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Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson -- The Shocking Events that Led to the Arrest of Aaron Hernandez (Part 1)

Jun 29, 2013|

Craig and Larry discuss the arrest of Aaron Hernandez and his alleged involvement in the murder of Odin Lloyd. They discuss the rumors of Hernandez' gang involvement, the gang and gun culture in the U.S. and the effect all of this will have on the Patriots, the community and Bob Kraft.

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It is mustard and Johnson on this fine Saturday in late June 1 that date ago. June 30 tomorrow July 1 wow that's knocked up on escort. And talked about. A memorable month of June I don't think Larry Johnson. It's going to be a long. Long time before any thing matches the events of the last ten days of that movie there were reds with Warren Beatty in the early eighties. It was based on John Reid who was a American Communists last socialist you wrote a book called. Ten days. That shook the world how about ten days that shook the Boston sports world it really began about a week about it began with -- Ray Allen -- -- active or June 18 Ray Allen former Celtic. Hitting that shot in game six that saved the Miami series for the heat. We go to of the Bruins seemingly. In total command. In game three -- that to nothing smothering victory over the Chicago Blackhawks they proceed to lose three in a row in shocking and dramatic fashion as we all now. Hernandez the last time we talked. May be obstruction of justice maybe just knowledge consciousness. Of the act. Now he's been locked away first degree murder charges. If that -- enough we have Doc Rivers being sent to the LA clippers and you know what just put a little icing on top of this Vanilla cake. Garnett and -- off to the nets along with Jason Terry talk about ten days that shook the Boston sports. World amazing yet but I don't you know although all of it and we will talk about all of it I don't think anything. Has much of an impact on my life and as a sports fan. Is that as the death of organ. Boyd whose body will be laid to rest today he would and having a funeral today that that's just unity it it transcends. It's a connection of sports. In life. And it transcends. And you know I stat awful last week I think guys a little bit sympathetic to Hernandez a little -- you were very well I was hoping you wasn't that involved I've dealt with young man at that age and you just hoping that -- be you know we had something -- knowledge ever but anything that deep and then. Of course when the when the hearing came about for the bail and for the yet charges of obstruction of justice were all sitting on the edge of chairs because this is the first moment when you getting any sort of information. At all. About any of this behind what we already knew. And I tea is based that'd. You're William mark probably the prosecutors he started reading off. Piece by piece of the puzzle and putting it together. I my sympathy turned to to anger and right now my position -- him is I'm I'm angry. Very very angry with an injury with a young individual where an opportunity. To. A lot of us don't get a chance to do to actually change his life and move on an enviable help other people any of these charges stick. Then he's got nobody to blame but himself. You know it's shocking. First degree murder premeditation. This whole thing was planned. -- it was exe cute -- I'm not perfectly certainly because he left the lot. Behind this was a brazen act that -- is really marked by not a whole lot of follow through if you're. Planning murder you'd think you'd be a little bit more meticulous and scrupulous. About -- -- covering your tracks he did not do that let's start. But the police covering the house -- -- -- knock on the door knock at our firm and power than they leave and they come back in the over the -- always saw you outside -- I knew we were of surveillance cameras -- -- had. Surveillance cameras and then it goes. From -- but a couple of questions that I -- its is it's very sad that you saw the the the mother of his child -- was in court the other -- they had a pool photo. In she was just sitting there crying in a new the first question you -- is. How much of this where she privy to not the actual murder itself may be but. Like did he really was he that good at living two lives did he conceal this part of his life from her because she was just totally fallen -- which I can understand but. Mean I -- that I bright MP deceit is a again that photo on the front page of The Herald with all the different tattoos on the -- and Matt who. As a former gang member our producer I was breaking down some of the tattoos for me and if what he says is indicative of some of the tattoos I mean this is. This opens up a lot of questions about him. Well there are questions last week there was the shooting of his quote unquote friend in a car and Florida. Which we now can take a lot more seriously than we did last week weren't simply talking about perhaps. Speculating about an obstruction charge now does the the open murder investigation two people killed last year. In a Boston nightclub that Hernandez is now connected whereas. This guy. We look at him as a very talented. -- wide receivers slash tied in with -- immense talent he wore the patriot uniform we wanted particularly you wanted to cut him some slack. -- you were certainly as as you were certainly justified to do concerned about the Kabul life or death of old Lloyd last week. But now sort of -- -- -- into advocate and argument with book Bob wherever it was last week it might have lived my