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Rob Bradford Hits on the Next Big Debate Regarding the Celtics -- Trade Rondo or Build Around Rondo?

Jun 30, 2013|

Rob gets into another hot debate regarding the green team after rumors began swirling yesterday that the Celtics have received phone calls from teams, specifically the Mavs, asking about the availability of Rajon Rondo. Rob thinks it may be something to consider in order to fully rebuild. It seems that callers are split on the matter.

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You are listening allow IA from Fenway Park. Sports Sunday I'm rob Bradford Dale Arnold is on assignment. As I said earlier. Google Earth Google Earth happens upon. You might be able to pick him highly minorities. He just that he was on Simon -- -- Call and we just had a great conversation. Is had a great conversation. With toward Novello. The Red Sox bench coach explained everything. Outlined about what happened those two plays yesterday. If some great insight now I don't know if you -- keep talk about the rats like I do. Because I think that there's a lot of things to talk about where this team right now including the trade deadline which is about a month away. And if you wanna talk about that 6177797. 937. In the eighteenth he text line 37937. I already see some people texting and texted internal -- Conversation I'm I'm sorry that I can get through all the calls and all the textures he obviously had to go and do his real job. By listen there is a lot to talk about this team. And I am fascinated to see what is gonna happen. With the trade deadline and on waiver trade deadline -- -- we obviously -- trades can happen in August as was evidenced last year. What are they gonna go after. Are they gonna get in the starting pitching market. -- do they wanted overpay for a guy like Mack Garza. Opens a little thin right now you wanna go down that road back get expensive. Michael Young his name came up Red Sox have not had conversation with the Phillies but that doesn't mean the -- and have conversations with the Phillies. Michael Young seemingly a great fit but we also have to seek -- how it plays out in regards to replace his production. We have to see Bruce Howell -- production. What -- missed maybe middle Brooks gets hot down in triple play. So all -- -- 6177937. The other things obviously on the -- -- the celtics'. Doc Rivers. Paul Pierce Kim Garnett. And yesterday. Cropped up Rajon Rondo trade rumors who would have thought. Rajon Rondo should that you'd think the Celtics should trade for -- on Rondo. I'm sorry traders on Rhonda. So he's laughing and Joey -- -- -- that maybe the best producer in the entire country sitting here with media friendly park a little inside radio. He woke up this morning he went the asked I said Joseph -- favors a duo line Stan. Beat you go down to get me. -- in the Tyco something. Because there on the store pulled out his wallet. Nothing. Comes back he says. You know you analogue night last night when you open your wallet the next morning and there's no credit cards in there. Yes yes yes sure. You just been treated. 6177797937. Prints to go. We get to your calls a second but I really wanna begin. I really wanna dig in to these two things I want to dig in to what you think the Red Sox need. Going for in this last month and also do you think they should traders on Rondo. Did you. I think that right now we're gonna get back you probably don't want to trade him there at the Celtics. Reportedly are asking for the moon and stars we understand that that's what they -- is gonna do. But a team isn't gonna go down that road -- mean to the mavericks go crazy. Maybe Mark Cuban really really wants -- that's okay we'll take their chances on if he's healthy by January. He's he's the guy that we want. What I say you do if I say you're just full amount as long as he can't. If you gonna be out this year you have to be bad this year this whole trade was built on. Them hitting on these graphics. Particularly. In this coming draft. They need to debt. I would just a minute upper Echelon player in this draft. I don't think they're gonna get it would Brooklyn's -- I do think there's a chance to get over the Celtics so they have to be bad and how are you gonna to be bad guarantee that. It is by holding out Rajon Rondo as long as possible. And make sure he's healthy and maybe have a conversation trade deadline when you deal when you feel when he showed he's healthy. So it's all good conversations with so much talk about I understand. So kick off first with -- in the car he wants to talk while Rondo what -- yet Tom. What. I'm doing I couldn't be any better. -- unbelievable. Which I hope that. I'm of the Detroit. And a couple of I don't think that I would like to do that the the moment. -- think that because adequate. The problem on the like that I think. That was bad enough with that go -- and in the moment and what's it gonna be an. I think. Avoided talk on Wednesday you know another thing that