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Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson -- The Shocking Events that Led to the Arrest of Aaron Hernandez (Part 3)

Jun 29, 2013|

Craig and Larry discuss the arrest of Aaron Hernandez and his alleged involvement in the murder of Odin Lloyd. They discuss the rumors of Hernandez' gang involvement, the gang and gun culture in the U.S. and the effect all of this will have on the Patriots, the community and Bob Kraft.

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It's our number three mustard and Johnson we started this program talking about the at ten days that -- the Boston sports world we -- the NBA finals the NHL finals the the Doc Rivers to the clippers of course and now Garnett. And -- the second Big Three Eric came to a screeching halt with a trade to the nets. Couple days ago but up first and foremost the story that transcends. The sports world. Obviously. Its tentacles reaching into every possible aspect of life. Former patriots tight ends -- -- say that former elaborate patriots tight end at the -- drying dances to her column for years ago or four or a year to concede after dark that it -- -- on it. You'd 2013. Aaron Hernandez jerseys requested the striped jerseys -- members on -- -- but by the way I think it's a nice quote unquote gesture in my first response when I heard that yesterday. That's nice the patriots are gonna let you exchange number he didn't say they -- anything about 85 that was the number Hernandez had before Ochocinco. Obviously came to town a couple years ago. -- I'm wondering if that needs to be backed up with something a little bit more substantial I think about it I was even thinking about it really until this morning in the morning. Started talking about it with the other thing coming out and saying that this is a sharp to the patriot community with devastated. For the -- family waited -- devastated did. There's this story would even occur with the patriots who were who were -- we just. We have to -- justice -- play out it's time we're we're devastated about the whole. Situation -- are you can thank -- you can't get into the ins and outs and not some don't have to think. One of the what was one of the biggest criticisms we have two years ago in the wake of off fried chicken and beer in the seven and 20 September that that very crazy final night. Of the 2011. Season Francona gets past couple days later was conspicuous by his absence in all of them and John Henry. And we pleaded we John Henry. To set the record straight he did it another radio station as we well know. But unfortunately. John Henry was nowhere to be found. And I think that Bob Kraft who is a very visible. By he's been a great role model. As an owner I think the he is set the bar very high we said this many times. He has made. What we know of the New England Patriots are possible when he purchased the team one of the great moments in all of Boston sports history bought that team was headed for Saint Louis. What a moment that was in January 94 he bought the team. But on her price -- a 160 million dollars or outrageous. But you know he's been the role -- he set the standard -- Somebody a moment to catch their breath this was a -- to kind of get caught up with -- exactly what is going on before you come out stunts and things. But there. Hasta masking OK but do you think that he needs to say something. Publicly not to press release yes I can't -- out of both agree that I can think I I think to. It you know I don't know what vacations Iran or anything I don't think there's that much you credit on vacation could be more important than us. This don't think how much -- continues say. -- say you fly our way back tickets 6000 miles whenever you come back to step opera played it on me comeback ever press conference. What can you relief -- I don't care you know -- one of the things I'm not talking politically one of the things even a guy you didn't vote for you'll admit that Obama. Is very good at acting presidential. Okay as being a leader in times of crisis you don't have to have voted former agree with him politically -- -- -- people listen he's very good at that half the time we don't get into a ghetto. I saw that are looking poorly whatever tired up about is the Iraq the situation not -- where you can't. I'm not looking for answers I'm looking for someone to show some leadership and some presence. I will say the same thing -- but George Bush's finest moment. Was of that rubble down at down at the World Trade Center with a megaphone yeah okay you need to do that and Bob -- past the stop. Wherever his vacation is he asked them he has to come home. And he has to speak to the -- here's the difference though the facts are Arian as far as the chicken in the year in all it -- therein are ready. The factory in unfortunately about nine elevenths if he backs ran. -- spent two days later we know the facts aftermath of its leadership Larry. I'm not saying get things wrong with it I'm just saying that I would wait. If I at a craps I would give added days to because you're still trying to find out. Where