life this way in ministry otherwise. Mean sports becomes -- second third or fourth priority at it with my my first forgot -- Over -- at a apartment type that's ridiculous -- it's nothing. That was way down the line to me I mean people just don't -- -- Q you acknowledge and I know you didn't. But my point is Larry you were eight in a very reflective philosophical. Mood last week as you're trying to trying to digest it all figured out you go from he is like you and I were together for eighteen years and got a bit of something terrible happen or -- involved in something that you were. I would like to think you set for a long time Stan and all the guys. I don't get here's the big things -- reaction right of Basra right. And I think last week we were so Stew on that and this is well before the murder indictment we were so stunned that. Any athlete particularly an athlete that. Plays in front of loss on a regular basis who performed. So well. On senator stays down there in Foxborough could be involved in anything this heinous even though we certainly have been exposed to. -- any of -- extra legal activity. In the National Football League and all the rest of the sport. It was it was shocking for us even at that level the think obstruction of justice we know Ray Lewis we know Rick rude it's still was difficult to fathom. Now we're a completely. Different level I'm walking out of a out of school last week we're still in school last week I turn on the radio expecting. Of the conversation be about Doc Rivers going to LA and we won't get into and I turn on the radio it sounds like a news conference. Is a quarter three. Some weight -- the Doc Rivers news conference this sounds like it's in a courtroom. You know why this cannot be obstruction this cannot be an obstruction charge I was absolutely stunned. That a murder charge would have been even though you certainly had an inclination an inkling maybe that could happen -- of -- yeah he's devastated regret that. 'cause he's -- not that -- it can't be that direct threat but if you go back for a few minutes in this is you have to do and you're trying to forgive these things are getting into individuals' minds. My first thought was. With older normal weight like he eat he had to have someone of an idea what Hernandez was in again we're speculating I -- -- the an innocent until proven guilty but he does have the charges against him. But you speculate all he must have an idea what this -- was like. Like if somebody's coming bride picked you up at 2:30 in the morning. Let's hang out of golf pride is something that doesn't sound good that say my first question must go with him. Well because he's been involved and he's an associate and he's been involve them on the various. Activities shall we say I'm not you know and I certainly sympathize. Are -- good lawyer and family thing of that -- doing that we try to -- -- yet he's he's an associate Larry. And we need to stop saying it may be Hernandez is a part of a gang and stats speculating maybe he is the gang may be is the world because the other thing I'm thinking is. He has the clout to call to undergo journal -- individuals. Up. In. Has the command over the lives of the 2:12 o'clock in the morning to -- imam opponents they get your mind up yet and then karma back and say get up yet. Now I mean that's not somebody who's. In the back of out of the room and in some -- is up the oil delegating what people are going to be do they gonna be doing this sounds like a guy who was in control. Things that are going to be done you can ask your question does it make any difference who control or -- I was not a natural doesn't make a difference because it venues that piecing things together in terms of saying. He called them. He called them up in in one of them can be sure him right at a certain place and all we know about. -- -- is admitted he got into that power I don't know it was shortly thereafter. He'd text his sister and nieces did you see who I left which she was asleep at the time when she woke up she turned a phone on. And she in tournaments and -- -- any said NFL. So there was something immediately. They came upon him when he got into that counted as pleasant midnight right to McDonald's right in you know I'm not as interested in all the -- -- say it's art I try to -- together the working of one's thinking around in breaking. He's at this is what it is it goes back to this guy -- taken the athlete is invincible. And immortal. -- to the nth degree. Matt was done I didn't hear this our producer Matt was listen your conversation from a caller. Who speculated and I think it's it's a valid speculation. We're all the gun activity that Hernandez has allegedly been involved and forget about -- even earlier stuff. -- it seems as if the gun is the easy remedy for all of Hernandez's problems almost like he's addicted to gun play. Instead it's perhaps. -- cocaine or alcohol or some other substance. Gun seemed to be. His addiction and he relies on guns. To carry out many of his issues and problems that drive more -- the World -- I the word on the street that I heard -- -- who know -- as the pieces they I don't fight -- blow people -- right and what he told -- that quote that we talked about last week when he told Wes Welker as a rookie after -- Welker was teasing them a little -- taking advantage of his rookie status I'm gonna -- she -- -- Cleaning it up. You know what -- Hernandez probably does mess people up. Sadly he uses a firearm to do that and allegedly uses a firearm to duet. And you'd think in this is why it always fascinated me why. The NFL players in particular. Feel they need. Guns everywhere