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Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson -- The Shocking Events that Led to the Arrest of Aaron Hernandez (Part 2)

Jun 29, 2013|

Craig and Larry discuss the arrest of Aaron Hernandez and his alleged involvement in the murder of Odin Lloyd. They discuss the rumors of Hernandez' gang involvement, the gang and gun culture in the U.S. and the effect all of this will have on the Patriots, the community and Bob Kraft.

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It has ban in earth shattering around -- king. Just cracked foundation terrible week week and a half or so -- Boston sports -- Bruins. Losing in the Stanley Cup finals seemingly controlled the 21 lead. Celtics are losing a coach and there are two franchise players. That happened the last couple days of course Miami with the help of former Celtic Ray Allen. The shot of the year the three Warner saved the eight in game six they went on to win it game seven all kinds of things. Happenings surrounding in swirling about. Boston sports none bigger of course than the arrest. Premeditated first degree murder for Aaron Hernandez a couple of days ago in shocking fashion today in the Boston Globe story Larry. -- by Ben Howland who I am not familiar with. And this is the headline patriots were quote take you back. By murder charge they had no idea. That would ever get to that level and that's we've avenues that term a lot that level the nth degree what this animation. That makes sense because if they did then they would -- you know pony up the contract that -- obviously that was a contract given to a guy who they thought it found himself it was. Making good decisions and going about things nicely right in a lot of discussion on the last couple days some of -- Hernandez discussion has subsided on this radio stations certainly. Lots of controversy surrounding docs departure to the clippers and now the blockbuster trade to -- one with Garnett and appears involved and that of course coming up at 1 o'clock. Again kudos and I -- -- here blowing smoke. In the direction of our program director Jason wolf if it does I mean he is it true visionary he says -- a psychic he knew. When others didn't that the Celtics summer cooler. Would have term and its value. This summer of Paul Summers. And denigrated Macs in studio for the first time. Since the show began they'll be together in our studios here brightness they break down actually -- -- are you kidding me again. Where is Randy this guy in New York. He's an ark yes they refused to get that VOK -- -- the -- we can't actually sit together in the same room outward -- So Max will be here right there yeah -- that are powered players in Barkley yeah I remember those power David former Celtic play by the name man I don't -- at this in the -- -- there was a touch of class this week. Something I can't remember the longest time of the team anyway but Chicago black mark Stanley Cup winners -- a full page -- Thanking the city of bosh then classy city it in the hole played out of the coach too I liked it. I like everything about when the playoffs -- accept them lose and obviously we don't want a well fought. I'm no whining no complaining or anything it really was in danger or your bowl wait for the 2013. Season to end any we've had discussions. Over the last several weeks about. The NHL vs the NBA as far as the ratings were concerned. And you might see this and captain's -- I did I did I thought you know and I don't know I'm not -- all I think you're right you're all right -- -- -- -- -- -- at all as a matter of fact because you look at things. Little bit more. Parochial late and I do I at times ago. The heat spurs series which did very well nationally. Had a six point two in Boston it was the 54. Fourth. Rate at 54 highest rating in the country now Boston is the ninth market night television market -- the 54. Rating as far as all the markets there were watching the heat in the spurs Boston came in fifty ports -- -- right no one cared about it around year. Nationally the the heat in spurs did very well about triple the ratings. That the Blackhawks Bruins got an MBC's actually thrilled. What what they got they guys you're great rating the great rating you know -- higher rating believe it or not that NBC you think that the broadcast channel. NBC proper would have a higher rating the NBC sports network actually did much better. Then NBC property which I was kind of surprised so people really into the series and the great thing about it is Larry. There is no that it is no bitter taste in anybody's mouth. Despite the fact they went down and you know neighbors are stunning fashion injury I shouldn't be -- plan -- with the shoulder. You wanna bring up that -- Thomas discussion again. Do you think that Rask left the team down -- and tellingly after you I'd like -- said there was no bitterness views of its competitiveness and there was no repercussion what you wish you can't rate players instantly equals the sales but our. All I'll say is that Thomas had spectacular. Moments. And I said this at the time that I thought he singlehandedly. Delivered a championship. To the Bruins in 2011. In retrospect number number seventeen in the players' Larry who played a mat team two years ago played on this team. I think a lot more to do with the players in front of both goaltenders and you