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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN, Joins Grande and Max to Discuss Future of the Celtics

Jun 29, 2013|

Jackie calls the boys to give her take on why Doc left, the trade with Brooklyn and where the C's go from here.

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What you do when you have a group therapy sessions you finds among smarter than you and someone calmer than you and somebody's gonna make you feel better about everything and that is why. We turn to Jacqui -- one of our favorite people in the entire world joining us now -- I was thinking that for awhile we call him Bob Ryan and the professor emeritus of Boston sports he's kind of like he's been that guy the pop even though he's still around he's kind of he's in that pseudo retirement stages at this point. To meet Jackie is our go to Jack you want that job you wanna be like our our go to Boston professor emeritus. Well can I tell you something son I have made a very a very happy living out of being popped back up it's been the best job in the world. And felt if I can do that again and be hit back up America I am happy didn't. You're not to back up your your your -- now you're number one during -- in the seat which is why. I was doesn't it make everybody feel better and you talk to ML Carr this week I don't think it's gonna make anybody feel better about. What was coming up but what gets that Iowa this to so many things obviously this week which is sort of tip the -- and hopefully finally. At the very it's a B fifteen minutes just put the Doc Rivers Bill Simmons stuff debating get up line up for a connection deal with the stuff that matters. We have a million basketball issues to dive into but I'm more interested in. As this as a human and one of my favorite humans on the planet. In the last. Ten years and -- being here last six years Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and fifteen years of Paul Pierce being here. What is your human reaction you were feeling this week now this is all happened so quickly. -- you know what I'm dad because. As I said with a couple times in the last few days I don't think I've enjoyed. The personal growth as an athlete more than I have. With popular in particular. And I say that because you know he came here -- -- in the draft security huge chip on the shoulder and -- can prove everybody that they were wrong to pass -- and he actually did that you know. He was just really really talented young player. Wanna be leaders had some fits and starts along the way up with that. I really think of that Jacob Marley -- he had around his jaw -- F series against the district and -- A low and remember I think I even wrote that day you know I don't know this -- ever gonna get it hopefully -- yet and then some you know. I think he's he's one of the best scores than ever seen that he was so much more than that. We really hit its stride here against the Celtics that. Memorable moment you know one on one with LeBron. Beating Kobe and the lakers in the 2008 filed in the MVP and then not one of my favorite all time moments and ensure you guys to. When they raise that banner the next season and he's standing there just unabashedly borrowing it died out in front of all those people I just got. What an incredible journey for the young -- dad almost died leather jacket saved his life all of that so. Really Bob -- Paul -- with the one that kind of -- the most sentimental about. I think -- -- -- -- -- -- you're gonna see again not your Boston that the coach but just someone that's going to be around and certainly appreciate. What he did for everybody here. And KG was you know he was he there's no -- completely because it all the time and change the culture of the team is indisputable that he did that. I have never seen a guy that was -- selfless. In making everybody think about team first and no one can question about him nobody he was the most reluctant superstar had been around have been a lot around a lot of them. So huge blow to lose all three of those in a matter of days. And yet we've known for almost two years that we should brace herself for exactly that while living up to -- part I guess but those two guys we've known for. But then I think we mourn the departure of pierce and -- long before they actually left. What Jackie a white dash you you'd talk about the you know Kevin and -- and in leaving now. And in Dallas say this to the show on us that the of the guys who leveled the four guys when I think about Paul Pierce and Ray Allen and Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett leave with you know pretty much whites and so. You know I didn't like being a hero through going to always be but Doc Rivers leaves with a stain on. And rake leaves with a staying on how different -- that. Yeah at that particular care that. You know the thing with the way I understand. What people have the venom they have for him but I certainly don't agree with it listen. You got to remember Whalen was almost traded at least half a dozen times over the whole pretty much his entire tenure here. They were always entertain offers for him and he darn near pulled the trigger a whole bunch of times. His role is reduced in the offense. He would and as many times it's equally out on the floor for them. He willingly -- that I don't ever remember him complain about it during the year do you guys don't ever remember hearing a complaint from him about it while it was going on. Maybe some of -- knew he wasn't super pleased with that but he never caused the commotion he never caused the split in the locker room. When it came time. Just