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John Ryder reviews the Red Sox loss to Toronto today at Fenway Park

Jun 29, 2013|

John looks at the Red Sox loss at Fenway and explains what went wrong today. We also hear John Farrell’s reaction after today’s game from his post-game press conference.

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The less than an hour ago as the red -- Are now seven and five against Toronto in 2013. They're now forty united 34 on the season after the 62 loss to -- the jays. John Ryder here's six on 777979372. Text is as well -- 3793. Sevens still -- -- Sports news as well if you wanna get into that weathered the Celtics and the Bruins Nathan Horton. Reportedly will not be back will be signing elsewhere Tyler -- is on the trade more market would probably. Is it to in extreme surprise. Thousand pages gonna give them away especially at his age but there is a there's a hip injury there -- lingering hip injury that he said he's been dealing with. Prize -- so I -- school team think -- if it's a degenerative hip hip condition but if that's the case or might nepalese hip seems to be fine. -- today. A lot of -- -- do and have had to do with some of those sliders and breaking balls from his Bill Rodgers golden sombrero as they call disease strikes out four times and also a mirror as well also. Not a good day for Napoli and not a good day overall for the Red Sox punches squatters a couple of base runners thrown out at the played. Jon -- aggressive style Brian Butterfield over at third base both those familiar with Toronto but Batista. As a candidate for -- -- -- the Arab not too many people talk about that because they talk about its power which is understandable. And this was just a tough one a lot of squandered opportunities -- -- -- for the Red Sox today in this loss. Now let's get back to the cause here's Mike in Boston they might. -- I love you you're -- and Michael -- the past. Guys on the radio but you're WEEI. And I hit it if you're eight years -- that in China there be political activists outside protesting you know what you work. I want you to flip the switch the national go home have a drink and enjoy it Saturday and I love you have a great. All right thanks Mike I don't lawyers -- any dad. I appreciated. I will not be out on for post Red Sox tomorrow I get a breather and I've got Monday arsenal or Obama too much will be fine and I enjoy my job. Greg you look like you wanna say something response is a roll off. Noel I mean I'm in -- I mean here for the Red Sox broadcast itself the bush Stearns will be on after the game tomorrow. It's like an occasion it really has it really has so I'm looking forward to it hopefully the weather holds up. Are at 60777. I don't know where to go that I guess I appreciate it but 6177797937. And you can text us at 37990. Threesome -- We'll -- going to national two. The four letter word network ESPN coming up that 9 o'clock in our opportunity to listen to that then. I'd you know we're analysts do now let's steroids this was in the list. List of about ten -- so. President too many but some frustrating losses for the Red Sox this will be one of them definitely. And let's give back to -- let's hear John -- led to say after. The loss to his former team the Bruges. It wires and keeping -- thing. About another solid outing by Felix. And they capitalized. In that first inning with the storm base he gives up the run but then and settled in and got much more consistent location of those fastball. We we scuffled a little bit with -- scoring position particularly fourth fifth sixth. And and his seventh inning until we finally broke through what. I think Felix once again put together another solid out in force today. As I was pretty good news here in order to see him today. -- -- that kind of drifted back towards metal plate in her have to Batiste and he's obviously very good at what he did and on that particular pitch. It's been a little bit of a tough match up for -- against Toronto this year you know they've gotten some balls and little plate today and have. And have done that a couple times home but. That he's he's been very salt or sleeping. Very. Well. -- player. Obviously capable of hit balls on the ballpark every time -- steps of the box he gets to a cutter from abroad for the first solo home run and then as a -- on this but the other way. Through from from -- but. You don't we look to put pressure on the defense. In that situation but -- ranging to his. Right -- comes up and throws about it -- 64 strike it's to cut down Victorino. Very good player. Now it. -- business from incidents some more answers. Consideration in what -- -- you guys beat them. It. Wrong. We're gonna go -- -- available iron regardless of staying you know you can certainly look for the best matchups you can. But you also have to factor in -- available at time of the game who's gonna play. Safety squeeze. Look at the force there in order to move off the mound any makes adored I played bare hands -- throws outside and fortunately throws a strike for them. I had to cut their -- -- at the plate -- looking as they have a double play first and third safety squeezes to the clear. When it's executed. A high percent of what. Is it. Given a successful given. All over success against right handers. In effect is it. I don't on the Johnny's got -- base it off and didn't wanna sacrifice defense in the seventh inning that was the player right there there were there a couple of options and and knowing what John Diaz is capable of doing and that's one of -- a very good -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well but. It's again it's a do or -- play. It's not a safety squeeze I -- this -- it's not a suicide squeeze it's a safety squeeze -- -- Certainly -- running speed has something to do that but. We foursome to have. To exude about a perfect. Defense played. And they did. It it. It. Again given the opportunities that will we're we're looking for anyway to score and we left some opportunities. Out there. And I have no question with the decision on Brian Butterfield are living now with every decision he makes a third base -- he's an outstanding third base coach from. We forceful approach -- six foot strike and it. It. If it's -- two throws at least he did a good job staying in many in the rundown an anchor not shown. In the back in the second us. A tough -- for it but it. What you see with him today and I think you start from there. By the same production did. While world or working the creates and consistency -- -- there's there's been swing and miss him and his track record. He just missed a couple of pitches today. Tough day for them at times swinging at all you can give people some velocity up Del -- expanded up in the strike zone. Put to him know where we're working to try to shorten that down. It'll look up when in less time Napoli hit a home run but I understand now pinch hitting for Diaz in that situation. We're gonna have placed third or shortstop. Because Stephen Drew is not available to hamstring injury there's no one else that -- would be available. First I concede. That could come man. And ages -- -- safety squeeze there