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A look back at the Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce KG Era in Boston

Jun 29, 2013|

Celtics Executive Producer Jon Albanese put together this montage as a look back at the Doc Rivers/New Big Three era as the team heads into a future that, right now is filled with uncertainty.

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Initially. No racism in Minnesota. Contemplated and thought about it. Food -- speak publicly. Cleveland -- from -- -- my friends in Texas where it's -- moment. Played ball and all but discuss -- vision. -- houses -- probably my best opportunity to win these. Big steps to make those adjustments. -- -- Remember I love it you know. My disenchantment Canada's new life coach in Montreal. Millions you know the history the manners. The fact that I did start to read all the all the fact that. No time nice and doesn't change Bill Russell comes in the locker room Casey Jones call. I mean he doesn't love this game. There's a better place to coach in the world. Its. Looks. Passengers unexpectedly at the seven time reminds all over this twelve time all star. Always -- -- monsoon beyond. This is this. I guess they're OK okay. This is that this is a dream come true they'll want to South Carolina where people you know. And present. Excitable player. Qualified tonight with the ball Bardner. And there's locomotive -- start with the ball flight engineers that. Now we got trouble. The front of Miami bench we got big trouble Kevin Garnett got grabbed from behind officials try to definite -- definitely done that. Dangerous because Paul -- went down. -- -- And news. Okay. It appears to try to -- -- -- It was great had given Garnett the -- and pack it up by thousands since the career of Kevin Garnett and his 20000 points. 101000 rebounds 5000 assists -- 15100 steals and 15100 blocks and putting it in a club. No it he'd never been done in NBA history Kevin Garnett outstanding. Hello Paul Pierce one of the greatest athletes ever to Wear the uniform standing at the free throw with thirteen seconds to go into overtime. And the crowd -- and Paul Pierce. Become the latest member of the 20000. Point club. -- That the students those who refuse pulled his arms in the air it -- -- -- big moment. How fitting for a player who has played every minute of his career -- the Celtics. With a basketball hall of fame is right down the road. She's in the human business and so you know cognitive fitness today. I'm -- -- second and he was filled and they give a lot of the situation got so that they don't look good and together no matter where you know you know we all we all -- -- -- -- or last quarter. After -- you'll -- -- I know. And -- Let's build up. Rolling out of for the final fifty seconds. It is not what -- Daniels at the it is for the people who -- -- last night that they believe me -- nobody else believed it absolutely. Let's go Celtics can't continue. At a -- And everybody on the bench right now feeling. Pain and loss. The only difficulty. Dealing frustration. Here hearing those words they think that would be Saturday night. Where else. Would you hear this from your fans. Here now but wouldn't. Work where. We'll have those things in the world. Now it's home playoff picture assault that's his business. That's. -- now. Absolutely. Amazing years involves the thing the fans there. Because it was amazing and so it's -- fair and memory in my life it's -- seen anything like this in any sport. And and distribute those sorts of course who you vote. This was so so.

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