before I mean they almost -- before that deadline and then he became a free agent which gives you the right to look around and make a choice. That would upset everybody obviously he chose the Miami Heat but think about it now in retrospect. What do -- on one step ahead of everybody else here. He got -- mideast and ideals that. He can bring honesty. May not like that. But you cannot criticize him for the that he made and I I won't I didn't and I won't now. Is the the criticism of doctor suite there's a lot of emotion involved right because those of what is at hand and the idea that. For years it's funny because in many ways people -- more years to prepare for -- departure. But they always thought it was going to be you go back to TV or spend more time I am practical and whenever and all of a sudden now he's with a pretty girl prettier girl in Los Angeles. Did when you talk to -- you have the first public comments about it -- to talk to me a private privately or publicly since. Did you get any of that did the sense of ambivalence that he was trying to communicate. Did you get any. Feel any whiff of disingenuousness. About it or do you think this is guy is legitimately torn about. -- that he was legitimately torn because. Was and I think everybody knows at this point down when you go through these. Prolonged. Stories people were talking to Danny even -- his name was in the paper and people are talking to document that was nameless and in the paper that was one of those people. And I can tell you he was legitimately torn he had a nagging feeling at the end of that experience he'd just. He was tired I think they were all tired and and I really think he just I don't know I can if I can come back and do this again because I think he was also thinking. I'm gonna have to do without KG and I don't mean to separate him from peers but like I do things in and -- case it's true. You know he just grew to depend on Garnett so much to keep that content that we're talking about. The whole idea of -- boon to all that. And can KG really embodied that for doc and I think that pot of trying to do it again with out some unlikely eat there with a long time to make it happen I think it was a daunting task form. Honestly. I know went on around the morning and said you conducting 500 point I don't think this guy if he -- it. -- and -- would not gonna happen. I did get after talking to people close to him having a conversation with him and I have a conversation with Danny I thought they did he would never let him out of that contract. Beat -- just that he was. He was OK with coming back it was a it was a 100% in but once he made up his mind he was going to be a 100% and and so I do think there was an ambivalence now. The fact remains for whatever reason. It changed something changed something -- -- the Chinese signed that extension to now and to me that's human nature. At the time -- -- that I'm sure he believed he was going to be Gregg Popovich and he was gonna stay here forever and everything was -- -- be the great but you know what two years have -- by. And things change I think he had a real concern. The people we're tuning in now and he's just say publicly and -- and never say -- to -- privately to share the same thing differently but publicly he's gonna say. You know run nor I agree welcome we don't another series are great it's. Is that what he left absolutely not that's not fair Delonte up it's not just want to by the way I'm sure a lot of the guys over time. You do start to tune out same voice Larry Bird was the one at that no coaches stay more than three years in one place because that happened. And Danny and doc I think their relationship is very good I think they'll be friends the rest of their lives. But I think that they -- Back and forth with an in disagreement with a kind of course that can happen after nine years that's all human nature to when you get to the very end here. And you look at it and say man. I don't feel as is due to values we do about coming back. Maybe they -- differently maybe I need a different voice with a different group I think that's a human nature I really do. One of the things that I look at. And you you let me know if I'm wrong or right here. The way doctors Campbell this is how it is this turned out to be really messy. And the real and not think it it became really messy because. Doc Rivers wants to be at the end of the day. He wants to please separate but yeah right you can't please everybody. Out would have loved to. What in it would never happen obviously put one day I just want to hear coach -- you know that. Sting in my got right now a good the other team over there -- pretty good enough to elect Obama coached him. Ed Ed -- and because stock is sold. You know he wants to please everybody -- well this -- I didn't bother me -- shucks -- not think that you know all about it and it is. He was trying to cover all his bases and that the Ian. Don't know bases cup. There you probably rate probably right -- and I think to. There was that there's no question that when this -- started getting was. Irritated about is just no doubt about it he expected doc to be back here rebuilding what going to be fun idea they had to be built it was not going to be fun for him either. And I think he was irritated by about it was very revealing and during this press conference and it didn't get enough play I didn't think that. He talked about. You know meeting with -- and expect to be back in and they -- him a registered letter you know basically legally covered themselves and we expect it to be a coach. I thought that was pretty significant because that's that's something that