wasn't a suicide squeeze so it wasn't like Saltalamacchia was offline contact is of the suicide squeeze in that situation. There but there was -- definitely. Gas at two runners thrown out at home today this is as tough one for the Red Sox all the way Iran's they've finally broke through in the seventh on the victory no singular. The tie it up. They should've had a little bit more to the -- corporate drive flat out Ortiz struck out there was a lot of strikeouts with runners on base. As Red Sox ended up -- -- they only walked twice and struck out ten times including four from Napoli. John letter with you read sector view we take you up until 9 o'clock 61777979. B 37 need to text us as well. AT&T Texans got a -- on efforts here and there you have an it refresh. But it's running right now 37937. As we return to the phone calls as Barry in California it's listed as Los the last on the -- California Berry actually is the town appear on the phone lines -- that. Yeah yeah out there the guys the straight to London no where I was that I know where you yeah yeah because god Barrick. Oh man it's hot out ajar now play anywhere burning up -- mid ninety's. Yeah out pretty much didn't that I heard they guests this weekend between 114118. And Phoenix is like 122. Were some. Like that idea but don't they always say out there it's a dry heat so it. Wow. And how -- -- -- pretty warm where we -- I got I got central player but I tried not to use it but I I'm. Right I'm gonna have to break down turn on it's it's pretty brutal out here well I don't -- get -- a whole economic state of things that seems like the state of California is breaking down hazards. I -- mountain and I think everybody track we've lost power last night for two hours. Yeah and you know we love in the small town you know flight 121013. Thousand people. And everybody just all the restaurants -- everything. Do you shut down they they closed for the night which is too bad because. That's a lot of income coming in stuff like that but. And where people worried out here because there -- shut down that place called San Onofre which isn't too far away and. I had a sad at a sister beautiful part of the country you know what how how much free. I wanna alaves who Guinness sports pages accuracy what's a gallon of gas now appear. We just went -- about 40 seven's right now. And but it's a bank they raised our gas tax 3.5. Percent normal -- that. Well you know it that's incredible too because you think about all the time especially if you're in the LA area. And there's no public transportation with the exception of buses we just sitting in traffic burning gas. Yeah so so you have a if you I was just think it if you have a lake -- to an hour commute. How much money you're spending on gas. Well it's terrible and I know guys John net drive. Take them to two and a half hours because. They you know where they live they have to find the most economical placed a well. And think about if you paid for at all for gas and you got to drive two and a half hours and you get to spend eight hours and an office. It's like yeah how does a lot of issues out here there's no doubt about it thank god I -- work about my house now for fifteen years so. But you know what there's a lot of issues on the Boston sports scene I was just thinking -- segue. What do what do a couple of weeks to Ray Allen hitting a buzzer beater Doc Rivers takes off to the clippers Kevin Garnett and -- Paul Pierce who were in Brooklyn uniforms the Bruins failed in the closing. Moments of of game six. And then -- this doesn't even deserve to be on the same listing has such -- heinous crime but Aaron Hernandez. I know you know John I was gonna say. Doctrine and those things who has just unconscionable. And I mean I don't mean he has someone earlier in the civil -- and loser well is beyond that he's a killer is what he has more curious than it's it's unbelievable what happened. -- -- -- Yeah the last well keep in touch and I say things we got to get better -- We'll always nice here -- -- and hope things get better out the year that are currently newborn you know we just today I just keep hammering away on the phone and hopefully business turned around and hopefully things get better being tapped at Y one quick thing yet I love that deal from the owners from the Chicago Blackhawks. Nice and the Boston Globe yeah those class act doses class all the way. -- -- -- is definitely was I agree with you and I have to manage them have you brought that up -- few days ago but those those great -- -- is. I I broke my eyesight then on EI and I thought hey wow. For the most people would do that I thought it was very it was it was a class back. I would agree -- -- you appreciate the phone call music Charlie and bust nature early. I. Or or not stacks tech and your -- Yeah I am -- the question though that wrote that there at least. Yeah well right now it's that's an issue coach you are is nodded not an issue and that that was a perceived strength of the Red Sox heading into the season. I have a question more so Bailey Sara remind the hand -- trade and and now he's on the on the shelf and unfortunately what is to get down to the trade deadline that's usually something you have to overpay for teams after overpay for typically. Some of those you know late inning guys I don't all data closer but I could see. Had one of those seventh eighth inning guys potentially. If they can find the right move. On that. Part of it yeah I don't think I don't think Papelbon happens here because one of the reasons it doesn't one of the reasons that. That they were. Leery of resigning him was you know the back end of that deal it was a big deal with Philadelphia so now you get a more and when you were concerned about the you know the next couple years of that contract. I'd I'd still certainly Indiana in a rough week the other week he blew like three straight saves but overall has been effective for the Phillies won given the opportunity. But I don't think they go back to that well. I think that if they had a reliever won't be closed or probably a seventh eighth inning -- able city. Yeah. I Charley thanks for checking in for the first time appreciated up against the break and not -- Greg's our true look this up June 1 was now -- last home run it was against the Yankees it was. A Grand Slam. In a Red Sox victory. Also gave back to Fenway here we chain victory know Felix to Bryant had to say as well to front -- twelve -- now where -- out of some jams. President of walking three but it continues in -- districts are quite a bit to six strikeouts over six and a third so two runs over six in the third he'll take that but. Squanders -- That's that's tough luck for -- Bryant here in terms of some run support in the Red Sox lead the who majors in runs. Happy to see that no matter what time a Monday Chris from Chelsea. As always checking in this time on -- forty says Vegas was 127 today from. And the Chris from -- the official meteorologist of the job -- show I like that will lead that to his list of things that he's doing for us. We'll take a break we'll -- sports flashback -- more activist.

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