that guy's getting -- about why don't I want us and say something it's going to interrupt. That judicial process. I don't know where -- requested -- wise on the ice skating and I -- not and now Adams did I get to be very. Hassle about what -- -- yet to be careful wild is a advocate rob is something going on so that you don't agree -- that he doesn't have to be accountable to no idea doesn't have the same ice AD. Does. A week ago Craig we didn't even know what they went on. Until I'm not talk about we're not here this is seven days later Larry seven days are right you would do I think he should come out now whenever press conference -- OK there we agree -- I just had the middle of the week I -- because I know I never said he did okay well that is missing now absolutely of course -- -- could be talking like Huckabee got about stopping his vacation in the middle last week and -- getting getting I don't -- I'm assuming he's back in Foxborough. And I'd like to believe that he's certainly taking care of every last. Issue he's crossing is that t.s and dotting his eyes and believe me I'm sure he's. Very concerned to the nth degree he's concerned probably more concerned than any member of patriot nation is concerned. But I think that I earlier caller John from midway I think made a very salient point. There is a such thing as accountability. At the top we asked our -- here we asked for accountability. -- John Henry a couple of years ago we didn't get it we asked for accountability with the CEO of National Grid a couple of years ago. -- all the storms and everything else and she was on vacation in the middle of the -- right and that was a big controversy. Certainly on the news side. I think Bob Kraft has to step up. I can say something so I can say past two I agree with all right I'm just thing in the middle of the week I didn't sign -- for seven million he's saying I don't know. I I I wouldn't have enough information now is -- we're gonna just keep taken Hernandez balls and and transition not transition about ad tools the topics about dark in the Celtics in the trade and the like. I think the only mistake Doc Rivers made was I don't understand why you couldn't just sit at -- behind a microphone and just say look. You know. I don't wanna go through a rebuilding stage again I don't wanna do that I understand that's the that's the system that's the process of the NBA. I I do not wish to go through that again now -- night calls friends we don't have a disagreement about this. And we both said if there's a way we can work this out that benefits both of us mall far and I don't see we're right Soledad about. Quitting on a team with me quitting on a team you have a right. I think it is much of the team has a right to a fire the coach I think their coach has it has the right to say you know it. I'm under contract I understand that there is an opportunity out there that -- I would enjoy better if I can use that. I I wouldn't mind doing it I throws cost owls did it -- ballot -- did it. Why is it that when the coaches and the like wanna do it in college sports all the time it happens. But when a player to wanted to witness something and it's frowned upon it like I think if you're honest about it that's your guys they were dark as too much stance and around. Everybody -- GA you're great here for many years leverage and debt isn't telling and so a year quite -- the incapable of managing your thoughts imprisoning them. And that's the only issue -- -- with the amount Koroma query anything like that I really don't you try new transition to that discussion I'll make -- -- -- extensive not I'm adding on to the simple fact that we use. Sit behind a microphone -- craft the dark whenever it just present what you know that's our you can do well I. I give an. In context to Hernandez in the patriots and craft of the discussion we're having now. And I'll be happy get into the whole dock and itself the thing bill later but in this context. I give the Celtics credit because. In the the course of the last several days we have heard from Danny. We have heard from -- And we have heard from doc. At least now you you have an issue and I think it's legitimate one I don't think doc did himself any favors I thought he lost that debate the Bill Simmons a couple of nights ago. Bomb I'm not a big -- -- by any stretch this is totally content I don't wanna get into the debate that right now about Barry pepperoni on Jawad and right but I because I wanna I wanna stay with Hernandez. At least they all were accountable they all were very. Public -- -- re rude remarks in their responses I wanna see the same thing as an immigrant -- is different. All of those obviously it's a completely different -- out that right. There are all in control of the information saying no I'm telling you right now I think it crap situation it's in -- so Dicey. This is just so they don't even know about the other two guys they just picked up right it's a very convoluted. Case it is hot to come out and start running your mouth because it. People gonna ask you questions in if you don't answer on an -- criticized and I I