two great friends would ever have to do my correct. That's. But it's still a business. And then have to -- and so I think initially didn't like man I can't believe he's doing that I thought we were in agreement that we gonna do this but did the Smart enough guy to understand you know what. His -- is that a 100% in this. Well I can pay I didn't look at this and say how is this gonna help my -- where you know what he tenacity that he's worth a first round pick the owner of the same crap if we're gonna rebuild. We don't need to pick somebody seven million dollars a year to do that made a bad thing for everybody is like let's get together and work on that I really believe that happens is no doubt my night. I just don't think it started out that way. And so bad to me is the difference in the two story everybody has always been different -- -- has one thing doc has enough that to me it's the same story. It's just the timeline is a little different. I think that's exactly right it's one of these things one day you'll find the senior you're gonna probably responsible ones so one day and find out they'll be two different you know -- -- different variations of be like one of those sitcoms are two different people have different -- Larry. How many times you've been in a room with someone and something happens whatever it is. You know I tried to solve it occurred to me kinds of people rob a bank where there's a crime committed. And they and they interviewed two witnesses and they were both there in the room at the same time but they both come away with different accounts that happens all the time. That's human nature. The difference is it doesn't happen publicly. You know every day and having to do these media appearances and I really thought and I think you know most people though. Now the relationship I have Doc Rivers what most people don't know is that Jackie McMullen actually introduced us. We had met but until today dot became head coach it was Jackie actually introduces at the press conferences. That afternoon. You know I've known a long time -- actually was a player for crying out -- so. -- great respect for doc I have great respect for -- they're gonna survive this because the two of them aren't together anymore and I really believe that lets Becky that's for everybody truly do. -- I believe would be you know -- says something a little bit earlier you said well this is not can be fun revealed. Well you know put the Ford dark yet but for daily. I think Daniel or -- this new toy years. He is allowed to move these pieces around this school of his handcuffs thrown off. So -- any changes is essentially going to be able to do it right or wrong is going to be able to do whatever he wants witness team. To shape the vision that he sees. That could give them back to the top so I -- -- is as a kid with a bunch of new toys. Special we start thinking about what he's always talked about assets. Had a draft choices he has collected -- to these things. And we know that -- will put these things together Campbell Morales so I think there is gonna have bought what it. Well that may be true but I don't think it's gonna be a lot of fun. You know in January when they block nine in a well. You know -- -- and we still -- -- -- when Rondo is coming back. But Danny Danny a real an area -- and he's the man behind the curtain. Is -- not is a he is that the guy who is sitting there is the head coach David may want great point. He said as the gene -- board is a guy dealing with players and that didn't. Position what I want to do he -- coaches wanna win. The next quarter the next five minutes -- it as as they got put the team together. How one win over the next couple years so that's a huge difference if you don't not in a row I think Danny was saying thank OPEC which he's not taking the heat. Lacking -- coach who. Can we all it's actually the three of us let's put -- are we all in agreement that Danny is not gonna come down coach this team. -- absolutely I'm surprised that people sort of -- sort of floated that theory it would -- Jack let me ask you this because. In in discussing the -- that the deal and obviously we we spent some time undock. The deal gets made this week I think what Celtics fans. Want to know what they're debating amongst themselves because it's so nebulous and so hard to figure out with contracts at first round picks what exactly could happen here. The question is did Danny get enough war considering the Gerald Wallace contract maybe it should freeze it did Danny to watch that. Right he did yeah that's the one the one they need to say. That's not good because that -- next -- you want to ask that you want first round pick now you got four. For a first round pick. And put your own you know year old text and the big the big draft is next year's -- -- 2014 draft. And down so you you could just be yourself with such that you get ready to big contracts are eighteen plays. Getting Jason Terry and that deal was huge for game because if if he didn't do that happened that terrible thing really is glaring. And I still think it is to a certain degree in and here's why. I'm not I'm not dissing Gerald -- I don't like -- -- after the prayed so hard. They put so much energy neon lights he the kind of guy you like on your team but not for ten million dollars a year to worry I have for the Celtics is. He might help you just enough. That instead of a fifteen to twenty win you know team or whatever you're thirty win team at 35 win team that's exactly -- you don't wanna be. Now I don't -- -- pocketing about this I don't know if he's planning to get down to the studs. To try to get them. You know into