard especially the way they ended may and started June 17 and 116 games over 500 to go along with ten games over 500. In the month of April -- leaves them at an American League best sixteen games over 500 heading into July. They are second in all of baseball and run differential. At eighty plus. Scoring 431. Runs and giving up 350 want only. The St. Louis Cardinals are better than them. In all of baseball but interestingly for the Red Sox. Usually they're pitching isn't top 12 or three and runs allowed and all the other categories. Which allows them to be so good run differential -- financial but it's been their offense. It's carried them in that category they've scored 431 runs that's more than anybody baseball's 25 more runs than anybody in baseball the Baltimore Orioles are set. They're 251 runs are allowed is eighth in the American. So it's an interesting way that it happened started to show by asking the biggest surprises for you. And what you would do -- the all star break I didn't answer Tom from Salem question about Jonathan Papelbon. I don't see it happening. I just don't see Papelbon coming back the nuts and bolts of this the Phillies are not completely out of contention that just not. And soul. They signed him to a four year deal and this is only his second year. He's owed 24 million over the next two years and by the way he gets a vesting option. It is contracts OP gonna take them on you take him on for the next three years. -- the option will vest I believe for three years for 37 million dollars. -- gonna take -- -- when you were willing to pay them money when he left. So. -- -- reverse course now. Give them I would like them to do that. More than likely with the Red Sox are gonna do Tom and others is go out look for a young arm hard throwing arm the party got some. That's what they got from the Dodgers Alan Webster and ruby there are also. But what about the Dodgers again what about delicately -- Again my big key I would clipper from the Washington Nationals I love act. -- six wins this year and wins don't mean anything for a reliever but they do mean. Most of the time when your reliever like -- was closed who's in the eighth inning guy mostly middle relief. The your any gaming you hold the lead in the team turns it around. That's not like Koji -- hard today who give a big game tying home run and a vulture. A win so did there's one might think he's anybody else I'd love to hear from you. We think the Red Sox should trade for and report back to the calls or answer my own question give -- my thought about one of the biggest surprises. -- Okay the Boston Red Sox this year John -- John Lackey got hurt he missed 45 starts he started thirteen games. Always record of five and five has been. -- CRA's two point 99. He has been probably their best pitcher in the month of -- when you look at it. He's pitched into the seventh inning for almost all of his starts. And beyond -- a couple of times. He's pitching within easy this in a rhythm if you watch him. CRA for the month did you rose three point 03 so this two point 99 for the year has been consistent for John -- You could call up and rip Lackey all you want for the money they paid for him what he's been up to this point. Let's just look at what John Lackey has done this year surprise. I think it's a big surprise let's tip our hat to the guy up at this point you may not like them. Regular rhetorically Retief burger. Or whatever but John Lackey has been a surprise this year to me anyway. And others go to Paula in Rhode Island hi Paul what's on your mind. Are you doing doing well. Ludicrous and crazy cool and I promise I will be. Count and the better. We called to clock but make some sense really is. A. I think he's that they that you -- I -- that I had three straight saves and overall three days overall. Okay he blows the save and -- I mean I don't think we had seen him more gotten off to really be able to write in law and AMP. Who's right -- who's right animal while. Well but brought up let me ask -- typical -- let's let's back into the UN hard discussion because I think it's a good. Do the Red Sox need help in the bullpen. Okay okay okay. All right -- so -- follow my logic from and we both agree you -- not all that they need help from the bullpen right socialist. Let's -- OK let's get the air because kids the help either comes from a trade. From the farm system which have already been doing. And other stuff so let's talk this through just follow me -- all right let's let's look back to the beginning of the season remember. When I went Joel Hanrahan and Andrew Bailey. This bid to experience. -- remember. Okay right now let's look back to beginning of the season when the strength of the bullpen actually. Was there sixth seventh and eighth inning guys who we are. Doctors now are in Andrew Miller. They've been pretty consistent. Over the course of three months now we are to Zoller and Miller here's other names that were in the bullpen to start the season. Clayton Morton's in Alfredo Siemens. And then Franklin morale is finally came on the scene. Here's what you have for a bullpen right now we are as your closer Henry and go on of course. And daily amongst the names like morale us. Craig Breslow and Alex Wilson yeah for the sixth or seventh inning to get ready for Andrew Miller. Or -- -- -- when we are as your closer who by the way I'm gonna finish just give me a second. But what we are Asia -- appalled by the way. I think it's a good debate whether he should be the clothes -- could be the closer. But what we are is your closer the biggest problem for this Red Sox bullpen is that you took him out of the mix of two Zoller and Miller. And now that three -- group is only down to two and none of these guys Wilson breslaw Bailey and morale as. Our best serve being your eighth inning guy or threaten to be that guy. So you'll either need to get a closer from the top. It moves we Howard back down into that rotation or -- we are as a closer and get another live arm to put in that eighth