looked at a very tired -- that first Chicago goal in game six. That was -- that was a -- coming up -- looked awful it would Dana I'm updating about it I but the reason I don't like comparing players like that is always in Europe like New York we have to report the government now. I think that we always played zero Soledad not at all I -- -- really was just right promised close the sale and that it. You can't take that away from him Bartow what we -- admit though. That and I know Danny's. Sitting there somewhere and Buzzards Bay right now ready to call yet he wants you to finish his own first -- and I did so -- it's safe to call -- finish my morning breakfast. You have to admit. The Chicago Blackhawks. Proved to be a much more formidable opponent than Vancouver couple years ago totally melted down this bracket -- Or the penguins the twins. Up I don't such -- and I accept each. Or verdict as it comes down -- was the Bruins one Thomas was spectacular that Nike sticks -- -- every barks whatever way as the re bark. -- eighty maiden in the photo it was a phenomenal moment and nothing will replace that. This was a great rate series for the agers. Now from what they -- Pittsburgh to me it's unbelievable that's -- I know I did great but you know what I I just think that really turned out to be less about the Bruins in the finals -- more about how resilient and how -- the Blackhawks proved to be about but don't -- seventeen seconds I mean Bruins had a chance to wrap them up I was at that moment is furious that they've allowed -- Politico. Are you are you first of -- don't have time. Got what he says that -- right -- that he got that there are writing an -- and we. Definitely -- we've got to get into more out of the of the celtics' -- Trade situation because it needs to be discussed. We're just giving people an opportunity to. To discuss the Hernandez thing and -- as much closure is -- it bring to it for now well for now because I think the key phrase there is for now -- they tie him into -- and into the far it's it's going to be a mess even for over John and that way you're next up for my -- Johnson. I didn't call about guns that. That -- -- as we speak about three football field away in patriot place that's what people are buying by the -- Go to lose a gun show over there. I ever heard about pro -- That's true you know you know it's so funny he's like I take my kids in that I'm a patriot like John you're so right you're so right take my kids in there oh yeah let's put out side job -- kind of -- that they Salomon that it would just -- -- -- Now let me let you mentioned a word that we should focus on. And I can't remember or watched -- About word accountability. Where are mister Kraft and mr. Belichick to anyone -- out of town. How can. Not hit that while boarding and doing real well and be the biggest disaster in the history of -- in the -- shouldn't. The owner and the guy running the game show up -- and take charge answer a few -- I -- dictate -- no they didn't do they mean they have the speak you have to hear from that judge your absolutely right you're making a and number of excellent points. You know what it. -- just finished because I figure you're right you're on a -- that I just -- just jump in for a second I think John just phrase something so brilliantly. This is the biggest disaster in the franchise history probably the biggest disaster in NFL history you only need one of the more prominent leaders. What's that job. Yeah and you know what people have a right away okay what happened when we have the power black got a couple years ago in the guy's not from Nstar what's the other company. I know America let's say it at that. What's gonna come but I was I'm big east and -- they'll target my -- probably the guy I was on vacation was a camera was a woman CEO but they did not come back and take charge that this is what you need leadership now but the difference is the storm was still going on -- -- this -- what -- -- that -- Let let me let me suggest and this -- maybe. Outrageous of me to bring it up -- and AB let's say the culture ought to be asked. Two questions. Number one what did you know number two when did you know. Sounds very familiar I heard that my employment in the I. Just a second John reasonable to. I think I know -- -- wait a minute guys China Europe Richards and I wanna know what a lot of weight OK eight in how are you been watching Belichick press conferences. And I'm and I and I -- an end and let let's turn that let's turn the attention to. The media. Now you know what's gonna happen when this first step press conference someone collapsed from about -- and that and what -- -- -- -- can tell me and I know and everybody. We only so we only I give him that we only discussed players who have on the team. Yeah that's and they quickly cut -- well perhaps you know on their knees they will. Not. I or outlets that lets out about -- important what you get on urgent. I mean that's a level more Odyssey at the crap out and that John you are our lap dog. That Barrett a mass murderer who work at this company someone ought to be accountable and explain. What our. They say -- know what happened. Well let iPod and hey at least that the public -- Hillary what they had on Aaron Hernandez going to have you. Illegally but it is they can't get dragged into this thing legally you gotta you've got elected. Judicial system. Like