you should integrated conversation and you kinda did which is it about post that hungry he was on a good team. How -- hungry is -- going to be on a bad team. It's going to be an incredible. Incredible absolutely unbearable -- you know. -- I don't like it but it's been out that the democratic -- If you really -- respect -- You know what it all started to step it well I don't know that I would whenever -- at the time. But you don't expect guys typically played. Clinton I didn't go out there and Buick. Open. Well I'm bad guy who took inspecting. Them and I didn't expect in coming. Our idea that after that they got a move that Dario. Chipped -- it yet because it. -- from our people. -- will affect. The action. You know and that's a lot of that simple -- that up the good. Obsolete Tom that's an outstanding call great job one thing that we have to consider though. Is that why you say the dynamic between the coach in Rondo with an important one. And you have to be wary of whatever kind of relationship and how with a new coach. This is a player easily. If Rondo is the talent and the guide that you want to build around. I don't care what his relationship with the coaches -- unique talent. But I don't think he's the guy you build around. I just dull and they have made a commitment to. Making this whole thing work and getting rid Garnett getting it appears. By using these draft picks to rebuild its not about the expiring contract Chris Humphries is coming off the books next year rate. That doesn't make a difference. Wallace is coming off the books in three years that's what is gonna make the difference that's way and hopefully this in this exactly the way they're thinking. Is that they figure by time -- comes off the books. You're gonna have these tropic you have to first rounder each of those views leading into that. And by then you'll have legitimate players you might have a couple legitimate potential stars and then you go from there so. If you're gonna commit to the drafting the way through you rebuild this and you don't think Rajon Rondo is a guy that you build around you trade him and you get more of those graphics. JJ in Connecticut what do you. It just me. I -- -- that it is that the players' league but it's not a predominantly. And I think when you have somebody with that mentality expensive especially after winning a championship part of the team. I just being here with. With a young team is poisonous certainly do I think go keep its team from the inside out I think you could put the best the best coach would they're -- level headed coach and and I just figure they're gonna thing has regardless decide -- do you work it. And on the other thing I wanted to comment on -- Jackie Mullen explained it the other day and forget what is -- but there's a way that they can page Gerald Wallace's. Contract over seven. It's up and in the new CD eight we need to take one player double the years and adhere to yeah yeah I I heard that as well yeah. And it -- if you work I mean I I I agree that contract is there's definitely opt. More that it should be but he's not the worst player may ask someone like -- what you do get that team together that think it would take longer than three years but. I mean I just think everybody is quick to say contact. You know -- way to get rid of -- quick camera are you are you gonna do it straight for another contract well. So what JJ here's thing here's the thing with the walls right. I just said it is that yes it you don't want that contract to go as long as he did no matter what how you maneuver and everything else but here's the reality. Is that you're not gonna. Be where you wanna be until that contract runs out until three years on the road when you've already seen the what these draft picks can do for you. So it's it's not like pay to Wallace's contract expires next year and you're gonna be good the next year no. It's not happening. They're gonna weeded out absolutely it is there any talk at a coaching right now anything that made it easier to -- a little. He's the name has been surfaced -- brown got Philadelphia the assistant. Also but it raises an interesting point thanks for the call -- could call. It raises the point that what you need in a coach if you're the Celtics. What do you need union young coach you -- up and coming coach. He's a former player. Because one of the factors in getting a new coach for the Celtics or any NBA team has to be. Can they recruit players to your team that's one of the great things about having dark -- with a great coach there's no doubt about it. One of the all the byproduct of it also is that players want to be here because -- -- Now did always work out eating get David West eating get a couple other guys. But he was a good guy he was a good god put there and say hey come on play for him -- derelict. Not initially. So do you you'll wanna get a guy and I -- Tyrone whose name been thrown out there and but. It's it's two ways to go. And I don't have really have the answer for because with a guy