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Torey Lovullo, Red Sox Bench Coach, Sits Down With Rob Bradford Live at Fenway

Jun 30, 2013|

Torey Lovullo joins Bradford to give his take on the loss to the Blue Jays yesterday and his opinion on 3rd base coach Brian Butterfield sending Victorino home with no outs in the 6th inning only to be thrown out after a collision. He talks about Doubront's recent success, Tazawa's struggles yesterday and how good Jose Bautista is. Torey also takes calls from Sox fans and answers questions about prospects such as Jackie Bradley, Iglesias' hot streak and more.

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-- back. Open that's professional move. In your pack right after the last the music. That the posts. Ego. Has promised Red -- and coached or it will fellow in studio in the bowels of Fenway Park or -- I got here about 815. I guess I was a little late later that I wanted to -- fifteen. Was -- here. Of butter was here but today I try to get him over here I know that. We have a lot of fun if you if PG -- butter and I am on the same show gave him tell stories over level. Are -- he's been there before the we've -- it I know he's Friday was probably trading was there Aaron Hernandez shirt at the in the other shares approach. Like everybody else but there's a lot of question -- I aides said I hope you don't mind but I don't know I -- said that. As your wife would probably told you didn't know she was listening to show that -- that we're gonna take calls you an aunt in your answer so. Perfect as I know that you -- mingle amongst the the common -- I'd love it our -- but I have a couple questions and and -- off last night's game. There was two incidents which -- we're talking about we have the sending the runner home when nobody knew we had the the safety squeeze. Now on the surface what everyone else say what are they doing sending guys home with nobody out -- thrown out by sizable -- And what they doing Tennessee safety squeeze when you have a lot of other options what I want you to do if you can. Is give me something about each case the people might not understand. About -- and say okay you know what this is why we did this -- you might not recognize at first but these other reasons that led us to do this. The first one I would start with is. The throwing it getting thrown out at home and nobody you know beaten. Right right OK from before before you start on the guys wanna say -- Brian Butterfield is easily one of the best third base coaches I've ever been associated with and in my time in baseball he. Works as hard as anybody I've ever seen it prepare himself he studies film he watched his arm strength he talks to people. What he puts into it is. Is is. Amazing. Time wise now. You know when the play happened it unfolded. In a tough environment then was it tough ballpark there's a lot of space at times it did at the time to shrinks up on you quickly with a green monster. That they can fit that configurations of this ballpark make coaching third base very very talented in many fans have seen a lot of third base coach is coming go here and promise you guys -- butter is the best. Probably if you were sit down talk to him he would say that he made in the city did yesterday after the game yeah you know I haven't seen any that he said I don't know what what happened in print this morning but. He probably say to everybody that he made a mistake he acted on the side of being too aggressive. He knew the speed of the runner which was chain victory you know coming around third base he saw that there's a lot of space -- the ball Jose Batista. But as we know at this level of the space -- so quickly and in this ball this level can get redirected. You know shortly after the play happened in recent -- terrible mistake we probably would have scored six runs close to pay their turn the page closed the book up let's move on the next inning. That was based on my answer and -- you know I think we did that we responded in a very positive way but. Now we know what could have happened we understand what could have happened but we wanted to law knotted at that time. And that we dress a little bit after the in them and we -- on and today's a new day. And here's my take on it and it in -- erase it and butter took the blame for after the after the game. And you talked about how prepared the -- that does no doubt -- nobody out get a guy thrown note probably not the right call. But the the fact that what -- was looking and it's almost like I felt like hey you know what maybe it was looking too much into it. Because one of the things to us but -- to move into the right. And for garlic butter who. Pays attention to every little thing he sees Batista move a little to the right huge victory you know running and then pulled. But to add up the -- not gonna make you be able square itself up I'll say it again as spotter said probably not the right call but these are the things that I can one point now. No doubt and well to get inside -- about a watch is on a daily basis as far as arm strength and moving laterally info work and how quick that ball gets in and out of somebody's arm -- -- in out of somebody's hand. Gloved hand in hand on and on flight. You know he EE would be amazed of what he looks out in -- we we have a history -- Jose Batiste and we know that when he moves his right. He doesn't squirt her shoulders properly in his ball tends to cut in run towards the first Bayside home plate all of that was kind of thrown -- butter in one quick segment and he had to make quick decisions. The one thing that I think that threw him off as well as everybody else is that the -- a line drive machine victory although he did have a really good foot speed or does have good foot speed. He couldn't advance the ball was through the infield we practice at spring training freeze a line drive you hear all the way down and a to Little League shaded the right -- so he