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John Farrell postgame press conference

Jun 30, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference

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Well good series when particularly how it finished -- take the lead give it back. And we we continued to scrap and claw our way through to manufacture a run in the ninth but. I thought the four game series here we we played very well. We got some moments from the mound that it didn't quite work away but still you take three or four. Vs anyone. And particularly over the past month away. Toros played. This was that this was a good series when frost that. Well we've we've we've had some struggles from the right side of the plate there's been some inconsistencies moment I think. What's some of our guys are what analysts say with everyone. They'd like to think that your you're gonna win as many as we having a record as anyone and obviously our record is even increase over what it what it is right now. But Brandon Snyder -- couple big at bats today the 02 double for the two RBIs. We understand where our challenges -- in terms of an opponent and what they might throw against us it and we do the best we can with the personnel we have to. -- In key spots but it's. Still that this a very good team and very competitive team regardless it was on amount. -- -- seeded Alex -- -- step in and have debate he did and also did you consider at all pinch hitting Ortiz there in the ninth for him. No -- against left and you know today was we intended to give David a day off completely he did he did come to me in that late in the game -- -- he was available if needed. Fortunately got the point or we didn't -- and the defense to play that -- makes -- line in that eighth inning in addition to the other two RBIs mean. Here in the at bat and right on right erratic against a left hander. With a wind blown tickets and up in the air chancellor Ramon out of here so. Didn't consider. -- four. -- how big was the plated -- made. At that time of the game at every husky. You know that there's there's some long body parts you gotta get started and get regrouped and and change direction so. A key play. There is ending in two thirds along with proposals to key outs in the sixth inning. Of those two yards. Did one heck -- -- job. In addition to the in the fourth inning I thought Brian did a very good job of minimizing the damage Cuba at all and at two runs but. It broke the walks in that sixth inning it was bases loaded to get to key out to pop open a strikeout. Good job almost forgot -- the. I keep him with the bullpen theme how concerned if at all are you about some of you -- -- those guys that. They're being asked to do a lot. Well they are in the way to. Distribute that a little bit bettors is for starters continue to do everything they can to work deeper in the games. On a day like today you know you. It's it was smoke and -- out there and dumpster gives surviving and we knew we're gonna have a at least three innings to pitch of open today. That's why Andrew Bailey's giving him back on track it is one of and one of our main goal right now and it would give our bullpen. A huge lift in this team here. Closer view if and in view of victory -- test there tonight. Well given that the next. Hitter when -- a ballpark. You know you can look at a number of things that that save today and that catch that he slides it's a fair ball. You know one of the main reasons. He's been signed yours to cover -- ground and just an outstanding job again today we've seen a number times -- I can't say that would become. -- more or take it for granted the range he has out there but. He's made many many plays equivalent to please. I know we've given up a number of them. We have fly ball pitchers in the bullpen and in this ballpark it can be. Risky. But we we can't ask guys to change their style or or be something that they -- We might not be a perfect team but we've sort of top of the division right now when. We we know where our challenges lie and we're doing what we can -- Improve in every way that we can. Turns around them. What is if he wins I think. We've been consistent. We've got. A very deep team because there wouldn't. It's been well document those guys need days off and and guys that have been missed for those periods of time there's been some inconsistencies performance wise. I think it just speaks to the overall depth this team. It's certainly not a milestone by any means we've got a long way to go yet but. Mean that's sort of things. Definitely.

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