they go Javon Belcher last year felt he needed to -- how'd that work out for him and his family didn't work out too well. Didn't work out for plaques are currency to work out for a lot of people. The irony of all if he has some five pretend you know 180 pound guy is thought -- look at that like and his -- right you know you feel like you need something to protect your -- Most of these guys are well as six feet well over 250 pound certainly more than capable of taking care of themselves. In -- it's an extension that goals five B on that. That in Miami is -- Samantha Young had a great article yesterday on Artrell Hawkins who actually played here for a couple of years and he shared about the time when he went out bought a gun in his mother's a non in his house no no Ugoh -- Selma how that kind whenever you gotta do. You know I have a -- here and she talked about it having it in again I said before. And -- and and I get about gun control and stop it just more case of trying to analyze it break this down. Is to me a gun. Alleviates. The moment. When you can lost it to it doesn't give you a moment to -- That's right when you say you're not that interested in the other things Itanium because I'm trying to figure out if it is that this isn't a moment of anger though it's -- -- -- getting out that's the -- and -- -- yeah is that fact that. -- Friday night. This. Olden Lloyd spoke to somebody like -- speaking to in this anger carried over. A frame of mind with a friend of mine is that guns can resolve all of my problems. I have a problem with a friend over a drug deal in February whatever that particular dispute was I can resolve it by shooting this guy. As I'm driving -- car I guess and say now resident pat wasn't a moment of passion exactly not exactly not it was premeditated that's what's scary to me almost -- act it of course that's that's right person race walking around like that's -- first degree -- get that -- but it goes back to the invincibility immortal thing you know the great quote from -- on flipped over his car 95 late ninety's I get out of everything. You absolutely. Had to believe in his mind Larry he was gonna get away with -- why was he so sloppy. In leaving such a trail with shells and and rental -- -- I think bodies and I don't act against ignore certain rental car agencies and afterward about in public are well. You know obviously didn't -- that good of a job that night garage -- yet it is it is horrifying. It is it's endlessly fascinating leads me to another question and Matt Light came on notice not that many places saying much and I would say neither. Matt Light came out in after a few of treatment of coaxing he can mountains in Iowa and knowing this guy. There was absolutely nothing that he did that I believe -- leads me to this. What did Matt look like now. What did any other member of the patriot. Team now and -- -- guys come on -- coaches are coming down my right now you know I I appreciate Matt Light. And his candor in that situation. But as you well know Larry. Sometimes you need to be a little bit more preventative little bit more proactive. If Wes Welker remembers. Being threatened by Aaron Hernandez as. Hernandez was a rookie if Matt Light. Realizes he wanted nothing to do with Aaron Hernandez -- any shape way or form. There had to be some sort of insight into and now capsule into this gaps agencies say how much. Did. They know right players on the Nike eating as you can't tell me that you can be with somebody traveled with somebody play with somebody -- appeal. Vote went to three years. And you don't have an inkling that you don't not to protecting something's funny you should say inkling of what I think about tattoos and all that yeah yeah even. I can't do it again. Went there were establishing clear now so please don't go there. Nobody is blaming anybody for a while. The heat may be involved and Ariza are his friends and nobody's blaming anybody that blame game. Takes away the responsibility. Of the person or persons who perpetrated the crime -- while I'm saying is if you're going to spend. Party million dollars to invest -- an individual is anybody doing our homework is any back. -- it was under certain people on this team. That you now. I don't blame like some. It's hindsight I don't blame Belichick for taking a chance in drafting him I really don't I don't blame for that. You think you can get the guy in the area and get -- a warrant it didn't orchestrate narrowing. And stuff never works out that you've got something but what I do question as I wonder how many signs -- the year even after he was on the team. It nobody looked into. Well he trusted Urban Meyer we know that connection he loves the Xian a connection and rockers as well and he trusts his coterie of college buddies. To give him an accurate assessment. Of these players earlier this world but there you psychological and now. He's -- if you have a student that is assigned to you. In the superintendent meet you before with the did the school year and he says sort you know we're bringing this kid in these kids -- you know. High IQ would not like he's at some social issues and the only issues and stuff and he's tended to drift towards. The bad side at town and stuff just -- just kind of keep an idea of what it is not common sense. Like -- you treat the whole class from the same and everything. But we need you on you know keep an eye on on this kid yeah beast dot it is for you a little bit or use arm hanging with some. Undesirable. After school as you were driving by and stuff I just. -- and unfortunately Larry that doesn't prevent school shootings from happening and we -- -- -- stand -- it and I think I I think -- Cold -- all of us need. Is we need to stop paying a little more attention the things. Well I think we always need to be vigilant. I'm not accusing the patriots. Turning a blind guy I never -- that now and I don't think anybody and I will say this however that. Photo on the front right today Harold is -- on the locker room and this is the greatest guys walking around it that bird man plays Hermione Miami doesn't mean he's a bad guy. But I think what all of the the reason he was drafted in the fourth round is is the same reason my you kinda keep going on right. And I do think there was some arrogance. Slash hubris involved with the patriots thinking that somehow or another. The day. Were the one team they could keep Aaron Hernandez. On the straight and narrow and that obviously turned out to be a very. Deceptive and -- delusion now delusional he tried to say concept 617779. 79837379. 37 is an AT&T -- -- mustard and Johnson your phone calls coming up. Again it was not the fourth round draft pick big gamble was giving him the 39 million dollar contract that included twelve and a half million dollars in guaranteed money. Last August now Aaron Hernandez had not signed. That contract. He would be scheduled to be headed into the last year of his deal right now. And after the way he played his first couple years league there was not a team in the league that built the New England Patriots did the wrong thing by drafting him in the fourth round. The question became when New England gave him all this guaranty money -- who could foresee. Some of these events have unfolded here in recent days and weeks that involve our commanders not even the New England Patriots. Who were spending every waking moment with him which is why they gave me the money they did. Which is why Aaron Hernandez still count on your salary cap this year for more than five million dollars and on their cap next year for more than seven and a half. Million dollars. Prasad and chef -- explaining the whole Aaron Hernandez situation as far as the contract is concerned the bonus with 1624. Million left on the deal obviously the patriots are gonna try to. Re -- all that money and is a good chance that they will -- I think I'll -- -- that is he says the patriots spending every waking moment with him according to lose around -- teammates he was -- they really didn't. Spent any time with him while I go back to a conversation now it is the analogy does work. I'll never forget that the Saturday morning I was working in 1994. After OJ's. Slow speed chase in the Ford Bronco on Friday night the Santa Monica freeway. There was an article written by your friend and colleague will McDonough who -- quote unquote new OJ very well. And I remember will aghast shocked devastated chagrin all of that completely stunned that -- Could be capable. Of double murder and -- -- recording his -- then young daughter was about eleven years old. -- new OJ very well she was completely taken aback by all that you can think you know somebody. You know what Larry I knew somebody was murdered by her husband the last person I thought. Who could ever perpetrated that crime was her husband and it took about a month in the investigation before the authorities finally arrested and I couldn't believe it. You think you know somebody Larry is really different I'm not trying to give the patriots -- -- Imus operates -- -- -- -- I preface everything I said this. Morning businesses and about. Blaming somebody I don't blame the patriots at all I mean really and truly -- Some reasonably complain for drafting him now like I think it was worth the fourth round gamble in the I believe I agree with Adam bit. Yet they hesitate before -- got the contract Wear them again but there was a recent dark clip on nine YouTube probably on channel seven. They had a day for him in all the Hispanic kids and everything out and he was -- role model and he said he wanted to be a role model for them and I each yes -- is the mystery that it. None of us will ever be able understand how some people can be working down a bright -- in all of a sudden. Take a path less travel you just don't. Janet in our start as a medium market the other day north most of my comments since that place in my surprised when -- away you go shopping Gaza the tables that. Comes -- Great place by. And he started asking the same questions and I said your first mistake EG using logic I have absolutely keen. How many times have we -- ID -- whenever I think about murdering anybody neither do -- says you can't even begin. To think about how would you mind were you keep it. Now and I remember going back to OJ trying to bomb probe. What possible motivation OJ would have. For doing this and we know that he was ultimately acquitted in a court of law. And we shall see what happens to Aaron Hernandez in the first thing you think of them seriously -- it I'm guilty of this as a Christian and I shouldn't be you know money can really destroy you -- become console -- it but. You still think when you look at shot of that house and everything. To -- -- -- on track and stuff and Tuesday. You know why why isn't enough like idol because the because every study has proven. That the more money you acquire the more money you -- acquire. Money does not resolve the thing and you get this you we have these conversations off the -- all the time. You week we get envious of people who have acquired wealth for whatever reason particular talent inherited. Worked hard -- I -- R&B if I can make a right decision right after having net plus every psychological. Every psychological study every sociological