think you got the got to step up there and do the best you can I I trust I -- -- -- will be Agile enough to do present tense now that the young man Oden has been laid to rest I think yeah I think something mid week. I think -- shirt from space them out there in Sacramento California is next on Sports Radio -- -- They -- got turned down look you gotta turn down your radio. It all right you know or put -- -- -- exit is sneak attack no we're gonna put him on hold a navy Mac can explain to him that we have this little new this McNamee -- think about it now we have this new gizmo called a 102 delay we just introduced to sports talk radio Henry and Providence you're next on Sports Radio WEEI. And very -- English or you're not. And I I got a question about where I want to agree with that it was Larry. About what the guys my history or what was want to head. While he was in the -- only that but this -- was 88 child. While he was dishonorable. Woman and him and in these people what could they be figured that -- child was going. We talk about go to Lloyd Henry yeah I I EE. You know some thinking about what he texas' sisters she wakes up she gets the tax like. Like it again we would we can do with Rebecca went right -- they call the police rate is I I don't know there's so much that -- because even as he did not understand what was about to happen in my to have his suspicions but did he ever believed it was gonna go to that extent now blow the eight. -- well but the simple fact he used and it fell. He was probably doing it so look out -- -- -- noted that he was -- somebody so it was probably in -- -- keep I did have trying to. Listen I give up I give him credit for doing that I didn't even know how -- -- keep it could be in this isn't that. I wonder what they were talking about -- -- -- doesn't like his -- -- of life but I I do I try to analyze every circumstance. A -- of what they were talking about comic. Dismiss it I just think this so many other things to think about in this case it's just dissecting and -- -- -- and I have mine now the mindset and like what would you be talking about in the power widget. Widget if Hernandez were the one that was hot -- like we did try to -- come out of it like on May be was that type of guy. You talk about it manually and then the in aid down of the -- also. -- how do you combat unless somebody like ready to kill you how'd you talk a lot of in -- do you like go on. You know I mean what would you do afterward. You probably you know what you do -- you please -- life you plead for. Joseph -- -- -- -- just hearken to the dude I mean yeah I don't know UIIIU. Please for your life in the -- this guy. Hernandez and whoever must've just been such a piece of work that even two days later they refuse to cool down. Like Bob Bob my question a question originally called by the soldiers. Who wouldn't what number but he was 85 or Charlotte ability -- 81 which is moss is all -- memory in its kind of ironic that -- coincidental that those of the two numbers he had Ochocinco when Randy Moss guys who -- problems but not nearly as valid and as a player I don't want that number there have Henry did you were you familiar with the clubs that they went -- -- -- Idle -- the history Errol I I I work that -- I think it's not the clubs -- so often. Like you know violent event. I don't know by name but I know that if -- days. Can I interrupt you for second entering. I'm very priority what you just got through saying I have a wife I have a kids. I'm living -- life in such a way now that I don't know the names of the clubs keep it that way -- a very good point. By the way Providence great town a the -- -- C announcing yet who had a couple stints up both in and out of -- -- both the mayor NSA prisoner of the the commonwealth Ottawa's account with the state of Rhode Island he's got a great job I was down a couple weeks ago when he was on -- and down every state the historic. Biltmore Hotel overnight and that definitely like now. And she was there as well she happened to be there was her birthday party was surprised that we had a great time love Providence. A Boston and miniature many of the many of the attractions. Without the size obviously in the parking problems and everything else. 6177797937. Keep in Boston you're next on Sports Radio W media I -- They -- larger and I don't. Well yeah I don't either real name -- -- -- has and I hope you understand you know what I mean sure. OK I'm excited crib number I moved down here it's my grand -- -- -- about seventeen years gold -- the big I gang -- an okay. -- -- Let's take -- time on this because I want you to explain it to his -- what is a crib member. I'm a -- number. Wow so loved by and so law who almost ready locked and can I did -- -- do you unfortunately. -- 1 thing I am still exchange for -- scores didn't people kind of messed up what needs to -- expert. Against or someone who take up their family it smile would give banks and they Q school. According to a below it now and it's -- for the million dollar deal. You -- in -- he had been at that hole right it is that -- reached a step and you know tell. Yet