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Sam Donaldson, Sox Booth guest

Jun 30, 2013|

Sam Donaldson joined Joe & Dave during the game against the Blue Jays. The legendary newscaster is part of Major League Baseball's campaign for melanoma awareness.

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We want to welcome -- Outstanding move White House correspondent news anchor. For so many years Sam Donaldson new our -- here's the pitch first two apart and we takes it outside ball watch great to see is Sam nice -- at the first pitch. Am -- -- get you -- me yeah. If you recipient call -- a strike. Here's the pitch and it's outside. So it is to I don't know yet certainly was a strike it was right on the mark. Same -- here you. Talk about melanoma the Red Sox the day having -- careening through the sixth inning. And the pitch is it inside it low ball three. I should be a little better -- on the volume. I hear you -- and right. But it was a good pitch. Accurate. Is it 30 and it's over the inside edge of calls right here. Tell us about your background melanoma I know that it's been that caused very near and dear to you when you're. Gambling. Like other people follow ward 1988. -- went there. Out of the right out of the way they took samples in the media and the exit. There's some plastic thing to the changing it has achieved yet so I was happy -- 1995 there lies in the right ruling. And one leave -- there have been very fortunate because since those -- -- on the money I don't know. And had a recurrence. But I tell people do things AM this line definitely there's a line drive and a 32 pitch to center right and that was who has at the one down. Now because it's on it's you when I was young kid I don't get in the sun but -- -- and the worst thing in the world credit hand. Consistently. And now that they like at Villanova some timely. Are too hard to -- at Texas in the Mexico and I'm not kidding you mix in the eighties they. But in the second thing to them -- money out. Money will help if we will find more peer reviewed proposals for him scientists who won best game. Stacy is dribbles one off the other back toward second base callous act he charges that they had the first for the out to go out. Investigate not only -- melanoma of the good disease and cancer. We're going to be a -- that it saving lives of Americans. And if we discovered cures the world but money isn't much Medicare and all of that but if we're actually -- concern. Congress's side -- -- penalties things save pending news. Notes and billions later on house that we. Saving lives Brandon Snyder and his first Red Sox had a two run double was first -- -- -- He's in their effort called strike -- that Davis out of it dermatologists in the brotherhood dermatologist I've heard the entice some -- many. Many times that they always need that mistake that you would be mature reality to you that. And I'm completely. It only lose -- two months that he and his love my own thing. And later regret. Outside two and one so. What can now our fans do. The first thing you do for themselves and their families check themselves and their family. Any time you can go to there there -- -- Outside and have -- -- which again you have that fifty warts and legions of your body no problem that's about the average human being -- look at this and now it's changing color. Here's a high -- shallow right field but he's there. Is waiting -- It makes the catch -- trouble with a -- retired the side didn't stick around just the -- -- finish that train of thought and after wrist. For fall it is 32 Red Sox of the Shaw's WEEI Red Sox radio network. Now back to the top half of the fifth inning Red Sox. Leaving his we've got to 13 to fight for Ronald delighted to be joined by the great Sam Donaldson and our -- As Samuel on the topic of prevention and how important that is in the various ways you can do that. Try to go to the dermatologist regularly haven't check you and if that little appears to be changing hosted the -- laboratory you look at the biopsy. Because if you catch Villanova -- -- early chances of them getting rid of it and living -- like very good. If you wait and you catch it late particularly if it goes to live with excellent athlete goes to so -- Chances -- not a good Alou in a -- here in Boston as well as other great institutions are making great progress. -- fine therapies and even eventually -- that. The 10 pitch to Reyes city from the left side that's outside for ball on the day he -- struck out and taken ball forward. Value you -- Dana Farber and and that perks up everybody's ears in Boston we know what amazing work they do. And they have a long with the Jimmy Fund here connected with the Red Sox. For decades and decades back to the days of Ted Williams. Used -- to -- Reyes swung -- a ground ball right side leaving the back not it was right going back to first. Mason down from there for the play at the bank for. -- second driver who helped you find cures for childhood leukemia. Really early on who you are right here today get to work I figured -- but Dana Farber has a number of excellent physicians and surgeons. There on the case that we. My little son of Jose but he still the home run threat he is flied out and grounded out today. It's hard to come by this afternoon on a muggy day here in Boston four hits apiece. And with Sam Donaldson. Great to see one live on the field today was that in your element out of your element that you feel -- in the fifth. Well I didn't get to the the pitch today I've done for other teams that mean I'm ready to preserve the Red Sox have the first of course hit the dirt. And -- half half -- -- got to go over the they predicted the got a good George W. Bush in his first outing as president hit the dirt so I don't feel so. That you know phils have been the president doesn't. The disabilities this -- line shot -- -- -- -- center -- golf now won. So Batiste and now one for three on the day of one out singles here in the fifth. Santo was a former Washington senators fan and -- at nationals man. That's right in the national victory last year and who knows about it here but the point is we've had a long drought. I remember the early sixties it senators actually -- my game wasn't the part in the bottom of the ninth the senators were ahead nine to nothing check it in the record books. They lost to the Red Sox right was it was everything. It was ultimately that and exactly eroding it's documented red sex media guy well how did you manage that -- in the ninth and another thing. You're up with them do or die and you win when you know -- bad you know. But remember you traded Babe Ruth come on yeah -- heard the a strike and inside corner and then -- -- I don't. And 20042007. Took care of that Red Sox winning. World championships and finally getting rid of the curse music was a great team this is a great team. If you've been to Fenway before you know they were originally. My my daughter Jennifer who lives in Boston she's -- Red Sox fans get for kids and I mean there here -- every media seems to me. The best big swing and miss -- kind of -- known on the split fingered fastball he falls behind don't want to. Great to have you with us and Boston wonderful -- to have here for your very first visit to. The Fenway Park into the -- -- Red Sox win but we've been big big fans of yours for a long long time. Well remember even being hit in the ninth inning. And maybe Toronto sends in Roy Hobbs. And you previously to people that they don't know who Roy Hobbs was affectionately. The San thank you very much like -- than we care very much.

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