study every socioeconomic study indicates. That money does not equal happiness at any level Larry so. That does not resolve a single thing is that what you're happy that's why I and crime happens in the -- asked if that's the criteria. Six it's out of joking about 77 but you know what we we we want -- logically and rationally. We look and obviously at these athletes -- all the adulation and all the wealth. And we think because they have adulation and well. That some are other. They're capable of making wise and judicious decisions doesn't work that aggregate Bob -- -- -- partner Barbara Streisand's aren't tiger play enough and what you think. Please this is like is not -- lower Bette Midler on the holy trillion there until the final. Well -- it's a great Tsonga folks were plenty of company got to worry about me in the if -- -- peace of mind -- you have a bit. Everybody wants to be comfortable and you wanna be able to provide for your family but. You've -- -- I'm just it's they are it is a questions it's there it's like you're at the -- your game. You're 23. You get a major hit and and you gotta get another hit anywhere sitting in it during a break we'll continue is another expression -- hit if you don't mind here -- -- -- -- Lloyd thank you are saying is thirty hour roller paradise said the Gregg as his man. -- Aaron Hernandez is now being houses not even in the third the size of this reform and you just say why does he have when does he get that old bleak moment. What you wake up the next day and when you finally realize. This is the extent of your days you know what though. Because. He is who he is in the term reason I think is an excellent word I think hubris is another good word I really believe he's deluded themselves. Into believing that he's somehow. Going to. Get out of this to him you know I was not you want debate but that's what they are -- they all think they're gonna get out of it even out hey you really believe go back OJ. I think OJ it was a tremendous state of denial think he's still list I don't I think he really believes he didn't commit the murder yet he's convinced himself he hasn't he hasn't committed any murders is between his -- -- and that duties on some -- aren't enough that our -- -- -- -- Orioles OJ isn't the only isn't inviting lately. And I you have to believe. That there's got to be state of denial. Going on -- so I fire hazard -- an excellent bright charming because I really this is what we we try to do because he had. I was trying to line up interviews and everything and then it really hit the united you know we've had enough experts on this quickly to hear from the field let's hear from people. But I am puzzled. It when they brought him out of the court house that you had -- 2030 people yelling and screaming we love you in your innocent. I do. Wonder like are we what do we learn innocent to proven completely understand that I just preface these comments on summary will -- -- same equipment guy away for life are ready. What what has anything about the story changed your your attitude your your mindset as far as sports. Only party we've we've been exposed to -- -- has been -- and I think we're more innocent in those days and I can remember Larry this is here though you're right Attleboro will be nowhere and here's the difference I -- I know that we know where that I will admit to you that. In 1994. In the early days of that. OJ situation. I was one of those people on the back of the courtroom saying. He's not guilty he's not guilty is I want to believe how could a guy. There was such a great football player was such an interesting personalities in the naked gun movies for crying out loud. As what was his name Nordstrom -- what was his name Matt and Tom liked Edward -- -- -- -- And I mean was he was funny was engaging he was a great salesman for Hertz rent a car how could. OJ Simpson of all people one of the great football plays a great football personalities ever be capable of that. So I understand where those -- -- our front. Those people aren't more ram -- -- one would you view is manipulate. Capable of as you said earlier about JOB been manipulating themselves. Writer believes absolutely not they -- in name manipulate other people. You controlled and to think there's something that is not absolutely it's all the presentation and yet certainly the presentation. Of all the tattoos. And the involvement with people who were -- are probably not in the best interest Aaron Hernandez might have raised a few red flags down -- and -- -- I just thinking -- investment we shouldn't -- as a gang expert but -- and I'm not joking about this. This photograph yesterday in the rule of Fernandez the -- but the tattoos -- the said. In the game cut gain culture that these -- symbol means something that tear drops. Mean something everything union means he has applied cap to bosnians it all means something that is way beyond anything that we can you know my first reaction of this is Friday's -- you probably many people probably seen -- -- to clues. He posing for this picture this I know that for the CEO is -- -- it. Is he proudly displaying these tattoos yes he's proudly displaying his tattoos. And photo by what you get them. Photo by -- fraught men DG DGA productions. I guess that's why isn't that why you get a shot off to rep president council I don't know if you ask him about poverty tattoos. 6177797. 