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"Celtics Summer Cooler" with Grande and Max Hour 2 -- Reaction to the Rebuild

Jun 29, 2013|

Grande and Max discuss the future of the Celtics and the rebuilding effort by Danny Ainge with callers and Celts' fans.

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All right our -- there celtics' summer cooler end. Of course what else can happen this week you know we do this first hour and were about to go to your calls and we're going to our promises 6177797937. Says Matt tells me who's waiting. Will go to gonna go to your calls and and you know look down for his candidacy Rondo is now trending on Twitter. It can't be good or maybe it is there's no way to know obviously there's some stories about the Celtics in the Dallas Mavericks now. Talking about -- also will begin our second hour discussion. -- -- this I'll throw this out. -- because we we discussed it briefly before the show. -- -- need the idea -- those trade value to me is that -- all time low because of the injury and because of the perception forget the reality the perception of him around the league and to me it almost seemed the logical beat he asked come back. Shows that he's healthy play well be good citizen and his trade value goes up you didn't completely agree with me. I think it straight failure right now is what it is I think a lot of people are convinced right now that you know about the injury. It look at guys who come back from these injuries in this in the coming back strong. One of the hardest positions -- -- it is -- point guards so I think there are some people who will probably say. Yes they would question. The fact Rondo but there are a lot of people are convinced that what they've seen in Rondo. He is exactly what they want so. Yeah you're right on one hand and the other hand that day when you say about here. There are probably more value at -- in the today but right now I still think there's a lot of value right now for Rondo the way -- years or the way he was sort perceive that. All right 6177797937. I promised. In -- Bob and average your first on celtics' number grew. They guys that afternoon I do and are you. Great great and acute sports fan but to me this -- and everything else sort wanna pay eighty yards for the Cuban suspects at the NBA season. You I love your camaraderie -- we get along great -- virtually shows them coming approach the year ways. A lot of things I -- talk about the first one effect peers in orbiting KG mean split from most about -- or does it release and I checked you Jack McClellan hit the nail on the head it was great seat on all its mature I put that into one market got more than a call this guy. Early on the boy was I wrong. -- your quick thoughts on that. While I think that you know from from your perspective but -- that's. Annika I think that Paul -- again will be looked death. And -- and it will be it will come -- this thing looking clean and fresh. And it's really funny now again maybe he has them such a huge three -- and I never hear about thinking right. And for the championship. That you wouldn't have eventually you it will have to -- it eventually or whenever I just don't hear people say that. And the reality of the situation is that about race. He wouldn't had -- championship. It's it's hard to say you -- don't want a jump in attitude to tributes to Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett because we can't possibly do it justice there's going to be. I imagine that those are -- and completely making this up. I imagine that Paul Pierce tonight is going to be its own thing. At the garden almost like slightly over night once again you're gonna have a team against the Sacramento Kings at halftime you're gonna answer from Paul Pierce and I think it's going to be a whole big night and it and as well as should be -- who knows maybe Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett may -- that becomes one night together there's you know there's there's no -- no possibility -- We've talked about this for years and there are way and you are lucky enough to have job that I have an extraordinary number of things that your thankful for the things that stick with you two meet in fifteen years in the league twelve years with the Celtics very high on that list. Was watching Paul Pierce. The player and the kids be -- Paul Pierce the man to watch him become a dad. To watch his team change to watch the influence. This week the Doc Rivers at him and the cable car turned in Paul Pierce's career which came in 20042005. Season when Doc Rivers finally. You know was had the you know he had the long term contract and the cash -- To stand up and put a stop you know -- I guess with your kids. You tell -- maximum got a while yet but I'm sure -- well where you're gonna have to -- at that moment comes worth site. If you've got to stand your ground say no you're gonna do things this way and you know that. Paul was better for. Doc was a better coach fort. And it's you know you wouldn't recognize. You knew you knew Paul as a rookie I team to Boston -- -- three years and -- back Minnesota. The heat is a different guy to watch and take a leadership role is -- the financial. Hardships that players have had -- in your education. How to manage money to charity work which a lot of guys other names involved but he's truly involved and it was one of the truly. Rewarding things to watch someone who was -- great Celtic on the court -- one of the greatest Celtics ever. Live up to all of that. Awkward you know what that's saying well look at -- And I feel it wouldn't matter really where I mean I thought a senior communism price that -- -- -- because America