how. Now that the family -- -- -- -- right now I understand that -- I would not be surprised if if patriot. You know you can choose a trial lawyer right now about why that's the big thing is the accountability is out the window and yet John your song right. You know people flock or what -- they loaded. Not to allow casino -- them here -- it in one Kleiman box. As I as guy's amazing. You know what he is right in I would if not you know that I respect I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That they did nothing was ever. Picked up by any of them with regard -- his players aren't letting them -- And I don't know what you could in the story breaks like what -- you -- well I know one guy they'll be as -- very loyal Connecticut kid he'll be returning his Hernandez Jersey to the pro shops and I'm all I have is to share Jersey says he's not in your next on Sports Radio WEEI. Morning gentlemen you know what that car is absolutely right I mean these. The the ownership. The head of the organization it will gladly come out and be there when championships are won does celebrate whatever but. Something like -- yeah they need to be out there and put their face then and -- Show that there are you know I don't know to. Until it got out and. -- -- Well maybe they did it look like OK let's release the statement and and move and everyone's okay here you want. I thought that again that they claim. It is a second did you think they sat down with his with the prosecutor currently in the -- in a McCauley and and the -- and and endgame sultan of defense attorney. Ain't got the body OK give me the 41 month on this exactly tell me what happened. No not now I don't think they did honestly don't know anymore than you would cap probably. But isn't there right police stop. With the patriot way I mean I really don't understand that I don't even know what is what is it the -- It was always at least while I understood you -- you -- -- -- debris and high character guys they're gonna help you win. It end and not avenue -- no fighting whatever. But now you bring in after Cory Dylan looked absolutely coach stuff that you bring in Randy Mott and and work dilemma you -- May I give a lot of guys a talented guy and afford. What round was a great pick up however now -- your system for a couple years -- -- evaluate him and for them to commit that kind of dollars without. You know I mean. I agree with you I agree with you there aren't particularly you know check. He is quite negative. And is now. That's why it's such -- why it's a tragic flaw because the hubris is it you. You propelling herself to the top with that hubris and you can go just as quickly the other way with -- -- thing I don't like about ballot check is that you -- it. Talked to him if he doesn't want to be part of moderate this year and this should be a moment when he should be able to get you have to be capital remember this guy has not been. The you know they still have a trial coming up everything saw how much can you can become mountains that. Our view is that you can't because you have to. To protect yourself. Well hold on a second there is a way. Certainly Bob Kraft understands how to do it there's a way to step up in front of the podium. And talk to the media in a public forum and say what that you can say some bank and they -- you're surprised at what we tell me what you would affect the this just being honest say that we fought this young man was clear of his past and we made -- will we thought was a prudent to say it it's a -- statement that we feel we've done the right thing by. Hunting Aaron Hernandez a statement. You he's the leader of this franchise he's one of the most important owners in the national fulfill they don't have all of the fact that. -- -- that they Larry I mean and country have a clip in there somewhere where where we're at -- signed his contract he made up. It is yeah without the dollar donation believed to their crap on me yes like that. And he could hear aircraft they like the although loud you know really didn't have to deal that is totally committed to this kid. And then number -- -- initial they had some some issues with the Texaco and you know you didn't know where you know his background to craft -- that last summer. OK he was pretty blatantly honest about it then. He doesn't have to be -- not to go over every last legal nuance here but I think he should say something other than through a press release. I agree I agree got to put but based that the mean there there's a couple of days and they have to be. Very. You know know about the bland and protecting the -- all. All I hate when people use that word I cannot stand there and rain -- I ran out of it now just as concerned about they let people like Seymour grow and they left while pro ball and they let these are real Carrick. Players -- Mean since he Marcy flew all the way back across country. It doesn't play for the team and what happened when he did that I aircraft funeral -- what happened when he flew back from his his own relatives funeral he showed up late for -- I developed equipment and play benched him which was one of most disgraceful lowest moment. In a guy's grandfather. Die he mentored him because -- zone dad at some ads that issues that was killed killed by corporate and right. In getting back Belichick and company -- understood that well you know what the irony is and you've