got a little bit later jumped in there and that he would have anticipated -- case I think that's where the whole equation got thrown off but. Like I said nobody gets built more involved in making a play or watching the play happened and butter in this world situation or just kind of got cotton. And before I get the second one I wanted to remind people 61777. That. 61777979837. Colin if you have questions for Torii is a wealth of knowledge. And you can ask me anything about his Detroit Tigers days and I want. Are all seeking tax -- the AT&T tax line 37937. The second issue and which was the safety squeeze. Jonathan DS out. I you have sturtze with Saltalamacchia at third still to nothing game. And the question post John Farrell after the game one of the questions was why don't you have Jonny Gomes hitting it. And Darren Oliver was on the mound. He explained that Darren Oliver is much better against. Against -- righty hitters -- he has reverse splits and and that so that was one of the things but what I took away from talking up all the particulars after the game was one of the biggest factors of that play making that call. Was -- think Darren Oliver will be located 42 year old body off the mound aquae. Okay a lot goes into that one moment to it in you know as the as everything was unfolding before you can't predict that. We're going to be -- first and third with media and now bunt play running by the first baseman to present that. Situation okay so. Mind you John and I talked pregame about a couple situations how we really used Johnny Diaz. And had a safety squeeze situation come -- we would not hesitate to use and so all of a sudden -- ball gets by animal and on the throw by the second baseman after he he bounced the ball. And now appears the situation is present in front of us. That what we do know in the common denominator in this whole thing is Johnny Diaz in this equation as it is. Executed successfully squeeze I safety squeeze bunt. We knew and it goes a little bit deeper than that we knew we had Jonny Gomes -- we were waiting for matchup later in the game we knew that there are thin pitching wise. We thought the matchup -- Jonny Gomes or. My car might pop up later in the game to win the game we want to get within one run in that inning and that's what we're playing for because we knew that they were in the bullpen. All of that is pre pre determined discussed now is Johnny Diaz is at the plate. We look at their base via Mike Derosa we look at animal and who's a very cumbersome first baseman and then you look at the the pitcher and I'll -- as Darren Oliver and we know that you'd like to recruit decrepit Darren route I don't the obviously respect our other than them and an amazing level but -- -- gonna take advantage of the situation. That definitely is going to be one of the slightly -- to 42 we're all the like -- are so that all got thrown together in about a 152 conversation. Let's ignited let's make this happen. Well people don't understand is when they look at Gerald Saltalamacchia -- body they think he's a catcher and slow but it. He's got incredible baseball instincts and we talked about it -- for moving ninety feet from first to second second third or. Hope third home. He gets his get a jump is just about anybody on the board as does Mike Napoli so institutionally we knew we had the right combination out there we knew a lot of things added up. And also you throw in the equation now we're not sure -- -- ideas -- respond it's his first game. But we knew the common denominator there was Johnny Diaz has successfully -- it and done it. Seamlessly. And it was one point waiting to happen and we want to get within one run that particular inning. That was the reason wives ignited it happened Darren Oliver made tremendous play. You know -- it if -- -- by itself or seven feet Morgan is right we we we run up perfectly fundamentally adamant and at first base they'll be retrieved the ball. With first and second and no outs with a run scored we probably take -- Well a couple of things with and -- talking to Diaz after the game. Which was number one -- Maybe this is making too much of it was fascinates me the guy gets here two hours before the game. And he remembers the signs from spring training and it seemed like a little thing. But he -- he said I asked -- -- did you go through the signs and you can go through the -- real quick but this is a guy who's. While if cheering foul balls with the major leagues if this is great and but to also wrote actually remember the Simon is that in my making too much of that. -- -- your right -- we knew we had the right guy Johnny -- execute that game plan perfectly you know. It if we had a crystal ball -- he may have banged off left field wall we would have but how Lotta bingo you know and now we score six or seven runs but we just didn't have that luxury -- we knew was Johnny Diaz is so fundamentally sound -- such a good baseball player the fact. That he does remember some answers spring training and as one of the reasons why he's here is who he is is a reason why he was here to fill in that quick -- force at third base. You know -- be starting but when he got here he knew what his role was he knew what he's posted yesterday. Again 617779793. -- -- a couple of you look at lineup right now -- towards some questions I'll real quick before we get to the calls. I haven't seen the lineup today what is Salina. It might put you on a -- none of it it it's up but we have a couple couple little Sunday typical Sunday date changes. We're gonna -- David -- down. In combination with tomorrow. Judges felt strongly if he got today tomorrow off he'd be able get through the break no problem and you know we have to prepare -- we may have a couple guys go to the Austrian -- one of them and you know with Dustin Pedroia also a candidate these guys don't get days off so we're trying to help them out as much as possible which is August and September baseball is going to be real important around here. I have to go to break can you hang on for one more -- I'd love to our right so we're gonna go to break right now line up the phone calls that went seven. 