abroad -- dubious and genuine and bright -- look and and I -- -- become -- you you became something else that bad. I mean. The same transition at the same path that. The ailments. That's the first time anyone's ever compared me and openers on the snow let it in cement you know idea that's what that -- It was and it -- it was pretty impressive I did -- out of a lot of attributes like it not for me obviously but to -- Paul -- -- in Sudbury next. I guys you are you doing that late when he says there are are really good Tuesday use you say you. What you think -- knowledge to back it up not playing roles where you feel you have to pick opposite side of things and -- I think that's really refreshing -- Hey Bob -- the next couple years -- my has to do a lot more that if it's early days it might feel more creative. Well I learned -- a couple of points about the celtics' future and what are things is you know. People have been talking about how you know they need. Paying so you know there's the orbiter -- in economic player sent. I think earlier in this show you pointed out that there'll be a better than -- and what do think Pennington makes it really obvious can you name he means is that they can finish. -- -- the Celtics an extra. Crocker -- great question I was thinking about that because obviously there's really there's five good teams clearly in the east and back. There's gonna be a good team you could say the east is ultra competitive -- top because there's going to be a really good team New York Indiana. Brooklyn Chicago one of those teams isn't even going to get home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs but. After that drop off let's say. You know you you do have a big drop off there there's like 353637. Wins is gonna get -- -- -- Milwaukee got a playoffs this year. Are you ready to look at the Celtics roster as constituted a tissue adjusters to guys who on her nose with -- to look like opening night but has constituted there's enough talent. On this team in my eyes that's sort of an ESPN Boston poll today. That said I just look to see what people thought about next season is about 8182%. Of the people thought the -- to miss the playoffs. And -- so they're more likely to than not and who knows what's going to happen but the roster as constituted to meet there's enough talent here. To compete for a high thirties. You know forty win season ticket actually get to in the plan. Well I guess I look at the other way and I'd look at the teams that are below you. The teams that were really bad last year those teams are I've ever gotten a lot together John -- made a great point of talking about Washington last year. How Washington Delaware there were playing at the end of the year claim the other almost any team in the east Eastern Conference. There we look at Orlando who was a very bad team who had a good draft pick up a lot of good players the teams. There are a lot of these teams that have improved that were below the Celtics then it Annika and you depended on the -- comes back I think that's the huge K. Right but I don't think you can guarantee you that those teams are gonna be the Celtics and that's the thing that I think people are missing. But also. I think the the other thing that I find interesting is that there's people who want this topic the tank and who really really badly because they wanna get this -- Wiggins. You can look at that trapped. I'm not convinced -- is even going to be the number one pick I think he's he's got potential. But there's probably 1011 guys in that draft. Who all could be very very good NBA players. And an impact you know are my personal favorite that. You know I don't think there -- be -- even in the top five to get it -- -- Gary from Michigan I think he's a kid that's going to be. You know the ideals current. Big man and in the NBA because he's got that lateral quickness is that the it's and he's an offensive player took. This is why the whole things crashes and here's here's what I was -- pricey as a statement about them can be for a playoff spot for -- the rosters can be -- there's that. You know. To compete for playoff spot in 2007. Before that season in 067. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People ask me -- can this team hopefully with the guys that they can be for Playhouse one recent well. If Theo Ratliff and Paul Pierce Wally Szczerbiak are all healthy yes they can compete for a playoff spot. And that suddenly you can say is true statement but you know full well. That's not going to happen Szczerbiak was going to be out there is no wait Theo Ratliff was going to be healthy is turns out people forget that -- one of the reasons it went from bad to worse. And Celtics got in that mess is that Paul Pierce got hurt. In December that team had a bad start there were five and thirteen -- and a five game winning streak. In December swept through -- and division trip to beat the nets on that buzzer -- by Pearson in Phoenix and Philadelphia they got to 1013 start to play well Tony Allen will start to play well each day we on the -- Tony Allen got hurt dunking after the you know after the whistle. And a series of crazy injuries happen and then the circumstances were from you know presented. You oracle into the 06 or seven season thinking there was going to be an eighteen game losing streak and I think people right now are just. Wishing you heading getting one of these players to you wanna rush the process of getting back it but I'm telling you. While a -- could be one of those guys the process. Is will be sped up. Because -- now has the assets to acquire free agent players in a year or two when when it makes sense to do that that's why I turned