with a young guy with a young insistent -- always that chance that you're heading on the right guys. Is always. For example with a general manager is still impressed. Was an assistant with Seattle. And I'm sorry system with San Antonio got from Concord Concord mass. No one knew who he was so when Seattle needs a new general manager. They kind of gotten -- name. Now they got this guy and how has that worked out Oklahoma City is worked out pretty well -- what he got in the car. Yeah I'm probably in the minority on that I think the opposite keep out. -- -- I'd I'd I'd I'd link him. And injured -- -- and I -- with injury and anybody I think and taken a back -- and look and -- -- -- plate. You know four or are we -- went -- the injured but it right Rick play and I think he can I I think evil girl. All of a cellular saying he's gonna be a better player when he comes back. -- a better player on the court -- a better leader. At a better player Mickey might not be prime won't be able to different physically -- you are able to -- work all of them. I think mentally you -- be about a -- it would come back yeah. You know Luke are. I don't know. That everyone matures right everyone gets gets better -- everyone becomes different people this Paul -- Paul Pierce is a great example this -- Jackie -- and talk about it. -- -- And if he grew into a leader when he was the captain of this team initially named captain with a Antoine Walker he should not have been a cap on his team. He was not a leader at that point. -- -- -- Yet on what it but you know what he was the leader. He was -- leader that the viewers the guy not the Stabile and noble and all but he was the guy who. Basically still is blocker after every tough loss -- answer the question Pearce wasn't -- aren't. He wasn't ready to be captain but guess what he evolved into it now do we think. Now Luke thanks for the call appreciate it. Do we think that. Rajon Rondo it's been a morphine to what Paul -- -- Is he gonna eventually be -- we all get older we all get wiser we all become more mature and I'm sure somewhere down the road he might be that guy. But as we sit here. Is he the guys of veteran guys that you wanna build on used talent obviously great player. Does he -- he worth more to this team. In any sordid deal. -- who once once you trade him are you gonna get back what you need to build to keep the building process going or do you think that you know what. He's the guy we wanna build around I don't think he's a guy you wanna build Iraq I think if you're gonna go down this path the tropics you keep getting the graphics. James and should -- what's going on. But what's going on -- And then got on an -- -- don't like Josh pack in the past -- you know honestly. The content more correction on the eating enough. You know look at reality that because I am. In an alarm. Firefighters say is it just speck of basketball to be both had surgery. Leona you know and that arms and they issued compliment you wanna be. -- leopard jobs now. At the weekend. All all way way. Way way sector when it's all James. You talk a vote deteriorate without second. Place. James you can't say Rajon Rondo is a bad influence. And then. Hey you know what dump Rondo and bring him his body Josh Smith who isn't exactly George Patton. I mean. I do think inequality in -- I'll -- -- Rondo. Well you know you know Josh Smith and losses -- -- along. I don't know that you know that are. Okay well I'll look -- argument that in -- -- that. You know. Either going to be a good player -- and as we said before James I appreciate the call. As we said before you need talent this is -- -- league if you're talking about the guys who you gave up in the -- recently. A Doc Rivers Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett Doc Rivers is crazy once -- number three analyst. Because you need players is the players' league and I'll make the argument that Paul Pierce was the most valuable guy. Partly I have to be honest partly because I wanna see him and his career I want Zia and -- here but I also think that he had talent. That he was a guy that you go to you -- Garnett position was important. But still I have to give Paul is decided and Doc Rivers. If the players league you need the players that's just the fat. 617. 779. 7937. Keep these calls coming everyone's doing a great job I'm rob Bradford sports Sunday Dale Arnold is on assignment somewhere. He'll -- come back and no breakdown on the Bruins draft which is today -- -- down Bruins free agency. Which is Friday and we can talk all about that next week. Right now we're talking about lot of Red Sox tour will vote came in did a great job explaining everything that happened yesterday. We talked about what they might need we're talking about should you traders on Rondo. Should you trade him and who is the most important god they gave up. How they rebuilt how they do this the start looking for -- public -- 61777979837. Will be right back after this break.

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