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Stephen Drew postgame press conference

Jun 28, 2013|

Stephen Drew spoke to the media after the Red Sox took game # 2 from the Blue Jays at Fenway Park, 7-5.

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You see more. This program you know just kind program. Hit lower half and -- there are moments in morning and coming out more and moral. You know -- or kind or. Can helpers and yeah it here -- To talk. I. -- I don't know you know I mean. You know I haven't had them redemption. And mercker have more on their -- home. This is not my life towards. The you know it's. Am sure if I ever announce him hopefully. You know maybe one or two games in the opener but I guess enemies around second. Really. -- do feel better if weird kind of come down you know me and like Finley hit hands -- down they -- happen right when it person going around like he's so. You know -- in a process that. Maybe taking these mayors cramp here there's so. Just -- just happens in. Like this and hopefully. You know it's. No lingering -- Now no more so. You. Like. Some. Years ago. -- -- --

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