her back the clock next ten years ago Danny came in here. In 2003 he had a team at. Rubin local whiskey and grant along the cupboard was as bearish could possibly imagine and that's why the rebuilding if you wanna call that. Is set optical much faster. Plot I truly a truly agree with you on that I think one of the things that I look at. Is that that the way this team is now there are opportunities for his team to go forward especially when you think about all the picks you have. The my concern he has that even in the draft him because if you don't know which you might -- We don't know if these key is going to hear her -- of the one time when the Celtics you know were brilliant and played well this is why you gotta be lucky they they what they were brilliant played. Well in -- anybody's. In the draft and he did he passed away so even giving draft picks. You have to be lucky you you can't forecast how they might play until they stop. I -- -- broke this kid you know to at least those plants. We don't know. 6177797937. -- -- Europe. -- good good afternoon gentlemen. I'd like to know what do you think it is an ex Celtics coach. Perfectly from the good question and I I don't have a creative. Answer other than I think Jim Larranaga is the likely choice at this point -- -- kind of I wanted to kill the idea that. Don't really believes that you know there it's something intriguing about the idea Danny coming down doing himself -- -- anybody really thinks I know there are some people -- are kind of pushing that theory I really don't think that's gonna happen. Well what's interesting about it is that the the concept of Blair Brown the assistant for the San Antonio Spurs who yesterday the reports he had signed with Philadelphia now there's new report says that. Has not happened yet that he has some interest in the job in the big picture. Jays dealt with the organization did a great job immediately give mania was an assistant coach on the bench with Doc -- last year it's of this logic there but the big picture Max what kind of coach. If you're Danny Ainge do you want here for the next couple years for this team has that is. That's I believe like -- saying right now -- is that. People look and they say. What could be and then look at young coaches. And what things are looking thing Jason Kidd got the job with no coaching. A -- -- -- -- you look that way away happily -- down in Miami. A million of them have pretty much of video coach coming it. Frank Vogel another guy who was a video coach comes the end and it does well so I think it's safe Tennessee right now this league. Goes in spurts and goes in cycles I think that this league right now is stored to do that same thing you don't have to have the exceptional coaching. Responsibility or have been there to really get a hit coaching Asia. And through the frank bogus things one of the most I meant how amazing was that what Paul Pierce's dunk. Alec and I see Frank Vogel who is now the video guy for the Celtics we got him in just a great guy watching his development office and he's in game seven. On the Eastern Conference finals the coach of the year candidate. Larry Burris he won't agree young coaches in the game it's. It's pretty -- I guess if you hang around -- and that's really the that's really the point of this whole thing in life and sports and broadcast and long enough to give the seat. Some pretty cool stuff 6177797937. -- calls one of the craziest weeks. In Celtics history only continuing W yeah. Let's reset everything for years. Here at what do what do talk show hosts and radio who were at the bottom of the hour let's -- everything for. Brush use voice like that were gonna call the celtics' summer cooler. Phone number 6177797937. And take a few more your calls every week who would soldier we're going to be doing here on the show. Is reliving aid. Great game from what we called new Big Three are one of your favorite gay music is -- highlights on line so but we can run them as part of the show. So we're gonna be doing -- -- taking your vote to pick in the game but this week. With everything it's happened we our producer John properties is Celtics basketball particular great feature. Doc Rivers Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett and some of the great moments you'd. Wink -- him or permission did. Recorded her opponent digital machines opera every crazy kids do with the MP three's whenever. Coming up a little bit later this week to relive some of those moments because of fun to listen to now especially in it's it's a good week -- a good time to be missed out about. Kind of getting half the eighties a Celtics basketball over again for the last five or six years and that's coming up. In a little bit and it if you missed our conversation with Jack McKeon we're gonna have some of that again for you shortly after the top of the hour and it's all roads leading to Red Sox baseball third game of the series -- the Red Sox. And the blue jays and the on fire closer coach -- -- -- -- -- for fourth -- to tank. -- is your new favorite now. Do you have a new favorite -- I Tia well I mean. I will tell you someday we'll share the details of mine my summer with the Red Sox. UN. Hang yourself with your shoelaces if you do this job every day but it went for it is not -- -- -- at the -- he need to truly approach the two hour fifteen minute. And B teams are do that is they are. All right so that is what is coming up here on -- Celtics summer cooler over the next hour or so until Red Sox baseball is coming up right now as Charlie in Providence. They got a great show on the -- and I coal. Is really about the future particularly Rondo. But before I get -- bad is it