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Rob Bradford pregame before the third game of the Blue Jays series

Jun 29, 2013|

Rob Bradford of weei.com talked to John Ryder before the third game of the Jays series. Rob told John that the Sox will stay the course with Andrew Bailey.

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Welcome back to -- Herb Chambers Toyota pregame show. Blue Jays and Red Sox game three of their four game series today at Fenway as the Red Sox seek the year fifth straight win John Ryder have to be joined by our clubhouse insider WEEI dot com's rob Bradford first -- -- -- A great John -- -- let me tell you what it is a beautiful day for baseball it is it is and let's hope it stays that way. Well one of the only blemishes. On an overall good night for the red sex was Andrew Bailey the home run ball continues to plague -- is their problem a health wise what what's the plan going forward. Naw I think that they actually came out last night. The more and curse than they were before you can't be overly colors because the results were along the theme of what they had before but. Still if you look at the first two batters. The velocity was to take up the hitters reaction are certainly different then what he had before but then yet the one pitch which kind of reverted. To exactly the problems -- was having in the previous couple games -- so you just have to -- consistency is a results business you have to get results but. Overall I thought they fell it was a slight slight step. Maybe in the right direction but the got to get him there with a huge step in the right. With Steve injury suffered a hamstring injury Jonathan Diaz -- called up from Pawtucket makes his Major League debut today at third base Clayton words against designated for assignment. What you tell us about Diaz and -- what's gonna happen a mortenson. Both Jonathan Diaz went to -- high school Coral Gables man. Many went to North Carolina State you as a prop used after I believe the thirteenth round the Blue Jays. And he'd gotten bounced around and this is a Major League debut in you you talk to the guy and this is the type -- day that you remembered because the smile on this guy faith making the major leagues after being drafted in 2006. A guy who probably shorter than Dustin Pedroia. And and listen he -- Designate first Simon a couple days here. But still you have to feel good form and who knows who you catch lightning in a ball a couple days in the scrappy guy can play a lot of positions and so it it yet feel good about -- -- for the short term and certainly. Certainly illogical promotion. What about mortenson. A more instant you guys came back from the hip thing and is he just in a numbers crunching you go back to spring training when they kept him over Daniel -- because he was out of options. Importance in it has some value I think and is going to be contrast to the what happens in these next ten days as he's designated for assignment because if he has cleared through. Then he I think he does continue to have value for the team that guy who can start. And certainly has above average pitch in the changeup though it I think they're very hopeful or very hoping very much that he is going to be able to remain in the organization. It's probably too early to tell how much time as Stephen Drew -- right it is and he you know last night you really can't even tell today. By it wasn't that wasn't the hamstring he hurt in Arizona in 2009. Which put him on disabled list he said it's nobody's beaten parable so it's gonna have to wait and -- but you know -- mean -- these hamstrings. He does nothing you can do you can't Russia lesser Adrian Beltre you cannot rush answering your answers. -- very informative and terrific as always rob appreciated both thank you John have a great rest of the day Hutu rob thank you. Our club us insider WEEI dot com's rob Bradford by brought to you by stoppage you know us. This summer high temperatures mean one thing hut pizza deals right now it topics you know is by any large pizza get up to three extra large cheese pizzas. For a nine dollars each. Coming up next -- -- trip around the majors on the Herb Chambers Toyota pregame show on the WPI Red Sox radio network.

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