the woman yet everything he lost it all in one day. And I'll tell you right now -- you're right now crying. Day and night by himself but we're even court. You'll -- you know I mean. Do the tattoos of me anything. It's actually you know all he has been getting -- rights and basically -- is -- article. I -- I can tell you what's happening in the actual rock I would act I can you might -- -- it happened yeah okay he wasn't actually there were talking there were talking. Maybe pick on our eyes and -- -- out you lie and I -- it's big on that it would what I liked wars and they took out. He is guilty. He can accept so -- you can even be the -- is no way how he's going to be case. How do you. How do you find beginning to join. How do you wanna get to where he knows it's either going to -- -- -- -- -- -- sharp eye on next to me when I was 21. Yet when he. So there are no I don't wow well would that be cool my highlight. And ones are to go back to -- my whole life I had a child. And change everything in order. And. But how did you how did you change because some people think that when -- saying you can't. Know what -- change I might harm and that's watching my lights because when you have a child. Basically she's going to be what you want. What surprised you the most about -- -- it again we don't know what what that we don't have the actual truth or anything but just from facts present of what surprised you the most about this case. What part of this case is how big animal Cameron haven't done. How old -- -- -- modest from the past how all of this is all coming to light because. Basically we live in awhile where people talk and basically eat some have been then more things happening and what happened more money what crop. There's a gang -- -- -- -- a gang member have enough power over you that if they call you at 3 o'clock in the morning and say yelled get -- get to grind downstairs -- golfer right. Got to do you. Want a pardon apple aren't you calling people aren't you what you -- you can light so what -- no -- In all of them into. -- -- -- -- whatever he can't change easy he lives he played for the team but. So I you out of a gang situation now the. -- I have ever -- not a -- -- how did you get out. I'm -- and I moved in not being -- and I'll do anything about it and is now. I out of -- Teeth I'm very proud you man I gave -- very very rowdy at 6177797. 937. The problem of course is that in and we talked about last week were only talking about. Obstruction of justice possibility over there were three door possibilities door number one was murder. Door number two is obstruction door number three was maybe. Understanding or consciousness of the act but not really a deep involvement and obviously door number one was there. One that earned Hernandez said decided to pack. Bomb but when you think about this why. -- does anybody but in particular Aaron Hernandez. Get involved were gangs and I guess the easy. Answer is well as father died when he was sixteen and get your mother was a teacher -- -- -- -- that for all intent and purposes at a pretty good life but they were there was violence in the family the stepfather. Actually had to serve some time for stabbing. His mother. In and maybe he was so devastated against the Psycho -- -- one. It's all about needs. And his need was. He needed to find someone. Or some people to connect -- maybe fell. He was betrayed by his mother you know after father died she remarried you know -- it felt betrayed. I only someone he could rely on I can't write about anybody if you ever get the position we you have financially not respect comfortable enough with something in you still have a lot of these issues in the region stuff. Go and try to get some help. Don't wait until it but they don't bore -- hello -- yeah Ronald some of them do RBC this last -- moved out of state. Right and a guy before the formerly proud of -- Providence. He doesn't even he can't even name a club anymore I think that's fabulous right and it goes back to an argument I was interestingly DNC. Along with Kirk and Jerry. The speculating that Fernandez had been draft them all the people who made this comment as well have been drafted by West Coast team that might have been better for him to. Separate himself as Keith did. And -- but that was a ridiculous argument that he still could have brought those Bristol kids in with him that a little bit of pornography. I told you you can take two people on a plane and drop them with a parachute the middle of the country. In each would find -- wave to win ever comfort zone. They had some guy Michael often set up a business our work at Home Depot and work his way back up and say Bonnie again established. And another guy I don't know how what happens but they turn on the GPS. In the fine but effort troubled area there is. In that state in they'll find it that wherever you go there I am -- I think -- -- unity -- -- 617779. 7937. Into the eighteenth tee decks and look at the couple those -- coming up at 37937. We'll take a break where your fell telephone calls coming up on Sports Radio W media. 