by may. I'd like to answer. Cedric question. That the guys that have departed. The past -- to. -- my personal opinion. All with -- he chose to go to the enemy now listen anything any player any coach you know when it's your turn to leave you can go wherever you want. Particularly here in Austin. That the loyal fan base I think -- especially myself. Almost take it personal when you go to the enemy when you choose to go to enemy. -- we're dot K. I think for him if he he kind of being disingenuous because. Couple years ago he wanted to be -- next Popovich you wanted to be the next long term. Our -- for the Celtics. And I think because -- bet that. And then to do what he did now you know -- -- quit on the team whatever he -- I'd -- to -- -- -- -- back on the -- And also it may not be because of Rondo but guess what you can say all Rondo who was supposed to be one of the young. Up and coming more established point guard in the week. KG. You know get the look with a homegrown talent. I would have let him retire but it didn't happen I'm gonna root for him and Brooklyn. The same -- with KG but he was someone who. You know it devoted -- You know the fact that. I don't think he would have told the lead the team but let's go to the enemy. So I think that's -- these fans may look at that differently but but before. The coach and the three guys. Can I can I ask you question real quick tour and it will be the same way. And and take yourself from which itself and race but it he'd he'd he'd make the right decision. He made the right decision. For himself yet -- that. -- and and and and I don't I don't blame for that book coming from the fan's perspective. I think that's like and feel that way -- -- he won the championship in Oklahoma. Or elsewhere anywhere besides the lakers and Miami I don't think he -- Receive the backlash. OP so what -- this -- He won -- with a mix you would there would be no backlash. I don't think much at all called ball -- I don't go all boss to impersonate the I don't think -- -- -- right now if Ray Allen had gone to the mix it turned his back on the Celtics issues saying it. It went to the -- who won the championship that there wouldn't bid that would have been the cap back lash felt. Bill bill would have been backlash but think about it it's it's -- Miami and LeBron in the past three or four years. And I think that the recent. -- yes there would have been back that's because the next our rival but let's face it it's really been mine and really -- -- with people on. I was just LeBron really that's what you talked about. Wherever the -- -- on you -- bid saying thank. I think I think it's much -- Miami but but I I'd like to if I may get it. For my call. -- what Rondo pomp and and the direction of the the team is going. Are we gonna wait to run those -- year. All trying to build this thing trying to put the spaghetti gonna be pointed in February. Who knows when it comes back by the time that you really get built and put together. It could be good between 930 of them might be too late for him and I don't I don't see him sitting there wanting to do this and -- has. -- -- -- this was so what do you do you trade you can would you like to trade -- if compact you have the opportunity today because the way you're saying is that. His prime years right now are during this particular time. His team what you're saying his he would not be good so would you trade him right now. If I've got enough in which are welcome if I got and I'd like Rondo I love Rondo. But I cannot see him sticking around. Dwindling away on this team if in fact that -- that's what we're gonna do it because be awfully next year to what the obese 3031. But did Paul peers come and 21 go away. During his during his years of not playing you know not being compared -- to deal with a good team. Well by the time KG got hit he was 28. 30303030. So you point out -- is a -- different isn't. And -- what -- what's your take on it will Ron don't happen. And will he be here for this process. That them out that that's a good there's a million dollar question. It you know -- Rondo personally and you consider them of Brandon there's been lots of where he's asked me things you know -- can give -- advice. I think Rondo right now has a lot of things he's gonna have a display. I think that one as a player when you're injured the first thing you do when this is think about coming back that's the first thing. Once he gets back human attention steals the -- you have those skills that allow you to be is good if you wants war. So there are a lot of things he's want to think about it he's on the second guess himself because. Remember he's -- have a brace for awhile. The quickness might not be -- things that he might be big and able to do before might not -- -- so there's a lot of question marks about Rondo. What what he's gone baby do with it. Just in the context of the injury listen Rondo of his many characteristics and as many extraordinary traits I wouldn't put patients. Very high on the list and you have to be patient with yourself and you're coming back to an injury when you can't immediately due to things that absolutely doing that could be you know try to see not only that you will never be able to do. Some of the things he's somebody it's. It doesn't mean he won't he couldn't conceivably be a better player it's a thought on this question but but some things that you -- debut when you which 11. Before injury you won't believe this do we mutually probably 26. And have a miniature. When you get to forty trust me Dan and New Hampshire you next about it. Well what consulate so you weren't good dude I'm doing great I don't want to talk a couple of things about