9370. AT&T text line up and running 37937. It is mustard and Johnson on Sports Radio WEEI. That is try to be a role model USC Hispanic Philip -- for me I try to be in the right direction. How much is this gonna cost him on all the said and done do you think. He had just finished quickly pick up a -- Beloit happening thinking about her wrongful death yep action against Hernandez and take a look at that -- hope in Attleboro. And that -- it looked like he'd be what part of the cattle well he orchestrated the execution. Of their side. Brother. Any other relatives CES. Hernandez got income generating possibilities are over. -- his his signing bonus the first couple looked foxes of the of his signing bonus that have been pay. They're at risk -- did -- BA it will look at section nine article four of the CPA Iraq -- I don't you know it's gonna cut everything he had I think will be within a year absolutely -- -- I wouldn't be surprised if he winds up with the proper public defender. If I tell you what when a football player commits. -- heinous act particularly emerge you know the manic call hairy man you rose to prominence than nineteen years ago in 1994. During the -- quote situation and of course he has. Back again to lend his -- very. Clear and Cogent expertise on that matter not everybody agrees to me however saying that OJ was a much more shocking. Situation at that text in the 617 Larry says Craig you wrap your mind OJ was long done with football. And virtually irrelevant. Hernandez was a rising star in a very prominent team but the good point. Seattle see it that way I think her OJ it was much more well loan to the public because of all his movies his commercials and his appearances on. Network television doing football it was a more every major events in terms of Johnny Cochrane in the national. Court coverage although I do think that -- if -- when -- win and if this does go to trial it would definitely -- national coverage it would -- president -- -- he was an active NFL player but not everybody. Even football fans not everybody -- always Aaron Hernandez everybody knew OJ OJ transcended. It right I'm just saying I'm speaking for this area for this year 00 yeah we're doing all provincial -- yeah. 61777. Iron right -- -- -- your mind seven's not 7937. And Tom and Salem your first up we're mustard and -- by Tom. That's him well in the it just didn't we Tom we appreciate it thanks I don't know how do I say this is -- in right. Pretty -- is. So you generally category charitable and what I what I call the militia group. -- and I -- and -- flattened. Greg Craig. You rely on somebody. Does very little at this point little and it indigo. It's not immediately hit the and it it is it's a presentation. Is endemic. And if you carry one because you treat it like I. Yeah and that that is an observation a lot of people made unfortunately statistics show that most guns lead to problems that you do not forsake. Let me ask Tom let me ask you and -- your question do you think. Anybody. On that patriots team. Had an inkling is that the did double life this guy was living. Well they definitely won't but there Larry. If they bit and probably get it dead right yeah. -- you know and it's thanks Eric Greg do you hate public school where I asked the -- look at Arnold. And eat eat you understand. What can you can't get people are important when you haven't spent -- that car. These people who would be AFC can't. Who a lot going that long way if you're not mandatory at current. You don't get it back. Just -- you -- terms simply turn around and do something -- end. Rival we are very concerned with students that we think. Could present issues now only for themselves but for other students and for the school down the line where. Ever vigilant and I would like to believe the patriots were two on the other hand it's almost impossible to ever anticipate. That someone you draft that who's been so productive you signed to long term deal would ever get involved in a murderer okay but I do. -- I agree with that Tom thanks but I I do think that again looking at the if the case up in Connecticut with the with the young man who battled lands -- yes and you're looking at the case down in in Virginia with pepper. -- with any of these cases. I understand nobody you can hold anybody responsible but when you start to investigate a little bit more into the person's background. You do find snippets of things that are are just a little bit outside of an analogue absolute now we live in a society now where people are paranoid in the field they have rights of protection in the kitchen is here pro far people. I understand all that but I'm saying if I'm a patriot player. I'm not put any responsibility on them at a from a patriot player. And it just tend to notice some things. About it teammate. Did you just a minute business and say yay not my problem or do you if you're a patriots organization. Do you encourage your players to support one another encourage one another and make sure that somebody's not going down the wrong path. -- I can understand where Matt Light in Aaron Hernandez. Would certainly not exactly be exchanging Christmas presents every year what it -- Matt said it was is absolutely nothing about him think about this the second. There's absolutely nothing about him. That I would support what DC what did he know. Well he probably I didn't approval lifestyle probably didn't kind of lifestyle. -- may be spending hours and hours and hours in nightclubs. Throughout the week instead of traditional. I think Tuesday is their day off in season so traditionally the patriots and most players in the National Football -- go out on. Monday night -- -- have to work guys who think. Like Andy see you can't even compare me and you -- we work together when you weaken them mild surprise -- it's totally different but these guys spent like paint and we've laughed a buy