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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Joe Castiglione

Jun 29, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Joe Castiglione before the third game of the Blue Jays series. John told Joe that Sox fans make Fenway Park electric, especially in exciting games.

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The job before we get to some of the changes in today's lineup and roster. Last night was really electric at Fenway Park it was a great win but the crowd was so into it did you guys feel that in the dugout. Well there's no doubt our players feel the energy and electricity that's created here -- with such a great fans had become I know the game made me cheer even in. Game situations that might be subtleties in other places but in that seventh inning last night you know it was a a turn of two events you know they they had the big home run in the top of the seventh off of Bailey what's. I gonna -- so I. I thought last night even though we gave up the go ahead or they'll lose that game tying run. I thought it was a very good outing for him in terms of his overall stuff he gets two quick strikeouts and we know you have the home run but I think it was close to step in the right direction for him. And then we responded the way we did the bottom of that seventh you know couple leadoff basis by victory no -- try to get things going. You know David strikes out Seattle's been outstanding for them in the bullpen. Napoli works a walk and you know what. You know Jonny Gomes has had good success against the Cecil in the past and it just worked out that he gets himself -- a good count base hit to tie it. Or to put us ahead again and then and then the base a little walk by Saltalamacchia so. To see that crowd on every single pitch. When they're on their feet the seventh inning rather than closing out the game in the ninth inning I think it clearly shows that. Our fans are great and they're into every pitch but we certainly felt it too five stories up. How about the decision to go with -- Gomes. When is that formulated. And when is it differently decided. Well given the way it is the game was unfolding we figured that sometime in that seventh -- inning depending on how things shook out -- -- would be in the game so in the fifth inning you know given -- a heads up. You know Daniel -- has not had much success against Cecil. He's a much better left handed hitter Gomes has done a great job with runners in scoring position and obviously facing left handed pitching so. We give a heads up two innings at a time just kind of forecasting hey this might -- come along here. Which again that's been his role for the majority of his career and and he gets himself ready taken BP in the cage underneath. Preparing mentally for that situation to -- and -- unfolded right in front of us and he came through once again in a meaningful moment. And a lot of progress for Allen Webster. I thought so and you know he settled in right away you know you put the ball on the ground a lot with ground balls last night and I think that just that. Are a reflection of that late action that he has with the stuff to the strike zone. There -- a couple places I'm sure he'd like to have back the 02 base hit that Encarnacion from for the RBI in that in that fifth inning. And they bunched some hits together but I thought overall not only all the stuff ground balls but very good mound presence. In some situations where you know we get the tailor made double play that kind of ate up Stephen Drew a shortstop a little bit. Any didn't panic worked his way through put of the zero once again and and we were able to continue to grind away and Josh Johnson and enforcement of the ball game so. A definite step up progress for -- well. Steve enjoyed two big hits last night left with a tight hamstring what is his status. You're right now he comes in with less swelling in the right hamstring that he had last night when he came out of the game so encouraging from that standpoint he's day today. We don't have a time projection. You know how many days it might be for him but as we've done in the past with -- other position players if we get to that midway mark of the what the projected fifteen day DL would be we will go through a roster move at that point with Stephen but. In the interim we've had to bring up Jonathan Diaz and purchased his contract from Pawtucket we designated for assignment Clayton mortenson. We couldn't go without a spare infielder in the event that something happened there and we'd be looking at an outfielder playing on the infield so. What wall adjust to this says needed a daily so we've got a little bit over a roster fluctuating right now we saw a lot of Jonathan Diaz in spring training. How little guy who looks like he's a very well schooled in the he is a fundamentally sound. Yeah he is Joseph he's a Smart baseball player is someone that you know had over Toronto he came to us in the offseason as a minor league free agent. He's a heady player he knows our system you know so well he'll be starting at third base is a good fastball hitter. That the one thing of people are gonna see you know I don't what the size -- you know with this guy because he can turn around a fastball. A good line drive stroke can this is the first break for him this will be his Major League debut after about seven years in the minor leagues in -- Finally you know he just -- -- right spot at the right time you know I was Steven's injury -- hole is on the DL down in Pawtucket to who the other roster infielder was there. So we need a need and we needed someone to be able to play shortstop as well also that's where middle Brooks doesn't fit in this spot because he has ability to go play shortstop. Is one of -- strong suits as well as good as you while Wilton get back on track there -- over. Period of time you'll do and I think in fairness to him -- you know rather than jumping back and forth and even though it's. You know he he is he's he's got some work to do and and just trying to get him settled in and get him on the right track that that's the main goal right now from well. And Jon Lester you said yesterday's fine them for over his next start that is thrown between. Well he will throw is normal bullpen in between he get he does get the extra day of rest because of the -- -- being Monday. So everything points to us being you know right on line from a rotation standpoint. Our manager's question regiment Mercedes-Benz today it's their feelings -- Bryant did. How does he match up with this lineup which is such a free swinging lineup where they -- more -- -- leave the strike zone and -- they've shown that they will. In and what I think is most important to recognize that you have to make pitches present to the strike -- -- strikes and if they do -- out or they do -- out of the strike zone. You're you're more likely to induce some swings. Felix has had some good games against Toronto in the past I think larger part because he's got a very good changeup and they're a fastball oriented team. When you can have some deception -- -- fastball with a change -- you can get some swings and hopefully some miss hits and and -- mean -- again today from Felix. But like today Jeff and thanks to appreciate our question with a manager was brought -- you by Mercedes bands but Mercedes-Benz summer event is back. Visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealer for a limited time lease and financing offers on select Mercedes-Benz models on the web at MB USA dot com. But -- because just like summer these offers won't last how -- job.

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