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Brandon Snyder with Joe & Dave after the last game of the Blue Jays series

Jun 30, 2013|

Brandon Snyder talked to Joe & Dave after the last game of the Blue Jays series. The newest Sox hitter told Joe & Dave about his role in the exciting walk-off win.

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Okay John -- congratulations. That you. Have a great two run double and then get the hit that leads the winning run in the ninth inning probably match -- you are thinking about three days ago. Oh. No you know it's very thankful that the Red Sox didn't property. You know -- -- and trying to fill some holes. Just try to help this ball -- and obviously they're playing really well this is most important. Brandon -- -- you come off after one man is now can you talk about your approach what are you looking to do in that spot. -- who have faced. For a couple times throughout minor leagues I know he's got a good fastball so I can't really try to get -- -- try to. You know temple -- -- just trying to stay in the big part of field to try to get somebody -- days. That we can let the top of the order to him. And he made a nice play at their -- played a whole lot. You know I it's it's been great his I got a chance for a little bit more you know down in Pawtucket and a little more comfortable out com or my natural position -- got away from a for for a little while those let's get back -- it. When you come off and you you enter clubhouse with so many veteran guys guys who have won before who are rolling right now Red Sox now fifty wins first in the American League to do that. What is that feeling like when you first into the club. It's amazing I mean use wanna try to stay another way you know I feel like I've told everybody it's it's. It's one thing where you come up in trying to be a big part of it there's another time when you come up and you're just trying to. To do little things and let them continue to have successfully they have been and it's just a lot of fun energy in the clubhouse close victory -- You know it's just it's a lot of fun part of. And here with the bullpen did today and no way. Coach he gave up -- home run but there working out of that sixth inning jam perhaps was the most critical thing that happened. It was on his amazing commendable thing came in and did a great job didn't let the the couple big home runs right there you know affect them and you know on the next guy and guys. Made a great you know great come back there Tom. You know I take Anders. Bare handed play on that bomb was prior to the play of the game mean I've never seen today lefties make that claim the system when it's you know 67 those pretty impressive. They think about that play your play over the third in Victor Reno's played a great sliding play down right field line with -- Reyes. You know what happened right after that the home on what do you to play -- death -- candidates this. There's no we you know there's no give up you know -- were trying to get every every out and you know that way you know sometimes they gave you do give up a big home run you know they gotta do multiple times you know we don't we don't give away any -- and you know guys in the -- off. My -- your dad that Ryan pitch of the big -- Seattle and Oakland in the late eighties in. It's been up in -- for you with Texas and Baltimore now the reds accent sure that this -- very for the lifestyle out some of the things you go through. Yeah you know it it's been anything great haven't. Him. That's kind of a mentor to me. Obviously as my father but also as a guy who. You know is in the same position going up and down a plane in the big leagues and you know it's more -- -- -- you know how to how to be professional. And did you -- person you know it's one of those things it. You know he harps on them. You know look thankfully him my moment here today and get to see me play much in Texas last -- -- have be very proud -- -- today Bernie congratulations thank you guys appreciate it.

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