Wiggins who were. Markets Smart or -- -- Parker one of these other young players in the 2014 gap because to do that you've got to be really really really -- And with the nucleus of Avery Bradley Jeff Green. Gerald Wallace -- challenger and and Rhonda depending on when he comes back. You -- any better than you wanna be and that's a problem. While these guys are Humphries and Marshall Brooks is this is not this is exactly the point that I think keyboards are not quite grass and this is not twenty win team. No -- well I think you have a chance to wave. Gerald Wallace under the strict provisions. And what that means is. You waved them here on the hook for the thirty million dollars. But you can stretch it out over a seven year and periods so -- paid four point three -- million or thereabouts persecution over the next seven years. And you thought came up and he'll be on your cap probably longer than you want. Like did you waved him and you've got rid of another player than my kitchen window that you don't necessarily want. And that that could be the case but I think when and what things that we're not talk about right now is Rhonda. In the sense that we we we assumed that Rondo is coming back. This year and we looked at Derrick Rose -- we said Derrick Rose was coming back last year. And that played so. We don't know until Rondo steps back on the floor which you'll going to get so you were talking about those winds which could possibly get because you have -- OPEC. We don't know if that's what to be the case or even with the Celtics -- Rondo -- my. -- a little bit local white heal until the second out I was talent that so I don't. I don't I don't know he was -- -- dumb I'm gonna be the fact it's got back from an ACL really no need no need -- time gets stronger. -- that you know absolutely I couldn't agree more with -- there -- now. You know if -- look when that when the spurs got the number one pick in 1997. They had twenty wins. But it could really had fourteen the Celtics had fifteen. They had twenty. There were other teams that that is nineteen and twenty that's escaping me at the moment. And down. But Dave they won because David Robinson had a cranky back so they had a bad start -- fire their coach. This kind of somewhat I'm quite yet known executive vice president of player development it's dining Gregg Popovich stepped in for Bob Hill. And and then if that coach. This -- -- one's seventeen and 47 the rest of the way and one -- he did write to David Robinson who was working very hard to get back from that back injury said. David my friend. Sit down relax we're an addition to down for the year okay and they should unite in helping next year why so they can get Tim Duncan and they did. They got -- NATO and lucky is thing to me and everybody wants to do that and if you wanna go through Brett Szabo and big camp Hamilton or trade for Gerald Green or Sarah Sebastian Telfair was -- secret weapons the Celtics at. In 2007 degree by the way here wanna have some fun. Trace the minutes of Gerald Green Sebastian Telfair whenever the Celtics need to lose games in 2007 and received more than played. Obviously the Celtics were successful to put it that way in the rankings but to me isn't this. To -- well. Stock collier assets that -- -- idea of going for the lottery to me is just he is is ridiculous to do it fundamentally the best way you can. He's do you build up the essence you -- do what Danny is done as well as anybody in the MBA witches. Draft well at the spot you're drafting and yet to make your own. Well Shimon you know I think one of the things that you talked about we always laugh about. Is. I think it was it was go right golds at the time. If you didn't you had to stay out as one of shock grandes favorite stories that he'll tell you right now about winning and losing game. -- -- basically after the game when -- -- something about well we know we're obviously we're not trying to win games right now but would cry and pulled out at camps this cameras are on right now. But you know -- -- them. Well you know we all knew what was gonna knock on in 1997 to Mac you know you can -- -- -- They had to take on McCain I'm told told them now you're gonna take this hit for us. And then you win a few -- spot on the ML this story there was in this that's been on the web site today was saying that. They're David Wesley updated -- three pointers over the Florida had taken -- -- just about what -- Fox who Rick Fox seven a great. I also have put in Marty calmly that this. It was -- -- in the big price. It's like alassane you know I think -- Let me take a rocket science to figure this copyright he has -- work. Demon in the game Jackie would you do this for hours and hours in fact when they were and his staff that -- from the -- for the entire show but -- number. C'mon c'mon you know you know you listen who would you rather hang and be honest would you rather than you know than they finalists are. I usually hit you over the next few years we're gonna have a lot of time to fail so apparently. Obviously these -- -- checking. All of this. I take out the -- there were tightened over them a car especially if you don't have a good mood going into it because the sizzle. Depressing to some degree about the winter and it is there's a lot of excitement in this -- Jacqui thank you for making everybody feel better enforcement and timeless and Saturday will do it against him. Eric Eric had a great. Feeling that I Jankovic moon she is the best bottom line proms are gonna get your calls quick break an able setup but our number two of celtics' number -- for you on W.

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