lake. You know at a different kind of lament on the -- the previous -- the difference between being up and. And you know looking at it like a business. And I think a lot of people kind don't think about the fact that this these guys jobs. They love basketball they love the random spot and but that's what these guys do for a job so. A lot of these bands that are you know. I have to met Ray Allen may learn something and that is the difference between that this is a job and that there are so loyal to all of that stance because. I think they are extremely loyal we paid money to go to these guys play you know we watch the TV shortly you back on the radio. We do -- because we love the team we support it in these guys look to play for the team but. If somebody told you don't you know whatever career here and it is there an open position -- -- down the road. Better money better pert and better would you get -- loyal -- Well -- first of all a -- talking you know personal stories. I think not everybody is like that I mean -- don't maximal had. Different outlets I'll say it right I said as you know. I've had opportunities to leave the Celtics better financial opportunities you do you don't always go that path. You have to -- everybody not a political ala -- on and on hang on maybe hang on -- you wouldn't do that -- aboard that in this Akron -- -- -- that you can't paint everybody with the same -- I know it be that way sir. Integrity another under fifty cents more Macs but here's my point and make a point about Ray -- because this is what people. I think mix is that there's so hurt and they feel they want the loyalty and the love. Returned that they do you have to re around but ray who is a great guy. He wasn't thinking of it as disloyalty to the fans he was calculating how much loyalty to -- or franchise. That would have treated me on several occasions over the last couple years so it's sort of this bizarre triangle. All of fans and the organization and players loyal fans are loyal to players. Players want to be loyal to fans but the the organization is the issue that's worth the -- is that they're being disloyal to you know he just felt like why should I stay. If the Celtics and trying to -- let us hear at least. -- from a personal standpoint a person who got traded. You know what you are. You'd you'd think you're loyal to this team this is the team -- to be -- you love being with the -- Windy -- you'd think your leather same sign these papers. And yours now gone you're you know longer part of the team so I think that that is why you made a great point about. -- -- -- And you have to take it as a business that's why I personally don't get -- you don't get upset. You just do the best thing for you in your family and tortured decision he has if we get it now in the way what what apple what rate. And I understand some people are still angst about it. Me he born ray hit the big shot they're allowed people -- -- office to work curse them and I'll -- -- even it even in my house there were people were cursing raid saying you that -- every right there. I think their raid look at -- -- made the best decision. For himself and you look at it now Ray Allen hit the biggest shot maybe in the history of the MBA. One of -- I mean it's one that luckily it was. -- championship winning shot there's no question in -- to win a series and I think. Chances are I think we all know one of the things that bother some people some levels that we know about making the right decisions herself we all know we're gonna be saying the same thing. Ballot Doc Rivers did down the road -- New York Europe. Giant that you need to. Good one not talk about it and they kind of dispel that that -- that out there and the trade. You know you were talking about it that's return tropics -- Get out for the -- Obviously this one coming out you know I expect to be here when he looks much so being cryptic but it. When you're looking at 2016. To detonate team that we get consideration the fact that. There's different set which. In order to a note that responsibility. And general manager was pretty much -- failure by the way Billy King. And the head coach who last summer some months ago playing basketball and it. So I don't think it's a lot by any means of the nets are going to be good team. And 2016 and eighteen especially considering that three players Lopez Sharpton and millions. Probably making 64 million dot -- So it once -- -- That's going to be a major parked on the road. M call -- call -- Kevin about it will not be around. You you're not you didn't just trade the 2007 Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett yours -- trading guys I mean it. The feeling is that Kevin Garnett got -- left on this contract but then there's and that's no sure thing he's gonna play that second year -- obviously that the of the future of the -- I think the feeling is generally speaking around league in the people have -- it. -- got a lot to get a pretty good hall was not likely to do better at the trade deadline plus that would create a very awkward situation Gerald -- contract with the downside but it's funny we talk because all we're doing a segment Gerald Wallace the contract not -- lost the player Gerald Wallace the guy and you know assess who nosed and he's got a million more things obviously and possibilities they didn't have before this for week began. All right coming up next to promise some of the highlights of doc. And Paul. And Kevin in their time in Celtic uniform to listen to some of that Jackie long coming up shortly after the top of the hour. As you roll through on celtics' summer cooler on WEEI.

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