7797937. Will be right back with -- will below right after this break we're back. Sports Sunday come rob Bradford Dale Arnold on assignment somewhere. Not quite which are aware. Probably mean. We have Red Sox bench coach -- -- -- here and he has been gracious enough to stick around for another segment and take some your questions some of your calls. Already been very very informative on what everyone was talking about yesterday which is too bad and away I mean is it feels abroad pitching really did game. Batista had a great game. But I can tell everyone was just tough to play. Now -- and we understand that. We were frustrated too you know we we felt like a lot of different situations and go our way yesterday we felt like we should've won that game. So much as we've been tested all year long we'll see how these guys come out responded that's most important thing. Okay John from Brockton thanks for hanging in on. What -- for a Torre. -- morning Robin deal excellent short which I had a chance to them more often. Torre good morning and I just wanna say quickly goes to place all I have very high chance. To succeed just so happens they didn't in the same game but I think Sox one of the best coaching staffs in baseball and manager as well. -- -- -- Point here quickly and -- stick to one point is -- use of the bullpen and this problem in baseball not the Red Sox which is to try and I think. I honestly think that if you keep -- increased four sometimes five guys that game. You're gonna have a higher than an injured bullpen as the season goes on not. Yesterday I was just kinda curious as I like -- Wilson he was doing well it seems to me maybe. Let him stay in until Lee he gets in trouble initially I was trying to do one now that that's basically my point is maybe stick with a guy it would -- -- to give there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- John thanks for the cause really appreciated is a hot button topic this is some think it is probably the hardest thing. To manage as a coaching staff as a manager and one of the things that came to my attention yesterday was you have been an entire bullpen. With guys -- reverse splits in other words. Lefties don't get out lefties in Fridays don't -- eighties which makes it challenging situation but if you could. Just to speak to what you want to talk about about managing the bullpen and how that's been. Yeah first -- they -- John appreciate those words. If it is challenging thing for manager I think the hardest thing a manager can do during the during game -- manage the bullpen. You know the game stuff that that all kind of falls in balls and in line Fauria and moves kind of dictate themselves as they come along with to get double and right is very very challenging it would John has done is he's established roles that are very very clear cut. -- -- -- is ala is the eighth inning guy and the John is realistic and that he's he's helped. He's helped build a little confidence in thousand. And he sees tests haven't had to be here and you know as you look at the game and how it unfolded a fortunate when the game in town as it gets some big outs and he's supposed to. That's just how it happens in in Morgan a little that we know that there's going to be more good moments and bad moments and in a tie game that's John structure and that's how he set it up. And of course they came up after the game yesterday because -- Alice had tremendous success is here except against Toronto and he's had a real rough time at Toronto. So when you go into a series. Do you look at that in terms of does that define the role at all now I know your hands are tied a little bit because the usage. So -- -- -- what's the thinking there. Well. We know match ups we we pay a lot of attention -- matchups we understand the numbers who's hot who's cold and does well against a particular. Team and and even at particular batter. But I think to build the confidence of the pitching. The bullpen and the guys that are pitching out of the bullpen I think John has been very very consistent in his blown through the matchups to help these guys blossom a little bit. You know. The real vote the way it you guys to look at it is is there's a certain group that are gonna bridge that gap that are gonna pass it along to the seventh eighth and ninth inning guys and now right now we know that could you -- are close -- -- houses are eighth inning guy. Craig Breslow is in the mix in the seventh eighth inning as well depending on matchups. But the rest of the guys are supposed to sit now bullpen and get us through those innings -- once they do that though the horses take over. Sartorial Novello Red Sox bench coach taking your calls Tom and like Phil what do you. I. -- -- they're big doing great probably involved in. But I wonder out and I hope you're talking about how the heck out ought to give up I don't know the -- Don't have what I guess are what you think about Jackie Bradley junior. Future with direct. Tom thanks for the call. Everybody knows jags got incredible future ahead of him you know we may start his clock a little bit early because because we had a need we we had. A guy that was gonna go out there gives some really really. Patient at bats helpless when some gains in. We all know the American League east could come down to one game is very competitive we feel like Jackie is already done enough force he helpless when a couple couple key innings in. In in New York to help us win a game so. We think the Jackie's future's very very bright. He has some young moments he has some things that that happened where he wants to do little bit too much in that -- is very typical the young player but. I think is Jackie blossoms and -- and in player development right now Pataki doing