inning mix that's -- and. But I disagree that is equally aren't all that community. I don't say that we definitely need it. Because basically. The prix of Portland and would be -- I'll read it to. You said I think Natick. IPO -- Well -- Daley Daley becomes your would be if it becomes your eighth inning guy he'll reminded me of the 03 season remember Scott Williamson. Member Scott Williamson he started really on fire I believe he then add. Some really bad. Outings but -- he came back strong. Near the end of the year and he was one of the guys. In that bullpen that when Pedro excuse me when Grady Little stuck with Pedro. Down the stretch he actually turned to Williamson and others to get stuff on so if if I'm right -- in the Bailey falls that same path we haven't seen. You know the last of Andrew Bailey be ineffective the Red Sox this year he follows that type of path is my pain. All you there. You know what happened I don't know. Are you breaking up I -- what you go -- I think Paul's point is a good one why can't we are being close. I don't have a proud. I like we are as a closer at least for now. Here's the only issue you need another -- think we all agree you need another arm is it Alfredo a save -- that's a legitimate question. Now -- That's not an easy answer. Because while he's got a rubber arm while he's been effective especially in a Red Sox uniform. There's some baggage and history there. In this clubhouse there's some baggage and history. And if you wanna say on one hand while John Farrell and stability and chemistry and they like each other has been a big contribution to this 1534 record. All did you have to acknowledge they're afraid -- save his anonymous team for more than just baseball reasons. So. There's a lot to talk about what doubt you could bring Alfredo was save his up and put him as part of this. Again as some -- to be amended there and maybe. You know. A leopard never changes his spots or zebra never changes his stripes and it is what it is indeed and not he's not going to be every day part of this team I don't know you need another arm I'm going out to find another arm. I know Eric Gagne makes people wanna jump off the Tobin or. There's a cum bridge what that trade is the type betrayed you need you need to go getting guy that you think can add to your bullpen. And try to bolster -- -- either from the middle up. Or from the top down and get a closer that's my opinion -- in Connecticut hi Bob. Are you a good new. But thank you I'm a -- -- I haven't skirted around a little bit eat orbit in terms why the spots are where they are. I don't think that India under rated. I think that you got a group of guys that are that players perhaps not pray. Together have an attitude that that it got each other's back. And if you look at the side of that that is the Dodgers picked up all the big money contract the angels up all big money contract. On that cohesion. And has so much that don't necessarily that they. You go back the Yankees the nineties. Yet they had some super aren't homegrown but -- they had diet like Tino Martinez. -- the guys who were beaten a player. But they were clutch and which could not hear what the -- And so that -- dress -- are there further to your point of do we need our I don't know. Which you don't want to change it up how demeanor. I think I was wondering what you meant by clubhouse demeanor but after hearing you explain it. Bob I couldn't agree with few more I think that the -- let me give you my take on what you just said I think big gap. Between the elite class. On this baseball team and the middle class compared to other baseball teams is a lot less than it used to be IE the Dodgers. When you look at the Dodgers there's six or seven guys. Who may ninth figures or whatever days. On that team right and so simply by salary alone in my what's expected of them. On this team you just don't have that anymore. While Shane Victorino might make thirteen million dollars while. John Lackey might make fourteen or fifteen million dollars. In this in that well while they wanted to pay Mike Napoli thirteen million dollars their pay them five. So when you look at David Ortiz. And Dustin Pedroia I would say the gap between those two. And I might Quayle's -- there but of course he's got the free agency looming but you got up -- Napoli. You know a guy young delicate glee season and they're all in that same mix Victor Reno. My forgetting here on Saltalamacchia. Iglesias now has become an everyday player there are all the middle class and the gap between the middle class and the high class is really not that far on this team right. Up and and at issue is no -- got their ego says. Either hey I've got to -- up but my big money are are better and you don't -- Well I'll save a little differently I think those Eagles always exist I think David Ortiz. Has that eagle and I don't think that's a criticism of him how they handled -- go and how they perform. Is a whole different thing you know I mean. Yeah it's a good. -- what Bob I agree with everything you said. And I think this team deserves to be commended for -- to Bob's point. I think it goes directly. To John Farrell and bench Harrington. End up to ownership. I am trying to suck up because if you don't wanna judge. Managers in baseball and front office in baseball owner chip in baseball wins and losses but what are you gonna judge tomorrow. The good judgment put -- on a team on the field you light. Bingo that's a win this year we get a judge him on. A team that ideally from a far we think has some chemistry and likes each other though that's another one. Yeah judge them on a team that plays hard every day that's three for three so. I mean big reasons why they're 1534. Time for another break we're back the more he calls did enjoy -- taking your calls it's less painful after 6 o'clock screening process Christian -- with the sports flashes arm which starts. Still not sure what the -- on -- I'll take your calls after this.

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