heard over the last week you know perhaps if Richard Seymour was Stuckey was still around to have influence or Mike -- any of these guys. The veteran leadership there really was the heart and soul of this team. Was sadly -- -- of what do you review what do you say about Brady -- you say about world for what do you say about -- I don't know if people like that I do think it's beyond that I don't know if Tedy Bruschi for. As greater person as he is could have done any thing. To the other thing is prevent this got to wonder that we -- -- and -- will be listened to and you know he went. And and that's the whole point that it's beyond any kind of fassel's yeah official explanation sure west it's reported that he got mad at the guy because he was speak talking to people in Vienna beef -- In these simmered for two days to kill the guy right. I don't think getting up anybody could attracted you know and I've tapped its some of the great psychologists in the area and -- -- -- completely flummoxed -- -- -- -- army 67779. 79 37 it's mustard and Johnson on Sports Radio WEEI. You know all of that is what's called does it circumstantial. Evidence does it rather than direct direct evidence is when you see somebody do something. If somebody was there to say yeah I saw someone pulled the trigger that's called direct evidence circumstantial evidence -- things which you you make an implication from. So the fact that they were together. Shortly before they this crime allegedly occurred. That is evidence that puts them puts Aaron Hernandez and the -- the victim in this case together that's part of what the prosecution's case is. And that's part of but you would -- if they couldn't put it together that would be a big gob -- for the defense. But the fact that they do have them together is sending that -- is going to have to be explained. As Roger Cossack John ESPN. Explaining. The very uphill climb. That's Michael -- in the defense has 41 Aaron Hernandez meanwhile the funeral for 27 year old victim. -- -- Lloyd is going on this morning at the church of the holy spirit. In -- pan elect Oreo and whose -- Motorola -- don't worry just trying. And man. -- -- -- -- You read it understand it and present it as actually use and I appreciate that my mind goes a little bit deeper in the sense that. I put myself in the first place in terms whose place you being older older and -- -- myself what was going on in his mind in the news in the backseat. Well I mean -- -- any out here Pincus is certainly understood says something bad is about that to be can be mean I couldn't Aaron just have. I don't guess -- I keep going back to. Equally I don't get it I'm not wiped out way I don't know on this you can be man outline why are we fascinated. -- crime TV shows fascinated by a mob pictures like the godfather and goodfellas because it's a world. We really don't understand and we can live minute vicariously. The will never. Understand it's an attraction fascinated by it but it's a movie that you can feel comfortable by and I know people get mad at me look at new media. In the ministry and like goodfellas -- but I but I realize it is a movie I do realize that but life and death situations that it's totally -- we're fascinated by those characters and we can watch that movie we can quote the lines over and over again because it's so realistic it's based on. A memoir by a guy Henry Hill that was involved in those activities very realistic it's -- -- -- and so character -- -- about not at all not you know there can get into a speaking of the godfather -- Tom -- seems to be there on a regular basis top Robert Duvall. But we are fascinated in you know last week we had mentioned this -- course the the great actor. James Gandolfini who played Tony Soprano died of heart attack at age 51. -- why did that show and you were in a big fan of it. Did watch it much but it captivated America for on nearly ten years. And there was something. You know again the vicarious. Whistling past the graveyard fascination. With the app world that life. And you know I think we are then you are obviously a perfect example that you're trying to put yourself. In an old Lloyd choose in that moment why what is the appeal. Of that story why you so fast and while that's -- television. And violent movies are all but don't we do in the situation human being we do you have the ability to transfer. Are wrong he motions to -- now stands -- Ayers thing -- the Texas as the did you -- UN -- it was a that's it that's his semen out of one of those crime movie exactly -- Texas sister is my last couple words to his sister was did you see -- left where it. -- now was his way of saying. Anything NFL and I think -- the last linemen and so you know the difference is murderers and crime movies and TV shows are much better about covering culture acts are. -- -- guys fire let's go to Hollis in West Springfield is next of mustard and Johnson -- -- I guess it's that they -- like all things not all of them but the -- -- -- -- -- -- on the track. But good electing quality I think. -- -- fact that there -- what I was gonna say in its current as Robert -- that the billionaire. That he -- fifteen and and it's that the -- their actual general manager. Because Bill Belichick admits -- -- -- the outlook and word in the Ochocinco and you know now that is strapped philosophy with an and that is blown up. And believe it until but