6177797937. Our tax line having some my technical. Problems -- you banging on an earlier you do like a text remedies Trenton. May ever get negative -- I could -- a lot of Bob Kraft might and then. You know I think that term accountability we used earlier in the program and -- did come on this showed today. Ready to deliver on playing against Bob crap you're already brought part of the TVs in -- you told delegates at -- -- -- -- your right but the more I thought about it or him inside the very could you. Insight from one John from -- got me thinking about. You know here we are we we ripped John Henry for being conspicuous by his absence a couple of years ago in the midst of the Francona firing. We like accountability from our leaders be in sports or anyplace else. We thought about the CEO from a National Grid a couple of years ago missing in action. During that whole problem with power outages you were victim of a power outage for quite some time where you war. And you know you don't have to you have to give answers as much as just provide. A presence that reassurance and you know I understand this was a difficult thing to do. The press release that it was the right thing to do. I'm gonna extend that Bob Kraft. The right thing to do is to provide. A public. Residence you need to talk in person. Do not talk -- Stacey James and some press release and I think if Bob Kraft is the role model for team ownership. If he's the guy that is set that bar very high which I believe he adds. I admire him greatly I think he needs to do that for himself for the organization. And for everybody else involved 6177797937. If we can reconnect your hatred -- for battle -- to Africa. Not what are by should even be routed fried I would if I should even be going to -- estimate for my anniversary. Nick in Sacramento you're next on Sports Radio we I think we got to now neck. You do armor wearing a Little League World Series they're all our start. I can call because -- work a law enforcement and have all of this case first of all graded the total pot and strong -- city and surrounding communities -- -- -- you got to be in terms so much but everything else but I can't commanders cities. And yours communities where you don't okay. You know it -- you know it's it's I'm glad you mentioned that because. We do have very short memories sometimes. And on the front page yesterday's globe we're -- of course concerned with -- Aaron Hernandez. The picture I saw first was -- high enough that these surviving brother. Who was indicted on thirty counts in the in the wake of the -- the bombings let's not forget them very good point what is your title for it and you know in -- row -- for for a different job. A outlook it is stripper -- -- -- more telling if you don't whipped her underwear embossed on here so I -- in court electoral itself sort of par record of working full. -- -- -- -- -- Maximum security prison. And what I mean by that and looked at interstate cart -- -- and departure got a match you setbacks in America and functional last week in Reno Nevada. And when you see the thing -- that your -- -- my dad earlier and I knew you can educate yourself that you teacher and -- Nude picture or what you what you guys in the -- today. For example you can budget faction of getting a ticket director earlier that -- doctor not a please okay you have been working -- Mexican Mexican has grown to -- media but -- McCain -- you have to sell rating euros which is that you are for sure -- -- war. Thirteen Mexican Mafia. But -- you have crips and bloods which are facts and also -- country of course unfortunately General McChrystal were blue the blue Butler director traction at all. Now that article that came before I think we mentioned by somebody don't know much about data on -- bill that would -- earlier in the broadcast and -- -- somebody talking about possibly. But the one thing the NFL our communities colleges high school expects to start doing it. These banks are either very young age you see there. The different factions start out -- 111213. Simple -- in the attack to a simple trick or -- on and no -- this simple mark into many of these different actions and -- do you see. It's start early gentlemen I hate to tell it's pretty it's very sad -- it comes from not only -- race. And environment. But a lot of kids who want Emeka. A name for themselves or noticed in that I walk around and look at right now -- and Oakland California. But no matter where you're you can be approached were part of what you see the gang war can ever work you know saying. And there was like a gang language. -- -- -- -- worked so what did he would like to tear drops mean. What what looks like tear drops. Able -- keep your drops the future drop somebody and it's your it's your C I audit two or. Higher. Brothers -- and it is it's on his -- areas looking at my eating at a photo of. -- the finger at okay that we take into Detroit OK it's your job is gonna present facts and the first boy to tiger again Gregor. And allegedly -- -- ethnic groups are getting better gang affiliation -- -- return her -- which. You let -- be validated data to be validated within the