a great job we know that. That he's gonna find his way back to the big leagues and be very successful vaguely we can't say enough good things about Jackie did you see the difference in him. When he came back up compared to when he was. Up before I did you know here the first time around I think he was very excited about being the big league level in the and didn't have a lot of success and you know you get run over at this level there's there's nowhere to hide and I think he started to really feel the pressure of being a big league player. During the downs and it's easy to be a big league player when -- feel great everything's but there's a lot of hadn't flowed this game I think he sort of figure out. How to deal with that. You know what we know Jackie's if he's a very fun loving goofy silly guy. And we know he'll get back to that when he gets the big league level -- view of the more like yourself we know it. We're gonna have a player that -- the stuff. Jacqueline what -- got. -- do and it's -- in baseball park or. Could they -- in the -- They didn't call it without a district Torre talking about that play that -- victory that got thrown out sparkled squared up shall lose. You know I'm a little oval probably. And -- I think is that the book is about all played for the first. You know it was -- it was coming up expertise they think Cordoba and all the all the news. You know breaking it dialed policy is shields went up. I'm just saying and that was with a couple guys like -- -- -- and the -- did not let that get thrown out at the plate. And I just that was it didn't. Miss it that's -- one. And then the other player would. The bunt play it was -- was about Saltalamacchia -- -- he had yes it was the bond market was at the plate you know it is an ability to quickly. That was the first period but the thing is that they won't pinch hit -- Napoli out of contention for this year. But the guys that struck out three times in -- and pretty good situation. And I think my cup and played in you know that's what is needed big guys LK line and big -- -- -- -- -- pinch hit for. And they don't -- -- -- more -- when a guy and I think between Saltalamacchia. And in Napoli initiate that struck out seven times. Between now. And that's the part that you got like four players on the team that we like who hundreds. 120 I mean no way a little fortune and those two -- in the guys I can out. Jack thanks for the thanks for the call would hit a -- Jack ambulatory addressed that we gonna keep going I don't -- you address the the the pinch -- for Napoli. The all really good points all -- points and you know we're well aware of the guys that that are -- between the about it particularly well but. -- baseballs a long season and you know if you start to pinch hit for some your horses in. Do things that you haven't done. You -- can lose them in weaned over the long haul. That that Mike Napoli numbers are going to be exactly what they're supposed to be he's gonna hit twenty plus home runs and -- close 200 runs and you know we don't want to mess -- the DNA of what's supposed to happen through the course of the season and baseball's a phenomenal sport it's that's what makes a great is -- one -- can. You can swing at balls in the dirt he's not seen the ball you'd. Your tired your cranky in the very next -- gone responding and when your team of ball games so. We know that we we understand that I think that we build a foundation and structure here stability were not gonna make hasty moves like that. Because when you make hasty move it kind of confuse the player and that's really not worry about. I'm trying to squeeze in one more real quick you know what he got towards. -- -- -- thought I'd just like this in order and I haven't seen that -- -- -- because. -- a lot of glory and that it ended so he. Will you comment up. So when would you what you'll start seeing what you go into it -- the -- Let go what were sure what it was sort of central. You -- -- perfect it's important because we did what we do we sure what we do. -- Saltalamacchia was all anyway at at -- Art Joseph Joseph thanks thanks for the cooperation and yet you don't wanna say something about that it. We appreciate these calls we appreciate the sport you know we we feel these these are these are great fans have incredible knowledge and in a couple callers said -- that was pretty important to it took two perfect place. Out excuse us. And really that's what we want to make happen we wanna be known as a team that is aggressive. That plays a little swagger of the plays latitude in dictates the pace we are gonna control the environment. In and can be controlled every situation out there in baseball you know. It's it's a rare sport over the where the defense actually has the ball every team every sport where where you have the baseball -- But while the defense has the baseball we want we want to be known as the team is gonna put a lot of pressure on you to execute. And the league is quickly becoming aware of that they come into Fenway Park can you see a lot of teams make mistakes because of the reputation that -- Ernie. It takes a little bit of time but if if you know the timing wasn't great we all know that the two plays or -- yesterday we -- totally understand where the fans are coming -- But it took two outstanding defensive plays that out of excuses and that's who wanna be noticed. -- do stuff I want you to go back in the clubhouse and tell everybody what a great time -- that -- -- -- so there's this -- is everyone wants to -- but tonight I really appreciate economic I -- -- -- of trying to recruit -- like a setup -- and get the -- of listeners get him wound up we'll have a it's a long season thanks a -- recover back in when we come back. Will be taken more calls the red sox' 617779. 7937. I see all the calls lined up keep them coming thanks again it will Villa will be right back after despray.

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