it that the trouble. Is that -- that we picked up a look at it as a problem once and quit because of the ticket it. That's a very good question you know so finally though and and -- -- our producer. The bride and a a sheet from ranking NFL -- NFL arrest. Since 2000 in -- since the year 2000 there have been 640. Arrests in the NFL. The page Minnesota leads which Saudi the Bengals were 39. In the patriots likely have. Fourteen is is you do understand UF fishing in -- With a bunch of individuals who have been pampered and coddled and in some cases they use their athletic ability. To get out of our very bad lifestyle. That's the late you have to efficient if you wanna get some of these players. Well there's one other point I -- -- in Iraq to right yet. The problem that is why this political -- it cannot Aaron Hernandez signed the contract. Yeah an ultra cool part of on an NFL franchise. Child that but -- a lot of -- Sing it you know what don't I I don't really in China I don't. Hot it is just me talking I don't give a -- about what the guy was gonna do this year and how much they needed him could rock was out not like. I am that the reason this crime is so horrific to me if he did it. Is the brutality. Of the beat the they're planning of it and -- Let can you imagine getting your friend this is a friend get a friend out of our car. And end a New York blast the guy three times and then you roll them over ensure that another two times I mean this says this isn't saying to me. That the great point and probably the last thing I would say it if you did what -- in effect that that is the most with my thought that they were quite sensible. When we're talking about Islam. This is I don't know how to play in Iraq total in the NFL and in the practice squad and everything. But you take that longer and a small percentage of society. In with society in Darlington. We had reporters. In the last twenty or fifteen years there has. It involved in the murder situation has great crew -- -- -- -- Allegedly. And that it Aaron Hernandez allegedly and you know that a lot for small who was the play like that. And and you know it it didn't disturbing. Well yeah like that we have -- so -- in. All in any English fluently itself. It to us -- if you add three teams in the NFL you would still have a certain percentage of people on those teams. They gravitate. To it is as Craig said they Aaron powered they have a hubris about them that there they become invincible. In this that's from a little bit of a problem on Iran when -- see you see these young kids now they -- videos government they were playing properly -- junior high and high school. If you have eaten it all goes back to. I projector desire graduate course and not on church history and I asked the professor said what's the one. Bread that you profound and or your studies and in all of the stuff -- the church in everything he says power and money. In the bottom line is if you want the money then you have to have a power and you get a power by winning. In a lot of these college coaches and in the likened the reason they do the things that they do is because they want the power of waning because it means getting a bigger crime. It goes back to the very first story what -- -- say do not -- from the tree of knowledge and we've been trying to ethernet tree of knowledge and immortality for a long time and the players how much money you -- players do not understand -- you know going back to what Hollis that quoting scripture and -- -- well -- it's a great story anyway. Drink a cautionary tale right from the get go well you know Arco and in the pattern is continued right up with that ever says is some truth -- -- you know it's funny statistically. I think in in this off season. The number of arrests. NFL players don't have the exact numbers about 3% of the entire. Population in the National Football League players on car rosters 3%. Of the car rosters have been arrested this year. Okay the crime rate in this country's about 3% of the general population itself it does mirror our society. But when you have. Such a heinous crime like first degree murder which is the biggest debt tableau we have this discussion yesterday speaking of the Bible go to exodus. What's the most important of the ten commandments I always thought it was love thy neighbor but it may be thou shall not commit murder. If affecting work and he affiliations with gang members or currently that we have to make sure will -- many units that. That there aren't issues around rival gang members as we have a lot of people who -- -- yourself. Back to create security. Concern for us. That is -- the county sheriff Thomas Hodgson he's been on -- numerous. Outlets on ESPN when Jeremy shaft bomb went. DNC and this radio station I thought very open. And accessible about information and just what kind of life. Then Aaron Hernandez will lead in the short term and most likely in the long term as well remember that debt that TV especially at -- it's straight or -- from the seventh man I'm telling you about you know. They just a quick shot out to a very deal listener John Fowler he's over and -- He's dad's a stage four cancer and he's undergone surgery and everything it from them Austin Johnson show where jobs -- praying for you when we wish him nothing but the best absolutely 6177797937. We'll head over to Cambridge where John is standing by -- I met