system through investigation. Entered -- campaign to become validate that very important thing you wanna know what you're investigating today. OK so. You know these people think you carry you a -- -- on your body I mean -- give an example if you go to a job these days whether it's called force where you wanna go work sure. And -- her job. They're gonna ask you what they're attacking me and what they do what you believe everything Joba law enforcement can't have even liked that you like that for example. In Massachusetts you can you can smoke a cigarette or a smoker it to the condition of organized resort say that's some somebody -- like that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think about it I'm figuring out her name out of a California reported to be a good personal pocket for -- and order original book in particular -- to Cripple Creek. -- -- -- If he looked up sucked into their grip by way of life okay better and better -- going to grow up you know that are not don't know. Knowing you can actually get these and Paul got a lot of -- we'll talk about it most accurate in the background I did this and not even the white gangs out Erica you have skinheads you have. All these different things these different supremacy -- In 88. You know there's all -- -- repeated an educator so very simple Google all these different things. What does that what does that tattoo showing from four aces. And in two dice does that mean anything TO. Look at the finger -- for a secure died at the number let me give an example exactly that we never seen a one a probably looked up after -- are at fault. But he didn't example number take the number 276. Writes simple numbers right right and take the alphabet number two would be. Kevin UG. Number six did aspects yet we're PG out and what that the government at this example -- know the minority -- black -- fairway. Mood today at thirteen for amateur. I'm certainly get informed and have a connection mafia then number 141 or when you see where it struck Familia and after the Dayton racetrack -- Account to different I mean that's in the -- out. You know it's so they all have different things connected with electric for example in the Bay Area -- they have. Do we call before -- -- -- five cents -- -- here in Oakland in this area format now. Is dependent in Austin and I went six appearance Sacramento. BP -- people -- number isn't it something you'd think that they're hiding its own thing but obviously you know. I'm now they're -- go to different direction for you for a second you're you're familiar with the corrections at Folsom. County prison at the place for Johnny Cash -- -- famous Contra years ago. But anyway. It was not Paulson county prison. If this bailout also notable for match security was not -- Johnny Cash have a big concert -- in late sixties maybe it was false and counting I caught it or not only adjustments on the had a concert there anyway that's. Not what I wanted to ask next stop for a second the only one who can -- take -- subject often some -- I just I was just interest but anyway my point is what will life be like 3000 miles -- for Aaron Hernandez. Right now in in county lockup in later in state prison will he be exposed. -- the general population all of this be a very lonely and isolated solitary life for Aaron Hernandez. Well here's a bit better whole thing -- -- that general -- has generated the county level now excited not get special treatment but unfortunately he will eventually. Have to get special treatment at some capacity be go to the state level the reason why it's one thing in any kind of -- shall setting county or state level. Its safety and security. Not only they get secured for people working there. But for the people who were incarcerated follow me on that. So did David being called PC protective custody at and why the -- sent to the need York. That it needed they don't they wouldn't know it doesn't understand that affect. The -- that it need to look at for -- every every inmate -- -- -- every inmate at a rajat sort of player -- work at Arnold that they know what someone -- -- and it's what I would air and it goes there in that order -- -- of what he repeated run away. If you look that -- -- inner beauty only here and it doesn't matter if if you look back screen by the sock thrower. You're not that it John Boehner beaten her more stock market somewhat got to try to -- to hear what they're really back 10 yeah you always end. -- -- net -- to -- talk a little doubt what apple butter and interpret. -- army -- and any deeper into the picture. Note on your life goes from being. Somebody New York street you know personally or what you late and a dollar and execute worker job you can go to prison. Your life is basically. On the line. Everything you do it looked that monitor not by the people correctly like millions. The actual intimate and so while and believe me when he killed these people. For example the way he did it allegedly electoral excellent start to say he did it not if they're the execution style. If you. Heard a trial court saying that you can relate to that operate on it they're