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Andrew Bailey postgame press conference

Jun 28, 2013|

Andrew Bailey spoke to the media after the Red Sox took game # 2 from the Blue Jays at Fenway Park, 7-5.

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Yeah. It's a long time. To -- extra pitches. -- you guys. You know Shawn Johnson -- -- from. You know. My success. In my career. Him to be aggressive. Their choice. -- people. Just. You know when -- so you know once again. Just fortunate. And you know I'm getting there. You know it's this is. -- -- -- Confidence and obviously. It's better. It's change. But. There. And yeah I mean. Yeah now you gotta you gotta think the new ones mean. I felt great tonight and there's only pitches in verse three guys. You know schedule and corners together in the states and it is to own and take that next. You know him. I'm just at the masters and things where. These guys learn from state customers who -- Yeah definitely. You know I feel like. You know it might view this. It was there. You know -- -- from them and better. Just work on different things out there it's just about being aggressive and challenging guys. -- -- You know be ready tomorrow it you know these guys picked me -- you know -- on it all goes well I mean. You know it's really challenged character -- on in just keep grinding and get back out there and answer it if it means in these situations in. -- had success in my career so. -- inactive. You know -- you guys -- and get announced. You know obviously today you know and was on it. Got two -- step in the right direction. From where it was for a while it. You know we'll get there. -- He's on the watch and it's it's only. You know. He's that have been our guys down there early years it has been that that rock that. You know you can call any time and he's he's -- -- You know what he did it three nights just. It's fantastic. You know -- depth on the watch him. Game and it's it's pretty strange things off. A couple of you know while the game's going on here in in the great and I mean that changeup that. You know he has his great weapon for him not many guys it. Can throw that hard have a have a pitching to -- so. You know he's he's a young kid but. You know he's got a great future and in. If you go -- they did tonight. Every fifth day. Is it. He's contributed.

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