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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Dave O'Brien

Jun 30, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Dave O'Brien before the last game of the Blue Jays series. The manager told Dave that the Sox will continue to be aggressive on the basepaths.

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John thank you very much in time to wrap up the series with the Toronto Blue Jays bit. -- let's get back to yesterday lots of talk about obviously didn't and the way you wanted to but. I -- think that nobody expected even a Toronto aside what is -- Rodgers did yesterday for six innings not a lot of people are discussing it but he pitched a great game. Yeah -- sure did Dave and since moving into the rotation he's certainly give that team a lift in what was different in the role of a story yesterday it was his full pitch repertoire. We saw three or four different pitches at times and in a relief role. He was more a fastball slider guy but yesterday there was that the feel for breaking ball not only a slider but he -- becomes fastball he can -- it. He threw some good curve balls to a couple of guys -- a lot of particularly Dustin Pedroia. And when you see the overall command and the strike throwing and consistently ahead in the count it was one of the better starts that we went up against. In in this most recent stretch for an. Sometimes and and you do assault on you got to tip your cap to the other guy for pitching Weller playing well. And Jose -- it would then -- it is in right field he made a great play without question it's a lot of controversy though because people -- alike. Why do you make the the first out of an inning at home plate can you talk about sending the runner in MacKey Shane Victorino in a big play at home -- While those couple things unfold of their one with with Batiste anytime and any -- with a with a strong arm when we see your -- arranged side to side. And with the disputed victory in north second base. We're gonna challenge that because that that fielder and in this case Batiste has got a redirect his -- he's got to get -- -- a strike in that case some 260 feet away. And he did it and certainly yes it touchdown victory multiply the other thing was on that same play. Pedroia hits a line drive in the 34 all between the first and second baseman. And I think at the time you know your your schooled as a base -- you've got to kind of freeze on the on line drive to make sure goes through. So I think there was probably a step less than what victory on normally would take in is break from second base. And we're at a point in the game were the three innings previous we left him at second base. So we're looking for ways to push the envelope trying to break through and -- -- an unfortunate did not work out. Not that the runner will always be sent there but can you say stylistically that's how the Red Sox wanna play now they wanna really forced the issue when every -- Well that's that's tone that we set from day one spring training with what we set out those expectations how we want are on the bases force the defense and put pressure on them. And I can tell you that we we track it with in the office here and where -- far ahead of the game because what happens -- it is when it's of when it's something that's -- unsuccessfully. I think just today guy you assume while that that was an easy place to be made and yet there are calculated risks that we will take. And -- when it doesn't. Pan out. Such as yesterday certainly it's gonna draw a lot of attention to it but that's our style we wanna be looking to take ninety feet anytime that we can go first to third second home and and unfortunately in that situation with that not work out. In game it's tight and that one became too to people look at the plays at the plate. Maybe as opposed to other parts of the game we're could have influenced six to two score maybe even more but people looking at the bunt play in the the safety squeeze involving Saltalamacchia. Can you talk about that the theory behind doing it right there well. -- of India's a very good -- were were very familiar with him even though yesterday -- was Major League debut and had full confidence he would get the bunt down we are also looking yet. -- Darren Oliver on the mound who the hitter before English is pushes the ball by him and his range off the mound is limited. So in a first and third situation with there -- -- -- it was so why didn't we see Jonny Gomes pinch hit that situation well. Right to our Dell borrowers he Del -- was loose and ready to come in the game once that move was made so felt like of all the options available. Knowing how proficient. Diaz is at the point game. That was our best matchup didn't wanna take him out for defensive purposes ball because that shortens down the defense on the left side of the infield and -- in the seventh inning at that point. So to me in the first and third we stay out of a double play unfortunately and once again a well above average play by you know 43 year old Darren Oliver. A bare hand side arm thrown in council the market the plate so. A frustrating game and can understand where these two plays draw a lot of attention. What did you think about Felix is performance yesterday Felix to front. Once he he got through that first inning I thought he was a little slow getting under way in getting into the rhythm of the game but after that. He put up six solid innings -- fell behind to a notes -- -- -- cutter -- -- in the middle -- -- for the first solo home -- that -- -- -- yesterday. But overall -- he works into the seventh inning two runs allowed certainly did his job and another solid performance by again our rotation and we'll look for the same right answer today how is Stephen Drew feeling today. He's still there today yesterday was he was improved over the night before when he came out of the game less swelling we -- get -- on the treadmill yesterday with some. Some walking in and some -- walking started to get some range of motion back in the hamstring but. We don't have a timeframe an exact timeframe on his return but it's unfortunate because he was really -- in about -- force when he went down. Finally a Mercedes-Benz question of the day for John -- John about your lineup it's a little bit of a different look today go -- and win there -- voter -- also audio on -- can you talk about that wealth to start within the last couple of days so like -- these two days off today and tomorrow being the the scheduled off day what would help him along way as as well as we go through this he's run about 22 we're 23 straight games. Consecutively force so we've got a little bit more right handed lineup in there with with -- on the mound against us. Gomes and left before us is the the only -- it on a plate but. Not a first and then you Napoli a chance to DH and keep him office feel remorse -- also. We're looking to get a little energy with is some fresh slate on the field John thanks good looking game four against Toronto today thanks to appreciate it. Our question with the manager was brought to you by Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes-Benz summer event is back. Visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealers for limited time lease and financing offers. On select Mercedes-Benz models on the web at MB USA dot com but hurry because just like summer these offers. Won't last John.

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