ally yet. You guys -- the best in the business hand down. The and I caught him personally hate that the other news flash one segment ago I mean it is really hysterical. The Democrat Barack trying to gain is much used as they Canada's -- exchange admitted steroids aren't we brought it serial killer alleged serial killer and community but -- what we'll -- we'll let you -- Here's what I have to let people how they don't let people know that they can exchange. Yeah I mean that the crowd start to remind me of that PT Barnum justice. And respect for one person this past week is gonna stop. Tony but the one person -- gain respect -- is Al Davis. Because it could be something he was the blood and you know I mean he. Gizmodo -- just win baby do whatever it takes to win. It but he he's part of that being back big -- image on the West Coast. And that and the patriots are on the East Coast. You know they get spy -- they even got a -- got busted for cheating. Had a huge -- and a number one draft to. From the crowd don't do anything about it I can bring in this this. Alleged -- murdering your premier Bob presence. And then there and not cried out you expound on those tattoos don't wanna derailment to. Brought to a -- that relies on -- day epidemic gang member to right I'd be caller -- Matt has some creek street -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you can tell somebody approach on the consequences of the decisions in five minutes later equipment powered people and go out anyway I will never again a -- but he doesn't. -- -- he used to lock them up there all kind of hang out in portable Leo right field goal like yet fake ID during the Mardi Gras or throwing out there like that we'll all. Without him up like that and not gang bang out there. That is a rabbit do I guess is -- a former new brake constantly tattoos yeah seriously. Expect that deck of cards right -- it's so funny when John was being -- a little facetious asking me of all people I'm being funny. But you know what in -- I was giving the crafts enveloped Jack in the organization a little bit of slack by saying well. Sometimes you just really can't. See the red flags here -- the red flags -- I'm looking at the front page of yesterday's Boston -- about bird man there they all are about apartment all that's you know I don't know. I mean you like to -- column Pepco 'cause that's when it looked like -- government that obviously people like the burning man I had no idea what might never joking about it object where would try to maligned but the point is. Does it. I know people think from the patriots suck up which is apps from their absolutely correct ludicrous -- Enjoy that team -- out -- that I've met Bob Kraft in the ran. -- to -- I don't warrant is next Middle Eastern -- wash your hands up and shake -- and like Dick. And now there are people who are -- It's locked up such fan boys they shake somebody's in there won't wash their hands forever vineyard Garnett -- everybody's jumping all over the -- -- -- sunlight. What have they the ones out there doing it is like somebody blaming apparent. For kids going out and create -- in committing heinous crime. -- does come a point where you know everybody says that all the time we can't control everything you cannot control of this is one thing they can control they have to stop and I guess they're getting advice from their lawyers they have to stop talking through press releases. You need a leader you bash at New York crowds -- what. What would you say I would say be honest. Within reason obviously can't expose yourself the only thing I could save your job that -- it does it -- but I'd say about dark represented the only mistake Doc Rivers -- but just -- growth right we're gonna get into that little bit later on meanwhile Mike in Springfield is next -- mustard and -- -- -- Want what's going on Mike. Not too much -- we'll talk a little bit of well yeah year and ended. Two weeks and my goal is to verbal agreement -- -- the electorate will terrible. In certainly it makes them. How do you think this system feels that she's in -- hold on to that. Text forever when he just a few subway laugh with and just so you'll know man. Crying out for help and is nothing she can do about it. Exactly. I'll. Report -- agents and all the AT&T. -- or. An opera and and -- However. You can go right get a beer and security checkpoint and. I've got it it listen I -- all of that stuff has been taken down if it's not already. What did you say they have to have -- man. They can. -- he's there all the way can be. Guarantee you'll still be down if you go back and check out check in a minute I've visited down already. Well suited to look at what a curiosity. To check out the purchase. -- I'm I'm glad I mean you don't play but it went up. While. I'm not about public interest. Well I'm sure that will be a step they're gonna take I do I'm not criticizing it all what they're doing next weekend when coming in to the pro shop for the exchange get a free. Jersey anybody else you want to that's a nice public relations move but I wanna see more than just. Public relations. I think -- all right Mike appreciate the call 617779. 79 37 text line 379372. Down two more to go mustard and Johnson just warm -- -- for maxim. The Celtics summer cooler right here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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