different levels that they won't get out these inmates they're brought in and true they call reception center. And from that point -- Aaron Hernandez eventually get the plane got to beat. But even though he's -- that he -- and -- it doesn't matter because it can be used. Smallest guy and there are the biggest underdog between you know it's being -- if your -- And we were imprisoned it doesn't matter to me from the street because you can the president all the politic you can't walk and -- complexity York. The December -- what aspect of Naples say that most of the Boston whatever. You don't want that you're particularly dark 180 degree guitar or they can't crossover and -- out of a curriculum or -- kindergarten you don't say. Now hey nick or nick we gotta go I hope your car back again next week but -- LOK by me or is prison life is bad is it's depicted in like that -- he's his -- I think he just said he doesn't happen now. The goal early in life is the -- -- elect okay. Everything you do -- -- -- -- -- -- sell the -- your -- why don't you don't get extra fruit market you don't indexer everywhere everything. You have the ability -- -- anymore located there right away to prison because the state to get them delivered in a big strong men and women both. That that they operate in the truck running in there the politics what you have to do to survive -- somewhat to that -- courses and a parent entity -- somebody that's what. You can Apatow Robert etiquette and -- Absolutely it is a you know I tell you the show you -- -- -- back OK forget it forget about scared straight -- great series in the late ninety's. I'm Rick -- in the as a matter of fact former Celtic and life as you know it has ended. For -- Hernandez well I like what he said because what happens is if you bring in the big dog. And -- due to target you bring up you take out the big dogs are then you get more credit right. And they have nothing to lose and it's amazing I mean you know but this does -- with this photo -- front page of The Herald just they've got all these tattoos. Am being mean something. Whether or not the patriots were up paying attention and not who knows but we want to continue that roll back. Imagine memoir and many you're in a one point eight million dollar Horrow who syndicate one of the best move forward and got a swimming pool in the back -- a waterfall. And how are you wake him up to in a seven by ten cell and what amazes me the most -- used to go to court with with with some kids trying to help -- stuff is. That is due to man who you can't tell them not that this is their world their life they're gonna do what they wanted to do. And all of a sudden when you get caught in you are sitting in a courtroom. You lose every right you ever had me and you candy you can go to bathroom he can't you can't do anything without permission so you've gone through life for you read total independence and empowerment to do anything you wanted. And now doing now. It it was usual -- They have that in eight days. The state police the Attleboro police. In the district attorney corporate accounting tool a map that kind of data. In eight days to show of the matter resource base bat and the great effort that went into it and if they're playing it entirely by the book. It's breathtaking what they put together in a decade in the end and that was all the dying the jury to eight let the public know. That we believe we have the murder the murder not out there. We believe we have that big group that well at least we -- we believe we have the person that orchestrated the execution -- End end end then and NB -- we're gonna treat this like every other case in other words. We're we're not saying get in any kind of a special treatment he had been brought everything they had and and at their point -- If they did it. At the bail out remember this all came out yeah. It would have been a minute one minute arraignment but the issue of bail. You know -- tragedy that -- apparently a not guilty OK here's the next date July 24. But that used to be heard secretary commonwealth wanna be heard on -- yes we do -- when it all came out they wanted him held without bail because they didn't want him. Out there in any way trying to in influenced. The investigation. Terry -- you know -- DNC. You know once emphasizes and crystallizes say. Very. Labyrinth the -- legal issue the way Harry. -- and speaking of guys. Who can do well now maybe Tom and -- Euronext has worked radio WB. He's always heard from the defense I would about the prosecution side did they execute this with the brilliance there may just said they did. -- well it's always good we have on the defensive brilliance of the prosecution. Had just -- It's limited to talk about all the bothered -- and I also want to just touch on Doc Rivers but two things stood out to me about the whole thing. You go back. You know it's funny because I know especially my birds were upset about this hoping initially in terms of that Hernandez situation. Your boys both he and fellow state prosecutor lenient silence telling us sounds like you're getting mad at you now yeah I I didn't know