at these numbers as much time -- each other as they do with their families. Do you think -- of players had an inkling about some of the frenzy on around I'm sure they did but no one would ever. Have thought it would gone too I -- level that I agree with that accurate I'm trying to rise that high eight. Of awareness I'm not blaming anybody but I am saying that in in in future if we have to learn something from history are worried due to repeated. Do you use that becoming more aware of what we have Terry Glenn was going what is he doing what was this guy doing. Particularly great from a business standpoint let alone personal. Yes yes investing all this money in this guy. Right I do believe and I and I and I understand they took a flyer they took a risk the risk reward for fourth round pick. Certainly was gonna go in the patriots favor and I think almost everybody at this point using that hindsight which of course is always 20/20. I you have to wonder how the patriots could pony up that kind of money just last summer. For guys that in retrospect certainly. Had major issues they use vast understatement how. Many teams to perform Iowa Delonte West. In it you know he he never went to this extreme but they were in the recently had -- problems -- contractions and I mean. Why has it that -- -- to do we premiums or management. Look at a guy and say you know what though I know that happen if we can just tweet about mobility and because that again echoes back to my favor where we talked about it literature over Wellesley high school all the time hubris great tragic figures always. Do some thing in spite of their. There -- many attributes is one tragic flaw. And I think that if you have one tragic -- bound on that -- it is a degree of arrogance arrogance and or as it's called over weaning pride hubris. That. A character in literature which certainly reflects people. In spite of their many attributes and qualities will do some thing. That eventually. Will do them in and I think the thing that drives them to do that if you study that. Because they've had tremendous success. And they have known nothing but set success in start to become self delusional. And believe that no matter what they do or who they draft and talk about the patriots in this particular case taking an out of literature putting into this story. Bill Belichick act and Bob Kraft started to believe that what they did. Probably was better than anybody else they could rescue and Aaron Hernandez from off the field problems they could even make Rob Gronkowski is back. Better yet -- it was put out of patriot uniform -- follow follow aren't victims were hit in you can argue the point at -- was the logical one in the -- yet but I don't know how much I I've wondered for influence might have been just a little overrated I take. Did you know that this is of surgeon and kind of player idiocy is the difference -- he is that kind of player happened in 1996. -- Parcells was on the way out as name is Christian Peters. And he was not going to be a great player Aaron Hernandez on the other it was a player with a -- first round talent who proved it on the football field. That's where they lost their judgment that's where the U -- comes in the play. You you understand the bottom line business -- since all about production they're not developing. Moral character over the air -- one in Foxboro they're developing football players but someone got lost somewhere along in in the years were -- attention when used to losing money. At the bar they weren't losing money. You that it's cast how you get some guys down there -- fox. Then a guy he gave him a contract he's in his system he knows everything I was talking with a guy yesterday he was so -- you know October -- -- -- -- he says. I think I knew all the plays and movies as I could never learn all the plays and everything I said that does that does that Ike athletic IQ. Line where these guys can be I said some animals -- brilliant people I've ever met in my life president of before people who are associated with gang members. They'll tell you gained I can to do math in his hip like you would not believe street Smart brilliant now. Yeah the multiple intelligence says and and people who are successful in gang scenarios. Do that because they're very intelligent. All the all every athlete it's made it to the National Football League or any other professional sport they're highly intelligent they know exactly what they need to do to perform. I've that level on a consistent basis that's intelligence no one's questioning Aaron Hernandez's intelligence. It's as emotional and psychological make up that obviously needs to be -- Irony is we're gonna break the -- as the NFL right now is we talked they have been weakened symposium with the NFL com buying in the hall of fame. And they have various players Pacman Jones in the light coming in the a lecture in these young players. About how they messed up on what not to do but here's the problem -- when you do that there's a problem Pacman Jones was also lectured to by somebody else throughout the -- pro I know I know and that's what we're trying to get to the bottom Larry it's like driver's education and high school. All these kids so all those horrible Ohio highway. Wreckage wreckage documentaries from the 1950s everybody was exposed them in high school we all saw the film we all read the books. What we're all. High school kids when we got our licenses in we didn't take any of it seriously that's what it is to be a young man in our society. Where where immortal were invincible we cannot be touched.

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