what you may yet gang members. Right bad. We need to let that. He comes out this notice I mean again -- Italian toll it. He had he turns instead it's -- these coming up to blow -- that the number one thing that's developed me -- you know again whether. A tough guy and I and the second thing is that it's amazing how well -- within just the amount -- -- without and so many of these top guys what they turn and so. The ad deputy shot I believe was almost done this -- am talking about his situation. It is explaining to what is going to be the point where enough and indeed that apparently he doesn't have any questions and it took them -- like what I wanna do right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyway but you know I I was fast and I'm glad you brought that I was fascinated cherish -- asked the question and ESPN Hodgson was very. Willing to answer they were based -- what forty was gonna eat. Or clearly wasn't going to be on the yeah I don't get much attention so -- -- -- -- this as an excuse. You the president put it was mentally and I -- should guys yeah. Implemented at the. You can't have that governor great call by the original objective about crept up my question is what Urban Meyer and although it. And they didn't need to make that silence is deafening and what's really troublesome about this is -- -- Belichick have this phenomenal relationship. And it didn't begin until what was wrong with these guys on the -- I mean I don't know how many men were problem that I had been mired down in Florida. And had sued the question about you have. Hernandez he let the bed -- -- with -- plant and the palm upward from my Connecticut. I'm glad to let you know his act together and he was on the net gain wolf for a -- By the way interesting reading I highly recommend Christopher prices piece on the Urban Meyer Bill Belichick relationship. Mr. price very perceptive -- says it's time to end. That particular relationship. It is a different kind of popular. Stayed I don't know I kind of thought. Attended doubted that we do lunch -- -- -- -- you do want the point about the so -- that was brought up Garnett. The patriots. Am I -- gentlemen we have been listed. He would cut right so let me in Britain and she's got together -- -- going to look at it. The simple fact that you -- that that's who we're gonna -- him you agree -- the plant and equipment for anybody to -- great of course I -- You have to let them. I hope to see -- at the standard and until that one of the key and you need the amount of money involved. You can just simply make a tremendous. Hit and and then basically just issue a written statement. But like that to -- that doesn't troublesome to kind of -- just like something I want you could. -- Yeah. And then and now he's not and yeah. -- my name. Right I believe that this is -- the -- but let -- -- let me ask you this though as they as a a lawyer as an alleged lawyer. More. Good at it as guilty as charged forget alleged did you pass -- -- did you past the hour you were sitting at about. As the ball I fell out and out and be serious for a minute don't know if you're James sultan the defense attorney. William Connelly. What how how I'm not saying he shouldn't -- -- -- anything of course T shirt but how much would you want craft and to come out say right now. Well mr. reporting that -- is still putting pieces together. To tyranny. I run into possibly opening comments I want them there -- simply -- and what I did not embassy. Sympathy left and you have good equipment. And would that could send an agreement and what -- kind of work around. And we did -- and I haven't had the crowd around the Asia. I guess I guess I'm asking you is. I agree he should come out and say we're distraught we -- prayers to the family yadda yadda yadda. But I don't understand how much more he could say neat because the cases in the process of being developed. I got pretty good idea you have to realize OK and I'm sure that all that stuff would then I'm. With the -- slippery -- and you can put. And you you know -- I've -- at this and Christian and it have to be dealing somehow that. Empathy but it wouldn't let him that you don't out of the happiest people that kind of position you're right taking advantage of it until it you're right. And. I'm the only and that money involved in politics. I might -- don't -- that and then -- and -- outlook saying yet do something wrong. I feel especially bad because dad yeah I'm proud of that -- -- -- that I have been MP BE live at the end of the picture. And some big desk and has. To not step out into -- women can't would you. He didn't -- limited access -- -- -- -- little round. In the midst of pledged to do it happened in each and that it. Negotiations. But that. -- Acumen of Bill Clinton in the history of the senate. And we couldn't find banquet. Now that our -- senator Tom -- thank you I have I wanted to know. I'm not disputing that he shouldn't get up I just wanna know what what should he say that's a -- 61777979371. Miguel mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI.

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